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Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation
Chapter 76 - Two Human Tools Tools Simulating Immortal Cultivation at the Same Time!
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Chapter 76: Two Human Tools Tools Simulating Immortal Cultivation at the Same Time!


“The two are here.”

Bai Yi, who was far away in Qinghe County, naturally could feel the connection between Qin Jiao and Chen Qianxue’s consciousness since he possessed most of the authority of the Immortal Cultivation Simulator.

It was unknown whether it was a coincidence or not, but this time, the two of them actually entered the simulator at almost the same time.

[Age 14, Chen Qianxue displayed an astonishing Immortal cultivation foundation and obtained the opportunity to enter the palace’s Treasure Pavilion. She once again obtained that mysterious mask from within.]

[However, just like the first time she simulated Immortal cultivation, she tried all sorts of methods, but was unable to crack the secret of the mask.]

[Age 15, Chen Qianxue, who had already reached the fourth level of the Qi Refinement stage, confessed to the Great Wei emperor that she seemed to have recalled some things. She also repeated everything that Chen Fengyin had told her when she simulated Immortal cultivation the last time.]

[Chen Fengyin, the Great Wei emperor, sighed incessantly. His daughter recalled those painful memories.]

[However, Chen Qianxue revealed an important piece of information. It made Chen Fengyin Furious! ]

After reading this, Bai Yi raised his eyebrows. He could see that this Holy maiden was about to show off her control.

Chen Qianxue’s personality was biased towards stability. That was why she would do everything she could to eliminate all the danger!

As long as there was no danger around her, she would be in a safe place.

This was very reasonable!

The information that Chen Qianxue revealed was actually the group of people who wanted to poison her the last time she simulated Immortal cultivation!

When she simulated Immortal cultivation the last time, the 20-year-old Chen Qianxue was almost poisoned to death. At that time, the Emperor of Great Wei was furious and ordered a thorough investigation of the matter. A large amount of evidence was found and many people were killed.

Those people were all involved in the case of poisoning the princess and knew that they had been planning it for eight years!

After Chen Qianxue returned from the gates of Hell at the age of 12, they had been planning to poison her to death.

This time, Chen Qianxue found a clever point of entry and exposed them in advance. This was to eliminate the danger in advance.

Her action was naturally very effective. Although the Emperor of Great Wei had some doubts, he still sent people to investigate this matter thoroughly in secret.

In the end, he really found a lot of clues!

It made him furious!

In the Immortal Cultivation Simulator.

Great Wei Dynasty.

In the main hall of the Imperial Palace.

A group of civil and military officials, eunuchs, and guards, each of them did not dare to take a deep breath.

There was no lack of Golden Core stage Immortal cultivators among these people, or even Nascent Soul stage cultivators.

However, in the face of the pressure given by the Emperor of Great Wei, these people still had cold sweat on their foreheads.

The entire main hall was filled with a murderous intent, which made people’s scalps go numb!

Chen Fengyin, the Emperor of Great Wei.

His face was extremely gloomy.

Logically speaking, as an emperor, the most important thing was to not show his emotions. Don’t let the civil and military officials below see your thoughts.

However, the anger in his chest made it difficult for him to let go. It was not easy for him to bring his daughter back from the gates of Hell.

Now, there was actually someone who wanted to send his daughter to the gates of Hell again!


There were quite a number of those people whom he could call by name!

Among them…

The one with the highest rank was actually a rank three official!

One who could attend court meetings every day!

In this extremely oppressive atmosphere, Chen Fengyin finally spoke, “There are a total of 169 civil and military officials who usually attend court meetings. Today, there are only 164 people. Among them, five have already had their cultivation abolished and sent to prison.”

“Of those five people, which one of them isn’t Great Wei’s pillar of support? Which one of them isn’t white-haired? which one of them didn’t contribute at least 100 years to Great Wei? However, they did something that I can not tolerate!”

He narrowed his eyes and swept his gaze across the crowd, taking in all the changes in their expressions.

“I don’t know if you’ve heard of this saying — only countries rot from above.”

“If you rot, Great Wei will rot!”

“Since you all know what happened, I don’t need to waste my breath. The five of them will be executed at noon! This is the price they have to pay for doing such a thing.”


Chen Fengyin’s words brought with them waves of pressure, causing the faces of many low-level civil servants to turn pale.

They felt a little dizzy. Some of the most exaggerated people had to support themselves with the pillars in the hall before they could barely stand.

Under Chen Fengyin’s monstrous anger, they were like small boats in a stormy sea. They were carried by the waves.

They were terrified!

Chen Qianxue heard from a royal brother that her father had berated the officials in the Imperial Court for more than two hours because of her. A few old civil officials with low cultivation had even fainted and been carried away.

She was a little speechless when she heard this. She was also a little emotional.

One had to say, the identity of a princess was really not bad! Especially the princess that the emperor doted on the most. In the Imperial Palace of the Great Wei, Chen Qianxue could practically do whatever she wanted.

If she was a male, who knew how many people would be willing to work for her? Because, with the emperor’s love, if she was a male, she definitely had the qualifications to compete with the Crown Prince!


The Great Wei Dynasty had never produced a great empress, nor did it have the tradition of having a princess as the emperor.

Naturally, there was no chance.

“I have taken care of the first batch of people who wanted to kill me. However, I don’t know the identity of the second batch of people… This is a bit troublesome.” Chen Qianxue muttered to herself.

The ‘second batch of people’ she was referring to was naturally those people who had caused her to die in the simulation of Immortal cultivation!

She did not know who was so capable to be able to sneak in such a powerful demonic beast from so many people and place it on the hunting grounds.

The people she had taken care of in advance were compared to the real masterminds behind the scenes.

The first batch of people were just small fries!

She could not let her guard down!

[Age 17, it seems that the Great Wei emperor’s iron-blooded methods were effective. The Great Wei Imperial Palace has been peaceful these two years. You have passed two years peacefully, and your cultivation has reached the eighth level of the Qi Refinement stage.]

[One of your imperial sisters invited you to participate in a poetry meet. You knew that you were still in a dangerous situation, so you declined her invitation.]

[Age 20, you have safely broken through to the first level of the Foundation Establishment stage.]

[You heard that within the borders of the Great Wei Dynasty, an Immortal cultivation clan called the Qin Family had disappeared overnight. The entire clan of over a thousand people had disappeared, causing quite a stir.]

[Age 22, you requested the Emperor of the Great Wei Dynasty to bring you to the hunting grounds outside the palace to take a look, and he readily agreed. You didn’t discover anything wrong in the hunting grounds.]

[Age 23, a few princes and princesses were preparing to go to the hunting ground for spring hunting together, and they invited you. You don’t know how to persuade them not to go, because you can’t find a reason.]

[A major event that shook the Great Wei dynasty happened –]

[A tenth level Golden Core stage great demon appeared in the hunting ground, and several princes and princesses died on the spot!]

[The Emperor of Great Wei was furious!]


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