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Goddess Helps Me Simulate Cultivation
Chapter 78 - The Demonic Beasts in the World of the Giant Bronze Gate!
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Chapter 78: The Demonic Beasts in the World of the Giant Bronze Gate!


Time… Rewind.

When Chen Qianxue first entered the Immortal Cultivation Simulator, Qin Jiao, the second Human Tool, was no less powerful.

Just like Chen Qianxue, she did not choose a new life.

She had not collected all the things inside the giant bronze gate!

With Qin Jiao’s character of not leaving a single tael of silver behind. How could she let so many good things disappear right in front of her eyes?

How could she give up these good things on her own accord?

Even though… When she was calculating the rewards, she had only gotten a decent spirit herb.

However, after a day of relaxation, she had already come to an understanding.

As a first level Foundation Establishment cultivator, she would live at least a few hundred years in the real world. Not to mention other things… two to three hundred years of lifespan was absolutely not a problem.

Even if she could only get one stalk of spirit herb per day, what if she accumulated it for a year?

What if she accumulated it for 100 years?

How many would that be?

Tens of thousands!

At that time, just by relying on her own spirit herb reserves, she would probably be half as wealthy as Zhengxin Palace.

Most importantly, the quality of the spirit herbs was definitely much better than Zhengxin Palace’s!

Although this was only a form of self-consolation for herself, Qin Jiao had succeeded in consoling herself and deceived herself.

Capitalists liked this way of thinking the most.

Bai Yi did not think that he was a capitalist, but he also liked Qin Jiao’s way of thinking.


As expected of the Human Tool he had chosen.

Her awareness was really high!

[Age 0, Qin Jiao was born into an Immortal cultivation family. ]

[Age 10, after 10 years of spiritual essence cultivation, the old granny she carried woke up.]

[Age 20, the entire Qin Family moved to a deserted island. Qin Jiao, who was already in the Foundation Establishment stage, decided to continue entering the giant bronze gate and began to wantonly plunder the spiritual herbs and spiritual stones inside.]

[Age 21, after a year of unremitting efforts, the Qin Family’s stock is already comparable to a medium-sized sect.]

[The speed of cultivation in the giant bronze gate has increased. Qin Jiao feels that she will be able to break through soon.]

[Age 22, through her reminder, the Qin Family Patriarch and the Qin Family Head did not explore the depths of the world inside the giant bronze gate. Instead, they continued to plunder resources at the periphery.]

[I don’t know if it’s because the resources are too abundant, but after plundering for a few years, they still didn’t plunder them completely.]

[Different from Qin Jiao’s style of leaving no resources behind, the Qin Family Patriarch and Qin Family Head would plant spirit herbs seeds on the spot after plundering the spirit herbs.]

[Age 23, even though the Qin Family is far away on a barren island overseas, they heard that there was a riot in the Imperial City. It seems that several princes and princesses died. This made her sigh. People in high positions don’t have an easy time either!]

[Qin Jiao is still collecting the resources in the giant bronze gate.]


“Am I a little exhausted?”

Qin Jiao looked behind her at the large patch of bare soil, she could not help but mutter, “I don’t know which Ancient Almighty left this cave abode. The space inside is ridiculously large. It’s like a storage space that can hold living things.”

She stuck out her pink tongue, feeling a little embarrassed, but this thought only lasted for a moment.

Then, she dispelled it.

In any case…

That ancient Almighty had already abandoned this place. If she did not clean this place up, it would be a waste to leave it here!

Rather than benefiting some unknown person in the future, she might as well benefit herself!

At least… She was a little expert in alchemy!

Undoubtedly, she was the one who was the best at alchemy in the Qin Family!

As for the old granny with her?

She was not a member of the Qin Family, so it did not count!

It was because of this that Qin Jiao felt that it was purely a waste to leave so many spirit herbs here. She might as well refine pills for herself!

In the past few years, her behavior, which did not care about the consumption of spirit herbs and spirit stones, caused her alchemy skills and experience to rise rapidly.

Even the old granny who carried her around often lamented that Qin Jiao was indeed a prodigal.

She had wasted so many precious spirit herbs just like that!

However, the old granny who carried her around had to admit that Qin Jiao’s pill refinement style, which did not care about the consumption, was very effective.

The old granny who carried her around had lived for so many years, but she had never seen a person improve so quickly in pill refinement.

There was a cave abode left behind by an Ancient Almighty.

It was willful!

Just as Qin Jiao cast away the chaotic thoughts in her mind and happily continued to plunder resources, she seemed to have noticed something unusual and instantly became vigilant.

She did not forget how she died in the giant bronze door when she simulated Immortal cultivation last time.


Could it be that those mechanical Puppet Beast appeared again?

Qin Jiao’s heart skipped a beat! She had a bad feeling!

“It shouldn’t be…” However, she soon shook her head, feeling that her idea was not very plausible. “The last time I angered those mechanical Puppet Beast, it was because I accidentally went deep into the cave abode.”

“And this time, whether it was me, father, or the old ancestor, none of them went deep into the cave abode.”

“We’ve always been collecting resources at the edge of the cave.”

“Under such circumstances… Why would we anger those mechanical Puppet Beast?”

Qin Jiao, who had calmed down a little, looked in the direction of the strange movement and extended her divine sense at the Foundation Establishment stage.

She was suddenly stunned. She widened her eyes in surprise.

It was unbelievable.


“A demonic beast? It’s alive?”

She used her spiritual sense to detect the characteristics of a living creature hundreds of meters away. The other party’s aura was different from that of a living person. That aura had a hint of barbarism.

Qin Jiao immediately recognized that it was the aura of a demonic beast because there were some demonic beasts kept in the Zhengxin Palace.

She was not unfamiliar with the aura of a demonic beast.

This made her extremely incredulous.

Other than the three of them from the Qin Family, there were actually other life forms other than plants in the cave abode world inside the giant bronze gate.

Qin Jiao felt that it was inconceivable! She also felt that something was wrong!

She felt that the aura of that demonic beast was not particularly strong, it was much weaker than her own. At most, it was only at the fifth or sixth level of the Qi Refinement stage, not even comparable to her father in this life.


With the existence of a demonic beast with the strength of the Qi Refinement stage, it was very likely that there would be a demon beast with the strength of the Foundation Establishment stage.

And… There would even be a Golden Core demonic beast!

Perhaps, even a Nascent Soul stage one?


Suddenly, Qin Jiao’s expression changed slightly. She sensed that the demonic beast with the strength of the Qi Refinement stage that she had discovered was actually running in her direction.

A distance of a few hundred meters was only a very short distance for Qin Jiao who was at the Foundation Establishment stage.

For a demonic beast with the strength of Qi refinement, this distance was also not far.

As Qin Jiao quickly hid, the Qi Refinement demonic beast appeared where she was originally standing.

After seeing the true appearance of the demonic beast…

Qin Jiao, who was hiding in the dark could not help but look surprised.

“This is…”

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