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Godly Stay-Home Dad
Chapter 6
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“What a coincidence, I was intending to book two airplane tickets just now, but in the end found out that my bank had no money. Right after that, I received the money you send to me.” Zhang Han said with a faint laugh.

“Oh……Eh?” Zhang Li said in astonishment, “Buy airplane ticket? Brother, could it be that you……”

“That’s right, I am intending to go somewhere else.” Zhang Han said.

“You are finally willing to leave Shangjing City?” Zhang Li’s voice was trembling, and there was happiness in her tone.

“That’s right. It is just as you said, I would also not be able to investigate anything much by staying in Shangjing City like this. Once my strength becomes higher, everything will naturally come to light.” Zhang Han said with a laugh.

“It is good as long as you understand.” Zhang Li’s eyes turned red as she asked, “Where do you intend to go?”

“Xiangjiang.” Zhang Han replied, “You should settle your things and come to Xiangjiang too. Come to Xiangjiang and enjoy life together with your brother me.”

“I am currently at Xiangjiang.” Zhang Li said slowly.

“Oh. I will be taking the flight at tomorrow evening 6pm and will be reaching Xiangjiang International Airport at 9.30pm. You can come fetch me at that time.” Zhang Han said.

Zhang Li hesitated for a while, then replied, “Alright then. Wait! You said that you booked two airplane tickets just now. Who are you coming with?”

“With my daughter.”

Thump! Thump! Thump!

The sound of a phone dropping on the floor could be heard, followed by Zhang Li’s cry of astonishment, “What did you say? Your daughter?”

“Yep. My daughter, which is also your niece.” Zhang Han laughed while shaking his head.

“How is it possible? Why do I do not know about it? Is it real or fake? You are not bluffing me?” Zhang Li let out a succession of questioning.

“It is of course true. Even I myself was somewhat shocked.” Zhang Han replied.

“My…god…I am already an aunt?” Zhang Li mumbled at a loss.

“You will be able to see her when we meet tomorrow.”

“No, I want to see her now. Let me send you a video chat.” After speaking finish, Zhang Li immediately hang up the phone.

Followed after, a video chat invitation arrived in Zhang Han’s WeChat.

(WeChat is something like WhatsApp.)

After connecting through, when Zhang Li saw the neatly dressed Zhang Han who seemed just like in the past, she was immediately stumped, and tears filled her eyes unconsciously.

“Alright, you are such a big person already, there is no need to cry.” Zhang Han said with a smile.

“No matter how big I am, I am still your little sister. Seeing you being able to pull yourself together, I am very happy.” Zhang Li wiped her tears and adjusted her emotions, then said, “Where is my niece? Quickly let me see her.”

Zhang Han walked to the bedside and adjusted the phone’s camera lens right at the little princess who was currently sleeping soundly.

“What a pretty and adorable little girl!” Zhang Li said tenderly, “Brother, who is my sister-in-law? To be able to give birth to such a pretty child, she must also be very beautiful right?”

“Eh……” Being afraid to wake up Meng Meng from her sleep, Zhang Han replied softly, “Let’s talk about it when we meet instead.”

Despite Zhang Han’s voice being very soft, but the little fellow seemed to be able to hear his voice. Twisting around her little body, she kicked away the blanket with her little legs, revealing out her little legs and little buttocks which was still wearing a disposable diaper.

Zhang Han tenderly covered the little fellow with the blanket again, then walked to a corner to continue chatting with Zhang Li. After chatting close to an hour, only then did he hang up the video chat.

Walking back to the bed, Zhang Han took off his clothes and placed it on the side. Looking at the adorable little fellow at his side, Zhang Han gradually fell asleep. On this night, he had a very good sleep.

The next day when the sun just came out, Zhang Han was woken up by a burst of crying sound.


Zhang Han quickly opened his eyes and saw that the little fellow beside him was currently crying loudly.

“What’s the matter little daring. Don’t cry, don’t cry. Come, daddy hug.” Zhang Han quickly hugged the little fellow in his embrace.

