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Godly Stay-Home Dad
Chapter 12
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Looking at the house which has been cleaned very cleanly, Zhang Han nodded his head with satisfaction.

The layout of the house was 3 bedroom and 1 living room. The house faced towards the north and south. Within the house, there was a big living room and an open kitchen.

No matter was it the living room, bathroom, or bedroom, they were all renovated extremely luxuriously. With the German imported marble floor, extremely exquisite roof, modern-styled kitchen and so on, even after 7 years have passed, the renovation was still up to one’s expectation.

After taking a look around the house, Zhang Han felt that his body was somewhat exhausted. Right now, he was an ordinary human being. The effect of excess blood loss was still quite big on him. However, after planting the Thunder-Yang Tree and taking in the energy and rising to Qi Refining Realm, his body would be able to completely recover.

Lying down on the sofa, he casually opened the television. After watching the television for less than 2 minutes, he dizzily fell asleep on the sofa.


Imperial Entertainment Company, within the office of Artist Director Mei Qi.

“Big Sister Mei.”

Zi Yan lightly knocked on the door and walked into the office. After taking a look at Young Master Li, Li Cheng, she nodded her head towards Mei Qi and said,

“I have finish considering. I decided to first release an album.”

“Oh.” Mei Qi leaned her back onto the office chair. Her expression did not have the enthusiasm she had during a few years ago. With an indifferent tone, she said, “It is good that you can think like this. After all, you have not appeared in the entertainment industry for 5 years already. Who knows how the fans of yours back then feel about you right now. Let’s release an album first and test the water then.”

“Big Sister Mei, didn’t you told me last week that there are 10 premium songs within the company’s music library? Can you let me choose 4 songs from it? During the afternoon, I intend to……” Zi Yan got right to the point and said.

“That was last week!” Before Zi Yan finished speaking, Mei Qi straightforwardly waved her hand and interrupted, “Xiao Yan, you also know that there are not enough resources within the company to share with all the artists. Right now, within the 10 premium songs, 8 songs had already been taken. I can give you the remaining 2 songs, but the album needs to have at least 10 songs and above. Therefore, for the other 8 songs, you will have to choose them from the ordinary songs in the music library.”

After finish hearing what Mei Qi said, Zi Yan slightly went into a daze and felt somewhat disappointed within her heart.

During the 5 years where she was working in the entertainment industry, it could be said that Zi Yan was groomed to the peak of the entertainment industry solely by Mei Qi. The relationship between the two of them was also not bad, and Mei Qi cared for her a lot. Every time when the company received premium songs, Mei Qi would always let Zi Yan choose first, and even more, Mei Qi would pay visits to famous composers to specially request songs for Zi Yan.

But right now when Zi Yan had returned to the company, not only did Mei Qi barely showed any interest, she even strictly scolded Zhou Fei who came quite to find her a few times to request for resources. Mei Qi had seemed to change into a completely new person.

However, Zi Yan did not blame Mei Qi because back then when she left the company, Mei Qi was also somewhat affected by it.

However, Zi Yan couldn’t help but feel somewhat disappointed in her heart.

Just when she was about to open her mouth and accept Mei Qi’s proposal, Li Cheng who was at the side opened his mouth first,

“Mei Qi, Zi Yan is after all your gold artist back in the past. How can you go back on what you promised her? Just let Zi Yan choose 4 songs from the 10 premium songs.”

After Li Cheng finished speaking, Mei Qi’s expression froze and revealed out a troubled expression.

Zi Yan also took a look at Li Cheng.

This Young Master Li was a typical second-generation rich. His father was, Li Hai, was one of the members of Imperial Entertainment Company’s Board of Directors, holding a high position in the company. Therefore, although Li Cheng did not hold any position within the company, he still has somewhat of a position within the company.

Li Cheng had a height of 1.8m. His figure was well shaped and his handsome outer appearance allowed him to be like a fish in water when picking up girls. His appearance was very fitting with many women’s taste. However, his private life was very dissipated. It was even rumored that there were quite a few artists within the company who had an ambiguous relationship with him before.

Just this point alone was something that Zi Yan could not accept. Also, not speaking about all of those, Zi Yan also has a daughter right now and also even have an unclear relationship with Zhang Han. Before she finished settling her relationship with Zhang Han, she did not intend to find her other half yet.


