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Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation
Chapter 65 - The Human Tool Once Again Simulated Immortal Cultivation
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Chapter 65: The Human Tool Once Again Simulated Immortal Cultivation

The next day.

Early morning.

Most people in Qinghe County did not know what had happened last night. Only some Immortal cultivators who were well-informed, or some families with a bit of background, knew what had happened.

Bi Xu, who was the Guest Minister of Qinghe County, did not rest for the whole night. Even though he learned from Bai Yi that the demon cultivator was dead, he still did not let down his guard.

Because the demon cultivator who died was only hidden in the county office, there might be other demon cultivators in Qinghe County.

He had no way to relax.

“Whew…” Looking at the first glimmer of dawn, Bi Xu rubbed his slightly tired glabella.

As an Immortal cultivator, logically speaking, it was impossible for him to be tired after staying up all night.

However, he was very tired. Physically and mentally, he was exhausted.

“If it wasn’t for Cultivator Bai’s help, perhaps I wouldn’t have known that the county office had been infiltrated to such an extent.”

He sighed.

Then, as if he thought of something, he muttered to himself, “Cultivator Bai said last night that it wasn’t him who killed the Foundation Establishment demon cultivator, but an Immortal cultivator who stopped the demon cultivator and killed him after a great battle.”

“But…” Bi Xu frowned and muttered, “Why didn’t that Immortal cultivator take the initiative to take the great credit?”

“Could it be that he didn’t know that this credit was enough to exchange for a large number of cultivation resources?”


The other party did not lack the cultivation resources given by the Imperial Court, so he simply could not be bothered to take the credit?


It was unlikely, right?

Even the inner disciples of some large sects could not be so rich, right?

They did not want the cultivation resources given for free?

“Perhaps it’s for other reasons.”

Time passed…

When it was almost noon, Qin Jiao, who was hiding in the room of the inn, finally stopped what she was doing.

She moved her sore wrist and complained, “Why is this Blood Fiend Corpse Controlling Technique so troublesome? It actually requires so many steps to control a corpse.”

“Especially when the corpse was stronger than itself when it was alive, the steps required are even more complicated.”

“Damn it, I almost ruined my hand.”

She was holding a pure white brush in her hand, only the tip of the brush had a hint of scarlet.

In front of Qin Jiao…

A burnt corpse at the Foundation Establishment stage was standing quietly. The surface of its skin was covered with scarlet runes, as well as many complicated lines, which looked quite strange.

Qin Jiao took a deep breath.

She suddenly raised a hand, and a red light flashed in her palm.


The tightly shut eyes of the Foundation Establishment stage corpse opened, but there was no sign of a living person.

With a thought from Qin Jiao, the Foundation Establishment stage corpse actually started to move slowly. Although its movements seemed a little slow, it was enough.

“It only has the physical strength of a Foundation Establishment stage cultivator, but it doesn’t have the full strength. It can only be used in close combat with the enemy. Moreover, its reaction is too slow.”

Qin Jiao muttered as she analyzed. This thing could only be used as a tool fighter, similar to the previous Blood Demon Token.

However… This kind of tool fighter could play a big role in certain special situations.

With a wave of his hand, the Foundation Establishment corpse was put into her storage bag.

Although the storage bag could not hold a living person, it had no problem storing the corpse.

“The time is almost up.”

Qin Jiao had been waiting for the arrival of noon. She realized that her cultivation was still too low.

With the cultivation of the tenth level of the Qi Refinement stage, it would take a lot of external objects to deal with a Foundation Establishment cultivator.

No matter how powerful the external objects were, they were still external objects.

Her own strength was the key.

How could she quickly increase her own strength and break through in just a few days?

The first thing Qin Jiao thought of was the Immortal Cultivation Simulator!

When the cooldown of the Immortal Cultivation Simulator ended, Qin Jiao could not wait to try to connect, and she smoothly entered the Immortal Cultivation Simulator again.

This time, she chose to continue her original life. She had not finished exploring the world inside the giant bronze door.

She could only watch helplessly as so many precious spirit herbs were given up without plucking a few stalks?

What kind of joke was this!

Was she the type of person who was not greedy? No!

[Age 0, you were born into an Immortal cultivation clan. In this life, you decided to learn knowledge of arrays in order to avoid the killing array inside the giant bronze door and explore its mysteries in a safer manner.]

[Age 13, the old granny that you carried with you finally woke up under the constant nourishment of your spiritual energy. She hadn’t introduced herself yet, but you already mentioned that you wanted to learn knowledge of arrays.]

[Age 17, after your unremitting efforts, the Qin Family moved to a deserted island overseas. The spiritual energy here is abnormally abundant, and it can be said to be a paradise.]

[Age 20, you are already proficient in the Dao of array formations. You feel that you can give it another try and enter the giant bronze door!]


In the blink of an eye, 20 years had passed in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator. Qin Jiao was now in the pitch-black deep sea.

She stared at the huge bronze door embedded in the bottom of the sea.

It would be a lie to say that she was not excited.

The last time she simulated Immortal cultivation, she had entered the huge bronze door, but she had lost contact with the old granny.

She was tricked by the array formation inside, and she died on the spot!

This time…

She could not make the same mistake again. Otherwise, Qin Jiao would really look down on herself!

She no longer needed the guidance of the old granny,

According to the memories of the last simulation of Immortal cultivation, under the surprised gaze of the old granny, she under several arrays of the huge bronze door, and the huge door suddenly opened!

A brand new world was revealed inside!

The old granny could not help but say in shock, “Little Doll, the density of the spiritual energy here is simply unbelievable. If you stay in there for a hundred years, you might be able to directly reach the Golden Core stage!”

The old lady had seen a lot of things, but she was still shocked by what she saw.

‘What a familiar sentence… It was the same as last time.’ Qin Jiao ridiculed in her heart.

Then, she rushed in without hesitation and stepped into the giant bronze door again!


Qin Jiao, who had entered, tried to communicate with the old granny.

In the end, there was no response.

It was the same as last time.

Perhaps there was some strange array formation inside the bronze gate that could affect the connection between her and the old granny.

Qin Jiao did not panic.

That was because having learned the Dao of array formations, she could already see many clues with her eyesight.

She breathed in the extremely rich spiritual energy.

She walked forward step by step.

Every step was very careful and meticulous.

It was as if the soles of her feet were covered with sharp nails, as if if she took a wrong step, her feet would be covered in blood.

She was avoiding some array formations!

She was avoiding triggering them!

“Ha!” After dozens of breaths, looking at a strange spirit herb close to her, Qin Jiao’s lips curled up. “After waiting for so long and preparing for so long, it’s finally time for a big harvest.”

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