“Boohoo, boohoo…Dad…dy, there was…was a big monster chasing after me. I’m scared……” Meng Meng cried.

Upon hearing that, Zhang Han immediately understood what happened and said lightly, “Meng Meng, it was only a dream. You were just dreaming.”

“Boohoo…I’m scared…”

After coaxing for a while and seeing that it was not working at all, he suddenly thought of an idea in a hurry. Raising his left hand and attracting the little fellow’s attention,

“Meng Meng don’t be scared. Big monsters are all stupid and ugly. Watch as daddy beat the big monster up! Ha! Watch this fist of mine! Bang! The monster’s nose has been beaten crooked by me. Watch this two fingers of mine. Ha! The monster’s eyes got hit away by me. Looking at this palm of mine. Smack! The monster got beaten to death with a slap from my palm!”

Seeing that the little fellow stopped crying after being attracted by his actions, Zhang Han let out a sigh of relief in his heart, “Alright, the big monster has been beaten to death by daddy!”

“Wow, daddy is so powerful.” There were still tear stains hang on Meng Meng eyes, but the crying had stopped. Looking at Zhang Han, she said with a somewhat worshipping tone.

“That is only natural. Your dad is the most powerful.” Zhang Han said proudly.

“Daddy, I’m hungry. I want to drink milk.”

“Give daddy a while, daddy go help you make milk.” Zhang Han stood up and went to make a cup of milk for the little fellow.

After making the cup of milk, the milk’s fragrant was very faint. Zhang Han took a look at the powdered milk and laughed in disdain, then said, “Meng Meng, wait after we settled down, daddy will raise a dairy cow and let you drink pure milk every day.”

After finish speaking, he passed the milk bottle over to Meng Meng. Taking over the milk bottle, Meng Meng drank a big mouthful, then asked confusedly,

“What is a dairy cow?”

“Dairy cow is a cow that can produce milk.” Zhang Han explained, “The powdered milk that you are currently drinking is manufactured out by cow’s milk. Little children all have to drink milk to grow up because there are lots of nutrition in milk.”

“Didn’t I…drank mommy’s milk to grow up?” Meng Meng asked confusedly.

“Your mother’s milk is drunk by you when you were a year old. After a year old, you will have to start drinking cow’s milk.” Zhang Han replied.

Luckily Zhang Han’s view of family love was comparably high. If it was an outsider or some other family’s child asking him question upon question, Zhang Han would most definitely say while feeling annoyed,

“Am I the great Han Yan Immortal Monarch supposed to be here to answer all your questions? Quickly scram to the side.”

But towards his own daughter, Zhang Han had no choice but to answer all her question, while feeling both helpless and enjoyment in the process of answering Meng Meng’s questions.

Morning 9am, the manager of the second-hand car website arrived as planned. After finish dealing the car, Zhang Han rejected the manager’s invitation to eating together.

Back to the hotel, he threw away all the other bank cards in his wallet, leaving himself with the new card that had 2million rmb in it.

There were quite a few things that auto-deducted fees from those few cards and Zhang Han also did not intend to use those things anymore.

Afterward, Zhang Han and the little fellow remained in the hotel to wait for night to come and head to the airport.

Under normal circumstances, when going to Xiangjiang, one had to set up their visa, and at the same time, they were not allowed to stay at Xiangjiang for too long. However, Zhang Han did not need to trouble himself with those minor details, because not only did he have a house at Xiangjiang, he also has the permanent residency of Xiangjiang. As someone who was once the young master of a rich and powerful family, if he was not able to even do those things, it would really be a joke.

In the afternoon, while eating a simple lunch at the hotel’s restaurant, Zhang Han looked at those food in front of him that seemed sumptuous and started considering that he should find a larger mountain to set as his base. If he were to personally grow the ingredients himself, it would definitely be much better than eating out at restaurants.

“Meng Meng’s body is currently in the growing period and requires abundant of nutrition, thus the food she eat must be the best. Seems like I will have to prepare a detailed plan.”

