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Godly Stay-Home Dad
Chapter 7
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Zi Yan nodded her head, then picked up her bag to look for her phone as she said, “I’m giving Emily a call.”

When talking about the little fellow, Zhou Fei became moody and rolled her eyes at Zi Yan as she said, “Big sister, I don’t understand how you are able to feel reassured about leaving Emily at that sloppy male’s place. If the little fellow was to become sick because of hygiene problem, you will surely regret it.”

“Emily is after all his daughter too. He…will pay attention to the hygiene right?” Zi Yan said with uncertainty as she took out her phone and dialed Zhang Han’s phone number.

Ring, ring…

The phone rang for 10+ times before it was connected. From the phone, her daughter’s tender and cheerful voice could be heard, “Mommy, I miss you so much! (??,?????!)”

Hearing her daughter’s voice, the fidgety in Zi Yan’s heart got swept away immediately and a smile which outsiders would hardly be able to see was hung on her face, as she said gently, “Emily, are you happy playing at your father’s place those few days?”

“Eh? Oh…you, you called wrong, I am not Emily!”

“Who are you then?” Zi Yan said with a smile, thinking that her daughter was joking with her.

“I am…Zhang…Yumeng…Meng Meng…Meng Meng.” Meng Meng’s cheerful voice transmitted out from the phone.

Hearing that, Zi Yan’s expression went rigid as she thought to herself in a moment of panic, “Zhang Yumeng? He gave Emily a new name? Could it be that he wants to snatch Emily away from my side?”

“Why did you change your name?” Zi Yan suppressed her emotion and asked.

“Because, I am a Chinese, and Emily is foreign, I don’t want it.”

“Oh, then did you have fun those few days?” Zi Yan went into a daze for a while, then asked.

“Yes. I am enjoying…enjoying life with daddy.”

Enjoying life? Not bearing hardships while staying with him would be counted as good enough already!

Zi Yan thought to herself.

From the little fellow’s tone, it could be discerned out that she was quite dependent on that wretched, bad temper and inflexible minded father of hers.

“How are you enjoying life then?” Zi Yan asked.

“Eh……Daddy, mommy asked how we are enjoying life……”

Meng Meng did not know how to answer and quickly looked towards her father for help.

Very quickly, Meng Meng’s sweet voice once again transmitted out from the phone, “Daddy said that, we are going to eat the best food, drink the best drink, and play the best thing. Oh…in a while, I am going to sit the big bird too. Mommy, I have to hang up, I am going to go enjoy life with daddy already.”

After Meng Meng finished speaking, Zi Yan vaguely heard those few words from the phone, “Attention, from Shangjing towards……”

Then followed by the phone hanging up.

At that moment, Zi Yan was in a daze.

My daughter hang up on my call?

Enjoy life?

Bluffing little children with graceful words and flowery speech. Zhang Han, how are you going to enjoy life when you are wretched to that state?

What was the meaning of that last sentence from the phone? Was he at a bus stop? Airport? Or somewhere else? With how obstinate he is, would he actually leave Shangjing?

“Big sister, big sister, big sister?”

After calling out for a few times, Zhou Fei then saw that Zi Yan turned her head towards her, and within Zi Yan’s eyes, there was bewilderedness.

“What’s the matter big sister? What did Emily say? Did she had enough of staying there?” Zhou Fei asked curiously.

“She didn’t say anything.” Zi Yan replied as she woke up from being dazed. Lowering her head, she felt upset in her heart.

In the past, when she called her daughter on the phone, it would always be her coaxing her daughter to hang up the phone. But right now, the little fellow did not even ask her anything and straight away hung up the phone. This kind of change made Zi Yan’s mood felt very terrible.

“It is not early already, let’s go back first.” Zhou Fei took a look at her watch and said.

At this time, Zi Yan raised her head and said, “I’m not going back. Xiao Fei, go and book the earliest flight to Shangjing now!”

“Ah?” Zhou Fei went into a daze for a moment, “But, the company is holding 2 meetings tomorrow, and there is the matter of eating dinner with young master Li.”

“Push off everything! We have to quickly bring Emily back. She……” Zi Yan took a deep breath, “She became bad!”

“Oh, okay.” Zhou Fei nodded her head. She understood that anything that concerned the little fellow, Zi Yan would always say one and mean just that. Therefore, she quickly took out her phone to book the airplane tickets.

