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Godly Stay-Home Dad
Chapter 14
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The time moved very quickly and it was already evening.

At 5pm, Zhang Han received a call from Liu Meng.

“Mr Zhang, I have some lead on the matter already.” Liu Meng said with a smile.

“What is the situation?” Zhang Han raised his brows. He felt somewhat unexpected that there was already a lead regarding the matter. Seems like, this Liu Meng actually has some doorways within the Lands Department.

“Let me speak about the conditions first, and you see if you can accept it or not. If you can accept it, I will tell you about the matter in detail.”


“Firstly, you can only rent the mountain for 1-3 years time, and most likely during the third year, the mountain will be expropriated. When that time comes, you will have to unconditionally comply with everything concerning Crescent Mountain. Furthermore, there are also a lot of restrictions of what you can and can’t do at Crescent Mountain even after you rent Crescent Mountain. I will not speak about those restrictions first. As for the cost of renting the mountain, originally for your situation, it would normally be at least 20million rmb per year. However, since you are a friend of Anna, I will give you face. You give me 2million rmb to bribe around the Lands Department, and I will be able to push down the rental fee of the mountain to 10million rmb per year.” Liu Meng went straight to the point and said.

“Can, I have no issues.” Zhang Han was also not draggy and straightforwardly agreed.

“Alright! Then let me tell you about the restrictions that will follow along with renting Crescent Mountain……” Liu Meng began his lengthy conversation.

Zhang Han quietly listened to Liu Meng talk. For a whole 5 minute, Zhang Han listened to Liu Meng talk about the restrictions. Thus, it was obvious that there were a lot of restrictions.

Simply explain the restrictions, it was that Zhang Han could not move around anything that was in Crescent Mountain. With the rental cost of 10million rmb per year, the most Zhang Han could do was plant some things in the mountain and also climb the mountain to go sightseeing.

After all, this was just renting of the mountain and not bidding of the mountain. If it was bidding of the mountain, the amount of money that would be needed would be absurdly high. It has to be known that, the mansions that were at Crescent Gulf were priced at 10million rmb above each. So, for a place like Crescent Mountain where the land location was much better compared to Crescent Gulf, if any mansions were built at Crescent Mountain, the price of each of those mansions would be insanely high.

For there to be so many restrictions even after renting the mountain, if it was changed to someone else, they would definitely not be able to agree with it. However, Zhang Han only lightly nodded his head and said,


At the same time, a faint radiance flickered within Zhang Han’s eyes.

Not able to move anything? Restrictions? All of those were nonsense!

Right now, it was also mainly because Zhang Han did not have any strength. If he was in the Xiantian Realm, he would not have the need to care about that much stuff and just immediately occupy the mountain with force!

However, as for now, he still has to be honest and well-behaved. Silently becoming rich was the true way of the king!

With regards to silently becoming rich, Zhang Han had comprehended it to the greatest heights. Back then when he entered into the Cultivation World, he had searched for treasures for 500 years. Before he had reached to Tribulation Realm, no one knew just who Hanyang Immortal Monarch was. But when he reached the peak of Tribulation Realm, after only a few years passed, the name of Hanyang Immortal Monarch had resonated throughout the myriad worlds!

Back to the topic. At the other side of the phone, hearing that Zhang Han was okay with it, Liu Meng became delighted and said,

“You can just transfer the 2million rmb to my bank later on then. The contract can most likely be signed tomorrow.”

Liu Meng truly needed the 2million rmb to bribe around the department. However, after he finished bribing, he would still have 20% remaining to keep for himself.

“Tomorrow is not possible, I still have things to do. How about this? Today is Monday, I will contact you again before Friday arrives.” Zhang Han said.

“Alright then. I will wait for your news.” Liu Meng slightly went into a daze and his tone also became somewhat disappointed. After finish talking and hanging up the phone, Liu Meng felt that Zhang Han was most likely not intending to rent the mountain already. After all, with those restrictions, it was no different from not renting the mountain.

And as for Zhang Han, the reason he rejected to sign the contract tomorrow was that……he had no money.