There was troubled and hesitation within Mei Qi’s face, but in the end, it all turned into a helpless tone, “Since Young Master Li has spoken, I will of course not refuse. Zi Yan, you have to properly thank Young Master Li. I heard that you did not attend the appointment to have dinner with Young Master Li yesterday.”

Zi Yan’s expression did not changed. Her cold face made others not able to guess what she was thinking about. After Zi Yan finish listening to everything, she stood up and slightly nodded at Li Cheng,

“Thanks Young Master Li for the good intention. However, I do not want to spoil the company’s rules. I will follow according to what Big Sister Mei previously said. I will go pick the songs first then.”

After finish speaking, Zi Yan walked out of the office with her high-heeled shoes. She did not want to accept Li Cheng’s help. Although accepting Li Cheng’s help would help her rise in the entertainment industry, she disdained doing that.


Li Cheng laughed faintly. Looking at Zi Yan who was walking at the corridor through the window, a pondering smile raised within his gaze.

“Humph! Unable to tell what is good from bad!” Mei Qi frowned and snorted, “She still really thinks that she was still in the same position as she was back then? How could a has-been celebrity be able to shine again that easily?”

“Say, I actually likes this temper of hers. The more aloof she is, the more I want to conquer her!” Li Cheng slightly shook his head.

“How about I let her taste some hardships first? People like her have to see through the reality first before they would become well-behaved.”

“That’s a good idea.” Li Cheng nodded his head.

“I will not give her even a single song from within the 10 premium songs. I will just casually find 2 songs from the music library and say that those 2 songs are premium songs. As for the rest of the songs, I will just let her find on her own.” Mei Qi sneered.

Originally, all 10 premium songs were still not taken yet. The words that Mei Qi previously said to Zi Yan were all Li Cheng’s indications. Li Cheng’s motives? Well, there was no need to explain his obvious motives.

On her journey back to her own office, there was not a single person who greeted her. Even more, she even heard a few soft comments that said ‘has-been celebrity’. However, Zi Yan did not pay any attention to it. Her cold face was just like a defensive shield which would not allow anyone to see her exhaustion and helplessness.

“Big Sister Yan, how did it go? Did Mei Qi give you any premium songs?” After Zi Yan walked into the office, Zhou Fei immediately stood up and asked.

“She only gave me 2 premium songs.” Zi Yan slightly shook her head.

“2?” Zhou Fei frown and said somewhat angrily, “How can you release an album with only 2 premium songs? You have to at least have 4 premium songs! I reckon that that old witch is doing it on purpose.”

“Fei Fei, don’t anyhow say. There were only 2 songs left within the 10 premium songs.” After sitting on the sofa, Zi Yan lightly sighed.

“How is that possible? Why haven’t I heard of anyone who gotten the premium songs? I reckon that she just doesn’t want to give it to us!” Zhou Fei said.

“Don’t say anymore already. Let’s go downstairs and have lunch first. During the afternoon, we will go pick out the songs for the album.” Zi Yan stood up and said.

Zhou Fei angrily followed Zi Yan to the restaurant downstairs. After having a simple lunch, they hurriedly went back upstairs.

They came to the department for choosing songs. Within the department, there was 2 small private room for listening to song. Within each room, there was a computer and a high sound quality speaker.

Upon reaching the hallway, the door of the first private room opened and 3 people walked out from the room. The person who was in the lead had a tall and slender figure, and wore a very revealing v-neck dress.

Upon seeing Zi Yan, a trace of complacent flashed on her face as she said eccentrically,

“Oh? Isn’t this the big celebrity, Zi Yan? Didn’t you already change profession and went to the movies and television world? Why did you still come here to pick songs?”

“Xu Ruoyu, whatever that we do doesn’t seem to concern you right? Why are you everywhere that we go?” Zhou Fei retaliated snappishly.

Xu Ruoyu was the new third-rate singer which the company had started grooming not too long ago. She has a bit of popularity and a very big pride. Also, her relationship with that Li Cheng was quite ambiguous.