Actually, Zi Yan misunderstood Meng Meng. Meng Meng actually still wanted to continue chatting with her mother, but the plane was about to take off. Zhang Han reminded the little fellow, and after the little fellow said goodbye to her mother, Zhang Han took over the phone and straight away hung up, which caused the little fellow to feel immensely dissatisfied.

“Alright Meng Meng, we have to go sit the big bird. After we reach our destination, you can continue chatting with your mother okay?” Zhang Han said lightly.

“Oh. Go and sit big bird, talk with mommy after we reach the destination!” Meng Meng brandished her arms and legs while she was within Zhang Han’s embrace.

The little fellow was fond of riding airplane, because when riding an airplane, she would be able to see the cotton-candy-like clouds through the outside of the airplane’s window.

However, she was not able to see the cloud this time because the sky was already dark.

At night, 9.30pm, the plane reached Xiangjiang International Airport right on time.

Pulling the luggage with his left hand and carrying the little fellow with his right hand, Zhang Han walked out of the airport.

At another side of the airport’s entrance, Zi Yan who wore a mask and sunglasses was currently hurriedly heading towards the plane room with Zhou Fei. This trip of Zi Yan’s was destined to be a waste.

After walking out of the airport, Zhang Han’s gaze swept around and finally, his gaze came to a stop at a woman within the crowd.

The woman’s appearance was somewhat similar to Zhang Han’s appearance, only that her eyebrows were like willow leaves, and her nose and lips were much more small and exquisite. The woman was precisely Zhang Li, who had a height of 1.7m.

Zhang Han smiled and walked towards Zhang Li. When Zhang Han came close to Zhang Li and Zhang Li saw Zhang Han who dressed neatly and had the graceful bearing that he possessed back in the past, her eyes became red all of a sudden.


Zhang Li cried out lightly as hurriedly walked up and entered into Zhang Han’s embrace.

“Boohoo……” When Meng Meng who was very vigilantly looking at the woman who was looking face to face with her father saw that the two hugged together, she immediately started crying.

“Aiyo, what’s the matter Meng Meng?” Zhang Han let go of his sister and quickly went to console the little princess.

At this moment then did Zhang Li noticed Meng Meng. Seeing Meng Meng’s adorable and sad little face, Zhang Li smiled and said, “Meng Meng don’t cry, be obedient. Later on, aunt will bring you to eat good things okay?”

While speaking, Zhang Li wanted to carry Meng Meng over from Zhang Han. But, who knew the little fellow raised her little hand to protest,

“You go away, bad woman! Daddy belongs to me and mommy! Other people cannot hug daddy!”

“Pff……” Zhang Li went into a daze for a moment. Soon after, she could not help but start laughing out.

Not knowing whether to laugh or cry at the situation, Zhang Han began explaining the meaning of ‘aunt’ to Meng Meng. After knowing that Zhang Li was her daddy’s little sister, only then did the little princess’s mood began to gradually improve.

Originally Zhang Li wanted to treat them seafood, but Zhang Han immediately rejected it. Firstly, he felt that eating seafood was easy to cause children to have diarrhea. Secondly, he was not reassured about the restaurants outside. Even if they were to eat seafood, the seafood should also at least be personally prepared by him.

Towards culinary delicacy, this aspect, Zhang Han’s expectation was high to the extreme. He intends to personally cultivate ingredients for Meng Meng to eat after he planted the Thunder-Yang Tree. Before that, he can only make do with normal ingredients for Meng Meng for now.

In the end, Zhang Han chose to eat at a pastry restaurant. While eating, Zhang Han found out that Zhang Li was working as a dj at a bar that was at Causeway Bay. Every week, only Sunday was her off day. (Do not take/compare the locations in the novel too seriously to real life location. In the raw, the location ‘Causeway Bay’ which is???, is written as ???.)

(Note: Some of the locations in the novel do not exist in real life too.)

Not speaking about how exhausting working as a DJ was, the working environment was also not really good, as crooks and honest folks were all mixed together in that kind of environment. Zhang Han did not want Zhang Li to continue working as a DJ, but Zhang Li said that working as a DJ was her hobby.

