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Godly Stay-Home Dad
Chapter 1410
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Chapter 1410 Chu Family’s Gathering

“Master, we’re almost there.”

Chu Qingyi heard the sound of the intelligent system. She stopped cultivating and looked at Zhang Han.

“Okay.” Zhang Han nodded.

“I have prepared the information of Ma’am, Mengmeng and others,” Chu Qingyi said. “Once we get to the Chu Family’s residence, I will explain the situation to the patriarch. I will mobilize the power of other sects and even offer a reward. That way, we will definitely be able to find Ma’am, Mengmeng as well as the rest of the team.”

“When we get there, you’ll decide what to do,” Zhang Han said.

He didn’t say much. Chu Qingyi understood what he meant. She just needed to get her job done as long as she didn’t waste much time.

The place where the Chu Family was located was called the Heavenly Double Star.

It was controlled by the Radiant Institute.

“The Radiant Institute is powerful and it’s in charge of sixty planets. The Heavenly Double Star is the main planet where the Chu Family is located. Most forces don’t know about it other than a few ones. Therefore, the Chu Family is rather mysterious to the Astral Domain.”

Chu Qingyi introduced the situation. “The Radiant Institute controls everything of the Heavenly Double Star. However, the location of the Chu Family is a forbidden area. Although the Chu Family is small, their overall strength is rather high. With Grand Master Chu present, many major powers will have to show them respect.”


During her explanation, the king vessel left the secondary space and slowly approached the space station of the Heavenly Double Star.

After parking the ship, Chu Qingyi wheeled Zhang Han’s wheelchair and took the aircraft into the space station.

“Your identity information, please.

“Why did you come to the Heavenly Double Star?”


Chu Qingyi took out a black wooden token of authority, which was flickering with a faint dark light. She said lightly, “I’m Chu Qingyi.”


The face of the person who asked the question changed slightly.

If she was only a guest, he could be a bit more arrogant, but when facing a Chu Family member, he did not dare to offend the other party.

“Milord, please wait a moment.”

He carefully examined the token and entered the name Chu Qingyi into the system.

The information was soon shown.

It was written in gray, which indicated that Chu Qingyi was dead.

“Is this person a sham?”

“My apologies. The system has crashed. I will go ask our leader.”

The man left quickly and contacted his superior in a hurry.

“Protector Miao, a member of the Chu Family by the name of Chu Qingyi has appeared here. However, according to the system, Chu Qingyi is clearly dead. I suspect that someone is using her name.”

“It’s fine. Let them in,” Protector Miao sneered. “Since that person is a member of the Chu Family, they will go to that place. The Chu Family’s disciples that have gone out to train have all returned. It is said that Grand Master Chu is returning. It just so happens that it’s his eleven-hundredth birthday. Naturally, the Chu Family’s place will be bustling with noise and excitement. Even if the one who has arrived is a sham, with Grand Master Chu there, who could possibly cause trouble? If even someone as powerful as Grand Master Chu is unable to stop them, how could you possibly stop that sort of powerful character?”

“Okay. I understand.”

He hurriedly replied and quickly arrived at Chu Qingyi’s side. He smiled and said, “Sorry for keeping you waiting for a long time, milord. The system has already been maintained and verified your identity. There’s no problem, you can go in.”

Chu Qingyi did not respond. She looked him up and down a few times before returning to the aircraft.

Under the staff member’s gaze, the aircraft slowly passed through and flew to the surface.

The Chu Family was located on Beast Overlooking Peak.

It was close to the sea on the Heavenly Double Star and near the Spirit Beast Mountains, where it was a forbidden area for the Radiant Institute.

No matter what, Zhang Han and Chu Qingyi could not disturb the Chu Family.

Actually, many members of the Chu family would frequently go to the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven to train or tour the various planets like the Heavenly Double Star.

However, no one recognized them, and they didn’t make it public. To a few lower-ranked factions, the Chu Family was mysterious.

However, powerful forces like the Radiant Institute knew a lot about the Chu Family. They knew exactly how many members it had and what they looked like.

The Beast Overlooking Peak where the Chu Family lived was not a mountain. Instead, it was a mountain range extending for several tens of miles. Its surface area was very vast.

Arriving at the edge of the Beast Overlooking Peak, Chu Qingyi took out her token. Using energy, she opened the Bounded Domain maintained by Heaven-earth Formation surrounding the peak.

“This is the place of the Chu Family.”

Chu Qingyi said in a low voice, “One can take an aircraft in a tenth of the outer region. In the inner region, one can only fly at low altitudes.”


Zhang Han nodded.

It was very normal. Some patriarchs valued their places and didn’t allow to have aircraft to fly randomly, and that was why they would make such a rule.

After flying for two minutes, they arrived at a mountain range where the aircraft was parked. After they disembarked, Chu Qingyi wheeled Zhang Han to stroll in the jungle.

“Who are you?”

Suddenly, more than a dozen men and women ran over.

The leaders were two men and a lady in their twenties. The rest were around seven to twelve years old.

They ran over to Chu Qingyi. Upon seeing a stranger, the lady in her early twenties asked, “You seem quite familiar.”

Chu Qingyi was silent for a moment before carefully examining them.

“We’re all twenty. I should have seen them before.”

The Chu Family didn’t have many people, only a few thousand. Almost everyone in the same generation knew each other, except for those geeks.

The two men in front of her were twins. The lady had a thin face and big eyes. She had a ponytail and looked lively.

After a few seconds of silence, Chu Qingyi said, “I’m Chu Qingyi.”

“I see. Wait, what?” The lady was suddenly stunned by those words. “Chu Qingyi? Chu Qingyi? Are you the foster daughter of the Patriarch? You should be Cousin Qingyi then.”

