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Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation
Chapter 73 - Wow! He’s Really Good at This!”
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Chapter 73: Wow! He’s Really Good at This!”

“Human Tool Number 2 has left Qinghe County as well!”

Bai Yi could roughly determine how far away the two tool men were from his position through the Immortal Cultivation Simulator.

He could sense Qin Jiao’s position. She was starting to get further and further away from Qinghe County.

It seemed like the other party had returned to the sect as well.

After all…

The main reason Qin Jiao left the Zhengxin Palace was to find an opportunity to stop Chen Qianxue and get back at her for losing face.


Qin Jiao never thought that she would find Chen Qianxue, who had already broken through the cultivation stage. After all her efforts to sneak out of the Zhengxin Palace!

It was not easy for her to enter the Immortal Cultivation Simulator, and she had also reached the Foundation Establishment stage…

Then, she tragically discovered that Chen Qianxue had long returned to the Spirit Sword Sect. She was no longer in Qinghe County.

Naturally, she would not be able to regain her face.

Qin Jiao was not a fool.

She could not openly run to the Spirit Sword Sect’s base and find trouble with Chen Qianxue, right?

Definitely not!

To go to someone else’s territory alone… Unless Qin Jiao’s brain was completely rusty, she would not do it! Although she was reckless, she was not stupid!

Under such circumstances, Qinghe County had no value worth staying in. Qinghe County did not have enough spirit Qi, and cultivation resources were even more scarce.

What was the use of staying?

Regarding this, Bai Yi did not have anything worth expressing. In any case, as long as he selected a candidate, he could establish a connection no matter how far away they were.

Only during the first selection would there be a “‘Distance limit’ or ‘Information limit’.

Time passed.

The next morning, Bai Yi had a guest. The guest was a guest of Qinghe County’s yamen.

It was Qinghe County’s Imperial Court Immortal cultivator — Bi Xu.

Bi Xu took a sip of tea and could not help but sigh. “Cultivator Bai is truly a true-hearted Immortal cultivator. Whether it’s the place of residence or the things commonly used in daily life, they are all the same as ordinary people.”

This was his first time coming to Bai Yi’s home.

Bai Yi’s home in Qinghe County occupied a large area. Just the courtyard alone was astonishingly large.

There was even a pond dug up in the yard, and a few verdant bamboos were planted there.

This arrangement was truly a large landlord.

For ordinary people, even if they earned a lifetime’s worth of copper coins, they would not be able to afford this kind of house.

However, for those Immortal cultivators… Bai Yi lived very simply.

There was no array set up in the house to gather the spiritual energy of Heaven and Earth, and the soil was not suitable for planting spirit herbs. The water in the well was also ordinary water, and did not seem to be nourished by the spiritual energy at all.

The things that were planted were also worldly things. Other than being beautiful, they had no other uses.


Even the tea that was brewed was ordinary tea. It was not the spiritual tea that Immortal cultivators drank.


If he did not know that Bai Yi was a Foundation Establishment cultivator and had personally seen Bai Yi’s terrifying strength, Bi Xu would have thought that he had recognized the wrong person. He thought that the young man in front of him was just an ordinary person who looked exactly like Cultivator Bai.

No! Perhaps he was too shallow!

Why would a Foundation Establishment cultivator like Cultivator Bai be stuck in a mere residence?

Presumably, this was the difference in mental state. For a powerhouse like Cultivator Bai…

Surely, there was a Spirit Mountain somewhere?

He actually used the thoughts of a Qi Refinement stage cultivator to guess the thoughts of a Foundation Establishment cultivator!

It was indeed not desirable!

In less than a breath’s time, Bi Xu knew that he should not be so presumptuous. He quickly added praise, “Perhaps, it is because of Cultivator Bai’s humble heart toward the path of Immortal cultivation that he never forgot the life he had before he embarked on the path of Immortal cultivation.”

“Only then could he have such a perfect state of mind as calm as water, and thus walk higher and higher on the path of Immortal cultivation.”

After hearing Bi Xu’s praises, Bai Yi helplessly smiled.

At first, he had thought that this person was quite prim and proper.

Bi Xu and Constable He belonged to the same category.

However, now, it seemed that he was overthinking things. When Bi Xu, an Immortal cultivator of the Imperial Court, started praising him endlessly…

It was like an old sow wearing a bra!

“Cultivator Bai.” After putting down the teacup, Bi Xu took out a storage bag and continued, “Cultivator Bai, please accept this gift as a token of appreciation.”

“You deserve it, Cultivator Bai, for helping the Imperial Court get rid of the demons.”

Bai Yi took the storage bag. He used his spiritual sense to check.

He found a few bottles of pills inside. Some were used to heal wounds, some were used to nourish meridians, and some were used to assist in cultivation…

In addition, there were hundreds of spirit stones, however, they all seemed to be low-grade spirit stones.

It had to be said that with the wealth of the Qinghe County magistrate, he had probably searched through the entire treasury to find these things.

Bai Yi replied, “Thank you very much.”

This was equivalent to a kind of reward for heroism, so Bai Yi naturally did not stand on ceremony and kept it in his pocket.

Soon after, he asked again, “Guest Minister Bi specially came to visit here, not just to give these gifts of thanks, right? After all, it’s enough to simply send someone over. I wonder why Lord Bi has come to visit me?”

Bi Xu was stunned. He laughed awkwardly. He went straight to the point and said honestly, “Cultivator Bai, one day, the people sent by the state capital to track down the demon cultivators will arrive at Qinghe County.”

“Moreover, I heard that among that group of people, there is a lord from the Imperial City who has an extraordinary status.”

“At the moment, I don’t know the true identity of the other party. Perhaps it is a high official in the Imperial Court.”

After a slight pause, Bi Xu continued, “This time, they will definitely investigate thoroughly when they come to Qinghe County. If they know that Qinghe County was almost penetrated into a sieve by the demon cultivators before this…”

“Then all of Qinghe County’s yamen will probably be ordered to return home.”


Speaking up to this point, Bi Xu’s intentions were very clear. He was one of those Immortal cultivators who liked power, and he wanted to continue being Qinghe County’s Guest Minister. He even imagined that in the near future, he would be promoted to the provincial capital’s Guest Minister, and even enter the Imperial City and enter the core of the Imperial Court.

He also did not want Qinghe County to be infiltrated by demon cultivators, but that demon cultivator was a Foundation Establishment Immortal cultivator.

It was simply too easy to hide it from a Qi Refinement stage cultivator like him.

If he was beaten to the end because of this reason, Bi Xu would be completely numb!

Thus, he wanted to seek Bai Yi’s help.

“Then what do you want to do?”

Bai Yi said in surprise, “I’m just an idle Immortal cultivator, and I don’t have any connections in the Imperial Court. If you want me to help you, I don’t have the connections to help you.”

Bi Xu smiled embarrassedly, he said, “Cultivator Bai, you can actually come like this… If you were also an honored guest of Qinghe County, you would have lured the demon cultivator into your trap and let the demon cultivator invade the county office. Your goal was to catch them all in one fell swoop.”

“Then, the wise and divine you, together with me, the constable, and the magistrate, would expose the true face of the demon cultivator!”


Bai Yi understood.

This old fellow had quite a lot of tricks up his sleeves!

In this way, not only were the people from the county office not at fault, they were even credited?


You’re really something!

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