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Godly Stay-Home Dad
Chapter 9
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The lion king which was on the stage ran towards the audience while continuously brandishing his body. When the lion king reached in front of Meng Meng, the actor within the lion king costume deepened his voice and said,

“Children, are you afraid that I eat you?!”


Seeing that everyone’s gaze all moved towards her, Meng Meng shyly hid into Zhang Han’s embrace, and said shyly,

“I’m not afraid, because I have Daddy.”

Upon seeing that, the lion king deepened his voice and said,

“Roar, roar, roar! I will eat you along with your father then!

“No!” Meng Meng hugged Zhang Han, displaying out a position of her protecting her father.

Upon seeing that, Zhang Han slightly smiled, then lowered his head to the side of Meng Meng’s ear and said a few words.

Meng Meng was very obedient. Lifting up her head and blinking with her clear big eyes, she looked at the lion king and said in a cute voice,

“Humph! You…you this insect also dare to try to scare me? Do you believe that my daddy will send you flying away with a slap!”

Upon seeing that, all the audiences could not help but start laughing. They were all melted away by Meng Meng’s adorable appearance.

All the audiences also thought that Meng Meng was just joking about what she said, but little did they know, this was all Zhang Han’s unique Zhang Family’s education.

“Hahaha, what a truly adorable little princess.”

The lion king said a sentence, then went to the front of other children to start continuing his performance.

The half an hour performance ended amidst the sounds of cheers and laughter. After playing for 3 hours, Zhang Han was afraid that Meng Meng was somewhat tired and thus brought her to a restaurant to eat and rest.

At afternoon 2pm, under Zhang Li’s lead, Zhang Han brought Meng Meng to Toy Story Land.

The first amusement item was Toy Soldier Parachute Drop, where Meng Meng who was slightly afraid of height felt somewhat afraid. After leaving the Toy Soldier Parachute Drop, they came to Slinky Dog Spin. At Slinky Dog Spin, Meng Meng felt that it was not as fun as the other amusement items, and thus the group went to the next area, Fantasyland.

Meng Meng felt that Fantasyland was very fun, especially the Dumbo the Flying Elephant which made Meng Meng raised her hands and cheered happily.

Seeing Meng Meng’s adorable little look, Zhang Han smiled pleasingly.

If it was placed in the past, it was reckoned that the shy Meng Meng would not do this kind of action. But right now, after going through Zhang Family’s education, Meng Meng’s guts had become slightly bigger.

It was reckoned that, don’t need too long, Zhang Han would be able to teach out a daughter that he would be satisfied with.

After playing finish at the Fantasyland, it was already nearly afternoon 4pm. Under Zhang Li’s lead, their journey in Disneyland was very strategically planned out.

The next stop was Tomorrowland. After finish playing at Tomorrowland, they went back to Main Street U.S.A. The sky was beginning to become dark and thus the lights in Disneyland were opened in succession. After all the lights were turned on, the Disneyland was completely different from the Disneyland during the day. It was a completely different kind of scenery.

After strolling for a while and finish buying some souvenirs, Zhang Li brought the father and daughter to Sleeping Beauty Castle. The Sleeping Beauty Castle was the best place to watch the Disneyland’s fireworks.

After finish watching the fantasy-like fireworks, a day of playing had also came to an end.

Returning back to the hotel, Zhang Han first coaxed the little princess who was exhausted to sleep, then came to the living room.

Zhang Li had already finished packing up her clothes,

“Brother, I’m going to work now.” Zhang Li looked at Zhang Han’s expression and said cautiously.

“Hmm, go then.” Zhang Han casually waved his hand.

This made Zhang Li felt somewhat unexpected.

She knew her brother’s temper was somewhat obstinate. Bar DJ this kind of job was surely a job that he did not approve of her working. Zhang Li was previously still very afraid of Zhang Han obstinately giving her some lectures.

