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Godly Stay-Home Dad
Chapter 10
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Of course, the yellow skin, black eyes and black hair of Meng Meng’ were all inherited from Zhang Han’s superior gene…


Alright, speaking the truth, the only things similar between Zhang Han and Meng Meng were only the eyebrows and earlobe. This was even found out by Zhang Han after he had observed Meng Meng for quite a while.

Looking at Zi Yan, her earlobe was much thinner, whereas Zhang Han’s and Meng Meng’s earlobe were more round.

Also, aside from having a delicate face, Zi Yan’s figure was also very curvy, possessing an S shape devil figure.

The places that ‘protrude’ out were plump and round. Comparing Zi Yan now back to when she just started her career, her body was much plumper and rounder now. Right now, there was as if a kind of magic in Zi Yan’s body, being able to keep on attracting Zhang Han’s gaze, and even so much as to be able to give Zhang Han a kind of wanting to swallow his saliva kind of feeling.

This woman, after becoming a mother, her figure had become much better and also much appealing. The attraction strength that the body has towards Zhang Han was truly not small.

While Zhang Han was sizing Zi Yan up and down, Zi Yan was also sizing Zhang Han up and down.

Seeing the trace of perverted look on Zhang Han’s face, Zi Yan felt somewhat proud in her heart.

Rigid brain, to dare to not want to speak with me and act aloof. Yet right now, you true character has appeared. Humph!

However, Zhang Han’s neat and tidy dressing also made Zi Yan felt somewhat surprised. The previous time when she met with Zhang Han at his apartment, the sloppy look of his made Zi Yan to not even have the mood to speak with him. But right now, the appearance was still the same as 5 years ago, just that, the dissolute and elegant that he had back then had disappeared. Right now, there was more of a maturity and steadiness, and also the feeling of casualness.

With Zi Yan’s taste, she liked the Zhang Han right now much more, and not that Zhang Han 5 years ago who was crude and rough!

“Humph, who likes him!”

Zi Yan lightly snorted in her heart.

The two people stared at each other with their eyes, one staring with her big eyes and the other staring with his small eyes. While staring at each other, both of them did not say anything, causing the atmosphere to become slightly awkward.

“Don’t you have anything that you want to say?” Zi Yan said as she blinked her big clear eyes. Within her words, there was the intention of reminding Zhang Han.

It would have been alright if Zhang Han had said something pleasant. But right now, he was not even speaking at all.

I rushed from Xiangjiang to Shangjing during the night and rushed back from Shangjing to Xiangjiang the next day. The reason as to why I had to rush about was all because of Zhang Han, and yet he actually doesn’t say a word of apology at all!

“Say what?” Zhang Han opened his mouth and replied.

In a moment, Zi Yan became much angrier and also felt very disappointed towards Zhang Han in her heart.

She immediately stood up and said angrily, “Forget it, I also have nothing to speak to you, I will go and pick Emily now!”

“Wait!” Hearing that, Zhang Han quickly stood up and walked to the front of Zi Yan in a few steps.

Originally, with Zhang Han’s temper, he would have straightforwardly said, “Meng Meng is my daughter, she will be following with me from now on!”

But when the words reached his mouth, Zhang Han was not able to say it out. Without a doubt, he was not a fool. He knew that if he were to say those words, the woman in front of him would instantly turn into a tigress!

Thus, Zhang Han used a discussing tone,

“Eh…Didn’t you say that you are letting Meng Meng stay with me for a week time? Today is only the fifth day.”

“Meng Meng is mine. I can do whatever I want and don’t need you to care.” Zi Yan declared her sovereignty. While speaking, Zi Yan suddenly realizes her mistake, “Spit, spit, spit. I mean Emily.”

After finish speaking, she did not pay any more attention to Zhang Han. Opening the bedroom’s door, she walked into the bedroom.

“Mommy?” Hearing the sound of people speaking, Meng Meng muddle-headedly opened her eyes. Seeing that her mother was in front of her, the little princess was incomparably happy.

To not have seen each other for 5 days, Zi Yan also missed the little princess very much. Sitting at the bedside, she gently hugged Meng Meng into her embrace.