Right now, he truly had no money. Currently, he only had 1.6million within his bank. This amount of money was far from enough.

However, that was not a problem. Zhang Han had already thought of a plan.

The plan was, sell his house!

That was right, the only movable asset that Zhang Han had right now was his house.

During the day, Zhang Han found out the house price of houses within Milan Neighbourhood and also took photos of his house.

7 years ago, Zhang Han spent 15million to buy this house. Currently, 7 years later, the price of houses in China was all currently rising, especially the houses in large cities, where the house price was rising like crazy.

However, the Bamboo District that Zhang Han was at was already very developed 7 years ago and price of houses here was also already extremely high 7years ago. Thus, the rise in the price of houses at Bamboo District was not that high and did not insanely rise multiple times like those houses in the new districts.

Still, no matter what, this house that belonged to Zhang Han was still worth at least 20million currently. Adding on with the renovation and furniture that Zhang Han spent a total of 3million for, the total value of the house was at the least around 23million rmb.

However, Zhang Han did not intend to sell his house at the original price. Just like when he was selling the Ferrari, he straightforwardly posted the complete photos of his house on a certain website for sale at 18million rmb and emphasized that 3million rmb worth of renovation and furniture was counted as free.

People who worked in Xiangjiang all understood that, Xiangjiang was a heaven for the wealthy and a hell for the average worker.

The living tempo speed of workers in Xiangjiang was extremely fast. They all had the awareness of ‘if you don’t work hard enough, others will have the chance to surpass you’. Thus, everyone was all stressing themselves to ‘work harder, and harder, and harder’ when working.

Therefore, when Zhang Han posted his house for sale, practically all of the real estate agent companies within Bamboo District all discovered this news immediately.

“Manager! Manager! Quickly come, there is a big matter!”

Practically almost everyone said out those words at the first moment they discovered Zhang Han’s post.

And after all the managers also saw the post, they more or less also said the same words,

“Quickly, quickly, quickly! Quickly give the person a call!”

Therefore, within less than 2 minutes after Zhang Han posted his house for sale, a series of phone call followed upon.

After picking up 10+ phone calls and understanding that all of them were coming over to take a look at the house in a while, Zhang Han felt that there more or less enough amount of people and thus rejected the incoming phone call. After turning his phone off, he also went to the site to remove his post.

In a moment, the house became quiet once again. But little did Zhang Han knew, right after he turned off his phone, at Yunyin Garden, within Zi Yan’s house,

“Meng Meng, your daddy’s phone is turned off. We will give him a call tomorrow again okay?” Zi Yan helplessly placed down her phone.

Meng Meng was full of joy, as she blinked her clear big eyes and looked forward to talking with her daddy on the phone. But who knew that, in the end, a bucket of cold water was splashed onto her. In a moment, the little princess felt more grievance.

“Smelly daddy, does he not want to talk with Meng Meng? I don’t like him already…Smelly daddy……” Meng Meng starting crying and throwing a tantrum.

Originally, Zi Yan wanted to seize the opportunity to criticize Zhang Han, to make Meng Meng not be that dependant on him. But, upon seeing Meng Meng’s pitiful look, Zi Yan actually instead helped speak good of Zhang Han,

“Your daddy is most likely still busy. Meng Meng, your daddy also definitely miss you too. Didn’t he say that he is going to build a utopia for you? He is most likely busy with that matter. The next time you meet with your daddy, he will bring you to the utopia he built for you.”

“Rea…really?” Meng Meng stopped crying and was filled with anticipation towards the utopia that her daddy spoke of.

“Really.” Zi Yan held back her laugh and said with a serious face.

Humph! Rigid minded fellow! Bluff children more! Boast more! I want to see just how you are going to deal with the lie during the next time you meet with Meng Meng!

Little did Zi Yan knew, Zhang Han was actually currently working towards the goal of building Meng Meng’s utopia. The reason he was willing to sell the house at low price was also because he wanted to be able to quickly rent the mountain and build a utopia for Meng Meng. The earlier that he could settle down, the earlier he could be able to be able to be with her little daughter and properly undergo his special Zhang Family’s education.