Seeing that his persuasion was useless, Zhang Han did not talk about it anymore. After finish eating, it was already close to night 11pm and the little princess was already feeling sleepy. Zhang Li called for a cab and wanted to let Zhang Han go to her rented apartment to stay. But after Zhang Han learned that his sister was co-renting the apartment with someone else, he gave up the idea of staying at the apartment and told Zhang Li to instead stay together with him at Fushi Hotel which was at Causeway Bay.

Of course, with Zhang Ham’s life goal of enjoying life, he handed over 500k rmb advance payment and stayed at the president suite which cost 180k rmb per day.

This caused Zhang Li’s expression to freeze for a moment.

“Seems like brother’s situation is not as bad as I imagined.”

However, followed after, Zhang Li got angry for a bit in her heart,

“Alright, fancy that I actually deposited 5k rmb to him every month and right now he actually casually take out 500k rmb. How was this even counted as his situation being bad? Seems like Zhang Family still has some conscience in the end and left him with a bit of money.”

Entering into the room, Zhang Han first placed the little princess who was asleep in the main bedroom. Afterward, he went back to the living room and explained simply about the matter of the car racing. After that then did Zhang Li knew where Zhang Han’s money came from.

The brother and sister had not seen each other for a few years and thus they naturally had a lot to talk about. They chatted until about midnight 1am before coming to a stop.

While chatting, when Zhang Li asked about Meng Meng’s mother, Zhang Han did not give a specific answer. Seeing that, Zhang Li also did not persist on with the question. After talking until she felt tired, she then went to the secondary bedroom to rest.

Although Zhang Han was feeling drowsy, he had a much more important thing to do. Perking up his mind, he went to the computer table and opened up the computer.

After taking out a pen from the drawer, he started to ponder.

“After the Thunder-Yang Tree is planted, I can consider a mountain as a domain and undergo nourishment for the mountain and transform the soil into spiritual land. Other than planting the other seeds, I can also plant some fruits and vegetables. However, I will have to consider how big the land should be. The bigger the land, the spiritual strength of the soil would be sparser. I have to first think about what I need. Eh, no, it should be about what Meng Meng need.”

Zhang Han took the pen and started writing on a paper,

“Meng Meng needs to drink milk, so I will have to raise a dairy cow. Not only that, chickens, ducks, fishes and so on are also needed for eating. This area can be counted as the poultry area.”

“Meng Meng’s main foods are rice and wheat flour. Thus, I will have to grow rice and wheat. Fruits and vegetables are also needed too. An area should be used as the planting area then.”

“For the area at the mountain top, other than Thunder-Yang Tree and Yuanqing Tree those things which are required for cultivating, there is no need to plant other things there. This area should be used as the residential area then.”

“The poultry area and planting area will be placed at the back of the mountain. Oh, that’s right, I can also raise some house pets for Meng Meng to play with. So, I will have to leave an area for the pet area.”

“At the mountain front, I can leave out an area for the amusement area. At the amusement area, I can build a swimming pool, golf course or something else there.”

“The place must also be pleasing to the eyes, so I will have to set up a viewing area too. At the viewing area, I can plant some beautiful flowers, plants and trees there. I can also get a giant fish tank and raise some uncommon fishes in it. Then, I can make a pond too to grow some lotus. Lastly, I can build an above water courtyard which would be a pretty nice place for viewing the scenery.”

“It would be best if I can also make a seawater area. However, it is quite difficult to make a seawater area. It is not something I should consider currently. Two area can be leave out as the reserve area and that should be enough. For the two reserve area, one will be at the mountain back and the other will be at the mountain front.”

After finish writing all those, Zhang Han began to read everything he had written to check if there was any problem. After finish reading, he immediately went into a daze.

“Poultry area, planting area, residential area, pet area, amusement area, viewing area, seawater area and reserve area!”

Not speaking about the last two area, just the six area in the front was also too much already. The amount of work that would be needed was too enormous and the Thunder-Yang Tree did not have that much amount of energy!

During the moment when the Thunder-Yang Tree was planted, the Thunder-Yang Tree would view the mountain as its domain and release the first batch of energy to transform the domain. Afterward, the domain will refill the Thunder-Yang Tree with energy, and after the Thunder-Yang Tree absorbed enough energy, it will release the second batch of energy to transform the domain. This cycle will repeat again and in the end, the Thunder-Yang Tree and the domain will fuse together and become a treasure land.

However, the chance to transform the domain was only three time!

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