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Godly Stay-Home Dad
Chapter 11
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Zhang Han went back to the hotel and sat alone on the sofa.

Meng Meng’s depart made him felt like he had lost something, giving him a feeling of uneasiness.

Actually, this did not mean that Zhang Han’s character was delicate or anything. If someone was in the same position as Zhang Han, learning the knowledge of cultivation and all sorts of treasures for 500 years in the Cultivation World, it was reckoned that the person would also be extremely lonely just like Zhang Han.

After rebirth and meeting with this adorable daughter of his, the void within Zhang Han’s heart was immediately completely filled. Furthermore, his parents were still alive and he had the chance to make up for his regret. When all of those things combined, it caused Zhang Han’s mental state to become much gentler.

Of course, the person who contributed the most to causing his mental state to become much gentler was the adorable little princess, Meng Meng.

“I should go and investigate those 7 mountains I guess.”

Zhang Han shook his head, then opened up the computer and entered into Baidu map to check the location of the mountains. (Baidu is the Chinese version of Google.)

The first mountain was a short mountain at Moxie Range, which was at the west of Xiangjiang, and the rest of the mountains were at southeast side. The second mountain starts from the east side of Xiangjiang, which was the Xiongya Mountain, and the rest of the mountains were all between Xiongya Mountain and the Cresent Mountain which was at the south.

There were only 7 mountains which faced against the ocean and had a suitable surface area that Zhang Han needed.

The Causeway Bay which Zhang Han was currently at was at the north of Xiangjiang. Thus, he intends to first go to Moxie Range which was at the west, then afterward go east and head to Xiongya Mountain, and from Xiongya Mountain, begin to head south.

After finish planning the route for the next day, Zhang Han also began to perfect the plan for the domain.

When the Thunder-Yang Tree was planted, it would erupt out the energy which Zhang Han would need for cultivating and transforming the domain. The energy erupted out would be able to allow Zhang Han to rise to the weakest realm, Qi Refining Realm.

Qi Refining Realm was more or less the same with ‘internal strength’ which most people were familiar with. Also, it could also be called as qi. Both internal strength and qi were able to use by people to increase their speed, strength and so on. When Zhang Han reached Qi Refining Realm, he would be able to barely be able to use his Treasure Smelling Nose.

Although Qi Refining Realm was the weakest realm, but do not belittle this Qi Refining Realm. Qi Refining Realm was the beginning of cultivation to immortality. Although only by reaching to the Xiantian Realm would one then truly become a true cultivator, which almighty beings did not start their journey from the Qi Refining Realm?

A night without words.

Next morning, 8am, after Zhang Han quickly finished his breakfast, he checked out from the hotel.

The cost of staying at the hotel for two days was 360k rmb. After the receptionist verified that there was no problem with the room, she gave back Zhang Han 140k rmb. Adding up with the expense during the past two days, there was currently still 1.6million rmb in Zhang Han’s bank card.

Carrying a simple luggage, Zhang Han set out on his journey. He did not chose to take the subway and also did not chose to extravagantly buy a car, but instead very realistically went to a car rental company in the vicinity and spent 28k rmb to rent a blue-purple jeep. The rental of the jeep was for a month.

Driving the jeep, Zhang Han used half an hour to reach his first destination, Mo Xie Range.

After walking for about 20 minutes, Zhang Han reached the peak of the short mountain at Mo Xie Range. Looking at the surroundings and walking path around the mountain, he nodded his head,

“Not bad. Just not sure if this place will be able to give me a surprise or not.”

Zhang Han raised his right hand and took out the Thunder-Yang Tree from his ear.

After taking a deep breath, Zhang Han pricked the Thunder-Yang Tree which seemed just like a white jade needle into his vein.

In the past, Zhang Han had refined this Thunder-Yang Tree before. Although right now he had no cultivation at all, there was still a very faint thread of connection between him and the Thunder-Yang Tree.

Right now, Zhang Han was using his blood to stimulate the Thunder-Yang Tree, making it transfer its energy to him so that he would be able to use his Treasure Smelling Nose.

The moment the Thunder-Yang Tree pricked into his vessel, Zhang Han felt his blood flowing and at the same time, he also felt the faint threads of spiritual strength.

“Treasure Smelling Nose, open!”

Zhang Han closed his eyes, and the image of the mountain below his feet appeared within his mind. Exhaling out a deep breath, the faint threads of spiritual strength continuously converged to his nose.

