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Godly Stay-Home Dad
Chapter 13
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Zi Yan’s house was situated at East District’s Yunyin Garden Neighbourhood.

Back then when she was still a popular celebrity, her social status was very high, thus, the house that she bought was also naturally a grand residence.

The house was a high floor duplex house. The total surface area of the first and second floor was about 400+ square meter, which also meant that each floor was about 200+ square big.

Back when Zi Yan bought the house, the house price of the houses in this area was 150k rmb per square. For the house, renovation, and furniture, Zi Yan spent a total of close to 70million rmb. No matter where this house was placed at in China, this house would still be counted as a grand residence.

Zi Yan had a lot of money back then, but after retiring, the money that she spent in the 5 years after she retired was not a small amount. Up to today, she also only had around 10million rmb left in her bank savings.

Perhaps if that amount of money was given to some other ordinary people, it would be enough for them to spend an entire lifetime. However, in Zi Yan’s view, that amount of money was far from enough to spend.

She wants to give Meng Meng an extremely good life. Which was also one of the reasons she came back out of retirement.

Of course, the biggest reason that she came back out of retirement was still because of her celebrity dream. She had still yet to fulfill her dream and did not want to give up on the dream.

Returning back to the home.

“Meng Meng, did you had fun playing with Aunt Wang?” Zi Yan said with a smile.

Upon seeing Meng Meng, the pressure in her heart immediately became much lighter. Only when she was with Meng Meng, then would she unload the coldness on her face and hang up a gentle and sweet smile.

Aunt Wang was a professional nanny which Zi Yan hired over with a high salary. Aunt Wang name was Wang Juan and she was in charge of looking after Meng Meng and tidying up the house.

“Quite…quite a bit, but not as fun as when I was playing with daddy. I miss daddy already.” Meng Meng pouted her little mouth and said.

“You will be able to see your father after he finished with his things.”

Zi Yan said petulantly.

The little fellow is already somewhat dependent on her father after only staying with him for 5 days. If she is to stay longer with her father, just how dependent will she be on her father?

Right now, Zi Yan was already thinking to herself that she must not let Meng Meng and Zhang Han get in touch with each other too frequently.

Control. Correct, I must control the amount of time that they meet with each other.

At this side, ZI Yan was happily playing with the little fellow, while at another side, Zhang Han who was lying on the sofa was muddle-headedly opening his eyes.

“Hmm……It is already 8pm?”

Zhang Han sat his body up. He had slept all the way from afternoon to night-time 8pm. But even after having slept for such a long time, he still felt very exhausted.

“Grumble, grumble……”

Zhang Han’s stomach grumbled, reminding Zhang Han that he should go eat dinner right now.

Zhang Han went to a restaurant nearby and straightforwardly ordered some blood enriching food.

Black chicken soup, pig liver with stir-fried spinach, and a big cup of brown sugar water that was specially requested.

The black chicken soup was very fresh. But with Zhang Han’s somewhat fussiness, after he ate a few mouthfuls of the chicken meat, he immediately knew that the black chicken was not an authentic free-range chicken.

Free-range chickens were also known as stupid chickens, which were chickens that were domestically raised without feeding those fodder that hurried their growth. Although the size of those chickens, ducks, and gooses that were fed with fodder that hurried their growth was much bigger, the nutrition they should have possessed were not that abundant, and even more, within their body, they had some chemical substances which were harmful to the human body.

But for the case of free-range chickens, that was not the case. To speak from every aspect, free-range chickens were much better compared to those fodder fed chickens, especially on the aspect of taste, where free-range chickens were much more fragrant and tender.

Another thing was that the chickens that were normally bought from supermarkets, when stewed in a pot for an hour, they were easy to become overcooked. While on the other hand, when free-range chickens were stewed in a pot for an hour, its meat would still be firm. Thus, speaking from the root, free-range chickens were much better compared to fodder fed chickens.

As a result, the price of a free-range chicken would normally be above 100rmb, while the price of a fodder fed chicken would normally be around 20rmb. Additionally, those market that sold free-range chicken for around 50rmb to 70rmb each would normally always be fake goods.

The black chicken that Zhang Han was currently eating was said to be a domestic raised free-range chicken on the menu. But when he was eating the black chicken, he could tell that the chicken wasn’t actually a domestic raised free-range chicken.

Honestly, Zhang Han didn’t really mind about it. Wait after he planted the Thunder-Yang Tree, he could just raise some himself. But before that, he would have to just make do with his current situation.

