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Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation
Chapter 64 - The Inhumane Second Human Tool
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Chapter 64: The Inhumane Second Human Tool

There was an unknown person who launched a sneak attack, and there was an expert who he could not afford to offend chasing after him. There was an extremely ugly expression on the ‘county magistrate’.

Seeing that the flying swords continued to attack, he could only hurriedly block them.

He could see that…

The person who launched a sneak attack on him was not particularly strong. She was probably only in the Qi Refinement stage.

He did not know why the Qi Refinement stage was able to control so many flying swords. However, he just needed to know that the other party was weaker than him!

It was fine if he could not defeat the pursuers behind him, but could he not defeat a Qi Refinement stage cultivator?

In his rage, the county magistrate knocked down all the flying swords that were attacking him, and he immediately charged down!

He also had other thoughts in his mind. He could obtain a hostage!

This Qi Refinement stage cultivator who wanted to ambush him was the best hostage!


However, just as he was diving down, he suddenly caught a glimpse of a large number of Spirit Talismans flying toward him like a sky full of snow.

The county magistrate’s eyes widened!


How many Spirit Talismans were there?



Who was that Qi Refinement stage cultivator who was ambushing him?

Where did she get so many flying swords and Spirit Talismans?

Just these flying swords and Spirit Talismans alone were worth thousands of spiritual stones, right?

“What are these?”

When he focused his eyes and saw more details, his hair stood on end. “Intermediate Explosive Talismans!!”



Earth-shattering explosions reverberated through the clouds. Balls of flames bloomed in the air, and one could vaguely see a blurry figure rolling around in the balls of flames, looking extremely miserable.

Not far away, Bai Yi had already stopped his pursuit and was quietly watching this scene.

He was a little surprised that Human Tool Number 2 would actually choose to attack.


After thinking about it, he remembered that Qin Jiao was that kind of person.

It was not strange that she would attack.

“It seems that I don’t need to work.” Bai Yi shook his head. He knew that although Qin Jiao was only in the tenth level of the Qi Refinement stage, her purpose in coming to Qinghe County was to defeat Chen Qianxue.

Qin Jiao must have prepared a large number of items, all of which were used to deal with Chen Qianxue.

With the buffs from these items… She could definitely fight beyond her level!

It had to be said… The fighting style of the second generation of cultivators was truly an eye-opener.

How was this a battle? This was spending money!

Qin Jiao did not know that Bai Yi was observing everything. At this moment, she was a little excited, and a trace of a smile appeared on her face. “This is the Spirit Talisman I prepared to deal with Chen Qianxue. Even a first level Foundation Establishment cultivator like Chen Qianxue would have to suffer!”

“Unfortunately… for some reason, that fellow somehow broke through to the second level of the Foundation Establishment stage. The things I prepared are no longer useful.”

“Consider yourself unlucky!”

When the booming sounds in the sky gradually dissipated, Qin Jiao did not relax.

Because… She knew that a first level Foundation Establishment cultivator could not die so easily.

As expected!

A ruthless roar echoed in her ears like a demonic voice, “You! Deserve! Death!”

She saw that the clothes of the demon cultivator disguised as the county magistrate had long been torn to shreds, leaving only a few pieces of cloth hanging down.

His entire body was pitch black. It was as if he had changed into a different species.

All the hair on his body had disappeared, and green smoke even drifted out from the surface of his skin. A layer of his skin looked as if it was almost cooked. He looked numb, but he was tender on the outside.

His aura was no longer strong. The sky full of Spirit Talismans that Qin jiao sprinkled out were still very terrifying.

If he was in the Qi Refinement stage, he would have been blown into minced meat long ago!

This person was still alive. His vitality was really tenacious!

Qin Jiao was still amazed at how tenacious this person’s life was when she saw that the other party had already charged down. The terrifying Blood Qi rushed toward her face, and the temperature seemed to have become a few degrees colder.

A long sword had unknowingly appeared in Qin Jiao’s hand. It was a high-grade Spirit Sword.

Facing the county magistrate’s furious attack, she raised her sword to block!

Her entire body was as light as a kite, and she flew backward uncontrollably.

The county magistrate was just about to attack and kill this damned Qi Refinement cultivator.


The next moment!

He suddenly felt a gloomy and cold aura coming over. It was an aura that was very similar to his!

It was also the aura of a demon cultivator!

The ‘county magistrate’ turned around in shock.

He discovered that a demon cultivator that he felt was very unfamiliar had suddenly appeared behind him.

The other party’s face was covered in a bloody mist, making it impossible for others to see his appearance clearly.

“Who are you–”

Before he could finish his sentence, an unfamiliar demon cultivator had suddenly appeared and immediately attacked him!

The county magistrate’s pupils constricted as he hurriedly parried.

“Damn it… who are you? You’re also a demonic cultivator. Even if you’re not a member of Sacred Heart Palace, why did you attack me? Why did you help that Qi Refinement cultivator?” he shouted and questioned.

His heart had already fallen to the bottom of the valley. He was heavily injured by the sky full of Spirit Talismans. Against a tenth level Qi Refinement cultivator, he could still kill him even if he gave it his all.


Now there was another tenth level Qi Refinement stage cultivator. Under the pincer attack of the two, he was now heavily injured, and definitely no match for them!

He could not run away!

In addition…

There was another existence that was even stronger than him in the dark, and he had not made a move.

At this moment.

The county magistrate felt like a mouse that was being watched and played by others.

His ending… was a foregone conclusion!

When Qin Jiao attacked again, the ‘county magistrate’ was a little powerless. Under the siege of Qin Jiao and the unfamiliar demon cultivator, in less than thirty breaths, the ‘county magistrate’ suffered two fatal injuries!

Qin Jiao cut off half of his head with one sword strike, and the unfamiliar demon cultivator’s claw pierced through his heart and crushed it!

He died on the spot!

He collapsed.

“Ha!” Qin Jiao withdrew her Spirit Sword and rubbed her sore arm, she grumbled, “Fortunately, I have a Blood Demon Token that allows me to summon a temporary fighter. Otherwise, I would have to fight this guy alone for an hour to take him down.”

She patted the shoulder of the unfamiliar demon cultivator and gave him a thumbs up. “Well done!”


This strange demon cultivator was summoned by her Blood Demon Token.

He was a temporary fighter at the tenth level of the Qi Refinement stage.

Unfortunately, it was a one-time use.

Qin Jiao watched helplessly as the demon cultivator of the Blood Demon Sect disappeared and turned into an ordinary token that fell to the ground. Then, she picked up the token, she mumbled, “I thought this thing wouldn’t be useful, but I didn’t expect it to be used today. It’s quite useful.”

She had to admit, killing a Foundation Establishment cultivator with a cultivation of the tenth level of the Qi Refinement stage felt great. Qin Jiao’s mentality immediately swelled up.

“Very good! At this rate, give me another half a month to defeat Chen Qianxue!”

She was full of confidence!

“As for this corpse of the first level of the Foundation Establishment stage…”

Qin Jiao suddenly thought of something.

She had previously received a reward. It was a Cultivation Method of the Blood Demon Sect that could be used to control corpses.

Ever since she had obtained this Cultivation Method, Qin Jiao had never had the chance to try it out.

“You made me use up the Blood Demon token. You can be my new fighter!”

“It’s a waste to bury you anyway!”

She chuckled.

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