“Well, it is true that it doesn’t concern us.” A woman who was at Xu Ruoyu’s side sneered, “However…It seems that the popularity of a certain someone is beyond terrible to the point that even the company doesn’t want waste any energy on grooming the person. Within the 10 premium songs that the company has this time, Big Sister Mei had actually given 8 of the songs to Ruoyu. As for the remaining 2 songs, you two can go ahead and listen attentively. I reckoned that those 2 songs would be the best choice that you two would be able to have.”

“Haha, people who are ugly does indeed need to use a high quantity of premium songs to make up for it.” Zhou Fei said ruthlessly.

“What did you say?!” Xu Ruoyu glared with her eyes opened wide.

“Fei Fei, let’s go.” Zi Yan’s expression remained cold from start to finish. After taking a slight look at Xu Ruoyu, she walked past them and walked towards one of the private room.

“Humph!” Xu Ruoyu lightly snorted and said without turning her head, “Zi Yan, let me give you a reminder. Today is the 1st of September and my album will be released on the 15th. It is best that you avoid releasing your album during that period of time. If not, with you standard, I’m afraid you will fall into the bottom of a pit.”

Hearing that, Zi Yan’s footsteps came to a stop as she turned her head around and said coldly, “Oh, thanks for your reminder then.”

After finish speaking, she went into the private room with Zhou Fei.

“Just what kind of person is that? Seeing her act like that just makes me feel disgusting!” Zhou Fei said angrily.

Although Zi Yan was expressionless, but her tone also became somewhat heavier, “Let’s pick the songs first.”

Opening the computer and entering into the company’s music library, Zi Yan immediately saw the 2 premium music that Mei Qi left for her.

Clicking open the first music, both Zi Yan and Zhou Fei entered into their working mode and began attentively listening to the song.


After finish listening to the song, Zhou Fei couldn’t help but slammed onto the table and said angrily, “This kind of song can also be counted as premium?! That old witch must definitely be trying to make things difficult for us! Since when has the company’s premium songs deteriorate to this kind of degree?”

At this time, Zi Yan did not say anything and silently acknowledged with what Zhou Fei said. Lightly sighed, Zi Yan opened the second song.

However, the second song was also not up to one’s expectation. Those 2 songs were only a bit better than the worse songs within the music library. If those 2 songs had to be compared to premium songs, it had to be said that those 2 songs did not even have half the quality of a premium song.

This result caused Zhou Fei to be angry to the point that she gnashed on her teeth. After finish venting away her anger, Zhou Fei then began listening to the songs in the music library one by one with Zi Yan.

From the moment they started listening to the songs, they listened from afternoon 1pm to 7pm, which was a total of 6 hours. After listening to more than a hundred songs, they out picked out 5 somewhat decent songs. Of course, the general that was picked out within a bunch of dwarves was still but after all a dwarve.

“Let’s go back home.” Zi Yan said after taking a look at the time.

I can still accompany Meng Meng if I go back now. If I were to go back a bit later, the little fellow would most likely have fallen asleep.

“How are we going to choose those lousy songs……” Zhou Fei mumbled with a worried look on her face. Standing up and after finish packing up their things, they left the company.

On the way back home, Zi Yan who was sitting at the back of the car suddenly said,

“Fei Fei, we will have to work a bit harder in those next few days. We will also release our album on the 15th!”

“Big Sister Yan, you want to……” Zhou Fei slightly went into a daze.

Zi Yan did not reply and looked out of the window.

Xu Ruoyu, you are intending to release you album on the 15th right? You like to provoke me with mocks and ridicules right?


I will also release my album on the 15th then!

Zi Yan was not a saint. Facing against Xu Ruoyu’s provocation, she would of course also feel angry. Just that, she wouldn’t show the softness in her heart on her face only.

For people to live, they have to breathe, for a tree to live, it has to have its bark. Zi Yan wants to prove herself by using her own strength!

(人活一口气,树活一张皮 – For people to live, they have to breathe, for tress to live, they have to have their bark. In Chinese, the bark is the “皮 “, and the breathe is the “气”. The “气”, aka breathe, refers to ”骨气”, which means ‘backbone’. The “皮” aka bark, refers to “脸皮”, which means ‘face’. Basically, what this sentence means is that one must live with a backbone. Another explanation is that, people live for their face.)

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