As Hanyang Immortal Monarch’s daughter, Meng Meng was destined to never be ordinary! Zhang Han’s first small goal was to teach out the strongest little devil in this world!

Right now, at Zhang Han’s house, the first wave of people had arrived.

Only 10 minutes had passed and they were already here. It must be said that the efficiency of the agent companies in this area was really fast.

There were 3 people in the first wave. There were 1 male and 2 females. The male was the manager of an agent company, and the other 2 females were people who discovered Zhang Han’s post and confirmed with Zhang Han to come view house.

“Wah, it is really the same as in the photos.”

One of the females who had a ponytail gasped with surprise.

Although the 3million rmb renovation and furniture cost were not comparable to the truly wealthy people at Xiangjiang this place, it was still much better compared to the average family and belonged to the upper-class level.

“Truly not bad!” After the manager finished viewing around the house, he nodded his head in satisfaction and said, “Mr Zhang, forgive me for speaking bluntly but, this house of yours is able to be sold for at least 22million rmb currently. Are you sure that you want to sell it at 18million rmb?”

“Yep.” Zhang Han lightly nodded his head and said with a calm face, “I only want to sell the house away as fast as possible.”

Upon getting Zhang Han’s confirmation, the manager’s face became delighted,

“Mr Zhang, can I have a look at your identity card and property proof?”

“They are all on the table, you can have a look.” Zhang Han had already prepared the documents earlier on, as he pointed towards the table in the living room and said.

The manager hurriedly went over to take a look at the documents. After confirming the documents, a smear of excitement appeared on his face,

“Excuse me for a while, I have to contact my superior.”

As long as one was not a fool, they would be able to see the business opportunity of the house. If they were able to buy the house and resell it, they would be able to get a profit of more than 4milllion rmb!

The manager even wanted to immediately buy the house by himself. But helplessly, he simply did not have 18million rmb at all.

Not every manager was as lucky as that manager who bought the Ferrari from Zhang Han.

While the manager walked into the sub-bedroom to call his superior, another wave of people had arrived.

The people who arrived this time was 2 males. One of them was a 30+ years old middle age man, while the other was a male with the appearance of 20+ years old. When the two of them entered into the house and saw that someone else had arrived earlier than them, their face slightly changed as they hurriedly went up to greet Zhang Han.

How were they able to know who Mr Zhang was?

That was because, no matter male or female, all the people who worked at an agent company would wear a formal attire. That way, they would be able to give their client a kind of sense of security.

And as for the first wave of people, upon seeing another bunch of people arriving, hostility flickered within their eyes. Those two people who just arrived were also ‘top quality’, as they relentlessly glared back at the first wave of people who arrived. In a moment, the house was overflowing with hostility.

However, the main matter was what that was important. After finish glaring, the two males quickly hurried to Zhang Han’s side to discuss the matter.

Similarly with the previous manager, after confirming Zhang Han’s documents, the two males immediately contacted their superior.

Thus, in the following hour, Zhang Han was completely busy as he had to deal with the 10+ waves of people who arrived in succession.

However, the inner quality of those people was pretty good. Before entering the house, they would first wear a brand new shoe cover. Thus, the house did not become dirty because of having too many people.

80% of the managers all wanted to immediately seal the deal with Zhang Han, but Zhang Han did not gave them a definite answer and instead told them that he would deal with whoever who had the fastest transaction speed.

Normally, the sequence of processes of a house transaction would take at least a month. However, the boss of some agent companies possessed wide connections and was able to very quickly settle the complicated sequence of processes, which was also what people ‘so-called’ to ‘cut in line’.

All the way until nighttime 10pm then did Zhang Han opened his phone. But he did not expect that, within half an hour, he would receive 3 phone call.

All of the contents of the 3 phone calls were practically the same, where they told Zhang Han that in the following afternoon, after he goes to the second-hand house transaction center and signed the papers, they can transfer him the money on the day. As for the other procedures, the agent company would settle it.

Thus, Zhang Han told them that he would deal who whoever who arrived the earliest tomorrow. After all, he was not able to extinguish just who was who.

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