The expression on Zi Yan’s face right now was very warm. Emitting out the radiance of maternal love, her voice was also 100 times gentler compared to when she spoke with Zhang Han, “My baby, did you miss mommy?”

“Miss, miss, miss……” Meng Meng said happily as she pouted her little mouth and kissed Zi Yan’s face.

Zhang Han looked at the cosmetics on Zi Yan’s face and wanted to remind, “Don’t kiss already, you are kissing a mouth of foundation!”

But when the words reached his mouth, he was not able to say out the words again. It was most probably that he did not bear to interrupt this warm moment between Zi Yan and Meng Meng.

Right now, Meng Meng also did not completely belonged to him. She has her own mother, and the mother was about to bring her away.


Zhang Han sighed lightly. His heart was somewhat reluctant to part with Meng Meng.

“Mommy is here to pick you up. Aunt Fei Fei is still waiting downstairs for us. Let’s go back home after wearing your clothes okay?” Zi Yan said with a smile.

“Alright! Go home!” Meng Meng raised her hands happily.

Meng Meng missed those hairy toys of hers that were at home very much.

However, after Meng Meng finished wearing her clothes and Zi Yan held her with her right hand and pulled the suitcase with her left hand and walked towards the door, Meng Meng then finally reacted,

“Mommy, wait for a while, Daddy still haven’t finish wearing his clothes.”

“Your daddy he…still has some things to do. That’s why mommy is here to pick you up.” Zi Yan thought for a while and said.

When Zhang Han who was at the side heard that, his lips wiggled and wanted to say, “I am free! Let Meng Meng continue staying here!”

However, the reality wasn’t like this. Even if Zi Yan didn’t say anything, Zhang Han also indeed had things that he needed to do.

Hearing that her father was not going home with her, Meng Meng’s clear big eyes began tearing up within a second.

“Boohoo……No……I want daddy……together……”

Meng Meng wiggled around in her mother’s embrace and began crying, as she stretched her little arms towards her father, requesting her father to hug her.

Zhang Han’s heart slightly trembled and he hurriedly went forward and brought Meng Meng into his embrace and starting consoling her.

Father consoling his own daughter. This should have been a very warm scene, but Zi Yan, on the other hand, felt somewhat upset.

It has only been 5 days and she is already so intimate with her father! If the time gets longer, will I still be able to bring her away?

Zi Yan felt that this was a dangerous signal. She could not allow anyone to snatch away her daughter from her! Thus, she glared at Zhang Han with a threatening gaze.

Zhang Han shook his head helplessly and consoled, “MengMeng, daddy really have things to do. Daddy has to go find a domain during the next few days, so that I can build a utopia for Meng Meng. Like that, in the future, Meng Meng would be able to be together with daddy……and also mommy forever.”


“Of course. Daddy would never ever bluff you.” Zhang Han said with a slight smile.

“Then……then what are there in utopia? Is there any adorable dolls?” Meng Meng stopped crying. However, the tears were still hanging at the corner of her eyes, making her seemed very pitiful.

Zhang Han wiped away the tears in the corner of Meng Meng’s eyes and said with a smile, “Not only are there dolls, there is also a very big house, adorable doggies, beautiful cats and also many many other pets that you can play with. Also, there will be a lot of delicious food and a lot of fun places there.”

“Wah! Doggies and cats! Meng Meng like it!” Meng Meng said longingly.

“As long as you like it. Therefore, daddy really has things to do. After daddy finishes with things, I will come and pick up Meng Meng okay……”

Looking at Zhang Han coax Meng Meng to stop crying with just a few sentences, while letting out a breath of relief, she also lightly snorted in heart,

“Graceful words and flowery speech! This Zhang Han really knows how to bluff children!”

However, this was still the first time that Zi Yan had seen such a tender side of Zhang Han. From Zhang Han’s smile, she could not see any resemblance to that stiff and rigid minded Zhang Han who she quarreled with a few days ago.

“Alright, Emily, say goodbye to your daddy. We have to go already.” Zi Yan once again carried the little princess in her embrace.

“Goodbye, daddy.” The little princess waved her hand. Even after the coaxing, the little princess was still somewhat reluctant to part with her daddy.

