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Godly Stay-Home Dad
Chapter 1411
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Chapter 1411 Targeted

The news of the gathering of the younger generation gradually spread among the Chu Family’s youngsters.

Even many elders knew about it.

But now was a special moment. Although Chu Qingyi had come back, no one offered to go over and visit her.

Some of the elders that Chu Qingyi had once contacted were there.

“Forget it. She’s not coming. We’ll just pretend that we don’t know she’s here.”

“We’ve also heard about what happened back then. Now that Young Master Dong is going to become Chu Qing’s Cultivational Partner, it’s best to have fewer troubles.”

This was what a few elders agreed.

The key was that Patriarch Chu was not at home, and they couldn’t decide on the matter.

However, the juniors didn’t think so.

“Chu Qingyi is back?”

A handsome white-clothed man put his hands behind his back and said gently, “It’s good that she’s not dead.”

“Young Master, will you go to the party held at Chu Youyou’s place in three days?”

“Do you think I should go and join in the fun?” the white-clothed man asked.

“I don’t think so. The patriarch hasn’t returned yet, so the matter hasn’t been decided yet. Also, you’re now a standout among the Chu family’s young generation, and there’s no need to lower your status to go over.”

“That’s true, but it’s not bad to occasionally lower my status and experience the feeling of looking down on all living things.” The white-clothed man smiled proudly.

His man’s expression changed. “Young Master, do you plan to go over? Shall I give them a reply then?”


As soon as the man in white finished speaking, he moved, leaving shadows in the void. He jumped into a pool and began to wield his sword. Sword Qi was dancing and erratic.

He was a standout of the Chu Family’s younger generation after all.

He did have the strength.

It was because many people didn’t want to disturb Zhang Han that he was having a quiet time.

Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

“Master, it’s been three days. There’s still no news of Patriarch Chu. How about I’ll go to Second Grandpa Chu? Although he is not in charge, his status in the Chu Family is quite high,” Chu Qingyi offered.

“Since he’s not in charge, it won’t help even if you go to him. Let’s just wait for a few more days.” Zhang Han shook his head slightly.

“I have seven or eight days. It won’t help if I go out to look for my family. I might as well wait here and see what happens.

“If the Chu Family can’t help me find them, I’ll have to think of another way.”

“Master, you haven’t laughed for a long time.” Chu Qingyi thought for a moment and said, “Without Ma’am and Mengmeng around, you wouldn’t be in a good mood.”


Zhang Han sighed softly and said, “I’m very worried about them. Mengmeng is still young and hasn’t experienced the outside world alone. I’m afraid that she will be wronged, bullied, and in danger. As for my wife, I’m more worried about her. My father has a basic strength close to the God Transformation Realm. My mother’s strength is rather low, but she has enough social experience. My grandfather is an experienced martial artist. I’m not worried about him, and nor am I worried about Changqing, Zhao Feng, and Mu Xue. But Chen Chuan, Zhou Fei, Liu Jiaran, and some others have relatively weak strength. There are many uncertain dangers in the Cultivation World.”

“I’ll help you find them as soon as possible,” Chu Qingyi said in a firm tone. After thinking for a while, she added, “We won’t waste any time.”

Zhang Han shook his head slightly and said, “Whether we waste time or not will depend on the situation. We’ll just calmly keep waiting here. Patriarch Chu should be back soon.”

“Okay, I see. Master, shall I wheel you around to enjoy the scenery nearby?” Chu Qingyi asked.

“No, thanks. Let’s cultivate,” Zhang Han said and began to close his eyes to have a rest.

These days, he didn’t just lie on the sofa. His mind was constantly evolving the fighting methods suitable for his body. When his Immortal Body of the Five Elements reached the Mastery Realm, the power of the Space-splitting Punch would increase several times, but he also needed other means. With Zhang Han’s great experience, some of his occult arts and supernatural powers had gradually taken shape.

He had been thinking about how to continuously improve recently.

Chu Youyou’s residence was located on a small peak.

It was a manor with several high-tech buildings. There were antique houses as well as green grass, ponds, and lotus flowers. There were also many spirit beasts wandering on the large grass, and the most eye-catching one was a white horse.

When it was almost dusk, the courtyard in Chu Youyou’s place became lively.

Young men and women came one after another and gathered on the lawn, preparing for the party.

“Sister Youyou, when will you take me to the Oller Star again?”

“I want to go there too, Sister Youyou. Oller Star is such a fun place!”

“Hey, if you want to go out to have fun, you need to get your parents’ permission first. Without their permission, I don’t dare to take you out casually.”

“Sister Youyou, how do you get to go out at will?”

“Because I’ve grown up. Get it? You can also do that when you grow up.”

Chu Youyou had a good relationship with several children in their teens.

There were already fifty or sixty people gathered here, chatting in groups of three or five, and there were only 12 or 13 10-year-old children.

“Why is Chu Qingyi not here?”

“In terms of seniority, Chu Qingyi can also be considered our cousin.”

“What cousin? She is the patriarch’s adopted daughter, not his biological daughter. Without blood lineage, she would always be an outsider.”

“Cousin Qingyi is very beautiful. I still remember that I said I wanted to marry her. At that time, I was only seven years old.”


Those groups of three or five were talking a lot.

They chatted with each other first. It was not hard to tell that there were six or seven core figures present. They were all in their respective circles, and they were popular like the moon surrounded by stars.

Among all kinds of delicacies, the gathering had officially begun.