“However……” Zhang Han’s sudden speaking caused Zhang Li to become nervous again, as she heard Zhang Han said, “Working at that kind of place, you have to be a bit more careful. You are also not ugly. If someone were to harass you, you can just straightforwardly kick his crotch. Whatever problem that arises, your brother I will block it all for you.”

What would have been very warm and comforting was all ruined by that ‘you are also not ugly’!

Zhang Li glared with her eyes opened wide, “Zhang Han! What do you mean by I am also not ugly?! You! What do you mean by that! I am the bar trumped card beauty DJ you know!”

“Eh?” Zhang Went slightly went into a daze, then smiled, “Fine, fine, fine. You are the most beautiful.”

“Humph! No taste!” Zhang Li rolled her eyes. Just when she was about to leave, she remembered something and said, “That’s right. Brother, you are not like back in the past already. You cannot keep on spending money away extravagantly anymore. This hotel is too expensive already, just one night alone costs 180k rmb. Don’t you have a house at Xiangjiang? Back then you even spent 2million rmb to renovate it. It should be much better compared to this hotel right?”

“I understand.” Zhang Han nodded his head, “That house have not been taken care of for a few years. I have to first call a cleaner to tidy up the house first.”

“As long as you understand. I will go to work first then.” After finish speaking, Zhang Li hurriedly left.

While leaving, the corner of Zhang Li’s mouth hang up a smile.

Seeing that Zhang Han was able to pull himself together, as his own sister, she was naturally very happy about it.

Sitting on the sofa, Zhang Han casually opened the television to watch.

The television was currently broadcasting the movie ‘2012’.

This was an epic grade disaster movie. In his previous life, Zhang Han had watched it for not less than 5 times. However, when he saw the unfamiliar male lead in the television, he was dazed.

Wasn’t the male lead supposed to be John Cusack? Why is it another person?

Zhang Han went into a daze for a while, then stood up and walked to the computer table and began searching for John Cusack’s information.

However, after searching for a while, he wasn’t able to find any information that belongs to John Cusack.

There is no information of John Cusack?

Zhang Han frowned as his fingers started typing rapidly on the keyboard, continuously searching for information about the entertainment industry.

Gradually, the astonishment in Zhang Han’s gaze became much more astonished.

He discovered that, not only John Cusack was gone, even some other familiar superstars were also gone.

Not only Hollywood superstars, even some China superstars in his past life also did not exist anymore.

Also, there were some movies and television shows that were not filmed. Even though that, within the large entertainment industry, those movies and television shows were pretty much nothing, but those information all explained one thing.

The development trajectory of the world in this lifetime has changed!

“That’s right!” Zhang Han’s gaze revealed out pondering, “In the previous life, the children’s mother, Zi Yan also did not appear. But in this life, she appeared, and I even have a daughter. I should have thought of this sooner.”

Perhaps the development trajectory of this lifetime changed because of my rebirth? After all, I am Han Yan Immortal Monarch. When a monarch arrives at Earth, causing a bit of effect to the Earth was natural!

After finish pondering about the matter, Zhang Han smiled and shook his head.

“Whether if some people exist or do not exist in this lifetime, it also does not have anything to do with me. Right now, my main task is to be a good father.”

Good father?

To Meng Meng, he was indeed a good father. But…if his Zhang Family’s education was to be known by others, it was reckoned that there would be a dispute whether if he was a good father or not.

There was nothing wrong with doting your daughter, but where would people teach their own daughter to say ‘you insect’? This Zhang Family’s education was indeed a huge problem in the eyes of other people, but since Zhang Han did not think that there was any problem, it was all ultimately useless even if others think that there was a problem.

“Knock, knock, knock……”

Suddenly, the sound of door knocking rang out.

It was already reaching 9pm. Who would be knocking the door at this timing? Could it be…special service?

Zhang Han went to open the door.

