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Godly Stay-Home Dad
Chapter 17
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At the front of the hotel reception desk.

“Give me a hotel……standard room.” Zhang Han stopped what he wanted to say in time.

The reason why he stopped what he wanted to say was because……he was running out of money again.

A total of 19.6million rmb. After subtracting the mountain rent which was 12million rmb, there was still 7.6million rmb left.

3million rmb for renting house, 500k rmb for manual work fee, 500k rmb for ceramic tiles, 300k for supplementary materials, 1million rmb for the television wall, 500k rmb for the furniture, 1.1million rmb for the piano, which was a total of 6.9million rmb. This also meant that, after Zhang Han finished signing the contract for the renting of Crescent Mountain tomorrow, he would be left with around 700k rmb. This was not enough to support him to stay in a president suite.

“Pfff……” The girl receptionist who was receiving Zhang Han could not help but laugh, as she handed over the room card to Zhang Han with all smiles and said, “Here, your president standard room.”

Zhang Han took a look ineffably at the girl who was laughing.

According to the hotel standard and strict system, even if he had changed what he wanted to said, the receptionist should not be able allowed to straight out laugh like that!

It was reckoned that the receptionist was a big family’s young lady who was working here just to experience life.

After taking over the room card, Zhang Han did not go to his room immediately, and instead went to a restaurant to eat dinner.

When the time came to 7pm, Liu Meng called Zhang Han to inform him to go find him tomorrow at morning 9am to sign the contract for the renting of the mountain.

Returning back to the room, Zhang Han lied down on the bed. His gaze was looking at the television, but his mind was filled with Meng Meng that little princess.

He was missing his daughter.

At the other side, Yunyin Garden, Zi Yan and Zhou Fei just arrived back home.

“We have finally finished picking 100 garbage songs!” Zhou Fei said petulantly. Her face was filled with exhaustion.

“It has been hard on you, Xiao Fei.” Zi Yan lightly smiled and said, “Tomorrow after we filter out 12 songs from the 100 songs, it will not be that tiring anymore.”

Listening to songs should have been a wonderful matter. A song that was good was able to indirectly affect other’s mood. Songs that were cheerful were able to make others feel cheerful, songs that were sad were about to make others start tearing up, songs that were melodious were able to make others relax that tense mental state.

And the songs that Zi Yan and Zhou Fei listened to, the effect those songs had on them, was nothing but suffering!

It was fine even if the songs were unpleasant to listen to, but there should also at least be a limit to how bad the songs were! Some of the songs were even extremely unbearable to listen to. But even if that was the case, the two of them still listened to hundreds of songs. Those past 2 days were just like an ordeal for them.

“Big Sister Yan, if you had 4 real high-quality songs, this upcoming album of yours would still at least be able to cause quite a bit of sensation. But those songs that we have now are just too terrible already.” Zhou Fei said with a face full of indignant, “Furthermore, I heard that apart from Xu Ruoyu who received 8 high-quality songs, another third-rate singer actually also got 2 high-quality songs. It is obvious that the ‘high quality’ songs that the witch gave you were just some random songs she found from the company’s music library. I think that we should not compete with Xu Ruoyu on the fifteenth.”

Upon hearing that, Zi Yan frowned and said obstinately, “No, we will release the album on the fifteenth!”

As someone who was once one of the most popular celebrities in China, Zi Yan has her own pride!

How could a mere Xu Ruoyu be able to make her lower her head!

“Alright, we will fight with all we have then!” Zhou Fei smiled and shook her head. In her heart, she felt somewhat helpless. She knew that there was no use in persuading Zi Yan as Zi Yan was very obstinate in this aspect. Those words that she said just now was but merely just her being grouchy only.

“I’m going to look for Meng Meng.” Zi Yan shook her head and slightly smiled, as she changed into slippers and walked towards the second floor.

Only when facing her daughter, then would Zi Yan often reveal out a smile.

“Forget your friend when you have your daughter. Humph.” Zhou Fei rolled her eyes and mumbled, “Meng Meng this, Meng Meng that. Didn’t you say that you did not approve of the name that the fellow gave for the little fellow?”

Just when Zi Yan reached the staircase, she immediately heard the little princess crying on the second floor.