Because of excess blood loss, Zhang Han forcibly ate finish the entire black chicken. Not only that, he also drank finish the soup, and the entire cup of brown sugar water, and ate finish the entire plate of pork liver with stir-fried spinach. After finish eating and drinking everything, Zhang Han truly felt that his stomach was somewhat bloated.

After eating finish, Zhang Han sat in the restaurant to rest for 10 minutes. After paying the bill, Zhang Han left the restaurant, then gave Zhang Li a call and proceeded to head towards her rented apartment.

The rented apartment was 88 square meter and had 2 room and 1 living room. The decoration of the rented apartment was much more in the comforting aspect. Also, it could be seen that the apartment was taken care well by the two female.

“Xiao Li, do you know of anyone in the Lands Department?”

Within Zhang Li’s bedroom, Zhang Han opened his mouth and asked.

“Nope. Brother, why is your complexion somewhat pale? Are you sick?” Zhang Li asked with concern.

“Most probably caught a cold while I was sleeping. Don’t worry about it, it’s nothing at all.” Zhang Han smiled and shook his head.

“Why did you ask if I knew anyone in the Lands Department?” Zhang Li asked curiously.

“I want to……rent a mountain.”

“Pfff……” In a moment, Zhang Li almost got choked by her saliva. Opening her eyes up wide, she said while feeling inconceivable, “I didn’t hear wrong right brother? What do you want to rent a mountain for?”

“Don’t make a fuss about nothing.” Zhang Han lightly tapped onto Zhang Li’s forehead and said, “I want to rent a mountain to plant some things.”

“There is no need to rent a mountain just for planting things right? In Xiangjiang, this place, do you think you can rent a mountain just because you want to rent it? What’s more, even if the mountain can be rented, the price of renting the mountain would also definitely be absurdly high. Brother, you are really being too rush already.” Zhang Li said with a tone of hating iron for not becoming steel.

(恨铁不成钢 – Hating iron for not becoming steel: To be disappointed at someone for not being able to meet their expectations.)

“You will understand when the time comes. About the mountain, I have to rent it for sure. So, do you have anyone friend who works in the Lands Department?”

“I don’t know anyone who works in the Lands Department…Wait! Let me go ask Li Anna.” After finish speaking, Zhang li hurriedly ran out of the room.

Li Anna was the other tenant of the rented apartment. She attended school at Xiangjiang University for 4 years. After she graduated, she worked as an office worker into a large company, and thus knew a lot of people.

Li Anna was roughly around 1.6m tall. Her height was relatively short and her plump face gave her a trace of adorableness. Li Anna was fond of males that were tall. Upon seeing Zhang Han who was 1.8m tall, her eyes lighted up as she greeted,

“Hello, Big Brother Zhang.”

“Hello.” Zhang Han nodded his head.

“I heard that Big Brother Zhang you wanted to rent a mountain? Which mountain did you have your eyes on?” Li Anna asked with a smile.

Although she was fond of males that were tall, it did not mean that she would fall in love just upon seeing a tall male. In this world, where would there be that many instances of love at first sight? Therefore, after finish the simple greeting, she started to ask about the main matter.

“Crescent Mountain.”

“Crescent Mountain?” Li Anna’s complexion slightly changed. The answer that she got was somewhat out of her expectation. Her tone became somewhat serious, “Crescent Mountain is not that simple. Even the officials of Xiangjiang are not sure if they are going to develop Crescent Mountain or not. After all, Crescent Mountain was right next to Crescent Gulf. Even if they wanted to develop Crescent Mountain, they still have to undergo land bidding. Forgive me for speaking bluntly, but if you want to rent the mountain by yourself, you are really thinking too much already.”

“Then what about renting for short-term? Rent period of between 1 year above and 5 years below would do.” Zhang Han frowned.

Not speaking of other aspects of Crescent Mountain, just the spiritual water that was found within Crescent Mountain was enough for Zhang Han to not give up on Crescent Mountain.

If it is really impossible, I will just occupy the mountain by force. How can the laws of the profane world be able to restrict me, the grand Hanyang Immortal Monarch?

Of course, this kind of thoughts only flashed through his mind for a bit. Right now, he, Hanyang Immortal Monarch actually really have to be well-behaved.

“Short-term?” Li Anna slightly went into a daze, “If you are looking to rent Crescent Mountain for a short-term, it is still possible. Let me call my friend and help you about it first.”

“Thanks.” Zhang Han nodded his head.

Li Anna took out her phone and called her friend right in front of Zhang Han. It could be seen that she was indeed sincerely helping Zhang Han and that she was a person who had a warm heart.