At the next moment, Zhang Han lightly sniffed,


At the same time when he sniffed, there was a change in the image of the mountain within Zhang Han’s mind. From the flowers to the grasses, trees, soil, and rocks, threads of faint light continuously converged together, and in the end, got sniffed into Zhang Han’s nose.

The fragrance of the grasses and flowers, the astringent of the trees, and also the unique smell of the rocks and soil.

Different smells all converged together. But within the smell, the unique smell of a treasure was not there!

“This is not a treasure land.”

Plucking out the Thunder-Yang Tree, Zhang Han placed it back into his ear and lightly shook his head.

Silently walking back to the jeep, he started driving to the second destination, Xiongya Mountain.

Half an hour later, after Zhang Han lost a bit of his blood, he stood at the mountaintop and shook his head,

“Not a treasure land.”

Driving towards the south, he investigated mountain after mountain. The results that Zhang Han received made him felt disappointed but at the same time, the results were also within his expectation.

“Not a treasure land too. I expected too much already. How could a treasure land be found that easily?”

Zhang Han’s complexion was slightly pale. This was the sign of losing too much blood.

Entering into the jeep, Zhang Han headed towards the last location – Crescent Mountain.

“Hope this Crescent Mountain will not disappoint me.”

Zhang Han lightly shook his head.

Crescent Mountain was situated on the east side of Crescent Gulf.

Crescent Gulf was Xiangjiang’s famous tourist attraction. Leaning against a mountain and facing against the sea, the gulf had the shape of a crescent and was thus called Crescent Gulf. Crescent Gulf also had the nickname of ‘Number 1 gulf under the heaven’, and the reputation of being the Hawaii of the East. It was the gulf of Xiangjiang which had the most representativeness.

The scenery at the Crescent Mountain which Crescent Gulf leaned against in the east was very pleasant. Standing at the top of Crescent Mountain, the entire view of Crescent Gulf could be seen.

This location was the best location within the 7 mountains.

“Pretty good.”

Standing at the mountaintop of Crescent Mountain and looking at the scenery of Crescent Gulf, Zhang Han exclaimed.

His house was located at Bamboo District which was on the west side of Crescent Gulf. If it was to be said by the locals of Xiangjiang, Zhang Han’s house which was 115 square meter big was already counted as a mansion already.

In Xiangjiang, a house that was more than a 1000 foot was counted as a mansion. This was because the house price in Xiangjiang was extremely high. Once before, the house price in Xiangjiang broke the record and became the highest priced house in the world and became famous throughout the world.

1000 foot was equivalent to 93 square meters and Zhang Han’s house was 115 square meters big. 7 years ago, he spent 15million rmb to buy the house. Adding up with the renovation and furniture which cost 3million rmb, he spent a total of 18million for the house.

Furthermore, Zhang Han was not really satisfied with the result of the house. Compared to Bamboo District, Crescent Gulf was the place which he wanted to stay at.

However, the house price at Crescent Gulf was somewhat too much even for the Zhang Han back then, who was one of the four young masters in Shangjing.

Land was extremely expensive. Only this sentence was able to describe the houses in Crescent Gulf.

Especially the mansions that were at Crescent Gulf, where a mansion could easily go for more than 1billion rmb and above. Even the much more ordinary houses in Crescent Gulf were also absurdly expensive. Therefore, the Zhang Han back then gave up on the idea of wanting to buy a house in Crescent Gulf.

“If this Crescent Mountain is okay, it would also count as fulfilling a small regret of mine I guess.”

Zhang Han shook his head and once again took out the Thunder-Yang Tree from his ear. Pricking the Thunder-Yang Tree into his vessel, his blood began to be absorbed by the Thunder-Yang Tree. Deepening the connection with the Thunder-Yang Tree, the Thunder-Yang Tree once again release out a bit of energy to Zhang Han.

“Treasure Smelling Nose, open!”

Zhang Han closed his eyes and lightly sniffed.

Various kind of smell rushed towards his nose.

Suddenly, an extremely strong and pure fragrant entered into his nose. The smell was just like a hundred-year-old excellent wine.

“The heaven did not turn its back on me! It is actually a pond of spiritual water! Hahaha……”

Zhang Han looked towards the sky and started laughing out loud. While he was laughing, his eyes suddenly rolled as he happily fainted due to excess blood loss.

“Woof, woof……”

Not sure how long passed, Zhang Han suddenly felt a dog barking beside him, and after the dog barked out two times, it bit onto shoulder part of his clothe and dragged him backward.


Zhang Han muddle-headedly opened his eyes.