“What’s the matter Meng Meng?” Zi Yan quickly walked up to the second floor, and upon seeing the little princess crying, she immediately walked over and hugged the little princess in her embrace.

At the side, housekeeper Wang Juan was somewhat anxious. She herself was also quite confused. Everything was fine until out of nowhere, the little princess just started crying all of a sudden.

“I miss my daddy very much!(我好想我爹哋呀!)”

Normally, Meng Meng would also be able to speak fluent Chinese. But when she gets anxious, she would instead use English to express what she wants to say.

After hearing that, Zi Yan’s expression froze as she said with a helpless tone, “Didn’t mommy already told you? After your daddy finishes with his things, he will come and find you.”

“But…but I want to see him now. Mommy, can you let daddy come accompany Meng Meng?” Meng Meng said pitifully.

“Meng Meng!” Zi Yan slightly frowned and said, “If you continue to be like this, mommy will be angry already!”

“Boohoo, boohoo, I don’t want you to hug anymore.” Meng Meng began struggling around in Zi Yan’s embrace, with a heartbroken look on her face.

Upon seeing that, Zi Yan felt both angry and helpless at the same time.

Why? They were only together for 5 days and it was like this already?

However, when Zi Yan’s gaze saw that the television was currently showing an interaction program between father and children, she understood just what had happened.

Lightly sighed, after having Auntie Wang closed the television, Zi Yan said tenderly,

“Meng Meng, don’t cry, be obedient. Mommy also loves you very much. Can you tell mommy why you miss daddy?”

“It is just that…I want to play with daddy.” Meng Meng said in a low voice.

“What do you play together with your daddy? Is it very fun?” Zi Yan said, trying to divert Meng Meng’s attention.

“It is very fun! Daddy brought me go to the mountain. A lot a lot of cars were there.When daddy was driving the car, he was very fast, and the sound was very very big! Those bad people talked bad about daddy. But…but later on, they all complemented that daddy was very powerful.” Meng Meng stopped crying and answered as she pondered.

After finish listening, Zi Yan’s face turned black!

This scoundrel! He actually brought his daughter to car racing? He is truly a scoundrel!

Zi Yan was angry to hell in her heart, but the smile was still maintained on her face as she asked, “Then what else did your daddy brought you go play?”

“Daddy also brought me to go sit the big bird and go to Disneyland to play. Mommy, Disneyland is very fun! In Disneyland, there are a lot a lot of fun things to play. Meng Meng still wants to go to Disneyland again.” When talking about Disneyland, Meng Meng’s eyes lighted up.

After hearing that, there was regret and disappointed hidden in Zi Yan’s expression.

Meng Meng has grown till so big and yet I have not even brought her to a theme park before.

If Zhang Han that fellow had not brought Meng Meng to Disneyland to play before, and left behind a deep impression in Meng Meng’s heart, Zi Yan would also not had made this kind of decision. It could be heard from Zi Yan as she opened her mouth to speak,

“Meng Meng, then how about mommy also bring you go Disneyland play during the day after tomorrow?”

She decided to squeeze out all her energy to focus on her work tomorrow, then properly accompany Meng Meng to play for an entire day during the day after tomorrow.


Meng Meng first went into a daze, followed by her eyes lighting up and clapping her hands as she shouted happily, “Alright, alright! Go Disneyland play, go Disneyland play! Mommy is the best!”

After finish speaking, the adorable Meng Meng pouted her mouth and lightly kissed Zi Yan’s cheek.

Upon seeing that, Zhou Fei who was at the side said with a smile, “Meng Meng, give Aunt Feifei a kiss too.”

After finish speaking, Zhou Fei lower down her body and waited for the little princess’s kiss. However, after waiting for a while, she did not see any movement from the little princess.

“Uhhuh, I am not kissing.” Meng Meng stared at Zhou Fei with her clear eyes as she shook her head and said.

“Oh?” Zhou Fei went into a daze for a while, then said, “Little fellow, last time when aunt let you kiss, you would kiss. Why did you change now? Humph! Quickly come give me Aunt Feifei a kiss, or else Aunt Feifei is going to be angry.”