After finishing the call, Li Anna smiled and said,

“He said that regarding this matter, you can call him at tomorrow morning 7am and meet up with him to talk about it. Seems like there is hope for renting Crescent Mountain. Big Brother Zhang, you take down his phone number first and just contact him tomorrow will do. His name is Liu Meng. His phone number is XXXXXXX.”

“Alright, thanks. Have you eaten dinner Anna? Let me treat you to supper?” Zhang Han said with a smile.

Zhang Han’s polite words and bright smile gave Li Anna a pretty good impression of Zhang Han. However, she still shook her head and said with a smile,

“I’m not eating supper. Eating food at night is easy to become fat. Big Brother Zhang, you don’t have to be that courteous, my relationship with Zhang Li is very close.”

“Alright, alright, don’t be that genteel. I have to go work already. Are you staying here brother?” Zhang Li asked.

“I will be going back to Milan Neighbourhood.”

Zhang Han stood up and said.

At downstairs, after bidding farewell to his sister, Zhang Han drove that purple-blue jeep and went back to his house that was at Milan Neighbourhood.

When passing by a supermarket, Zhang Han went into the supermarket and bought brown sugar and red dates. Back home, Zhang Han boiled a pot of brown sugar red date drink and drank 3 cups of it. Those were things that were able to enrich his blood.

Sleeping early and after waking up at morning 7am, Zhang Han dialed Liu Meng’s phone and straightforwardly explained the matter. Afterward, the two of them decided on meeting at a Starbucks near Milan Neighbourhood at 8am.

“Hello, Mr Zhang.” Liu Meng reached the Starbucks punctually. Upon seeing Zhang Han, he passionately stretched out his hand.


Zhang Han slightly nodded his head. After finish shaking hands, he sized up Liu Meng for a bit. Liu Meng wore a formal attire, had a thin build and tanned skin. From Liu Meng’s actions and bearings, it could be seen that he was a slick person.

“I heard that Mr Zhang you wanted to rent Crescent Mountain?” Liu Meng asked.

“That’s right.”

“There may be plans to develop Crescent Mountain in the few coming years. Do you have any consideration for renting other mountains?” Liu Meng said with a smile.

“Nope. I just want to ask whether if it is possible to rent Crescent Mountain or not.” Zhang Han headed straight to the point and said.

“Then, I want to ask, what are you intending to rent the Crescent Mountain for?” Liu Meng asked.

“To plant some things.” Zhang Han smiled faintly and said.

“This matter is not that easy to deal with. However, since you are a friend of Anna, I can help you ask about it. But, even if it can be rented, there will also be a lot of restrictions, like for example that you can’t cut down the trees or modify the mountain. I’m not sure if you are able to accept this kind of condition?” Liu Meng said.

“I can accept it.” Zhang Han nodded his head, then said, “If you have any other requests, you can feel free to say it now.”

This sentence was what Liu Meng wanted to hear. After all, he also did not want to help Zhang Han for free. Therefore, upon hearing that, he became much more enthusiastic when discussing the matter of renting Crescent Moon. After discussing for quite a while and the time was about to reach 9am, Liu Meng stood up to bid farewell and said that he would give a definite answer to Zhang Han at night.

During the afternoon, Zhang Han went to buy some high-quality beef, kelp, wood ear, and other food which were able to indirectly enrich his blood. After buying finish those food, he then went to a Chinese medicinal store to buy some Chinese medicine which were able to enrich his blood. Zhang Han intends to spend the entire day at home to nourish his body because, during the time when he plants the Thunder-Yang Tree, he would have to let the Thunder-Yang Tree absorb a lot of his blood.

Therefore, within the next few days, he had to nourish his body. If not, when the times come and he actually dies due to losing too much blood, it would be the joke of the century.

At another side, at Imperial Entertainment Company, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei were currently still in the private room listening to songs.

Filtering songs by listening to one song after another was also a very tiring thing.

But, the main reason for it being tiring was still also because the songs within the music library were all too ordinary already. What’s more, it could even be said that most of the songs within the music library could be counted as rubbish.

However, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei had no choice. All the songs that were available were all here.

Thus, the two of them was only able to choose to use Zi Yan’s excellent voice to raise the quality of those songs. This path would definitely be difficult, but Zi Yan was still willing to continue persisting forward.

After using an entire day, they only finished choosing 30 songs that were decent. After they finish picking out 100 songs that were decent, they intend to pick out the somewhat better ones from within the 100 ‘dwarves’.

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