Currently, when Zhang Han ponder over things, he would start by pondering with Meng Meng as the basis. It must be said that, after having a daughter, Zhang Han’s mindset has started to change.

At 4pm afternoon, Zhang Han carried the little fellow and took a taxi to head to the International Airport. Arriving at 5pm, they stayed at the airport lounge to wait for the plane. It could be seen that the little fellow was very excited towards traveling.

At Zhang Han’s destination, Xiangjiang. Within one of the offices at Imperial Corporation’s subsidiary company, Imperial Entertainment,

“Big sister Yan, you also don’t have to be too anxious. After all, you just came back out of retirement, and because the company’s competition is so fierce right now, it is impossible for the company to arrange plans for you in a short time.” A woman with a ponytail said towards Zi Yan.

“I know.”

Sitting at the sofa by the window, Zi Yan’s exquisite face was filled with exhaustion currently. With her gaze looking out of the window, she shook her head and said,

“But if I wait for the company to plan, I would have to wait for at least half a year or more before I am able to get a role in a show. The news about me coming out of retirement have already been reported out. If I were to not have any activity in this coming half a year, my fans will be very disappointed.”

“Prince Li invited you to eat dinner at Amber Restaurant tomorrow. His father is one of the members of Imperial Corporation’s board of directors. If he is to open his mouth, there will be no problems with getting a role in a show.” The woman said.

“It is not that simple.” Zi Yan sighed while feeling vexed.

The entertainment industry was a very complex place. For example, the motive of prince Li’s dinner invitation was very obvious. If Zi Yan was to agree to whatever his conditions were during the dinner, the matter of getting a role in a show would be solved very quickly. But, was this kind of result the result that Zi Yan wants?

Zi Yan had always rejected this kind of ‘business deal’. Back then when she signed a 5 year contract with Imperial Entertainment, she relied on her beautiful appearance and heart-touching voice, and after 3 years of hard work, along with the company’s grooming, she became famous immediately.

On the fourth year, she changed from a singer to an actress. During that year, the number of movies and shows that she was in were endless, causing her reputation to become greater and greater, even to the point that she had the chance to attack onto the title of ‘Best Actress Award’ during the fifth year. However, on the fifth year, the accident with Zhang Han happened.

Originally, when Zi Yan was pregnant, she wanted to immediately retire, but her company did not allow it. Without choice, she persevered for a few more months until the contract with the company came to an end, then went to North America. Five years later when she returned to China, the entertainment industry was however already not how it used to be.

The competition in the entertainment industry was much fiercer right now. Once again signing a contract with the company, which was a 3 year contract, the company also did not give her resources in a moment. After all, everyone was all queuing up for their turn to get resources, so it was not possible for a has-been celebrity to cut the queue.

In the company, there were many people who pointed at her, and even time to time say out ‘has-been celebrity’ those 3 words, which even more made Zi Yan felt indignant, and thus causing Zi Yan to want to use her own strength to prove herself.

“Big sister, take a sip of water. We can definitely slowly do it, I believe you.” The ponytail woman passed a glass of water over to Zi Yan and said.

“Thank you, Xiao Fei.” Zi Yan said with a slight smile.

The ponytail woman’s name was Zhou Fei. She was an orphan since young and suffered quite a bit when she became a manager after growing up. However, when she was working as Zi Yan’s manager, she felt comfort and warm from Zi Yan, and thus became extremely faithful to Zi Yan. Even during the time when Zi Yan retired and went to North America to hide, she was also there with Zi Yan.

Right now, not only was she Zi Yan’s manager, she was also her assistant and housekeeper. Towards Zi Yan, she was very nice, but towards outsiders, she was somewhat harsh with her mouth.

“What are you being courteous to me for? Big sister, how about you release an album first? The company has recently gotten quite a few songs. You can go discuss with big sister Mei, I reckon she might agree to let you choose the songs, after all, you did indeed debuted through music.” Zhou Fei said.

“Let’s see how things go first.”

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