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Godly Stay-Home Dad
Chapter 8
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Zhang Han has three chance to transform the domain however he wants. But after three times, whatever that he wants to do to the land, he would have to do it by hand.

The power of transformation was not endless too. The Thunder-Yang Tree’s energy was limited and Zhang Han needed to absorb a portion of the energy to rise to Qi Refining Realm. Just the energy that he needed was already more than half of the energy. Furthermore, the Yuanqing Tree that was going to be planted on the mountaintop also needed 20% of the energy so that its growth would be guaranteed.

After counting all that, the remaining amount of energy was totally not able to support that many amount of areas.

“This is a tough problem!”

Zhang Han rubbed his head while feeling somewhat troubled. He had no choice but to give up on the idea of settling everything in one go.

“Forget it. Food have to be eaten one mouthful at a time and the road have to be walked a step by a step. Besides, Meng Meng is still small and do not need to have an early rural lifestyle.”

Without choice, Zhang Han placed the residential area, amusement area and viewing area on hold temporarily and the pet area that was at the back of the mountain on pending. The main priority was to first settle the planting area and poultry area.

After finish planning, Zhang Han went on the web page and opened Xiangjiang’s satellite map to view the size and position of different mountains.

It must be said that, the number of mountains in Xiangjiang was numerous. However, as someone whose aim was to enjoy life, the leading choices were mountains which faced against the sea, because if one were to live on a mountain which faced against the sea, they would be able to view the scenery of the sea at any time that they want.

After viewing for quite a while, Zhang Han discovered that most of the mountains had a very huge surface area. As a perfectionist, Zhang Han wanted to find a mountain which was extremely suitable for him. The mountain’s surface had to be not too big, but at the same time, be big enough to accommodate the size of the areas that Zhang Han will be working on.

After viewing for an hour, Zhang Han ultimately wrote down 7 addresses on the paper.

Mountains which faced against the sea and had a moderate size. Those were the first batch of options.

“Hope that I will be able to find a treasure land within one of those mountains!”

Zhang Han lightly muttered to himself. Feeling somewhat exhausted, he decided to go and rest.

Right after standing up, his phone rang.

It is already so late? Who is the calling the phone?

Zhang Han took out the phone from his pocket and upon seeing the dialer, he couldn’t help going into a short daze.

Zi Yan?

After connecting through the phone call, Zi Yan’s ferocious voice transmitted out from the phone,

“Where are you?!”

“I am currently at a hotel.”

Zhang Han calmly replied.

It appears that this seems to be the first time I have truly communicated with Zi Yan?

To speak the truth, Zhang Han was currently feeling somewhat complicated. Towards Zi Yan, he wasn’t able to treat her indifferently like other people.

“Perhaps…it is because she is Meng Meng’s mother I guess.”

Zhang Han lightly muttered in his heart.

Towards Zi Yan, it is best that I just follow my true heart and not be deliberate or artificial. Just follow my heart will do.


Zi Yan wrinkled her brows, then immediately relaxed afterward.

Seems like this rigid minded guy cares a lot about Emily. If not, he would also not give up on that messy house of his and go stay at a hotel instead.

“Which hotel are you at?” Zi Yan’s voice calmed down.

“Fushi Hotel.” Zhang Han shortly replied.

Seeing that Zhang Han seems to not have any interest in speaking with her, Zi Yan couldn’t help but feel angry in her heart.

It is already not bad that I patiently talked with you, and yet you speak so coldly to me? What is the meaning of this?

Thus, she said snappishly, “Send the location to my wechat!”

After finish speaking, Zi Yan rolled her eyes, then hang up the phone.

“What is the matter with this woman?”

Zhang Han curled his lips while feeling somewhat puzzled. He just reached Xiangjiang and Zi Yan was about to come over?

How did she know that I came to Xiangjiang?

Oh, that’s right, she must have heard the airport’s announcement when she was talking with Meng Meng on the phone just now.

After opening up his phone’s wechat, he immediately sent his location over to Zi Yan.

“Ring, ring, ring……”

Two seconds later, the phone rang once again and Zhang Han answered the call.

“Zhang Han!”

