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Godly Stay-Home Dad
Chapter 5
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With a seemingly good posture, Meng Meng held onto a fork with her left hand and a knife with her right hand. But when cutting into the steak, it was still very hard for her to cut.

“Let daddy help you cut.” Zhang Han smiled while shaking his head.

“Oh…I want…small small one.” Meng Meng reminded Zhang Han.

“Sure, small small one.”

Zhang Han cut up the steak into small cubes. Afterward, the father and daughter both began their somewhat high-class dinner since they first met.

After eating finish, Zhang Han’s phone rang. Picking up the phone, it was a call from Liu Feng’s subordinate, calling to inform Zhang Han that the series of procedures for the car have all been prepared finish.

Half an hour later, after meeting with the subordinate at the hotel, Zhang Han kept the documents, then went to the parking lot to take pictures of the Ferrari. Back to the room, he straightaway used his phone to post the Ferrari for sale on a second-hand car website.

The price on the post for the Ferrari was only 2million rmb.

At this side, after Zhang Han posted the post, on the other side, one of the employees of the website company who was currently preparing to get off work suddenly saw the post.

As the employee scrolled through the post, his eyes became bigger and bigger as he started shouting, “Manager! Manager!”

“What’s the matter?” The manager wrinkled his brow as he spoke in a dissatisfied tone.

It was already 7pm night currently. The time to leave work had been delayed by 2 hours and yet his subordinate was still making a big fuss. With everything adding together, the manager could not help but felt annoyed. He had already decided that if this subordinate of his was shouting for nothing, he was prepared to punish him.

“Manager, quickly come and take a look at this! There is a serious matter!” The employee shouted, and his shouting voice immediately attracted the attention of everyone who was just about to leave. All of them turned their head to look at the employee.

The manager wrinkled his brows as he hurriedly walked over. When he saw the post on the screen, his eyes opened wide open as exclaimed,

“What? A Ferrari 488 that has been bought for less than a month is only being resold at 2million rmb?”

The manager’s words caused everyone to gather around to take a look at the screen.

“The total cost of this car is around 4.8million rmb, and someone is only reselling it at 2million rmb? Is it fake or real?”

“If it is real, then whoever who buys it will definitely profit from it!”

“That’s right. After buying it at 2million rmb, one can resell it for at least 3million rmb!”

“Could this person be in urgent need of money? Even if he is urgent for money to use, isn’t this somewhat negligent of him? Even if he posted it for 3million rmb, I reckon it would also be able to be sold within less than 3 days.”

All of those people understood the price of the Ferrari, so naturally, the manager himself also understood. The manager quickly instructed the employee in front of the computer,

“Quickly, quickly, quickly! Quickly seal away this post and pass me the vehicle owner’s phone number!”

The manager was currently prepared to personally buy the car. While the employee in front of the computer hurriedly gets working, the other employees all looked at the general with envy.

This was also the strength of the manager. After all, the manager had the money to buy and resell the car. If it was them, they do not even have 2million rmb, so even they want to buy and resell, they would also not be able to do it.

After the manager called Zhang Han’s number and discussed finish when to meet to take a look at the car, he laughed heartily as he pats onto his subordinate’s back, intending to award him heavily after he sealed the deal with Zhang Han.

The manager prepared for a bit, then brought few of his car examining subordinates to the hotel where Zhang Han was at.

After a series of examining, the satisfied manager made an appointment with Zhang Han to deal the car tomorrow.

After finishing all those, when Zhang Han carried Meng Meng back to the room, it was already 9pm.

“Yawn.” Meng Meng yawned while lying within Zhang Han’s embrace, then mumbled, “Daddy, I want to listen to story.”

Listen to story?

Zhang Han went into a daze. He had never told a story for anyone before. But since his daughter wanted to listen to story, he of course had to do it. After arranging the story within his mind, he said,

“Daddy will tell you the story of Snow White then. The story is like this, once upon a time, there was a Snow White……”

“Oh…Don’t want, don’t want. I…I listened to Snow White before already.” Meng Meng shook her head and rejected.

“Eh…Then, how about daddy tell you the story of Little Red Riding Hood……”

“Don’t want.”

“Then, daddy tell you the story of Seven Little Dwarfs……”

“Don’t want.”

“Then, daddy tell you the story of Big Bad Wolf……”

“Don’t want.”


Zhang Han said out all the 10+ fairy tale story that he knew within his mind, but in the end, the little fellow had already listened before many times to all of those stories already and kept on shaking her head, saying ‘Don’t want’.