Right at this moment-

“Brother Kuangfeng is here?”


“Cousin Kuangfeng is also here actually?”

Under everyone’s gaze, Chu Kuangfeng, the man in white, came over in a gentle and elegant manner. As a standout among the younger generation, he became the focus of the crowd as soon as he showed up.

“Brother Kuangfeng!”

“Come and take a seat over here.”

Many people greeted him.

Chu Kuangfeng nodded slightly and sat down on the edge. He looked around and did not find the person he wanted to see.

“Brother Kuangfeng, I heard that you have even mastered the Aurora Slash, one of our family’s three great occult arts?”

“I wonder if we’ll get a chance to see you perform it.”

“I’ve only learned a little of it,” Chu Kuangfeng said indifferently. However, there was still a trace of pride in his gaze.

To be able to master the Aurora Slash, he was comparable to some of the middle-aged men in the Chu Family.

Among the younger generation, he was fully deserving of being number one.

At this time, one of Chu Qing’s younger sisters said, “Youyou, we are not here just to enjoy some delicious food. Shouldn’t you go and invite Chu Qingyi over? She has been here for a few days. Shouldn’t she come over and say hello to us?”

“Cousin Qingyi doesn’t talk much. She’s not likely to come over.” There was someone in the crowd who spoke up for Chu Qingyi, who was also a young talent.

He had a good relationship with Chu Qingyi. When she got into the accident back then, he was 14 years old.

“Chu Ni, don’t talk nonsense.” The person next to him quickly pulled him back and said via Designated Voice-transmitting Technique, “Chu Qing is going to marry Young Master Dong soon. There was a dispute between them back then, so it’s better not to kick up a fuss at this time. After all, Chu Qing is the beloved daughter of the patriarch. It’s not good to make the situation awkward.”

Chu Ni frowned slightly, but in the end, he nodded slightly.

“She doesn’t talk much, but she’s not mute,” the woman chuckled and said. “Chu Youyou, we’re all very curious about Chu Qingyi. Some of us even forgot what she looks like. It’s not appropriate of you to keep us from meeting her.”

“Cousin Qingyi likes peace and quiet, so I arranged for her to stay in another residence. How about…”

Before Chu Youyou could finish her words, the woman interrupted her and said, “Why don’t we go there and invite her over together? You can’t represent her. How would you know that she doesn’t like parties?”

As soon as she said that, someone immediately echoed.

“That’s right. I remember that Cousin Qingyi used to like parties the most. She always dressed very beautifully.”

“Let’s go together. We wouldn’t know if she would like to join us before we get an answer.”

Before Chu Youyou could say anything, more than a dozen people stood up, which put a lot of pressure on her. It was as if they were forcing her to give in.

This gathering was not hosted by Chu Youyou. She did not have much say in the family. Thus, at this moment, she had no choice but to agree to their request. “Fine. I’ll take you there and ask her about it. It will be none of my business whether she chooses to participate in the gathering or not.”

The group of more than a dozen people followed Chu Youyou to the edge.

The atmosphere at the gathering became a bit weird.

Many people were chatting with Chu Kuangfeng, and he was perfunctory with them.

A few minutes later, Chu Youyou and the others arrived at the place where Zhang Han was staying.

They also saw the two people in the yard.

“Cousin Qingyi, there is a gathering. All the juniors of the Chu Family are present. Do you want to join us?” Chu Youyou asked.

“No,” Chu Qingyi replied simply.

She still didn’t talk much.

“Hey, Cousin Qingyi, there are a lot of your acquaintances in the gathering. You should at least go say hello to them, right?” A woman said, “Besides, you have brought a man back. Shouldn’t you introduce him to everyone?

“Not interested,” Chu Qingyi said indifferently.

“Chu Qingyi, it’s not good for you to do this.” A man, who was about the same age as Chu Qingyi, said, “We’re all very happy about your return. You…”

He had prepared a lot to say.

Before he could finish speaking, Zhang Han raised his hand and said, “Let’s go.”

Chu Qingyi’s face froze for a moment. Then, she nodded and wheeled Zhang Han to leave with them.

On the way to the gathering, the ones who had been talking grew silent.

When they arrived at the venue, Chu Qingyi looked around, nodded her head to greet everyone slightly, and sat down without saying anything.

“Cousin Qingyi, it’s so good that you’re back alive!” Chu Ni was pleasantly surprised. “Cousin Qingyi, you’re getting more and more beautiful.”


Someone else echoed and praised Chu Qingyi first.

In less than a minute, someone changed the subject when he spoke.

“Sister Qingyi, who is the man in the wheelchair next to you? Why don’t you introduce him to us? Is he our cousin-in-law?”

“He is my master.” Chu Qingyi looked at her indifferently.

“There may be some schemes behind this gathering. If these people have any tricks up their sleeves, they can just use them. I’ll take them.”


“He’s actually Cousin Qingyi’s master?”

“Chu Qingyi, how come you’ve acknowledged an outsider as your master? Have you forgotten the family rules?”

“According to family rule No. 60, you are only allowed to get a teacher and not allowed to get a traditional master. Those who violate this rule will be expelled from the family.”

“Cousin Qingyi has been away for more than ten years. It seems that she no longer has our family in her heart.”


A lot of words were quite aggressive.

However, Chu Qingyi was a woman of few words.

She frowned and said in a cold tone, “What a bunch of wimpy kids. You’re in no place to comment on the way I handle things.”

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