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Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation
Chapter 70 - Grimacing Bronze Mask
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Chapter 70: Grimacing Bronze Mask

“This Holy Maiden of Spirit Sword Sect’s new imitation of the life of immortal cultivation seems to be more reliable than before. Although it’s because of the Soul Transmigration, she started to cultivate at the age of 12, so she started relatively late.”

“But because of her special identity, she was able to obtain more cultivation resources, and there was no risk associated with it. There were even people who protected her.”

“These two points cleverly made up for the shortcomings of the late start of immortal cultivation.”

Qinghe County.

Chen Qianxue’s short three-month experience was like a slide show in Bai Yi’s eyes. In less than half a minute, she had finished watching everything.

The Holy Maiden, who had always been unlucky, was finally a little luckier. However… were the newborn talents that she had chosen feasible?

If Bai Yi had chosen them himself, he would definitely have chosen the ‘Holy Light Rod’, which would allow him to take off!

There was light in this world!


Chen Qianxue did not know what this meant. She did not understand most of the new talents.

Thus, she missed them.

With Bai Yi’s continued attention, Chen Qianxue’s life was like a book, starting to turn page after page.

[Age 13, Chen Qianxue broke through to the second level of the Qi Refinement stage. Her excellent immortal cultivation root surprised the teacher who taught her. In just a year, she had broken through two cultivation stages. The teacher called Chen Qianxue the current Chen Qianxue, who had the innate talent of the current emperor of the Great Wei Dynasty when he was young.]

[Age 14, Chen Qianxue entered the Treasure Pavilion of the Great Wei imperial palace. Her father allowed her to take away three Spirit Weapons. Chen Qianxue chose a Spirit Sword of high quality, a body-hugging inner armor with astonishing defense, and a mask that she found in a corner.]

In the Treasure Pavilion of the Imperial Palace.

Chen Qianxue did not expect that the ‘Mysterious Masks’, one of the three newborn talents that she had chosen, would actually appear in front of her in such a way.

It was lying quietly in a corner of the Treasure Pavilion, even though it looked very clean, Chen Qianxue could still see that it had not been touched for a long time.


Even the person who placed it there did not know what the use of this mask was.

Chen Qianxue carefully looked at the mysterious mask in her hand.

The mask looked very simple, and at first glance, it looked very strange.

The mask looked like it was made of bronze material, but it was extremely hard.

Chen Qianxue used her full strength as a second level Qi Refinement stage cultivator. However, she could not damage it in the slightest.

Instead, it made her hand hurt.

“It looked like it was crying and laughing, like a ghost face…” Chen Qianxue made this comment about what the mask looked like.


Chen Qianxue frowned. It looked like there was nothing special about it except for its hardness!

Could it be…

This time, she chose a useless newborn talent?

Chen Qianxue took the mask and found an old man who was guarding the Treasure Pavilion.

It was said that the old man used to be an old official of the Great Wei Dynasty.

Later, he resigned and volunteered to guard the Treasure Pavilion.

“Old Sir,” Chen Qianxue asked, “Do you know anything about this Spirit Artifact?”

The old man took a look and recalled for a while. He shook his head and said, “Your Highness, this artifact was placed in the Treasure Pavilion a thousand years ago, but we don’t know who put it there. There is no record of it.”

“The only record is… This item is extremely hard, and its material is mysterious and special. Even a Soul Formation cultivator can’t break it.”

He paused and kindly reminded, “Your Highness, if you want to choose a Spirit Tool, you don’t have to choose this useless one.”

“Also, this kind of unrecorded item might be accompanied by a certain level of danger.”

Chen Qianxue was deep in thought. There were not even many records?

Could it be that the Immortal Cultivation Simulator used the power of time?

Then, it placed this item in the Treasure Room a thousand years ago, waiting for her to come and retrieve it a thousand years later?


What kind of power was this?

Chen Qianxue suppressed the shock in her heart and revealed a faint smile. “I want this!”

She felt that this mysterious mask definitely contained a secret. How exactly was she going to dig out this secret? Then she could only keep trying!

She had plenty of time. She had plenty of energy.

[Age 15, you’re already at the fourth level of the Qi Refinement stage. Such a fast speed of immortal cultivation, even your father couldn’t remain calm. He personally reminded you not to be too hasty in Immortal cultivation, in case your foundation was unstable. But he suddenly discovered that your foundation was as stable as an old dog, and fell into deep thought.]

[Age 16, an accident allowed you to learn of a shocking incident from the whispers of two palace maids. You were not born in the imperial palace, but were brought back by the Great Wei emperor when you were eight years old.]

[You pretended that you did not hear the whispers of the palace maids, but the next day, you found two pools of blood in the dry well in the imperial palace that had not been cleaned up. The two palace maids were missing.]

[You sensed that something was wrong. Talent 1, ‘Hard-core Ruthless Man’, seems to be taking effect. However, you don’t know who did it in the dark.]

[You don’t know what the other party’s goal is.]


The atmosphere in the Imperial Palace of Great Wei was very heavy today, making it difficult for people to breathe. Almost everyone in the palace was trembling.

This was because the emperor of the Great Wei, Chen Fengyin, was angry. When the emperor was angry, someone had to die.

The reason for his anger was very simple. There were palace maids who had died in the palace.

And there were two of them!

These two palace maids were both Qi Refinement stage cultivators, and they had taken care of Chen Qianxue’s daily life. The two palace maids often worked in Chen Qianxue’s palace.


They died!

There were only two pools of blood left in the dry well, and even their bodies were gone.

To be able to kill the two palace maids by Chen Qianxue’s side under the eyes of so many immortal cultivators, did that not mean that he could easily kill Chen Qianxue as well?

Chen Fengyin was not only the emperor of Great Wei, but also Chen Qianxue’s father in this life.

He was naturally worried that something would happen to his daughter. How could he not be angry when something like this happened?

How could he not be held accountable?

“Chang Ning, I’ve already ordered people to replace all the guards and palace maids by your side with another group of people. These people were carefully selected by me. Their cultivation is not ordinary, and they are absolutely loyal.”

Chen Fengyin said to Chen Qianxue, “If you encounter this kind of thing again in the future, remember to tell me at the first moment. The palace is not peaceful, and even I can’t see through some people.”

Chen Qianxue hesitated for a moment and said, “Father, I roughly know why they would attack those two palace maids.”

Chen Fengyin was startled and his expression froze. “Tell me!”

“I once heard those two palace maids whisper in private… that I was brought back by you, Father.”

Chen Qianxue said softly.

Chen Fengyin was silent for a moment and said, “You forgot that memory and didn’t know about it. What they said is the truth. I did something to your mother back then, but she didn’t want to follow me, so I sent people to protect her.”

“You were also born outside the palace. When I learned about it, the imperial court ignored everything.”

“Who knew… when you were eight years old…”

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