In a moment, Zhang Han was somewhat at a loss.

After thinking for a while, suddenly, Zhang Han’s expression lit up as an idea came to his mind. With a discussing tone, he asked, “Darling, do you want to listen to the story of Han Yan Immortal Monarch?”

“Don’t…Eh?” Meng Meng went into a daze. After pondering for a while and discovering that she had never heard of the story before, she clapped her hands and said happily, “Alright, alright!”

“Heh, heh, heh.”

Zhang Han cleared his throat, and with a trace of complacent hang on his face, he said,

“Han Yan Immortal Monarch is an incredibly awesome person. The story of Han Yan Immortal Monarch still has to start from Earth.”

“When Han Yan Immortal Monarch was on Earth, his life was not going as planned and he led a very miserable life. In the end, he jumped down from a precipice. But who would have thought that he would instead enter into a whole new world by accident? The world that he entered by accident is called the Cultivation World!”

“Oh…Daddy, what is a Cultivation World?” Meng Meng asked somewhat muddle-headedly.

“Cultivation World is an extremely big world. Within it, there is a countless number of planets and people. In some places, even a river was bigger compared to Earth, and in some places, a mainland was almost comparable to the Milky Way. In any way, Cultivation World is an extremely peculiar world.”

“Han Yan Immortal Monarch was very powerful in the Cultivation World. From the beginning when he came into contact with the Cultivation World, he only used 500 years to become a big shot that was in the Tribulation Realm. How was he able to do it? That is because that he has an innate magic power, which was known as the Treasure Smelling Nose that was able to small the aura of a treasure. Ever since then, Han Yan Immortal Monarch has never lacked any treasures at all.”

“Although 500 years was very long, but in those 500 years, Han Yan Immortal Monarch was either searching for treasure, or on the journey to searching for treasure. Furthermore, he also had to study the unusually complicated cultivation method. In a flash, 500 years had passed. The number of people he had come into contact was very few and he also did not have any friends, thus he was very lonely.”

“However, in the last few years, Han Yan Immortal Monarch cultivated to the peak of Tribulation Realm. Before the Heavenly Tribulation befell him, he went to travel around the myriad worlds. In the end, do you know what happened? He immediately became famous!”

“He squandered money like dirt. The tip that he gave to others was enough for others to spend for few hundred years. Therefore, later on wherever he went to, he was the center of everyone’s attention. Everyone who saw him would flatter and worship him. That kind of aura, is it domineering or not?”

“Domineering……” Meng Meng was sort of confused listening to Zhang Han’s story and answered subconsciously.

“Because of this, everyone all gave Han Yan Immortal Monarch a nickname, which was Money Scattering Immortal Monarch.”

Having received her daughter’s praise, Zhang Han’s mouth could not help but smile constantly.

“However, later on, his nickname was upgraded to Wealthy Emperor Immortal Monarch because he was just too wealthy already. His wealth alone was able to compete against the total wealth of a hundred super sects added together!”

“There were also some people who love to call him Treasure Virtue Immortal Monarch because every time when a treasure appeared, he would always be there, and the treasure would also be his too in the end.”

“Han Yan Immortal Monarch had many nicknames, so Daddy won’t talk about it anymore. Other than searching for treasures, it seems that Han Yan Immortal Monarch also did not do much. In the 500 years of cultivation, he only showed his capability once. During that time, it could be said that the sky and earth were turning upside down. Han Yan Immortal Monarch suppressed ten super sects at the same time. His strength was truly incomparable.”

“However, no matter how strong he was, he was also not able to avoid the Heavenly Tribulation. When he was undergoing the Heavenly Tribulation, he was met with the legendary Ninth Heaven God Thunder. He took out countless amount of treasures, but in the end, he was still not able to block against the Ninth Heaven God Thunder.”

“Therefore, he got rebirth and came back to Earth.”

Speaking up to here, with a smiling face, he turned his head towards Meng Meng and said complacently,

“Do you know what Han Yan Immortal Monarch’s name was? Haha, let me tell you, Han Yan Immortal Monarch is your dad, I, Zhang……Eh?”

When he turned over his head, he instead saw that the little princess was asleep. Upon seeing that, his face froze. He felt that he was currently just like a teenager with chuunbyou syndrome who was being complacent.

If this situation was to be seen by those people in the Cultivation World who were well acquainted with Han Yan Immortal Monarch, it would most likely topple their Three Views.

(?? : Three Views – refers to view of the world, view of value, and view of life.)