When he opened the door, he was stunned as he discovered that the person that stood out the door was a tall beautiful woman that wore a sunglasses.

The beautiful woman had an alluring body. She wore a Fendi down dress. The white as jade soft fur of the dress was clean and unique. On her feet, she wore a pair of crystal high-heeled shoes. The straight white legs of the beautiful woman were much more attracting than her clothes.

On her left hand, she wore a silver Cartier wrist watch, and on her right hand, she held a Hermes Constance black alligator skin gold buttoned female shoulder bag.

The woman’s outfit and style were very fitting. With a look, Zhang Han this former rich second generation was able to make out the value of the entire items that was on the woman.

Fendi westen-style dress 100k, shoes 50k, wrist watch 150k, alligator handbag 400k, and adding together all the other jewelries, it was more or less 1million rmb.

Eh…just how much are those alluring legs worth though?

Zhang Han’s gaze sized up and down at the beautiful woman’s legs.

“Have you finish looking?”

A distinct cold voice suddenly rang out.

The person who knocked the door was naturally not any special service, and was instead Meng Meng’s mother, Zi Yan.

Hearing that, Zhang Han curled his lips and looked at the legs for a bit more, then raised his head up and said,

“Why did you come?”

“Eh?” Zi Yan slightly went into a daze.

Seeing her look, she was just like an enlarged version of when Meng Meng went into a daze. When this kind of expression and tone appeared on this iceberg beauty, it immediately made her seemed endearing adorable.

However, at the next moment, the aura on Zi Yan’s body immediately became cold.

“You ask why I came?” Zi Yan said with a rather big grievance, “I came to pick up my daughter!”

After finish speaking, Zi Yan walked past Zhang Han and entered into the hotel room. Looking around, she asked, “Where is Emily?”

Hearing that, Zhang Han slightly frowned as he closed the door and said, “Firstly, she is not called Emily, she is called Zhang Yumeng, and her pet name is Meng Meng. Secondly, she is currently asleep, so be a bit softer when you talk.”

Originally, Zi Yan already had grievance when she went to Shangjing and found out that Zhang Han and Meng Meng were not there. Right now, after hearing Zhang Han’s tone, she immediately became angrier. Taking off her sunglasses, she glared at Zhang Han ferociously, “You say change name so change name? Based on what should I listen to you?

“Based on that I am the child’s father. My surname is Zhang, so she must also be surnamed Zhang!”

It was still fine not bringing up this matter, but when this matter was brought up, Zhang Han felt indignant. From the past up to now, where was there such a thing as a person’s own child not having the same surname as the person?

Hearing that, the anger within Zi Yan’s heart became much bigger. Walking to the front of Zhang Han, she said stiffly, “I am the child’s mother. I carried her in my womb for 10 months and gave birth to her. It was I who raised her up till now. It was already very good of me to let you meet with her. What rights do you have to change her name without my permission? Why did you not inform me advance that you were coming to Xiangjiang? Do you still have in me in your eyes? Yet now you this convenient father who did not even take care of me or her for a single day still have a temper?”

The facts tell us that, never ever quarrel with a woman.

The series of words caused the corner of Zhang Han’s mouth to twitch endlessly. Also, he couldn’t help but sighed in his heart. Everything that Zi Yan said was the truth.

Since the hard won’t do, the soft should do right?

Zhang Han’s voice became feeble as he said,

“Sit down and have a rest first. I will go and pour a cup of water for you.”

“Humph! This sounds more like something a human would say!” Zi Yan petulantly rolled her eyes at Zhang Han as she gracefully walked with her high-heeled shoes and sat on the sofa.

After pouring a cup of water for Zi Yan, Zhang Han sat at the opposite and attentively took a few looks at Zi Yan.

So it seems that, Meng Meng’s delicate face, beautiful eyebrows, exquisite nose, lustrous big eyes and that lips which were thin like willow leaf were practically all inherited from Zi Yan’s superior gene.

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