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Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation
Chapter 63 - Damn It! Were Flying Swords Free of Charge?
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Chapter 63: Damn It! Were Flying Swords Free of Charge?

“Damn it! How could I have encountered such a thing? I thought I could gradually take control of the county office and fool the Imperial Court into chasing me… In the end, a Foundation Establishment cultivator appeared on the way!”

Under the night sky, a figure flew through the air in a rather miserable state. There was no need to pay attention to his demeanor when he ran away.

He was precisely the ‘county magistrate’ who had escaped from the county office.

Of course.

The current him had already torn off the disguise on his face, revealing a rather aged face. He looked extremely thin on the whole, and his eyes were deeply sunken, filled with a sinister expression.

He was a first level Foundation Establishment stage demon cultivator of the Sacred Heart Palace.

Back then, when the experts of the Imperial Court besieged the Sacred Heart Palace, he took advantage of the fact that those people were fighting and hurriedly left that troublesome place with some people of the Sacred Heart Palace.

A battle of that level was not something they could participate in.

Along the way, a large number of demon cultivators of Sacred Heart Palace had escaped. They had split up and encountered countless pursuers. During this period, countless demon cultivators of Sacred Heart Palace had died in the pursuit of the Imperial Court.

He himself had encountered more than a dozen obstructions and pursuers. He had suffered quite a few injuries in the battle with the immortal cultivators of the Imperial Court.

Fortunately… He had managed to escape the pursuit in the end.

He had brought along two or three subordinates and arrived at Qinghe County.

The ‘county magistrate’ who had arrived at Qinghe County naturally could not sit still and wait for his death.

He knew very well that the Imperial Court would not let them off. Moreover, if those Orthodox sects knew of their identities, they would also lend the Imperial Court a helping hand.

Moreover, he had not come here recklessly and casually. He came here with a mission!


He thought of using the county office of Qinghe County to better hide himself.

The most dangerous place was the safest place. This was what Elder Situ said to him before he gave the order.

He did the same.

The hiding place was originally fine.

In the end, because during the day, an Immortal cultivator detected their traces, the ‘County magistrate’ felt that something was wrong. He had no choice but to send someone to silence them and nip the danger in the bud.

However, to his surprise–

Not only did he not nip the danger in the bud, he even brought it right in front of him!

After a short period of thinking, this ‘county magistrate’ had already sorted out his thoughts.

He knew that the young and powerful Immortal cultivator in the county office… was the Immortal cultivator who exposed their tracks during the day!

It was the Immortal cultivator he had sent people to kill!

He had misjudged the other party’s strength. He had kicked an iron plate.


Trouble had come to his door!

The county magistrate did not know how long he had run. He knew that with his strength, he was absolutely not Bai Yi’s match.

He needed reinforcements! He needed to find someone!

“Although the things Elder Situ ordered me to do in Qinghe County have already been arranged, they haven’t been completed yet. I can’t die at the hands of those Immortal cultivators like this!”

“Even if I die, I have to complete the mission that Elder Situ gave me first… This involves the survival of the Sacred Heart Palace!”

The figure of the county magistrate flew in the night sky like a ghost, and his expression changed several times.

He did not curse silently, “Damn Immortal cultivators!”

The person he was cursing was naturally Bai Yi.

If it were not for Bai Yi, he would have arranged everything in a few days.

When the time came…

The entire Qinghe County would become nourishment for the rebuilding of the Sacred Heart Palace!



A deadly sense of threat suddenly attacked him, causing his heart to palpitate.

“Not good!”

The county magistrate sensed the approaching danger.

He hurriedly took out a Spirit Talisman and poured a large amount of spiritual energy into it, causing the Spirit Talisman to instantly glow with a bloody light!

In the next moment!

A flying sword that tore through the air suddenly stopped in mid-air. It was less than a meter away from the county magistrate’s back!

He was so shocked that he broke out in a cold sweat.

