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Godly Stay-Home Dad
Chapter 1409
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Chapter 1409 Mengmeng’s Pursuer

“The Eldest Lady of the family is the patriarch’s daughter. Her name is Chu Qing.

“It was the First Queen who gave me the name, Chu Qingyi. It’s because she wanted me to take care of the Eldest Lady.”

At this point, Zhang Han raised his right hand and interrupted, “You are already my disciple. You don’t need to address anyone as Eldest Lady, let alone someone from the Chu Family.”

Zhang Han didn’t know much about her story, but he knew that the sister Chu Qingyi got along with her all the time and ended up ignoring her even while she was in danger.

Chu Qingyi’s expression froze. She was secretly delighted.

“Master has accepted me.”

“I’ve been accompanying Chu Qing since I was a child… learning some cultivation knowledge from her. She liked to play, and I could only accompany her all the time. Our grades were average, but I knew a lot. However, every time we took the examination, my scores would be much lower than Chu Qing’s, according to the instructions of the First Queen’s maids.

“When I was 12 or 13 years old, Chu Aolong, the patriarch, took me in as an adopted daughter. At that time, I was quite talented in cultivation.

“I cultivated with Chu Qing and competed with her. Our strength also increased a little. When I was 16, Chu Qing fancied a young talent back then, who was very famous in the Gray Pic Star Area.

“At first, we would attend some provincial meetings between the younger generation together, but later, that talented young man came to the Chu Family to propose marriage to me.

“Chu Qing broke off with me. I didn’t consent to the proposal, but the patriarch agreed to it on my behalf. He said that the young man and I would get married when I was twenty. I went to him for support but only got berated. The relationship between Chu Qing and me was getting worse and worse, and she was hostile to me.

“This went on until I was 17. Back then, we were in a secret realm, and Chu Qing’s life was in danger. In order to save her, I was placed in danger. She did not pull me. Just like that, she silently watched as I was devoured by darkness.

“All these years, my experiences in the Chu Family and the favors that I owe them are written off. I’ve cleared my debt by saving Chu Qing’s life.”

When Chu Qingyi spoke of these things, her expression was slightly complicated.

The Chu Family’s residence was the place where she grew up, but not her home.

“So, how important is the Chu Family to you?” Zhang Han asked.

In fact, he already knew the answer.

However, he needed Chu Qingyi to say it, and it was the decision that she had made.

Hearing this, Chu Qingyi was silent for two seconds and said, “I can’t sever ties with them, but they no longer matter to me that much.”

“Would you go back to the place that has once put you through hell for me?” Zhang Han asked.

“Master, you saved my life, and I got your martial arts heritage. That’s why I’m here today. At first, I planned to repay your kindness, but after spending time with you guys these days, I’m also in love with Mount New Moon,” Chu Qingyi said.

“Alas.” Zhang Han sighed softly.

Chu Qingyi blinked. She couldn’t help asking, “From what I remember and the martial arts heritage I got, your figure and aura seem to be very powerful, and why is that?”

Zhang Han thought for a moment and said, “The heritage you got should be the adobe I left while I was in the Mastery Realm or in the Tribulation Stage First or Second Tier.”


Chu Qingyi’s gaze froze and she was somewhat stunned.

“Just take it as that I used to be very powerful and know much,” Zhang Han said simply.

“So why is it that your cultivation level has become lower?” Chu Qingyi asked curiously.

“Because I went to woo my wife. She was particularly difficult to pursue, and I spent all my cultivation to find her.” When Zhang Han spoke, there was finally a smile on his face. The unique gentleness in that smile belonged to Zi Yan alone.

“Ma’am is truly blessed.” Chu Qingyi’s tone carried a trace of envy.

“Hey, you will meet someone excellent as well in the future.” Zhang Han said, “How powerful is the speaker of the Chu Family?”

Patriarch was not necessarily the speaker of the family. Zhang Han was referring to the most powerful one.

“Chu Aolong, the patriarch, is at the Early Stage of the Integration Realm,” Chu Qingyi said. “It is said that one of the ancestors of the Chu Family has the strength at the Peak Stage of the Integration Realm and gets to talk with the leaders of the Four Great Sects. However, he travels all year round, and the last time he came back, it was more than 50 years ago.”

“Not bad.” Zhang Han nodded.

The alleged realm wasn’t necessarily one’s true stage. Some cultivators, who were said to be at the Peak Stage of the Integration Realm, might actually be at the Middle or Last Stage of the Mastery Realm.

For example, the leaders of the Four Great Sects of Vast Heaven Star were almost at the Early or Middle Stage of the Mastery Realm. But it was said that most of them were at the Peak Stage of the Integration Realm. However, no one could know for sure. It was uncertain. After all, the Sect Leaders were elusive, and it was hard for ordinary people to see them.

At present, those in the Early Stage of the Integration Realm could pressure Zhang Han.

His soul injuries had stabilized.

In theory, he could go all out once and it would not have a great impact on him. In fact, Zhang Han knew that once he attacked, his soul injuries, the scars of the Great Domain, would be more serious, which would make it harder for him to recover in the future.

But now, he could only focus on the present. Even if he took action, it wouldn’t matter. There would always be a way to deal with the scars of the Great Domain, which was still under control.

That was to say, if he wanted to take action, he had to take some medicine first. When he had enough of it, he could use the skill once, and then take the medicine again.

It was troublesome, but although he was injured, he managed to withstand the Demonic God’s attack, which was already not a bad result.

At least that was what Zhang Han thought.

“When we arrive at the Chus’ place, we’ll just follow your plan. We can’t waste time there.”

