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Godly Stay-Home Dad
Chapter 1408
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Chapter 1408 Chu Family of the Astral Domain

Zhang Han opened his eyes and asked calmly, “What is the exit of the Domain of Seven Desolations in the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven?”

“Supposedly, it is a Dangerous Land, which is why very few members of the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven have been able to make it there,” the Taoist Lord of Dragon replied.

“I see.”

As soon as Zhang Han heard this, he knew that the Taoist Lord of Dragon didn’t know the exact details either.

“I might as well ask some Demon Lords about this.”

Three hours later, the spaceship reached the Devil Palace’s territory.

Located in an archipelago, it had a large area and many buildings.

A spaceship appeared in the void, which terrified quite a few demons.

“Who is there?”

A Demon Monarch flew into the sky.

“Call your Demon Lords over,” Zhang Han said in an indifferent voice.

This caused the Demon Monarch’s complexion to change and his body to tremble.

“Oh my god!

“It’s Old Demon Zhang.

“Shit. That devil is here! I can’t believe that he’s come to the Devil Palace.”

The Demon Monarch was a little taken aback. He didn’t dare move an inch and even forgot what Old Demon Zhang had just said.


A soul-shocking aura enveloped him.


The Demon Monarch’s body violently trembled as he hurriedly cupped his hands together and said, “Well, Senior, there’s no need to make a scene about this. If there is anything you need, just name it.”

“Go get your Demon Lords.” Zhang Han was getting impatient.

He didn’t have the mood to stay at this place.

He even added, “You have one minute.”

The Demon Monarch’s complexion changed. He quickly used Designated Voice-transmitting Technique to inform the remaining six Demon Lords.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

In just half a minute, several rays of light rushed over.

“Old Demon Zhang, how dare you come to my Devil Palace?

“Aren’t you afraid of getting yourself killed by the senior of the palace, the Demonic God?”

An injured Demon Lord had a very tough attitude.

But soon he became listless.

“Do you mean that weakling who hid?”

Zhang Han ran his power slightly and simulated the scene of that day with illusions where the Demonic God sneaked around the hall, looking around with great fear.

“He’s dead.” Zhang Han ended the topic.


“This couldn’t be!”

The six Demon Lords glanced at each other. They all seemed to be at a loss for what to do.

“We need to go to the Ancient Road of Starry Sky.”

After Zhang Han said that, he closed his eyes slowly and moved his right hand slightly.

Chu Qingyi nodded when she saw this.

She knew what she needed to do next.

She asked, “Where is the exit across the Ancient Road of Starry Sky?”

Demon Lord Tongtian on the far left thought for a moment before replying, “I’ve been there once and almost died. That’s a huge secret realm over there. Perhaps it belongs to the yang attribute. In short, the environment over there suppresses my cultivation level. I can’t even defeat God Transformation Realm creatures in that place.”

“A secret realm?” Chu Qingyi muttered to herself. “In other words, even you don’t know where the exit is. Have those who came here ever mentioned it?”

“They have. Some said that it was in the Vast Lake Star Area, some said that it was in the Flowing Sun Star Area, and some said that it was in other areas. In short, the statements are all different. However, the only similarity is that they’ve all entered that place by mistake,” said Demon Lord Tongtian.

“Take us there.”

Chu Qingyi lost interest in asking.

Every Star Area in the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven was much larger than a Star Province.

There were many places where powerful and influential figures gathered in every area, including many world-renowned sects and the Four Great Sects.

Chu Qingyi was rather familiar with the few regions of the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven. The others might have been to those places before while some had only heard about them.

“The Ancient Road of Starry Sky is just ahead.

“That mountain is illusory, surrounded by Bounded Domains set by us.”

Demon Lord Tongtian dispersed the Bounded Domains. Strange fluctuations began to emanate from within. It was as if the mountain was moving in accordance with the flames.

“Get out.”

Chu Qingyi gave the Taoist Lord of Dragon a glance.

“I need to leave from here?” Taoist Lord of Dragon was shocked.

“I’ll be doomed, won’t I?

“There are six great Demon Lords out there, and we are still in the depths of Devil Palace.

“Is this necessary?”

“Did you hear me?”

Chu Qingyi glared.

Taoist Lord of Dragon was silent for a long moment before he let out a sigh and turned to leave.

After leaving the king vessel, he gave Demon Lord Tongtian and the others a stern look.

“You’d better not deceive Supremacy Zhang. Otherwise, the Human Clan will absolutely not let you off easily. Humph!”

He said that in a righteous manner, making others think that he was with Zhang Hanyang.

Demon Lord Tongtian and the others didn’t say anything.

They watched as the Taoist Lord of Dragon quickly departed.

However, when the king vessel entered the Ancient Road of Starry Sky-

“What does Supremacy Zhang have to do with you? You’re just flaunting your powerful connections to threaten others,” said Chu Qingyi indifferently.

Demon Lord Tongtian shouted, “Taoist Lord of Dragon, you truly are shameless.”

Zhang Han and Chu Qingyi did not know what happened between those people later.

They thought that it wouldn’t be easy for the Taoist Lord of Dragon to return to human territory.

“Master, is this the Ancient Road of Starry Sky?

“Why does it look like a rainbow?”

What came into view was darkness. There seemed to be faint starlight in the distance, but it was far away. There was a beautiful rainbow bridge under the king vessel.

Zhang Han said, “Many devils are hiding in the dark. Let’s go down and kill them.”


Chu Qingyi had cultivated for a few days and had only learned a little about a kind of occult art.

She also wanted to go down and test her combat capability.

Therefore, she got off the king vessel in a flash.

“This space feels wonderful.”