“Let me send you all.”

Zhang Han silently picked up the slightly heavy suitcase.

Walking out of the door and seeing the sulky Meng Meng, Zhang Han smiled and patted on her head,

“Meng Meng, next time you have to call me daddy, not the third tone, but the fourth tone.”

“Daddy?” Meng Meng’s age was still small and thus her pronunciation was not clear. Furthermore, she grew up in North America. Her English was fluent but for her Chinese, she had only just begun learning it only and thus was still not that good with the pronunciation.

“Incorrect.” Zhang Han said with a weird face, “The daddy that you are speaking of is dung, which means poop. Do daddy look like poop?”

(In Chinese, Meng Meng calls Zhang Han as ‘粑粑’. ‘粑粑’ has quite a few meaning to it, one of them is poop and the other is father. The actual word for father should be ‘爸爸’ though. The pinyin for both ‘粑粑’ and ‘爸爸’ are ‘ba ba’, but just different tone or something. Hope this explanation is understandable.)

Facing against Zhang Han’s weird face, the little princess giggled continuously.

“I feel that you do look like poop.” Zi Yan agreed deeply with the comparison and said with a teasing tone, “Baby, next time you can just call him ‘daddy’. No, no, call him smelly daddy.”

“Hehehe……smelly daddy, smelly smelly daddy……”

Amidst laughter, the few of them reached downstairs.

When it was time to leave, the little fellow was still reluctantly as she asked pitifully,

“Mommy, when will I be able to see daddy again?”

“After he finishes with the things he has to do.” Zi Yan casually answered.

“Then, when will you finish with your things daddy?” Meng Meng asked.

Hearing the question, Zhang Han wanted to say, “Daddy is not busy.”

But in the end, he said, “Daddy will be very fast. After I finish with my things, I will immediately go and pick you up. So, you must stay at home obediently until then.”

“Meng Meng will be very very obedient!”

After Meng Meng and Zi Yan got into the car and Meng Meng stood by the car’s window at the back, Zhang Han couldn’t help but remind,

“Meng Meng! You have to remember the name that daddy got for you okay.”

Zhang Han’s reminder caused the rolling of Zi Yan’s eyes.

“I understand…” Meng Meng replied.

The car started up and gradually drove far away. Zhang Han stood still and looked at the car drove further and further away blankly. Only until the car disappeared from his field of vision, then did he let out a light sigh and went back to the hotel.

“Oh? That fellow gave Emily a new name?” While driving the car, Zhou Fei snorted lightly.

Back then when she accompanied Zi Yan to meet with Zhang Han, the incident where Zhang Han and Zi Yan quarreled caused her to deem Zhang Han as a scumbag.

Furthermore, he was deemed as a wretched, big temper and small capability kind of scumbag!

“He is very obstinate about it. When he heard of Emily’s name, he was even not happy, saying that because his surname is Zhang, Emily also have to be surnamed Zhang.” Zi Yan said petulantly.

Back then when she gave birth to the little princess and was thinking of a name for the little princess, she subconsciously only gave the little princess a pet name, Emily. In her heart, she had perhaps also fantasize about building a family with the children and the children’s father. But after coming into contact with Zhang Han, she was incomparably disappointed and that trace of fantasy in her heart also disappeared.

“That fellow also think too much already.” Zhou Fei said with a disdain tone.

“Humph!” Hearing that, Meng Meng was not happy about that and said loudly, “Smelly Aunt Fei Fei! You cannot speak badly of daddy!”

This scene made Zi Yan felt somewhat astonished.

The Meng Meng in the past would never speak so loudly! What was the matter right now?

Zhou Fei’s face froze and said helplessly,

“Alright, I will not say badly of your daddy okay? Emily, why are you not gentle anymore after staying with him for a few days?”

“I, I am not called Emily.” Meng Meng said.

“Then what are you called?” Zhou Fei asked with a smile.

“I am called…Zhang Yumeng……Meng Meng…Meng Meng Meng Meng!” The little princess adorably raised up her hands and said.

“Ah! That rough and rigid minded fellow is actually able to think of such a feminine name?” Zhou Fei smiled lightly and shook her head.

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