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Godly Stay-Home Dad
Chapter 1412
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Chapter 1412 Whom Do You Think You Are

As soon as Chu Qingyi finished speaking, Chu Ni suddenly laughed and looked at the stunned crowd with a playful expression.

There were three different kinds of people present. Half of the crowd was hostile to Chu Qingyi while many others were onlookers. There were very few people who were partial to Chu Qingyi, and Chu Ni was one of them.


Chu Kuangfeng, the most powerful youngster of the Chu Family, lightly smiled, picked up the teacup, and took a sip of tea.

“Chu Qingyi, you’ve only been away for more than ten years. How can you be so arrogant? How dare you call us wimpy kids? Brother Kuangfeng is still here. He’s

number one among the younger generation of the Chu Family. His reputation has spread far and wide,” someone said.

It seemed that they wanted to use Chu Kuangfeng to teach Chu Qingyi a lesson or to suppress her.

Someone chimed in.

“Yeah. Sister Qingyi, you haven’t been back for more than ten years. There are many young talents in our family, and Brother Kuangfeng is the most outstanding one. He is even deeply loved by Second Grandpa and the patriarch.”

“Since you have acknowledged an outsider as your master, you must have learned a lot of moves. Why don’t you exchange a few with Brother Kuangfeng? It’ll help broaden our horizons, and we’ll also get to see how powerful your master is.”

“He’s a man in a wheelchair. How strong could he be? Maybe he was beaten into that state.”

The sarcasm in those voices became more and more intense.

This made Chu Qingyi’s face completely turn cold. “What did you say? If you dare to talk nonsense again, I’ll cut off your tongue.”

A trace of pressure spread out, which made people’s faces slightly change.

“Chu Qingyi, you’ve just returned. First of all, you haven’t visited your elders. Secondly, you’ve brought an outsider with you. Thirdly, you’ve acknowledged this outsider as your master. Not to mention that you’ve broken the rules, it doesn’t make sense for you to threaten your own family now,” said the man who was about the same age as Chu Qingyi.

“Chu Qingyi has just returned. It’s indeed not appropriate for her to exchange some moves with me.”

At this time, Chu Kuangfeng suddenly spoke. His eyes were a little playful. He looked at Zhang Han and said, “Since you are Chu Qingyi’s master, let me compete with you in martial art.”


All of a sudden, there was an uproar in the field.

Many people were extremely excited.

They thought that it couldn’t be more appropriate to let Chu Kuangfeng suppress Chu Qingyi.

“Young man, why don’t you get out of your wheelchair and compete with Brother Kuangfeng?”

“Yeah. Since you’ve come to our Chu Family as a guest, you should at least show us respect by exchanging a few moves with him, right?”

“Let me do it.” Chu Qingyi’s face was ice-cold. She suddenly stood up, intending to teach this group of boys a lesson.

“Chu Qingyi.” Unexpectedly, Chu Kuangfeng smiled and shook his head. “I’ve just said that you’ve just returned. It’s not good for you to compete with me.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that,” Chu Qingyi said coldly.

Chu Kuangfeng shook his head repeatedly. He looked at Zhang Han and said, “Since you came here, you haven’t dared to say a word. I’m very suspicious of how you became Chu Qingyi’s master. If you can defeat me, maybe…”

Upon hearing his words, Zhang Han glanced at him indifferently and gently said, “Who do you think you are?”


At first, the people present were quite dumbfounded. They couldn’t even believe their ears. “Did I mishear him?

“Wait… The others all look shocked. It seems that I didn’t mishear him.”

All of a sudden, it became quiet in the field.

As for Chu Kuangfeng, his face gradually became gloomy. He stared at Zhang Han with a fierce fighting spirit and said with a fake smile, “You’re a man in a wheelchair, and yet you dare to ask me that question?”


Zhang Han smiled, shook his head slightly, and said lightly, “Let’s go back.”


Chu Qingyi glanced around with cold eyes. She did not say anything more and left directly.

As soon as they took a few steps, the crowd burst into an uproar.

“Bah, he doesn’t even dare to fight Brother Kuangfeng, and he pretends to be a supermundane master. That’s just hilarious.”

“Shameless! He’s too shameless! Talking is all he can do!”

“Does he think that he can be very presumptuous in this place just because Chu Qingyi is here?”

“How dare you! Stop right there!”

Even Chu Kuangfeng’s lackeys were about to step forward to stop them.

Unexpectedly, Chu Kuangfeng raised his right hand and looked at their backs with a faint smile, saying, “We’ve already greeted Chu Qingyi since her return. It’s not appropriate for us to fight today. We just need to watch the show.”

Seeing his expression, Chu Qing’s little sister immediately came to a realization.

Chu Kuangfeng was talking about the matter between Chu Qing and Young Master Dong. In fact, after more than a decade, Young Master Dong might not have had any feelings for Chu Qingyi, but it was unknown whether someone would bring up the past again.

“He wouldn’t be trying to cause trouble, right?”

Chu Qing’s little sister’s heart skipped a beat.

After all, although Chu Qing was the Eldest Lady of the Chu Family, she was still a female. Chu Kuangfeng represented the outstanding talent of the young generation and he received attention. Also, Grand Master Chu would return this time, and Chu Kuangfeng would definitely be groomed. In terms of status, his was actually a bit higher.

It was also because of this that Chu Qingyi had a slightly worried look on her face when they left the party venue.

“Chu Kuangfeng is now the talent of the Chu Family and has a good relationship with many elders. If he is behind…”

Chu Qingyi was worried that this would affect the progress of the matter and waste time.