She could completely feel that there were faults and pressure in the surrounding void. It was as if the space there had been compressed. Each step they took could cover thousands of miles in a normal area.

At the same time, she could sense fluctuations from the void.

There were many devils around.

There were many of them, ranging from the God Transformation to Shadow Refining levels.

However, there were relatively few Void-refining Realm devils. Chu Qingyi was only able to sense thirteen Shadow Refining devils. Among them, one was Middle-Stage and the others were Early-Stage.

“Cloud Flowerfall Sword Art!”

Chu Qingyi wielded her long sword and began to fight.

“Hidden Kill.”

Chu Qingyi cast the occult art she had just learned.

Her body instantly split into sixteen figures that flew in different directions. Each strike killed a devil.

These figures weren’t her fake bodies but rather a kind of spatial occult art. Every single attack was real, and the power was equivalent to Chu Qingyi’s attack power.

“Too fast.”

After Chu Qingyi finished one move, Zhang Han’s voice appeared in her ear.


Chu Qingyi nodded. After thinking for two seconds, she attacked again.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Sword lights flashed.

She wiped out more than ten devils with one sword strike.

“Too slow,” Zhang Han said.

Chu Qingyi attacked again.

“You’ve been running the cultivation technique too fast, and you’re too slow with the condensing occult art.”


In just a day, the moves Chu Qingyi cast finally reached the initial success stage.

The thirty-two duplications were equivalent to attacking thirty-two times in an instant.

The attack was quite powerful.

After taking a recovery medicinal pellet, Chu Qingyi began to practice the next occult art.

She found it nice to achieve the initial success stage. She would learn first and then master what she had learned. She had obtained so many occult arts and planned to learn more first.

They slaughtered ten more days on the Ancient Road of Starry Sky before they finally saw the light ahead.

It hadn’t been a tough journey because all the powerful devils were killed by Zhang Han in the distance.

The Ancient Road of Starry Sky was wreathed in the Source Energy of the Domain of Seven Desolations, and it was just what Zhang Han wanted.


When they followed the light and left, they found a relatively peaceful world where there was green grass and luxuriant trees.

Many spirit beasts could be seen in this place.

Most spirit beasts had low battle prowess while Exotic Beasts were the mainstream in the starry sky. However, surprisingly, the strength and cultivation bases of the spirit beasts here were actually very high.

“Most of them are in the Void-refining Realm.”

Chu Qingyi said, “Master, are we going to find the exit now?”

“I’ll go out and have a look.”

Zhang Han opened his eyes. Wheeled by Chu Qingyi, he left the king vessel and observed for a while.

After returning to the ship, they marched 300 miles southward.

Zhang Han went out again to observe the mountains and rivers. He also took out tens of thousands of crystal stones and set up the Heaven-earth Formation.

After that, they traveled a thousand miles eastward to observe and set up a formation.

After returning to the ship this time, Zhang Han commanded, “Take the sun as the east. We’ll march 167 miles at an angle of thirty-six degrees to the northwest.”

Chu Qingyi was stunned. “Did he find the exit or something?”

She was a little confused and intended to do as he said first.

When the king vessel arrived at the destination, she found that they were above a lake.

“Go 5,300 meters deep into the lake,” Zhang Han ordered.

The king vessel went under the lake and soon arrived at the place mentioned by Zhang Han.


The Seven-star Sword appeared.

It could be used to control the power of the starry sky. The sword unleashed ten sword lights that illuminated its surroundings.

Chu Qingyi saw that underneath this lake was an enormous city. Right after she could clearly see the outline of the city, it immediately grew fuzzy.

Zhang Han said, “Up.”

The spaceship went up and broke through the surface of the water.

A more surprising scene appeared.

They were currently in the cosmic void.

Behind the spaceship, a sea of water was slowly dissipating.

“Was that a secret realm?”

Chu Qingyi reacted and couldn’t help but say in admiration, “Master, it’s amazing that you found a way to leave the secret realm so quickly.”

“Go to the nearest planet and refresh the map system,” Zhang Han said.

The spaceship broke through the void. After its scouting superpower was activated, it leaped into the secondary space and advanced.

At this moment, Chu Qingyi hesitated a bit before she said, “Master, do you have a plan?”

“I’ll keep searching for the time being. If I really can’t find my family, I’ll take down a few sects to help me with that and issue some tasks at the same time,” Zhang Han said.

“I have a suggestion,” Chu Qingyi said. “You can come with me to my family’s residence first. My Chu Family knows a lot of great sects in the Astral Domain, and I can talk Patriarch Chu into helping you.”

“Okay.” Zhang Han nodded slightly.

He took out three medicinal pellets and took them before the king vessel quieted down.

Two days later, they finally arrived at a planet.

The technology of the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven was much more developed than that of the Star Province. King vessels were common in this place, and the equipment was more complete.

Zhang Han didn’t bother to replace the equipment on the king vessel he owned. He directly bought a brand new one with 500 million crystal stones and named it Eagle. It was famous for its speed and was relatively small. It was four times smaller than the previous king vessel.

The old king vessel was sold by Chu Qingyi.

When they arrived at the new king vessel, Chu Qingyi set the coordinates of the Chu Family.

Two seconds later, the ship entered the secondary space and left.

It would take them 20 days to get there.

Zhang Han’s complexion was much better. His limbs moved in harmony. After walking around the ship twice, he sat back on the sofa and rested.

“What’s the story between you and the Chu Family?” Zhang Han asked.

Everyone on his team knew some general information, but Zhang Han thought that since he and Chu Qingyi decided to go to her family’s place, he needed to find out the specific details about what happened between her and the Chu Family.

“I was originally a Chu Family servant girl.”

Chu Qingyi wasn’t used to giving long speeches. It took her a few seconds to gather her thoughts before explaining.

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