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Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation
Chapter 75 - : The Troubles of the Holy Maiden, Activate the Immortal Cultivation Simulator!
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Chapter 75: The Troubles of the Holy Maiden, Activate the Immortal Cultivation Simulator!

The trouble Qin Jiao encountered was only her mother. She only needed to lower her attitude and sweeten her mouth a little, and she would be able to fool her.

She understood her mother’s character!

She looked cold, but in reality, she was sharp-tongued and soft-hearted. She still loved her daughter very much!

However, it was different on Chen Qianxue’s side. Chen Qianxue also did not expect…

The person she had sent away yesterday had shamelessly come again today.

This really soured her mood.

The Holy Son of the Spirit Sword Sect seemed to have forgotten that he had been rejected by Chen Qianxue yesterday. Today, he came to Chen Qianxue’s residence again.


This time, he did not come alone, but came with a white-haired old man.

Chen Qianxue recognized that old man. The other party was one of the Supreme Elders of the Spirit Sword Sect.

Although he did not have any real power in the Spirit Sword Sect, his status was not low.

The other party was the kind of existence belonging to the older generation. Even the current Sect Master of the Spirit Sword Sect was only a junior in front of this Supreme Elder, even though their cultivation stages were similar.

The most important thing was…

This Supreme Elder of the Spirit Sword Sect was the ancestor of the Spirit Sword Sect’s Holy Son!


This Holy Son was born and raised in the Spirit Sword Sect for many generations!

Although his mood was not particularly good, he still had to be well prepared for the necessary etiquette. Chen Qianxue greeted him, “Junior Chen Qianxue greets Elder Yu.”

Elder Yu stroked his long beard and his gaze landed on Chen Qianxue, especially when he discovered her cultivation.

Even though he had lived for nearly 2,000 years, his heart was still shaken.

Foundation Establishment second level!

Foundation Establishment second level at the age of 19!

How terrifying! How exaggerated!

Elder Yu could not help but sigh, “The Holy Maiden is indeed worthy of being praised by the Sect Master as the most astonishing existence in the thousands of years of Spirit Sword Sect’s inheritance. Even the founder of Spirit Sword Sect couldn’t compare to you in the aspect of immortal cultivation.”

If it was another Spirit Sword Sect disciple who heard a Supreme Elder praising him like this, he would probably be so happy that his tail would be raised.

However, Chen Qianxue did not have the slightest bit of joy. Instead, she smelled a killing intent.

She understood.

The Holy Son coming over to harass her was very likely the intention of this Elder Yu.

The other party’s goal was not simple.

The biggest possibility was that they wanted to take control of the Spirit Sword Sect.

As expected, at this time…

Elder Yu’s topic suddenly changed, he smiled and said, “According to the marriage customs of the secular world, when a girl reaches the age of 14, she will get married. Only immortal cultivators like us are a little late in getting married and becoming Dao Partners.”

“But generally speaking, it’s only a few years later. Many Senior Brothers and Junior Sisters and Brothers in the Spirit Sword Sect have become Dao Partners. Not only can they cultivate some secret arts to complement each other, but they can also take care of each other.”

“This junior of mine has a decent aptitude. He has become the current Holy Son of the Spirit Sword Sect and is the leader of the male disciples in the Spirit Sword Sect.”

“Even in the vast cultivation world, he is a dragon among men.”

Elder yu paused and continued, “Holy Maiden, what do you think of this junior of mine?”

Chen Qianxue’s expression did not change much.

She had the confidence to shake off the Holy Son, but she did not have the confidence to shake off a Supreme Elder.

Perhaps it was because there was a huge difference in strength between the two sides. There was also a gap in status.

Although this Elder Yu’s tone was very calm, the high and mighty tone in his words, the undisguised ‘coercion’ really made Chen Qianxue feel disgusted in her heart.

She knew that the Spirit Sword Sect was not united, and she also knew that there would definitely be some people, so the thoughts in her heart were very troublesome.

However, she did not expect to be able to bump into such a person, and there were two of them at once!

Chen Qianxue took a deep breath.

She replied, “At the moment, this junior only wants to concentrate on cultivation. I don’t want other things to disrupt cultivation.”

The Holy Son was stunned, and Elder Yu was also stunned.

They did not expect it.

This time, Chen Qianxue actually refused. Could it be that she did not understand Elder Yu’s meaning?

Was she disrespecting the Supreme Elder?


Elder Yu looked deeply at Chen Qianxue. With his strength, a single glance could make Chen Qianxue die suddenly. However, if he really did that, even as the Supreme Elder, he could not continue to stay in the Spirit Sword Sect.

To do such a thing, he could not even stand on the Righteous path.

As the Supreme Elder, he could not do anything at this moment.

A Holy Maiden actually rejected his explicit instruction, and Elder Yu could not help but feel angry in his heart.

“What are you still looking at? Aren’t you embarrassed enough?”

Elder Yu did not know where to vent his anger, so he glared at the Spirit Sword Sect’s Holy Son.

He said coldly, “Let’s go!!”

Watching the two leave, Chen Qianxue knitted her beautiful brows tightly.

It seemed…

The situation was getting worse.

With her steady character, she obviously did not want to offend a Supreme Elder of the Spirit Sword Sect. Even if the other party was an ordinary elder, she did not want to offend him in case something happened.

However, she naturally could not agree to the other party’s request.

At this moment…

Chen Qianxue even suspected that the talent she had picked out from the Immortal Cultivation Simulator had played a certain role in reality.

Otherwise, why would she always encounter such stupid things?

Trouble always came knocking on her door. This made her extremely vexed.

Chen Qianxue suddenly recalled that when she was bored in Qinghe County, she had heard a storyteller tell a story. The main character in the story was like a magnet.

Even if she stood still, she could attract an endless stream of trouble.

She smiled bitterly. Thinking like this, did she think of herself as the main character?

Chen Qianxue’s mood was slightly heavy. These stupid things that happened in the Spirit Sword Sect made it very difficult for her to calm down.


“In the end, it is still my own strength that is too weak. If I was also a Nascent Soul stage Immortal cultivator, would they dare to come knocking on my door?”

Chen Qianxue knew the essence of the problem.

In the cultivation world, there was no such thing as the victim being guilty.

This was a world where the strong preyed on the weak.

Chen Qianxue hid the irritation in her heart and tried to connect to the cultivation simulator.

She smoothly entered the cultivation simulator again.

Chen Qianxue did not change her life. This time, she was still the little princess of the Great Wei Dynasty.

This time, she had to achieve something!

[Age 12, you entered the body of Princess Chang Ning of the Great Wei dynasty through Soul Transmigration. With your superb acting skills, you fooled everyone. No one realized that Princess Chang Ning had changed into another person.]




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