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Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation
Chapter 71 - Holy Maiden, Finished Again
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Chapter 71: Holy Maiden, Finished Again

“When you were eight years old, I received the bad news that your mother was suffering from a strange illness and was tormented. I asked the imperial physicians in the imperial palace to treat her, but before the imperial physicians and I could arrive, your mother passed away in less than three days.”

When he said this, the Great Wei emperor’s face was obviously filled with depression.

He had lived for hundreds of years and been an emperor for two hundred years, but he could not even protect a woman.

This gave him a huge psychological blow.

He took a deep breath.

Chen Fengyin looked at Chen Qianxue and continued, “I brought your mother back to the Imperial Palace and conferred her the title of Imperial concubine. She was buried in the Imperial Mausoleum. At that time, you were also brought back to the Imperial Palace by me.”

“But the imperial physician gave me bad news. You have the same strange illness as your mother, but your symptoms seem to be lighter.”

“I ordered the imperial physicians to let you recover no matter what.”

“But… the imperial physicians have tried countless methods. I even asked Emperor Taizu to take a look at you, but he still couldn’t see the reason.”

“Every day, I see your face in pain and let out an unbearable cry of pain. I feel a pain in my heart!”

With that said, Chen Fengyin sorted out the emotions in his heart. As expected of the emperor of the Great Wei who had lived for hundreds of years. The feeling of loss came and went quickly.

A cold light flashed in his eyes. “I originally thought that this was just a coincidence. Birth, old age, illness, and death were not rare even for Immortal cultivators. There are some very special diseases that even Immortal cultivators themselves can not avoid.”

“However, the death of the palace maid… made me discover some clues. Some people don’t want you to remember some things, and some people want you to completely forget the past.”

“I still don’t know who that person is, but I know about your mother’s death and your strange illness… Absolutely, it’s not a coincidence!”

A terrifying aura exploded out at this moment, but it did not target Chen Qianxue.

Chen Qianxue only felt a shocking aura burst out from the body of her father.

That kind of aura was unique to emperors.

It was shocking!

“Chang Ning, you’re already 16 years old. There are some things that I won’t hide from you. I want you to be able to notice some things that are disadvantageous to you in the future so that you can protect yourself well.”

“The imperial palace can’t compare to the sects. The battles within the imperial palace are extremely terrifying… a small country that borders the Great Wei Dynasty, an emperor with a Nascent Soul stage cultivation in that country was killed by someone.”

Chen Fengyin taught his daughter earnestly. In his eyes, his daughter had lost her memory.

Her life experience was completely a blank sheet of paper. He needed to strengthen his daughter’s state of mind.

After listening, Chen Qianxue nodded and replied, “Yes!”

At this point, she finally understood the problem. It turned out that the strange disease that her original body had contracted was not an accident, but someone had deliberately contracted it.

The other party’s ultimate goal of harming the original body and the original body’s mother was not to target the mother and daughter, but the emperor, Chen Fengyin!

As for why the other party was beating around the bush like this…

It could be because attacking an emperor like this would very likely offend some rules.

It could also be that the Great Wei emperor’s strength was too strong, so these methods were not of much use to him.

Therefore, the other party took a shortcut.

Was he planning to make a move on the people around the Great Wei emperor and cause a mental demon to rise in his heart?

Chen Qianxue, who had once bred a mental demon in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator, was very clear about how terrifying this thing was.

It did not matter how high one’s cultivation level was. Once a special existence like a mental demon was born, and there was no way to remove it…

It would be over sooner or later.

She was numb!

Even though she knew that the talent she picked would make her life especially magical and exciting, Chen Qianxue did not expect to play such a big game for her at the beginning.

It involved the internal dispute of a dynasty. This dispute was not a dispute between ministers, nor was it a dispute between ministers and generals.

It was a dispute between some powerful people she did not know of and the emperor of Great Wei!


Did the other party use a special method to plot a rebellion?

The other party killed two palace maids who were talking nonsense. Perhaps they were worried that she would remember something?

In other words…

Could the original body know some secrets?

Then why did not she say it earlier? Chen Qianxue fell into endless contemplation.

However, she still could not guess the answer.

Forget it!

She was only in the Qi Refinement stage now. Due to the reason that she started too late…

Even with a large number of natural treasures and good Immortal cultivation roots, she could barely break through to the Foundation Establishment stage at the age of 20.

Such low strength.

In a palace where Qi Refinement was inferior to dogs and Foundation Establishment cultivators were everywhere, it was better to be a transparent little princess.

Some things could be left to Chen Fengyin, the Emperor of Great Wei, to investigate and deal with.

If an emperor was angry and investigated a matter, he would definitely be able to find some clues.

Chen Qianxue felt slightly at ease.

In this life, she had a backer!

[Age 17, you learned that the people your emperor’s father sent had already found some clues. The next day, a sudden fire burned all the evidence. Your father was furious and ordered the execution of several people! All the evidence was kept in a special box. The fire that could burn them all was definitely not an ordinary fire!]

[Age 18, you tried to use spiritual power to nourish the mysterious mask. However, a large amount of spiritual power poured into it, but it only sank the stone into the sea and didn’t cause any waves.]

[Age 20, you broke through to the first level of the Foundation Establishment stage! Your astonishing cultivation foundation allowed you to enter the sights of some people once again. You were poisoned!]

[Your cautiousness played an important role. You were lucky to not eat a poisonous medicinal pill. You informed your father.]

[A week later, the Great Wei emperor, a third stage official, a Golden Core realm cultivator, committed suicide and left behind a confession! He admitted that he had attacked you and gave a reason. However, you felt that he was the scapegoat.]

[Age 23, you and a few princes and princesses were on a spring hunt, but encountered a powerful demon beast that shouldn’t have appeared here. The secret guards that were secretly protecting you all died. The three princes and two princesses died!]

[You also died!]

“Wow… is it gone so quickly?”

Perhaps he had already gotten used to Chen Qianxue living for more than 100 years before ending her simulated Immortal cultivation life. However, now that she had suddenly ended her life at the age of 23, Bai Yi was actually somewhat surprised.

It could only be said that Chen Qianxue’s starting point this time was very high, but the difficulty of surviving was also very high.

Looking at the series of life experiences related to Chen Qianxue, Bai Yi naturally knew that she was targeted by someone in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator.

However, the other party was not targeting her.

The other party should be targeting the emperor of the Great Wei Dynasty. She was only implicated. After all, she was also implicated along with her several imperial brothers and sisters.

It could only be said that she was a little unlucky.

[Chen Qianxue has survived the simulated Immortal cultivation life for 23 years, 05 months, 01 days. You have received the following rewards –]



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