“How can it be so fast?”

He cursed in his heart.

He had already exerted all his strength and did not care about the consumption of spirit energy as he flew through the air. However, they still caught up o him.

If he had not used the Spirit Talisman, that sword that attacked was enough to kill him.

It could only mean…

Bai Yi’s strength far surpassed his. He was a first level Foundation Establishment demon cultivator.

“This guy is at least at the second level of the Foundation Establishment stage! No… It’s very likely that he’s at the third level of the Foundation Establishment stage! Or even the fourth level!”

The county magistrate’s expression became even uglier.

Behind him, Bai Yi followed behind his opponent unhurriedly. That sword strike of his was only to test his opponent. He was not in a hurry to kill this demon cultivator.

He wanted to see if this demon cultivator of Sacred Heart Palace could lure out more demon cultivators?

It would be best..

To find all the demon cultivators of Sacred Heart Palace hidden in Qinghe County in one go.

Or was this guy already the last one?

Looking at the ‘county magistrate’ fleeing, Bai Yi fell into deep thought.

Moreover, looking in the direction where the ‘county magistrate’ was fleeing.

Bai Yi’s expression was even weirder.

“If I remember correctly… my second Human Tool seems to be around there, right?” he muttered.

At the same time.

Qinghe County.

At an inn.

“Is that… a demon cultivator?”

Qin Jiao leaned against the window and narrowed her eyes slightly as she looked at the flickering bloody light in the distant sky.

From afar, she could feel a bloody aura.

Qin Jiao recalled the news she had heard about the demon cultivator of the Sacred Heart Palace.

She raised her eyebrows. She was astonished.

“Someone is chasing after the demon cultivator? To be able to fly so nimbly, he must be at least at the Foundation Establishment stage, right? To be able to talk about a demon cultivator at the Foundation Establishment stage, forcing him to flee in a panic…”

“Who is the person chasing after the demon cultivator? Is he the person who made a big breakthrough in Qinghe County?”

Qin Jiao touched her smooth chin, wondering if she should intervene?

After all, regardless of whether she had joined a Demon Sect in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator or not.

At least, in reality, she was a disciple of Zhengxin Palace!

Zhengxin Palace Master was her mother!

“Perfect.” Although she was still in the tenth level of the Qi Refinement stage, Qin Jiao was not afraid of the Foundation Establishment stage at all, she smiled. “I’ve simulated it so many times in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator to see how much I’ve grown.”

In any case, that demon cultivator was being chased by someone, so she would just kick him when he was down.

There should not be a problem, right?!

In the eyes of others, meddling in matters that had nothing to do with her was meddling in other people’s business. It would be a waste of effort and effort.

However… Qin Jiao would not think in that direction. She felt that she could do it.

So she did.

Qin Jiao went to the roof of the inn. Stepping on the bricks and tiles, she took out all the flying swords in her storage bag. The flying swords piled up in front of her.

She took out another bottle of pills and poured them all into her mouth.

The surging spiritual power suddenly exploded!


Qin Jiao’s small face was flushed red. With a light shout, dozens of flying swords floated up shakily. Relying on the terrifying spiritual power brought by the pills, she actually controlled dozens of flying swords in one go.


In an instant!

Dozens of flying swords shot up into the sky like silver dragons, tearing through the air with a sharp whistle!

Qin Jiao hurriedly poured herself another bottle of pills to ease the lack of spiritual power.

“Huh? What?!”

In the air, the ‘county magistrate’ watched helplessly as the flying swords came at him from all directions. He could not help but stop. Gritting his teeth, he struck out with his palm, and dozens of flying swords were blasted away.

However, there were still 30 to 40 flying swords that continued to charge toward him. He was so angry that his face turned ashen.

Just who was the one who ambushed him?

Moreover, there were so many flying swords. Damn it, did the other party’s family sell flying swords?

Were flying swords free of charge?

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