Zi Yan’s angry voice transmitted out from the phone.

“What’s the matter?” Zhang Han got shocked.

As expected of a singer. Even a phone was not able to obstruct Zi Yan’s rather powerful voice.

“You are at Xiangjiang?! Why didn’t you tell me?! Why did you bring Emily to Xiangjiang on your own initiative? You caused me to rush over to Shangjing! You have no good intentions!” Zi Yan said in succession.

This matter simply angered her to the point that her teeth could itch. Originally, she was already very tired after being busy at the company for a whole day. Furthermore, during night time, she was not resting and was actually instead rushing over to Shangjing. But upon reaching Zhang Han’s house, no one was there!

“You also didn’t ask?” Zhang Han said with an innocent tone.

“Just because I didn’t ask, you can’t tell me?” Zi Yan was feeling angrier now as she grinds her teeth and said, “You…you wait and see!”

After finish speaking, the phone was immediately hang up by her.

“Bad temper.”

Zhang Han also did not mind it at all. Taking a stretch and feeling the exhaustion in his body, he walked towards the bedroom, preparing to sleep while hugging his daughter. While walking towards the bedroom, he mumbled to himself,

“It’s most likely that her great aunt came I guess.” (??? – Great Aunt: Slang for menstruation.)

At the other side, below the apartment that Zhang Han lived at in Shangjing.

“Yawn……” Zhou Fei took a yawn, “Big sister, he went to Xiangjiang already so what do we do? Book plane tickets to go back to Xiangjiang now?”

Towards things that concerned her daughter, Zi Yan had always been very decisive. Although it was already very late, Zhou Fei knows that Zi Yan would not mind rushing back to Xiangjiang for Meng Meng.

“Forget it, let’s find a hotel to rest first. We will go back tomorrow.” Zi Yan shook her head.

On the road towards the hotel, Zi Yan was somewhat absent-minded.

He is willing to leave Shangjing?

Towards Zhang Han, the father of her child, Zi Yan had also pay attention to him in these past few years. Naturally, she has some friends who were at Shangjing. After asking about for a bit, she understood the circumstances of Zhang Han this wretched young master. Towards Zhang Han’s obstinate and not willing to leave Shangjing, she was also naturally aware of it.

Perhaps it is because of his daughter.

For him to choose to go Xiangjiang…could it be because of me?

Thinking up to here, Zi Yan’s emotion indescribably became slightly frenetic.


The following morning, while Zhang Han was enjoying his sleep, Meng Meng’s crying sound once again woke up Zhang Han from his sleep.

“What’s the matter Meng Meng?”

Zhang Han swayed his head as he carried the little princess and said gently, “Did you have a nightmare again?”

Meng Meng did not answer and only kept on crying.

After messing around for a while, then did Zhang Han knew what the problem was.

It turns out that, the little fellow wetted the bed and her disposable diaper was nearly fully drenched.

“Daddy help you change your pants. Don’t cry okay?” Zhang Han frantically helped the little fellow change her clothes.

Afterward, Zhang Han made a cup of milk for the little princess and only after she started drinking it, then did her crying gradually stopped. Seeing that the little princess was somewhat embarrassed and bashful, Zhang Han immediately knew what the matter was.

While finding it funny, Zhang Han said, “Meng Meng, you are not even 4 years old yet. Wetting bed below the age of 5 is very normal.”

“Oh~” Meng Meng twisted her little body.

“Haha……” Zhang Han smiled while patting onto the little princess’s head, “Daddy will bring you out to play today. We will go to…Disneyland.”

“Eh?” Meng Meng went into a daze for a while, then placed down her baby bottle and happily clapped her hands, “Alright, alright! Go Disneyland play!”

“Let’s go and wake aunt up.” Zhang Han carried Meng Meng and walked to the secondary bedroom.

Under Zhang Han’s guts training guidance, Meng Meng shouted out with her sweet voice,

“Au…aunt, the sun is already shining on your butt and you are still sleeping! So embarrassing! If you still don’t wake up, we will go and play on our own.”

Under the little princess’s shouting, Zhang Li also woke up. Taking a look at the clock and seeing that it was only 8 am, she sighed vexingly.

