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Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation
Chapter 77 - The Back View Overlooking the Eternal River in the Starry Sky
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Chapter 77: The Back View Overlooking the Eternal River in the Starry Sky


“Did you hear? Several princes and princesses in the dynasty were killed by the demonic beast. Even the guards who were protecting them in the dark were all killed by the demonic beast. When the demon beast was about to escape from the Imperial City, it was killed by the experts of the Imperial City.”

“Hiss! How could this happen? A demonic beast that could kill a prince and princess, what kind of cultivation base does it have? Golden Core? Nascent Soul?”

“How could such a great demonic beast appear in the Imperial City?!”

“I also heard that His Majesty was furious because of this. This time, I don’t know how many people will lose their heads.”

“How come you guys are so well-informed?”


This matter was spread throughout the Imperial City of the Great Wei Dynasty.

In the beginning, the news was only spread among the officials. Then, inexplicably, it was found out by other Immortal cultivators and spread among the Immortal cultivators’ circle.

Then, it was quickly found out by the ordinary people.

The entire Imperial City fell into a sensation.

The news was able to spread throughout the entire Imperial City so quickly, and it was very coincidental that it was leaked to every level.

If there was no one behind the scenes to add fuel to the fire…

That was absolutely impossible.

Chen Qianxue had long known about this matter, and her emotions were slightly complicated.

Last time, she had also died in the spring hunt.

This time, because she had a premonition, she did not follow those imperial brothers and sisters to the hunting ground for the spring hunt.

She survived.

Chen Qianxue’s emotions were complicated because she did not save those people. However, at that time, she did not know what reason to find to stop them.

She could not say that she knew what would happen in the future, right?

That would expose the special existence of the Immortal Cultivation Simulator.

Exposing the Immortal Cultivation Simulator in the simulation itself…

What would happen?

She did not know.

“Now, I can confirm that the person behind the scenes isn’t targeting me alone, but everyone around the emperor of the Great Wei. Including his daughter, son… and perhaps even his concubines.”

“I was only implicated because I was his father and daughter… and because of that, someone put me on the hit list.”

One thought after another flashed through her mind. Chen Qianxue let out a heavy breath.


When she did not know who the mastermind was, she could only take it as it came.

She could defend against one move from her opponent. She could defend against one move.

Her biggest advantage was that she had the Immortal Cultivation Simulator, which allowed her to restart countless times without any side effects.

She could lose countless times.

The other party…

He could only lose once!

[In order to protect your safety, Chen Fengyin has given you a human puppet. The Human Puppet has the strength of the Golden Core stage, and uses middle-grade spirit stones as its driving energy. The Human Puppetitself has the ability to change in a myriad of ways, and it can conceal its aura and control it with its consciousness.]

[Age 25, you haven’t encountered any danger in the past two years, but you’ve discovered that your father’s complexion has become increasingly haggard. An Immortal cultivator at the tenth level of the Nascent Soul stage looks haggard, something big must be happening.]

[Age 26, you’ve reached the third level of the Foundation Establishment stage!]

[Age 27, the talent of the Hard-core Ruthless Man’ has been activated once again. During your cultivation process, you’ve developed Mental Demon. With your face full of question marks, you almost cursed out the first swear word of your life.]

[Your mental state clearly hasn’t changed at all. How could you have developed Mental Demon?]

[You’ve already had the experience of developing Mental Demon once. You know that you can’t be anxious at this time, and you can’t continue to cultivate recklessly.]

[You inform your father about this matter. Chen Fengyin specially brought you to a Secret Realm. This place is the cultivation abode of the Great Wei Dynasty’s Patriarch.]

[With the assistance of the Great Wei Dynasty’s Patriarch, your Mental Demon were suppressed. The Patriarch praised the height of your Immortal cultivation foundation, which surprised him.]

[Age 29, you seem to have encountered a bottleneck in your cultivation.]

[You are still exploring the secret of the mysterious mask. When you tried to wear it on your face, you were shocked to find that the Mental Demon that you had suppressed had been drawn out once again.]

[However, before the inner demon could affect your state of mind, it was swallowed by the mysterious mask.]

[You are flabbergasted!]


“Mental Demon… It’s gone?”

Chen Qianxue had simulated Immortal cultivation countless times and could be said to be knowledgeable. However, at this moment, she had touched on her blind spot.

Chen Qianxue had read many ancient books and documents, but she had never seen any records of Mental Demon that could be solved in this way.

For Immortal cultivators, if Mental Demon were born, their path of Immortal cultivation would be cut off.

There were only two outcomes if they forcefully cultivated.

First: Sudden death!

Second: Turning into a demon!

The only way to solve this problem was to use external forces to suppress the Mental Demons.

They could either recite special Daoist scriptures or use special Magic Treasures.

When they became stronger and stronger…

They could use their tyrannical strength to directly destroy their Mental Demons.

However… There was actually a second solution in front of Chen Qianxue.

This mysterious mask that appeared to be laughing and crying at the same time…

It could swallow the Mental Demon!

Chen Qianxue hurriedly took the mask off her face.

The appearance of the mask did not change, but she felt that this mysterious mask was different from before.

It seemed that the charm was different.

It felt like…

It was evil!

It faintly revealed a strange aura.

It made Chen Qianxue seriously suspect that the owner of the mysterious mask was a demon.

After all, no matter how she looked at it, it did not look like something used by Righteous people.

Of course, Chen Qianxue was not that kind of old-fashioned Immortal cultivator.

To her… the factor that determined the standpoint of a Spirit Tool was not the Spirit Tool itself, but the owner of the Spirit Tool.

She had always thought so.

[You discovered the secret of the mysterious mask and removed a thin layer of veil. You have some guesses in your heart, but perhaps the true facts are quite different from your guesses.]

That night.

Finally, Chen Qianxue, who was no longer troubled by her Mental Demon, fell asleep.

She had a dream.

In the dream, she saw a figure standing on the long river of stars. It was as if it was looking down on all living things, and it was also as if it was looking for something among the billions of stars.

This was…

When Chen Qianxue wanted to observe it carefully, the pain that was akin to a silver needle piercing into her brain followed.

Who was it?!

Her eyes felt as if they had been burned by fire, and her spirit suffered an unprecedented huge impact!

It made her break out in cold sweat!

[You tried to observe a supreme existence, but the other party did not pay any attention to you. However, you suffered an unbearable backlash.]

[Your spirit could not withstand such an impact, and immediately collapsed!]

[Your meridians began to break inch by inch!]

[Your Dantian was destroyed!]

[You died!]

[Age: 29 years, 03 months, 27 days]

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