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Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation
Chapter 66 - Settlement Reward, Great Harvest!
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Chapter 66: Settlement Reward, Great Harvest!

In order to be able to plunder wantonly within the giant bronze gate, Qin Jiao specially prepared a storage bag with an extremely large capacity. This was something she had bought from an Immortal cultivator a long time ago, and it was prepared for this day!

She could not just casually pull out spirit herbs. She had to familiarize herself with some of the characteristics of spirit herbs.

If the essence of a spirit herb was at its root, and if one were to pull it up roughly, one of its roots would break.

Then the medicinal properties of this spirit herb would be greatly reduced.

Qin Jiao, who was quite experienced in alchemy, naturally knew that picking herbs could not be done carelessly.

She carefully pushed aside the soil.

She tried her best to avoid destroying the spirit herb’s roots.

She spent quite a bit of time before picking this spirit herb.

“Black Jade Poison Ginseng… Hehe! Just this spirit herb alone is enough to sell for a high price of over a thousand low-grade spirit stones. If I plunder all the spirit herbs inside, wouldn’t it be very easy to become the richest person in the cultivation world?”

She hurriedly took out a spirit jade box from her storage bag and carefully placed the spirit herb inside.

Qin Jiao’s storage bag contained several thousand Spirit Jade Boxes.

They were used to store spirit herbs.

At this moment…

She turned into a hardworking old farmer and carried out a large-scale harvest of the spirit herbs that she could see in front of her!

Even if it was some low-grade spirit herbs, Qin Jiao would accept them all!

Of course…

Those low-grade spirit herbs did not receive good treatment. She just pulled them up roughly.

Only those very special spirit herbs would Qin Jiao dig them out carefully.






As time passed, Qin Jiao’s face was about to break into a smile.

However, to the world inside the giant bronze gate, these spirit herbs were just a drop in the bucket.

Qin Jiao could see a large area of spirit herbs!

And… She even saw something unexpected!

“What is this?”

Qin Jiao tried her best to bypass the hidden killing formations and bent down to pick up a huge spirit stone.

The spirit stone weighed thousands of tons. Of course, with her current cultivation…

The weight of thousands of tons was no issue.

“It’s really a spirit stone! Such a large low-grade spirit stone! This can be cut into at least several hundred normal-sized spirit stones, right? Normally, such large spirit stones will only appear in… spirit stone veins!”

Qin jiao swallowed her saliva. Spirit stone veins?

Could it be that there was a spirit stone vein inside the giant bronze door?

With that said, it made sense why the spirit energy on the desolate island was so abundant.


There were treasures everywhere inside the giant bronze door!

No one knew which Ancient Almighty left these things behind.

Could it be that… this was that Ancient Almighty’s cave abode?

Next, Qin Jiao was either digging for spirit herbs or moving spirit stones. The remaining space in the storage bag was shrinking step by step.

Half a day later, the storage bag was full!

A large empty space appeared inside the giant bronze door, as if it had been stripped bare.

It was as if there were signs of bald spots inside a head of dense hair.

It was full of a sense of déjà vu!

In the face of her actions, not only did Qin Jiao not reflect on herself at all, instead, she criticized herself as if she had failed to live up to her expectations. “I made a mistake. I shouldn’t have only brought one storage bag. Although this storage bag can hold many things, compared to the treasures inside the giant bronze door, this small capacity is nothing!”

“Qin Jiao, oh, Qin Jiao! You are still not greedy enough!”

She felt a little helpless.

She could only leave the giant bronze door temporarily and return to the deserted island happily.

[You told your father and the Qin Family Patriarch about the giant bronze door. After the two of them learned about it, they were extremely shocked and decided to set the location of the giant bronze door as a forbidden area! Without the consent of the Qin Family Head, Patriarch, and you, no one else is allowed to go near it. Those who violate it will be locked up for 200 years!]

[You brought the Qin Family Head and Patriarch into the giant bronze gate. The three of them wantonly plundered the treasures inside the giant bronze gate. The Qin Family’s treasury instantly filled up.]

[Age 23, you seemed to have neglected your cultivation as you were busy looting the heavenly materials and earthly treasures. Now, you have only broken through to the second level of the Foundation Establishment stage.]

[Age 24, an unexpected incident occurred! When the Qin Family Patriarch was looting the spirit herbs, he discovered that there were actually ‘Puppet Beasts’ inside the giant bronze gate! The Qin Family Patriarch died.]

[A large number of Puppet Beasts besieged you and the Qin Family Head. No one could fight back against the powerful Puppet Beasts.]

[The Qin Family Head is dead!]

[You are dead!]

[You survived 24 years, 07 months, 31 days]

“Should I say… as expected of a family? They are really like bandits passing through the border, leaving nothing behind in the giant bronze gate. They even wanted to plunder the treasures in the deeper parts of the world of the giant gate, but in the end, they lost.”

Bai Yi watched all of this happen. To be honest… It was not out of his expectations.

If Qin Jiao did not become a ‘crossing bandit’ who wiped out everything…

It would actually make him very surprised, thinking that this Human Tool Number 2 had changed her personality.

It seemed… Her personality did not change much.

Moreover, Bai Yi knew that the Qin family in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator seemed to be similar to Qin Jiao.

It was true that they were of the same lineage!

Compared to the previous life of Immortal cultivation simulation, where she had almost done nothing, Qin Jiao had made a slight improvement this time.

At least she had profited from it.

In this way… No matter how bad the rewards were this time, they should not be too bad, right?

Just as Bai Yi’s thoughts fell, the Immortal Cultivation Simulator’s text prompt popped up.

[Qin Jiao has activated the ‘If You Take Any More, You’ll Be Stripped Naked’ achievement in the Immortal cultivation simulation. You have received an additional reward! You have received the following reward –]

[Reward 1: All of the spiritual energy in the second level of the Foundation Establishment stage (it doesn’t seem to be enough for you to break through to the fourth level of the Foundation Establishment stage)]

[Reward 2: Proficiency in the Dao of array formations (Qin Jiao has studied hard with the old granny for many years)]

[Reward 3: 5,000 low-grade spirit stones (a windfall)]

[Additional reward: Storage bag (guess what’s inside)]

As expected, the rewards this time were more generous than before, and there was an additional reward this time.

Bai Yi immediately chose Reward 1.

The full amount of spirit energy in the second level of the Foundation Establishment stage was not enough for him to break through to the fourth level of the Foundation Establishment stage.

However, after two or three days, he would get a few more of these rewards.

Would it be enough?

He felt a pure spiritual power rush into his body, and it was accompanied by a comfortable feeling.

“Not bad.”

Bai Yi was very satisfied!

Then, a storage bag appeared in Bai Yi’s hand. This one looked a little familiar to him.

He used his spiritual sense to probe into the storage bag.

He was stunned for a moment.

Bai Yi sucked in a breath of cold air. “Hiss… Wow! Aren’t these the things that Qin Jiao obtained when she first looted the giant bronze door? Is this her storage bag?”

The storage bag was full of Spirit Jade Boxes filled with spirit herbs, as well as spirit stones of exaggerated sizes!

It was a dazzling sight!

It was amazing!

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