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Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation
Chapter 72 - Settlement Reward -- Human King Body
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Chapter 72: Settlement Reward — Human King Body


The settlement reward prompt of the Immortal Cultivation Simulator followed, and what made Bai Yi feel slightly regretful was that Chen Qianxue did not make good use of her newborn talent, ‘Hard-core Ruthless Man’, so she did not activate any achievements.

[Reward 1: Purple Silk Armor (seems to be a female-only body armor)]

[Reward 2: Human King Body (Great Wei imperial family’s body of Immortal cultivation)]

[Reward 3: 23 years of Immortal cultivation experience (Chen Qianxue’s years of painstaking cultivation experience)]

Three different rewards were displayed in front of him, allowing him to choose one of them.

At a glance, did he still need to think?

He would definitely choose Reward 2!

Although the ‘Purple Silk Armor’ could be considered a pretty good Spirit Tool, and it was even taken out by Chen Qianxue from the Great Wei dynasty’s Treasure Pavilion, its grade was definitely not low.

However, this thing was not suitable for men to wear. Also, he could not possibly have two abnormal bumps when it was worn, right?

It was too weird!

After Bai Yi received this reward, the ‘Human King Body’ from the Great Wei Dynasty’s imperial family did not clash with the ‘Innate Spirit Body’.

He could feel that two different physiques were currently fusing together.


The two of them did not repel each other, but merged together.

Bai Yi tried to breathe in and out the spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth.

He found that the efficiency of breathing in and out the spiritual Qi was much higher than before.

This meant that the physique of the ‘Human King Body’ was mainly to change the Immortal cultivation root foundations.

“It’s still okay…”

Although he did not activate any additional rewards this time, it was a good reward to be able to improve his Immortal cultivation root bone foundation and establish a very good foundation for Immortal cultivation.

Bai Yi was quite satisfied!

On the other side.

Spirit Sword Sect.

Chen Qianxue, who had returned to the real world, was not quite used to it.

She was also used to staying in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator for more than 100 years at any time.

Now, she died after only living for more than 20 years. It made her feel a little complicated.

Had she regressed? No… actually, strictly speaking, it could be considered an improvement.

After all, when she first simulated Immortal cultivation, she only lived for five years…

This time, she had to live until she was 23 years old before she died.

It was just that…

It was a little different from what she had expected.

“I thought I could live for more than a hundred years before I died, but now it seems that I was thinking too much… I was already very unlucky in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator, and with the innate talent of a ‘Hard-core Ruthless Man’, it would be really strange if I didn’t die early,” Chen Qianxue muttered to herself.

She accepted this fact.

[You have received the following reward –]

[Reward: Half-Human King Body (Immortal cultivation root bone has been slightly improved)]

The final reward came.

It made Chen Qianxue stunned.

Half-Human King Body?

“Isn’t this my Immortal cultivation physique in the simulator? The blood relatives of the royal family of the Great Wei dynasty will basically inherit the ‘Human King Body’. It can be considered a very excellent Immortal cultivation physique…”

In the Immortal cultivation simulation, she only began to cultivate at the age of 12. To be able to break through to the first level of the Foundation Establishment stage at around the age of 20…

It was because of this Human King Body and the cultivation resources within the imperial palace that were easily available.

The former was the main reason. The latter was the secondary reason.

In this way, Chen Qianxue discovered that the reward this time was unexpectedly good!

The Immortal cultivation simulation was actually not stingy this time?

She was somewhat incredulous.

She took a deep breath.

Chen Qianxue began to think about some problems. She knew that it could not be a coincidence that she was attacked by demonic beasts in the Immortal Cultivation Simulator.

Logically speaking, the hunting grounds that she went to with her royal brothers and sisters should not have such powerful demonic beasts.

However, these demonic beasts just happened to appear.

It could only mean that someone had secretly lured that powerful demonic beast into the hunting ground.

“It’s very likely that the other party is the same group of people that killed the two palace maids…”

“They are also the same group of people that want to deal with the emperor of the Great Wei Dynasty.”

Chen Qianxue muttered to herself.

With that said, the rule of the Chen family of the Great Wei Dynasty seemed very stable on the surface, but in reality, there were already invisible caves hidden in the dark.

There were poisonous snakes hidden in these caves, ready to show their sharp fangs at any time.

They would give a fatal blow!

Chen Qianxue realized that the trouble she was facing was not ordinary. Even as the princess of the Great Wei Dynasty, there were many people who would protect her.

However, facing such a vicious hand, she was still helpless.

She could only wait for death!

“I have to worry about these things again…” Chen Qianxue frowned, thinking about how to deal with this crisis in her simulated Immortal cultivation life tomorrow.

At the same time.

Qinghe County.

In an inn.

The three unlucky fellows from the Zhengxin Palace had arrived here. Qin Jiao’s breakthrough to the Foundation Establishment stage was quite a big event. After they realized that their Junior Sister who had escaped from the sect was here, they rushed over without stopping.

The three of them did not forget their mission. The Palace Master had given them a death order!

They had to bring Qin Jiao back to the Zhengxin Palace. Otherwise, the three of them would be in big trouble!

In order not to be punished by the Palace Master, the three of them looked for Qin Jiao for a long time.

They used all kinds of methods. They even suspected that Qin Jiao was no longer in Qinghe County.

However, they did not expect…


They had actually discovered the traces of their Junior Sister. At least the heavens did not let down those who had a heart!

It was not easy!

The three of them exchanged glances. They restrained their auras to avoid Qin Jiao from discovering them.

One of them guarded the outside. Once Qin Jiao escaped again, he would be able to quickly catch up.

The other two…

One in front and one behind.

They walked into this inn with excitement, their gazes constantly searching everywhere.

“Over there.” The person walking behind poked the back of the person in front of him. He looked in one direction and whispered, “Is that Junior Sister?”

The person in front was stunned. He turned his head and raised his eyebrows. “It is indeed…”

At the same time that they saw Qin Jiao.

Qin Jiao also saw them. Qin Jiao did not run away.

Instead, she raised the chopsticks in her hand and revealed a wide smile, he said, “Senior Brother Yun He, senior brother Yun Lian, long time no see! where is Senior Brother Yun Sheng? Why haven’t I seen him? could he be guarding outside to prevent me from running out?”

Yun He, “…”

Yun Lian, “…”

They looked at Qin Jiao’s heartless smile and could not help but fall into deep thought.

The three of them had painstakingly searched for her, but in the end, Junior Sister was here, eating openly.

Junior Sister did not seem to have deliberately hidden her tracks.

It was as if it was simply because they were not capable and could not find her.

Yun He revealed a bitter smile and said, “Junior sister, don’t make a fuss. The Palace Master ordered the three of us to bring you back to Zhengxin Palace. Don’t make things difficult for the Senior Brothers.”

Yun Lian, who was at the back, echoed, “If we can’t bring you back to Zhengxin Palace, the Palace Master will definitely punish the three of us.”

Qin Jiao pursed her lips and grumbled unhappily, “All I did was just go out for a short period of time, right? She keeps wanting to bring me back.”

She took out a handkerchief and wiped her mouth.

“Alright! Anyway, we can’t wait for that woman, Chen Qianxue, this time. That woman actually ran back to the Spirit Sword Sect. It must be because she’s afraid of me.”

“Since that’s the case, there’s no point in staying in Qinghe County. Let’s go back!”

Yun He and Yun Lian looked at each other and heaved a sigh of relief.

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