“It’s nothing. There are some things that cannot be forced. Just try your best,” Zhang Han said.

“I see,” Chu Qingyi replied.

They returned to their residence.

Zhang Han set up some crystal stones around the yard and a hidden Heaven-earth Formation.

With Zhang Han’s formation skills, no one could find it.

In case the Chu Family’s Grand Master was too tyrannical, he had to leave a way out. To put it bluntly, it was a formation used for escaping.

If there was only Patriarch Chu who was in the Early Stage of the Integration Realm, Zhang Han would not be worried. He was just afraid that Grand Master Chu, who was allegedly at the Peak Stage of the Integration Realm, had broken through to the Mastery Realm.

In just a dozen years of cultivation, Zhang Han had reached the Void-refining Realm Early Stage and was a top genius in the entire Cultivation World.

But compared with some aged monsters, he was still a little inferior.

That was why Zhang Han had to make more preparations.

The sullen atmosphere at the banquet lasted for more than ten minutes.

Almost all of the people were speaking for Chu Kuangfeng. However, Chu Kuangfeng did not seem to mind what Zhang Han had said.

He was the only one who knew whether he really minded it or not.

Even Chu Youyou said, “That man is indeed a bit over the line.”

It was easy to imagine that they were almost going to denounce Zhang Han.

But since Chu Kuangfeng didn’t challenge him, no one else could steal the limelight.

The matter was left unsettled.

It was quietly spread among the elders of the Chu Family that night, the man Chu Qingyi had brought back, who was her master, spoke rudely to Chu Kuangfeng by saying “who do you think you are?”

“So arrogant. He seems to have forgotten who he is and even dares to talk big in our territory,” an older senior said.

“Chu Qingyi is just an adopted daughter, after all.”

“When the Patriarch comes back, let him know everything.”

In the eyes of these elders, what Zhang Han said was equivalent to disrespecting the Chu Family head-on.

Since he was so arrogant, the Chu Family would definitely not be indifferent.

However, it was not good for anyone to overstep their boundaries and teach him a lesson.


On the fifth day.

Chu Youyou ran to the courtyard where Zhang Han and Chu Qingyi lived, which was like a quadrangle.

“Cousin Qingyi, the Patriarch is back. He’s very happy to hear that you’re back. He asked you to wait for him in the Azure Dragon Palace,” Chu Youyou said. Her expression was slightly complicated. She hesitated for a moment as if trying to remind her of something, but in the end, she did not say anything.

However, her expression seemed to have reflected the situation.

It was just that there were bad rumors recently.

It didn’t matter to Chu Qingyi.

Chu Qingyi said, “Master, I’ll go pay him a visit now.”

“Go ahead,” Zhang Han nodded and said.

Only a few minutes after Chu Qingyi and Chu Youyou left, Zhang Han’s eyes moved slightly. He looked to the side and saw a figure flying over quickly from mid-air and landing in the pavilion aside.

There was a trace of solemnness on Zhang Han’s face. He could feel that the person who came had been in a high position for a long time and was hostile.

“What is your name?” the middle-aged man asked coolly.

“I’m just a nobody.” Zhang Han looked him up and down and said, “You asked Chu Qingyi to wait for you, but you came here. If you have anything to say, just say it.”

“Hahaha, interesting.”

The square-faced middle-aged man chuckled and then his smile gradually disappeared. He asked, “Are you from the Astral Domain of Vast Heaven?”

This time, Zhang Han just ignored him.

The middle-aged man was not anxious. After five seconds of silence, he suddenly got up and approached Zhang Han until he was two meters away from him.

He looked him up and down, saying, “You’re in a wheelchair. Were you born disabled? Or is it an acquired disability? Well, it doesn’t seem to be glorious either way. Let’s not talk about this. I heard that you are Chu Qingyi’s master?”

Zhang Han still did not respond.

He didn’t want to bother him at all.

The middle-aged man laughed as if he were performing a one-man show.

“Chu Qingyi is my adopted daughter. Back then, I saw that she was a pretty girl with good cultivation talent, so I took her as my adopted daughter. I thought that in the future when she got married, she would get me a nice relationship with some powerful force.

“But her cultivation speed is getting faster and faster, which makes people look at her with new eyes. Unfortunately, more than a decade ago, something unexpected happened in the secret realm. I thought she had died, but I didn’t expect that she would come back now. This is a great joy.

“Without Chu Qingyi, our Chu Family would still be powerful. With her around, it would only be adding icing on the cake.

“As for what I want to tell you, even if Chu Qingyi is someone that our Chu Family does not want, who do you think you are… to be her master?”

He emphasized the words “whom do you think you are”, which was what Zhang Han previously had said.

Zhang Han was still silent.

These didn’t seem to affect his mentality at all.

Patriarch Chu smiled faintly when he saw this.

“Since you have come, you are a guest. Regardless of whether or not you understand the rules of the Chu Family, I will solve the problem after Chu Qing’s wedding. Young man, don’t think that you can act unscrupulously here just because Chu Qingyi got your back. She is nothing to our family. She is merely a woman. Furthermore, do not think that the Chu Family members have a very good temper. If you wish to leave this place, you will after defeating Chu Kuangfeng.”

After that, Patriarch Chu snorted, turned around, and left.

Zhang Han looked at his back several times and shook his head slightly.

It was obvious that Patriarch Chu valued boys more than girls.

He had come here to express his stance and help Chu Kuangfeng vent his anger.

Zhang Han understood that he was protecting his family, but he wanted to slap him for his male chauvinism.

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