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Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation
Chapter 69 - Three Months, When the Holy Maiden Becomes a Princess
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Chapter 69: Three Months, When the Holy Maiden Becomes a Princess


Among the group of people who suddenly barged in, the leader was a dignified-looking middle-aged man.

The other party was dressed like an emperor. After all, he was wearing a black dragon robe with a black background.

At a glance, one could see that he was imposing without being angry.

This was a unique aura that could only be cultivated by someone who had been in a high position for a long time.

Ordinary people would not dare to look at such a person for a moment.

This person…

He was probably her father in this life? The emperor of the Great Wei Dynasty?

Other than the emperor of the Great Wei Dynasty, there was also a group of people who looked like palace maids and doctors.

What surprised her was…

This group of people were all Immortal cultivators!

It was very difficult to hide the unique aura of Immortal cultivators.

That’s right…

After all, it was a dynasty in the world of Immortal cultivators. How could ordinary people have the right to enter the imperial palace?

It was most normal for all the people in the imperial palace to be Immortal cultivators.


Chen Qianxue suddenly reacted. Why could she not feel the spiritual energy in her body?

This should not be, right?

Could it be that she was still a person with weak foundation in this life?

Would that mean that she had refreshed her simulated life for nothing?

She was dumbfounded!

“Chang Ning? Chang Ning?” The emperor of the Great Wei dynasty who had rushed over saw Chen Qianxue with a blank expression. He could not help but ask anxiously, “Chang Ning, do you recognize me? Imperial physician Xu! Why did my daughter become like this? Why isn’t there any light in her eyes?”

Behind the Emperor, an old man quickly stepped forward, and a thread shot out instantly.

One end of the thread wound around Chen Qianxue’s thin wrist.

The other end was pinched by Imperial Physician Xu. He closed his eyes and pondered for a few breaths before opening them. He said with some confusion, “Judging from Princess Chang Ning’s pulse, she has already recovered…”

He was a little apprehensive in his heart.

To be honest…

The imperial physicians in the imperial palace had never been able to treat Princess Chang Ning’s strange illness well.

Princess Chang Ning, who was plagued by this strange illness, also had no way of becoming an Immortal cultivator.

Her constitution was even worse than some ordinary people’s.

Under such circumstances…

The imperial physicians could only try their best, and the medicine they fed her was also varied.

In the end… She really recovered?!


Of course.

Imperial Physician Xu definitely could not say such a thing out loud. Casually feeding the princess medicine was not a small crime, even if the princess somehow recovered.

He pretended to think and said, “Princess Chang Ning, do you still remember your subject?”

Chen Qianxue raised her eyelids. How could she possibly remember?!

At this time, she could only pretend to be stupid!

She shook her head in confusion.

“Then… Do you still remember His Majesty?” Imperial Physician Xu asked again.

Chen Qianxue shook her head.

Seeing this, Imperial Physician Xu coughed, untied the silk thread, and bowed to the emperor. He explained, “Your Majesty, the medicine Princess Chang Ning took was probably too strong. Although it cured the princess’s strange illness and made her spirit better than ever…”

“But… it also caused an inevitable side effect. Princess Chang Ning might not remember some of the things in the past, or she might not even remember her own name.”

“I’ve seen many cases like this where you forget all your past experiences.”

The emperor of Great Wei frowned, “Is there a way to cure it?”

Imperial Physician Xu felt bitter in his heart. He did not even know how Chen Qianxue got better!

How could he cure this inexplicable memory loss?!

However, he could only brace himself and nod. “I can try.”

Seeing his troubled expression, the Great Wei emperor fell silent for a moment, suddenly, he laughed, “It’s good that you can cure that strange illness. Chang Ning has suffered enough over the years. If his memory is lost, so be it. It’s not a good memory.”

Listening to these people’s words, Chen Qianxue blinked her eyes.

She… fooled them?

[Your superb acting didn’t let you reveal any flaws. Whether it’s the emperor of the Great Wei Dynasty, the imperial physicians, or the palace maids who often take care of your daily life, they didn’t notice anything wrong with you.]

[The news of your recovery has spread throughout the entire Great Wei imperial palace. Some princes and princesses that you don’t even know have come to visit you with gifts.]

[You accidentally learned that your mother had passed away early in this life. No wonder you haven’t seen her.]

[The Great Wei emperor has arranged a teacher for you to teach you how to cultivate Immortality.]


“It’s been three months…”

Chen Qianxue learned a lot of things that she did not know in the past through her three months in the imperial palace.

For example…

She learned that her father in this life, the emperor of the Great Wei dynasty, had the surname ‘Chen’ and the name ‘Fengyin’.

As the Princess of Chang Ning, she was the youngest of all the princesses. The oldest princess was said to be over 300 years old.

Ah, this…

The fact that there was such a huge age difference between them as sisters really made Chen Qianxue pull her butt and open her eyes.

One could only say that Chen Fengyin, the emperor of the Great Wei Dynasty, was indeed a little energetic.

He even had a daughter when he was a few hundred years old.

At the same time, she also knew that the original ‘Princess Chang Ning’ was just a title. Her name was also Chen Qianxue, just like her in real life.

Moreover, she was born with a strange illness.

Even the Immortal cultivators in the palace could not see the reason for this strange illness.

Of course, it was also possible that the Immortal cultivator was not good at medicine.

Chen Qianxue felt that the possibility was greater.

With the predecessor of this strange disease, there was no way to cultivate Immortality, and even physical work could not be done.

She was like a sick beauty, extremely delicate.

‘This strange disease has mysteriously healed. Could it be that because she died, the strange disease disappeared? If it possessed her body, but did not inherit her strange disease, is that also the reason?’

Thoughts flashed through Chen Qianxue’s mind. If this was really the case, could the source of the strange illness have come from the three souls and seven spirits?

Forget it!

Since the strange illness had disappeared, there was no need for her to think so much.

To her, this could be considered good news —

After the strange illness had disappeared, she could cultivate Immortality!

Furthermore, as Chen Fengyin’s daughter, Chen Qianxue’s cultivation roots and bones were very good, and her breathing of spiritual energy was very smooth.

In addition, the palace was rich in cultivation resources, and she could use natural treasures as she pleased.

In just three months…

She was already at the first level of the Qi Refinement stage.

She was slightly inferior to her real-life root, but she had a lot of cultivation resources, even more than the real-life cultivation resources.

All the signs indicated that this time, she, Chen Qianxue, did not have a free ride in this brand-new simulated cultivation life!

“At present, the ‘Prominent Family Background’ of talent 2 has already been displayed in front of me. I wonder what kind of situation talent 1, ‘Hard-core Ruthless Man’, will be displayed in?”

“And… Talent 6’s ‘Mysterious Masks’, what kind of way will it appear?”

These doubts, Chen Qianxue could only say in voice out in her heart.

The Qi Refinement stage was extremely common in the imperial palace. Foundation Establishment stage cultivators were everywhere, and Golden Core stage could occasionally be seen.

If she were to speak out of her mouth, no matter how softly she spoke, she would be suspected!

Be careful!

She had to be careful!

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