Right now, he had the symptoms of someone who had excess blood loss. His complexion and lips were very pale, there was cold sweat on his skin, his hands and legs were cold and lacking in strength, his breathing was slightly rapid and his pulse was quick and weak.

Sitting up his body with great effort, he immediately saw that at his side, there was indeed a dog.

This was a four-eyed dog which was filthy from top to bottom. This dog was also called as Chinese rural dog and commonly referred as ‘native dog’.

( Link to picture of how the dog looks like: http://www.twoeggz.com/news/5713988.html )

Taking a look at his surroundings, Zhang Han discovered that his current position was 20meters away from the position where he fainted at. Seems like it was this dog who saw Zhang Han fainted and wanted to drag him down the mountain.

“Seems like a kind-hearted dog.”

Zhang Han lightly laughed. Looking at the somewhat vigilant native dog who did not dare to come forward, he stretched out his palm towards the dog.

Receiving the friendly signal, the dog then slowly walked towards Zhang Han. Zhang Han also did not mind that the dog was filthy and patted the dog on its head. This caused the dog to wag its tail happily.

At this moment, Zhang Han then discovered that the dog’s right leg which was at the back was broken.

Seems like it was a dog that was abandoned.

The dog walked two rounds around Zhang Han. Seeing that Zhang Han was fine, the dog turned around and left.

Zhang Han silently sat still for a few minutes before leaving the mountain. Entering into the jeep, Zhang Han squinted his eyes and looked at the Crescent Mountain. While looking, a trace of smile could not help but hang up on the corner of his mouth.

Spiritual water. As the name implies, it was similar with spiritual soil, spiritual grass and so on. It was something which could be used for cultivating.

Within the middle part of Crescent Mountain, there was a cave there, and within the case, there was a pond of spiritual water.

Although it was the most ordinary kind of spiritual water, and there was also not much spiritual water, but under the nourishment of Thunder-Yang Tree, the spiritual water would be able to turn into Pure-Yang Water.

The use of Pure-Yang Water was much bigger compared to spiritual water. It could nourish the Thunder-Yang Tree and start a beneficial cycle for both the Thunder-Yang Tree and itself.

If it was said that the Thunder-Yang Tree was able to nourish the domain, then it could be said that the Pure-Yang Water was able to nourish living creature. Speaking from the capability alone, Pure-Yang Water was better, but speaking from the essence, Thunder-Yang Tree was still much higher ranked compared to Pure-Yang Water.

There were countless amount of treasures in the Cultivation World, and some of those treasures belonged to the classification of spiritual treasure too. Spiritaul treasure can go from rank 1 all to way up to rank 9. The higher the rank, the better the spiritual trasure. Thunder-Yang Tree was a rank 5 spiritual treasure and Pure-Yang Water was only rank 1. What was the rank of spiritual water then? Spiritual water was not even counted as a spiritual treasure.

Spiritual treasure was an all-inclusive general term. All kinds of flower, grass, tree, wood, pill, and weapon and so on could all be counted as spiritual treasure!

Back when Hanyang Immortal Monarch shook the Cultivation World, this rank 5 spiritual treasure, Thunder-Yang Tree, was nothing to him at all. But right now, it was a necessary item for Zhang Han to step into the entrance of cultivation to immortality!

Although Zhang Han found a treasure land, he did not intend to immediately occupy the mountain and deem himself as the king of the mountain.

Right now, he was not Hanyang Immortal Monarch anymore. The current him was not even able to block against the bullets of this profane world. Therefore, he had to follow the rule and go back home first and research more about the Crescent Mountain before he decides what to do.

However, before all that, Zhang Han intends to go back to the ‘mansion’ which he had never stayed in for 7 years.

The ‘mansion’ was situated at Bamboo District’s neighbourhood, Milan Neighbourhood.

Zhang Han straightforwardly drove to the property management area. Towards Zhang Han’s arrival, the property management personnel felt somewhat unexpected, but they were still very passionate.

Although many of the property management personnel here have already been changed countless times, all of the personnel naturally knew the information of the property owners here. Therefore, they also naturally knew Zhang Han this special property owner. Back then when Zhang Han brought the house, he straightforwardly paid 10 years of property fee. This kind of thing was rarely seen.

“Mr Zhang.” The management personnel passed the house key to Zhang Han’s house and said with a smile, “Every half a month, our property management would send a cleaner to your house to clean the house. Since right now you have returned, we will return the key to you. If there is any matter, you can contact us anytime.”

“Oh.” Zhang Han slightly went itno a daze. He did not expect that the service would be that good. After nodding his head in response, he left the property management area.

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