Looking at her pleasantly surprised look, Chu Qingyi felt somewhat relieved.

“Cousin Qingyi?”

The twins looked at each other.

“Cousin Qingyi, didn’t, didn’t something happen to you in the secret realm?” The lady asked, “Do you still remember me?”

“I can’t tell.” Chu Qingyi shook her head slightly.

Girls would change a lot after they grew up. She might have met her when they were young. When they matured, she almost couldn’t recognize her.

“I’m Chu Youyou, Chu Qi’s daughter,” Chu Youyou said.

“Okay. Noted.” Chu Qingyi faintly smiled.

The two twins did not say anything and their faces were grim.

“Ahem.” One of them seemed to be reminding her. “It’s great that Cousin Qingyi is back. She will get to be attending a wedding soon. The Grand Master is coming back as well. It’ll be his 1100th birthday and it’ll be such a lively time.”

Those words made Chu Youyou’s face change slightly.

She said with some uncertainty, “Cousin Qingyi, the person you are wheeling, uh, is he our cousin-in-law?”


Chu Qingyi blushed immediately and hurriedly said, “No, no.”‘

“You haven’t returned to the Chu family for more than a decade. I heard from the elders that you and Cousin Qing had a love triangle. Now she is going to get married to Young Master Dong from Red Snow Mountain. Cousin Qingyi, you shouldn’t have come back during this time. Why don’t you stay at my place for a few days and go over after the wedding? Or you can have this man pretend to be your Cultivational Partner first?”

Chu Youyou was rather attentive and felt that Chu Qing’s return at this time was like a groom-stealing attempt. Back then, Chu Qing liked Young Master Dong, but he was still attached to Chu Qingyi.

Chu Qingyi pursed her lips and shook her head. “When will Chu Qing get married?”

“Seven days later.”

“That will be too late.” Chu Qingyi knew that Zhang Han didn’t want to waste time at all.

“Then how about staying at my place for a few days?” asked Chu Youyou.

She didn’t want to intervene, but she was still on Chu Qing’s side. After all, she knew Chu Qing, and Chu Qing was the Eldest Lady of the Chu Family. She wasn’t familiar with Chu Qingyi.

“The patriarch is also not here. Reportedly, he went out to see the Grand Master,” Chu Youyou added.

“Not here?” Chu Qingyi frowned slightly.

At this time, Zhang Han said, “Let’s rest for a few days first.”


Chu Qingyi nodded and looked at Chu Youyou. “Cousin, sorry to trouble you these few days.”

“It doesn’t matter. I’ll take you there right away.” Chu Youyou gave the twins a look.

The two understood her meaning.

It wasn’t until Chu Youyou and the others left that they said seriously, “Brats, listen up. Do not mention Chu Qingyi’s matter to anyone. Understand?”

“Brother, it won’t be a big deal even if we tell anyone about her. Chu Qingyi is just the patriarch’s foster daughter, and she doesn’t have high status. Even if Young Master Dong likes her, it wouldn’t change anything. This engagement has been settled by the families from both sides.”

“You know nothing. Are you trying to upset Sister Qing?”


After saying a few words, the twins continued to move forward.

As for those mischievous brats, they were not tight-lipped. The news of Chu Qingyi’s return soon spread.

“What did you say?”

Chu Qing, who was sitting in her room, suddenly stood up and looked straight at one of her cousins. Her face changed slightly. “Chu Qingyi is really back? She is not dead?”

“Yes. She went to Chu Youyou’s place. Young Master Dong will be here in a few days. It’s best if Chu Qingyi doesn’t appear.”

Chu Qing was stunned and sat on the chair in a daze.

Her long hair reached her waist and her appearance could still be considered gorgeous, but in the end, she was still inferior to Chu Qingyi.

At that moment, Chu Qing had a complicated expression on her face.

Did she regret it?

She had left Chu Qingyi in the lurch back then. For a long time, thinking about it made her feel regretful.

However, her romance was her priority.

“It’s good news that she’s alive, but she shouldn’t have come back.”

The complicated expression on Chu Qing’s face slowly disappeared. She let out a long sigh and laughed. “Chu Qingyi is back, but she didn’t even come to visit me?”

“Cousin, it’s said that Chu Qingyi came back with a cripple. She said that he wasn’t her Cultivational Partner, but they were alone. Maybe there’s a relationship between them,” the girl said.

“She didn’t even give a notification while taking an outsider to the Chu family. Chu Qing has been away for more than ten years. Is she fully fledged?” Chu Qing sneered and waved her sleeve. “Send someone to keep an eye on her. I don’t want to see her on the days when I’m picked up.”

“Got it.”

The girl left the room slowly.

Chu Qing sat on the chair for a long while before she murmured in a low voice, “Since you’re not dead, that means I owe you nothing.

“You’re not welcome to my wedding. I hope you’re smart enough and behave yourself. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude.”

In the beginning, they had a good relationship, but later, they became enemies.

There was only a single reason for that, which was that Chu Qing was not good-looking enough.

Back then, when Chu Qingyi was in the Chu Family, she was also an outstanding disciple and followed the prescribed order of cultivation. She was now also an outstanding talent of the younger generation.

As mentioned to the younger generation, unexpectedly, news of Chu Qingyi’s return had just spread, and someone organized a gathering of the younger generation.

That person was one of Chu Qing’s younger cousins, who was in her early twenties.

She announced proudly, “Three days from now, we will hold a gathering of the younger generation at Chu Youyou’s place. You are all welcome to participate. I believe all of you understand what I mean.”

The implication was that they should go over to try out Chu Qingyi’s skills and see what was going on.

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