After saying that, Zhang Han closed his eyes and leaned against the sofa as if he was taking a nap.

Chu Qingyi’s lips moved as if she wanted to say something, but in the end, she did not disturb Zhang Han. She sat on one side and looked ahead, absent-minded.

In fact, she didn’t like to advocate things. She liked to follow someone’s plan because she was a little lazy.

But for her master, she could overcome all the difficulties.

After thinking for a while, Chu Qingyi closed her eyes and began to cultivate, evolving the occult arts she had just learned in her soul sense sea.

Every move could be regarded as a trump card.

Some even stunned her.

Time passed relatively quickly after she focused on studying.

In Crimson Sunglow Sect on Orchid Peak on the Vast Heaven Star.

“Junior Brother Zhang, let’s go and have a drink.” Xiong Fengran, disguised by Dahei, walked toward Mengmeng, disguised as a man, under the gaze of the crowd.

“This brat wants to drink with Junior Brother Zhang again.”

“Junior Brother Zhang, you can’t be dragged down to his level.”

“Xiong Fengran isn’t a decent person. Junior Brother Zhang, you can’t interact with the girls. It won’t be okay if you get taken advantage of. Come to hang around in my room when you have time.”

Someone said coquettishly, “Older Martial Sister!” A girl with two ponytails in her teens ran over and looked around angrily. Then, she looked at Mengmeng affectionately and said, “Junior Brother Zhang, don’t be afraid. I’ll protect you. Xiong Fengran, if you dare to take him to your Junior Sisters, I’ll go to the Command Beast Peak to beat you up.”

“Got it,” Dahei said patiently.

“Ahem, ahem.” Mengmeng was dumbfounded. She coughed softly and said, “Well, don’t worry, everyone. Elder Brother Xiong and I are going to discuss and study pellet refining.”


“We’ll leave you to it now.”

The two of them left Orchid Peak as if they were fleeing.

On the way to the Command Beast Peak, there was a mountain forest.

“Little Master, that Older Martial Sister seems to like you more and more.” Dahei scratched its head.

“Alas.” Mengmeng sighed deeply and said helplessly, “Why hasn’t Daddy come to pick me up yet? I’m now the best at pellet refining among the disciples of Orchid Peak. I’m too eye-catching now. If it goes on like this, I’ll be exposed sooner or later.”

“I miss Host too. I don’t want to be like this. I want to return to my body.” Dahei looked aggrieved.

“I miss my father.” Mengmeng looked depressed.

She sat there with her head lowered and her big eyes blinking. There was a faint layer of light in them, which made her look like she was about to cry. She looked so pitiful.

“Little Master, why don’t I change into Host’s appearance to cheer you up?” Dahei said with a flattering face.

If outsiders saw their behavior, they would think that there was something wrong with Xiong Fengran and Zhang Hanyang.


Mengmeng glared at Dahei and then wiped her eyes. “Dahei, there are only the two of us from Mount New Moon. Where do you think Mummy is? What about Grandpa and Auntie? Where are they? Are they safe?”

“They are. Mistress has Third Brother with her. She is so smart that she will definitely be safe. My host is so powerful that he will pick us up soon.”

“The Vast Heaven Star is so big, and so is the Crimson Sunglow Sect. I don’t know if Daddy can find me. This won’t do. I have to make Zhang Hanyang more famous. I have to work hard to study pellet refining.” Mengmeng said firmly, “Even if I am found to be a girl, I will make up a story about it.”

“Sure enough, you’re beautiful and also a great liar.” Dahei smacked its lips and said, “Little Master, I want to eat barbecue. Last time I was beaten by the idiotic Peak Host after eating, and now I am not allowed to catch the spirit beasts.”

“You shouldn’t have eaten those Plain Water Buffalos all the time. Even if you were trying to be a coupon clipper, you couldn’t just stick to one kind.” Mengmeng rolled her eyes grumpily.

After hanging out for two days, Mengmeng returned to Orchid Peak.

Every time she went to study pellet refining, she would always be followed by that Older Martial Sister.

“Alas, what should I do?

“This is tricking. She seems to be deeply in love with me. What should I do about it?


Mengmeng was shocked.

“I now look very similar to Daddy when he was young.

“There won’t be some misunderstanding regarding this, will there? I can’t have gotten Mummy a rival in love, right?

“It seems that I have to find an opportunity to refuse this girl.”

Mengmeng was very decisive. After the class, the Older Martial Sister went shopping with Zhang Hanyang.

“Ahem, Senior Sister, I’m only devoted to pellet refining. Well…”

“Say no more. I get it.” The Older Martial Sister’s face was flushed as she said shyly, “I am the daughter of the Peak Host. I know that you’re pressured. When you achieve something in pellet refining, you can… Boo-hoo!”

As she fled, she kept whimpering.


Mengmeng looked at her back in a daze, feeling helpless.

She said helplessly, “This Older Martial Sister is too weird.”

The little girl had been holding back her strength for such a long time, and she didn’t have fun. There was no way she could vent her emotions.

“I can’t just keep studying and cultivating like this.

“I need to study pellet refining harder. When Daddy finds me, I will be able to do whatever I want!”

Mengmeng missed Zhang Han and Zi Yan several times a day.

It was the same for them. They thought about each other every day.

At the edge of the Ocean Astral Domain, a force called Mount New Moon was growing rapidly.

They burned, killed, and plundered their enemies, and they disregarded unrelated powers.

Their hierarchy was strict. Their empress slayed the battlefield.

Countless cultivation resources were purely rewarded according to their contributions.

Like a virus, the new force began nibbling away at the tip of the Ocean Astral Domain.

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