The corner of Zhang Yan’s mouth twitched as he cover a blanket onto the little princess. Looking at his adorable daughter, the twitching at the corner of his mouth gradually changed into a warm smile.

“Next, I have to look for a treasure land to plant the Thunder-Yang Tree and those seeds.”

Zhang Han shook his head and started pondering.

There was no problem with the treasure land. With Thunder-Yang Tree, even if the land wasn’t a treasure land, under the Thunder-Yang Tree’s nourishment, it would also be able to gradually become a treasure land. The key point now was to look for a good location.

“Where should I go?”

Zhang Han lied down, took out the black color apple phone that her sister mailed to him and started searching China’s map.

After searching for a while, his gaze stopped at a location at the south of the map.


Although it seemed like Zhang Han casually pick it, but it was actually picked after layer upon layer of consideration.

Winter was approaching and the temperature of areas at the north was gradually decreasing. Thus, staying at the north was not suitable for Meng Meng to play around.

For Shangjing City, it was where Zhang Family’s nest was situated at. Although Zhang Family was declining, but Zhang Family’s branches were pretty much everywhere at Shangjing City and Zhang Han did not intend in living under Zhang Family’s eyes.

At the east side, Lin Hai was where his mother’s family was situated at. He recalls that back then his mother married over to Zhang Family, his mother had some unpleasant quarrels with her family. Moreover, it seems that his mother’s family also does not accept him and his sister.

Leaving aside the matter of all those big cities, there were still a lot of other places with green hills and clear waters for him to choose. However, Zhang Han chose Xiangjiang.

Speaking frankly, everything were all but excuses. The reason Zhang Han chose Xiangjiang was solely because Meng Meng her mother’s company was at Xiangjiang. Currently, Meng Meng was still not entirely his.

After settling things with Zi Yan, when the time comes, he would be able to bring Meng Meng to wherever that he wanted.

Zhang Han was not optimistic about his relationship with Zi Yan. Leaving aside his identity as Han Yan Immortal Monarch, even the him before also was not optimistic about the relationship with Zi Yan.

The entertainment industry was too complicated already. With Zhang Han’s identity of being one of Shangjing City’s four young master, he naturally knew quite a bit of what happens behind the scene of the entertainment industry. Just how many young girls in the prime of their youth sacrificed everything they had to climb up to the top? And just how much trails and hardships have famous celebrities experienced? Within the eyes of the rich, just how many celebrities were nothing but plaything within their eyes?

In Zhang Han’s view, the entertainment industry was just like a big dye jar where most of the people within it had already been dyed. Although Zi Yan was one of the famous celebrities who practically did not have any scandal, but this does not mean that Zhang Han would change his view.

“Let’s have a trip of coming and going whenever I want.”

Zhang Han smiled as he looked at Meng Meng who was sleeping soundly, then immediately used his phone to book airplane tickets online.

The tickets he booked was for the flight at tomorrow evening. However, when he the payment section, he was stupefied.

Within all of his credit cards, all of them did not even had a cent in it at all. Without choice, he could only wait for tomorrow to go deposit money first, then buy the tickets afterward.

While thinking, with a ‘ding’, the message notification of his phone rang out.

Opening his phone to take a look, he discovered that 5k rmb was deposited into his bank.

Zhang Han’s expression froze for a moment, then immediately booked the airplane tickets.

Soon after, he got up and walked to the toilet. After closing the toilet door, he dialed Zhang Li’s phone number.

“Li Li, I just received your money.” Zhang Han said.

“Oh.” Zhang Li responded.

(Li Li refers to Zhang Li and is a more intimate way of calling Zhang Li. Instead of the repeating of a part of a person’s name, like Li Li or Meng Meng. Sometimes, the word ‘Xiao’ maybe also be added to the front of a part of a person’s name. For example, if it is in Zhang Li’s case, it would most of the time be Xiao Li, or otherwise Xiao Zhang. It is basically a more intimate way of calling someone.)

Although it sounds as if that Zhang Li was not interested in talking, but Zhang Han knew that his sister actually cares a lot about him.

Five years ago when their parents disappeared, Zhang Li believed that it was because of Zhang Han stirring up troubles for years that caused it, and thus left Zhang Family and did not even contact Zhang Han for more than a year.

It was only until later on when Zhang Li found out that Zhang Han was not willing to leave Shangjing City because he wants to stay at Shangjing City to investigate the matter and was living a very dire life, then did she began contacting Zhang Han once again.

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