“Don’t want, I am not kissing.” Meng Meng immediately hid in Zi Yan’s embrace.

Upon seeing that, Zi Yan thought that it was because Meng Meng was somewhat shy and could not help but hanged up a smile in the corner of her mouth.

Zhou Fei pouted her mouth and said, “Meng Meng, do you not like Aunt Feifei anymore?”

“Like……” Meng Meng answered with her cute voice.

“Then why do you not want to Aunt Feifei anymore?” Zhou Fei was confused about this matter.

“Daddy said I cannot kiss.” Meng Meng said with a serious face, “Daddy said that, apart from daddy and mommy, Meng Meng cannot kiss anyone else, or else I would fall sick.”

Zhou Fei’s expression froze.

Upon seeing that, Zi Yan could not help but laughed. This Zhou Fei who had a ruthless mouth would only be defeated in front of Meng Meng. Looking at Zhou Fei being defeated, Zi Yan felt that it was very funny.

However, what Meng Meng said next made Zi Yan’s face turned black.

“Daddy…daddy also said that I should kiss mommy less, because…because when i kiss mommy, I would kiss a mouthful of cosmetic foundation. Daddy said that cosmetic foundation is not clean.” Meng Meng recalled of the words that Zhang Han had said to her.

“Pfff…….” Seeing Zi Yan’s blackened face, it became Zhou Fei’s turn to laugh this time.

“Your daddy is right. Meng Meng, I think that you should also not kiss your mommy anymore in the future!” Zhou Fei mumbled.

“This scoundrel!” Zi Yan gnashed her teeth with anger.

“Uhuh! Mommy, you are not allowed to talk badly about daddy. Mommy, I want to talk with daddy. Can you call him please?” The little princess said with her cute voice.

“Sure! I will call him!” Zi Yan immediately took out her phone and dialed Zhang Han’s phone number.

“Zhang Han!” When the phone call connected, Zi Yan said petulantly, “How did you even teach Meng Meng? What is wrong with Meng Meng kissing me? Do my face have that much cosmetic foundation? I obviously very rarely put on makeup okay? Moreover, there is practically no cosmetic foundation with that little bit of light makeup that i put on! Humph! Rigid brain! Meng Meng wants to talk to you!”

Zi Yan spoke finish everything in one breath. When seeing that, Meng Meng was actually somewhat unsatisfied with it, but when she saw Zi Yan handed the phone over to her, she immediately took over the phone with great joy.

“Did this woman ate the wrong medicine?”

While Zhang Han was thinking to himself, Meng Meng’s voice transmitted out from the phone.

“Zhang Han! Guess who am I?” Meng Meng imitated her mother’s tone and spoke.

“I guess……you are……the beautiful and adorable little princess, Meng Meng?” Zhang Han said tenderly.

“Incorrect, incorrect, I am not Meng Meng. I…I am Yan Yan!” Meng Meng spoke, while still imitating her mother’s tone.

Hearing that, Zhou Fei could not help but laugh, while Zi Yan rolled her eyes petulantly.

“Yan Yan?” Zhang Han smiled, then deepened his tone as he said, “Cough, cough, Yan Yan, where is Meng Meng? I miss her already, let her get on the phone!”

“Oh, alright then. You wait for a while.” Meng Meng spoke, then placed the phone away from her ear. Two seconds later, she brought the phone back to her ear and spoke in her cute voice, “Daddy, I am Meng Meng. I miss you so much.”

“Hahaha……” Zhang Han laughed heartily, then said, “Daddy also miss you very much.”

“Daddy, when are you coming to come find me to play?” Meng Meng asked.

“Daddy will go come and pick you up in a week.”

“Oh, there are still so many days. That’s right, daddy, mommy is going to bring me to Disneyland during the day after tomorrow. Daddy can you come with us also?” Meng Meng straightforwardly sent out her own invitation to Zhang Han.


Hearing that her daddy agreed, Meng Meng felt extremely happy and began chuckling. After speaking a huge bunch of words, Meng Meng then hanged up the phone.

“Mommy, mommy, daddy said that we are not going to go to Disneyland this time. We are going to go to other theme parks to play.” Meng Meng raised her hands and said.

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