After finish tidying up, Zhang Li opened the door and walked out. Seeing Zhang Han and Meng Meng playing around on the sofa, she rolled her eyes at Zhang Han petulantly,

“Brother, it is only 8 am you know.”

“What you mean ‘only’? It is 8 am already and you are still sleeping. Quickly go and wash up. We are going to Disneyland later on.” Zhang Han hurried.

“Okay, okay, okay. I will hurry up.” Zhang Li curled her lips.

After Zhang Li finish washing up and just when they were about to leave, she saw that the little princess wore too little and shook her head, “This won’t do. Brother, you have to bring a jacket for Meng Meng.”

“Bring a jacket for what?” Zhang Han asked while feeling puzzled.

The temperature in Xiangjiang was quite high. Even though it was currently the autumn in the tenth month, walking on the road would still cause one to sweat.

“Aren’t we going to Disneyland? The temperature at Disneyland is very low indoor and quite high outdoor. What will you do if Meng Meng catches a cold because of the large change in temperature? Brother, you are also a father now, you have to take note of this kind of general knowledge.” Zhang Li said.

“Oh, you are right.” Zhang Han nodded his head, then went back to the bedroom and took a jacket with a cartoon on it for Meng Meng.

It must be said that, women are always much more attentive compared to men.

After having a simple breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant, Zhang Han brought his daughter to Disneyland to begin their first trip at a theme park together.

Zhang Han had not come to Xiangjiang’s Disneyland before, thus Zhang Li assumed the position of being the host, or to say it simply, bitter work.

At the Disneyland’s entrance, Zhang Han carried the little princess and stood at a shady place while Zhang Li queued up to buy tickets under the sun.

Disneyland was after all a first rate theme park in all over the world. Although there was no Ferris wheel that ordinary theme park would have here, the playability here towards children was much higher. Each and every fairy tale themed area received the fondness of many children.

However, Meng Meng was after all only 3 years old and her height was not even a meter tall, thus there were many things that she wasn’t able to play.

“Wah…there are so many people! Daddy, look at that balloon, it is so big! Daddy, look at there, look at there……”

Meng Meng happily giggled continuously while her big eyes kept on looking all around everywhere.

Entering into Disneyland, the first stop was Main Street, U.S.A, which was actually a shopping a street where on the left and right side of the street, there were stores that sold souvenir. Zhang Han did not intend to waste time here and thus straight away asked Zhang Li to help him take a few photos of him and Meng Meng.

After finish taking the photos, they immediately came to the second stop, Frontierland.

“Daddy.” With a grievance look, Meng Meng pointed to the rapid roller coaster and asked pitifully, “Why can’t I play?”

“Because Meng Meng is still small. Wait after you grow up to 1.1m tall, you would be able to play.” Zhang Li smiled and pinched Meng Meng’s face.

Since that Rapid Roller Coaster couldn’t be played, they had no choice but to go to the Geyser Gulch. After taking a few pictures at the Geyser Gulch, they came to the Mystic Manor.

“Daddy, I’m scared……”

Meng Meng squeezed into Zhang Han’s embrace, while secretly looking at the surroundings with her big eyes.

The making of the Mystic Manor was excellent and the effects there were very good. The somewhat cold atmosphere made the little princess felt slightly afraid.

“Let’s go to another place to play then.”

Zhang Han said with a smile, then carried the little princess to the Garden of Wonders. Garden of Wonders was also considered as a place for taking photos. After walking one round at the Garden Of Wonders, it felt somewhat boring already.

“It is about to reach 12pm. Let’s go to Adventureland. At exactly 12pm, there will be the lion king’s celebration performance.”

“Set…off!” The little princess raised her hands.

After reaching Adventureland, there was still about 5 minutes before 12pm. Carrying Meng Meng, Zhang Han sat in the third role near the corridor.

Looking at the adorable characters within fairy tales, Meng Meng excitedly brandished her hands while within Zhang Han’s embrace.

The performance was all in English. For Zhang Han who was a beginner in speaking English, he could only barely make out some of the simple words.

Contrary to Zhang Han, Meng Meng was born in North America, was able to understand English perfectly fine.

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