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Godly Stay-Home Dad
Chapter 18
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Chapter 18 – The time has come

“Go where play?” Zi Yan asked.

“Go…Ocean Park. Daddy said that there are a lot of fishes at Ocean Park, and that there are Ferris wheel and cable car to ride on.” Meng Meng said with her face full of anticipation.

“Oh.” Zi Yan responded, as her gaze was somewhat lost in thought and her heart was somewhat in a mess.

Originally, she intended for Zhou Fei and herself to accompany Meng Meng to play. But with Zhang Han joining in, it seemed to become just like a family outing.

Could this…be counted as a family?


Zi Yan’s heart was at a loss. She did not know she should treat Zhang Han. But right now, at the least, what she could confirm was that how she treated Zhang Han was not the same as how she treated others. Otherwise, she would also not kept on getting angry at Zhang Han.

Zi Yan shook her head and stopped thinking about those things. After playing with Meng Meng for a while, it was time to rest.

Before Meng Meng went to bed, she was still looking forward to the family outing on the day after tomorrow. Just taking a look at Meng Meng's giggling and excited expression was able to let one know that.

Mommy and daddy accompanying her to play together were the time that she felt the happiest.

Right when it was about to reach 11 pm, Zhao Kai send to Zhang Han five different 3D interior image of the restaurant. Zhang Han picked the one that he liked the most and Zhao Kai replied that the renovation will began tomorrow.

A night without words.

The next day, morning 9 am, Zhang Han punctually arrived at the main entrance of Land Departments Office.

“Welcome Mr Zhang.” Liu Meng welcomed Zhang Han with a face full of smiles.

“En.” Zhang Han lightly nodded his head. (嗯 - En: A groaning sound made, normally indicating the meaning of 'yeah' or 'okay'. If a ? was placed behind En, for example 'En?', it most probably meant something like 'hmmm?')

“Come, step inside.” Liu Meng said with a smile, “I will bring you to go sign the contract now.”

After finish speaking, Liu Meng led the way in front of Zhang Han. When they arrived in front of an office, Liu Meng’s expression paused, then turned his head backward and softly reminded,

“Mr Zhang, the person that will be signing the contract with you is Director Wang, Wang QiShan. He is in charge of the land around Crescent Gulf. His temper is not that good, therefore, if he is to say any harsh words later on, Mr Zhang you will have to pardon him a bit.”

“En.” Zhang Han responded dully.

After Liu Meng finished knocking on the door, he stood right at the spot and waited silently. After waiting for a full minute, then did a rough voice came from within the office,

“Come in!”

Right after opening the door, they immediately saw a female who was in her twenties walked out from the office with her face blushing.

“Haha.” Zhang Han grinned. This Director Wang sure was amorous.

After entering the office, Wang QiShan could be seen sitting right at the office table. Wang QiShan was a middle age man in his forties. He had a bald head, thin face and wore a glasses that was over 400 degrees.

“Speak.” Wang QiShan said coldly. Listening to his tone, it seems that he did not really welcome people to come to his office.

Liu Meng’s expression was somewhat awkward as he said in a low voice, “Director Wang, it is the matter that I talked to you about yesterday. Mr Zhang has come to sign the contract.”

“En.” Hearing that, Wang QiShan did not bother to raise his head, and also did not even bother to take a look at Zhang Han. He was still messing around with the computer on his office table as he said coldly, “We will speak about this after I finished handling my work.”

“Alright, alright.” Liu Meng nodded his head repeatedly. After taking a look at Zhang Han with a somewhat apologetic look, the two of them sat down on the sofa at the side.

After waiting for about 30minutes, then did Wang QiShan raised his head. He first took a few looks at Zhang Han, then took out a stack of documents from the drawer and threw it on the table, “The documents are here. Go to the financial department and hand over the money first, then come to my office to stamp the documents.”

“Yes!” Liu Meng slightly bended over his body and took the documents, then signaled Zhang Han, as he took the lead and walk out of the office.

Zhang Han stood up, then took a few looks at Wang QiShan with a somewhat dissatisfied look.

Just taking out a stack of documents only and this person could also drag it for 30minutes. What an interesting person. If this was the Cultivation World, this kind of people would not be able to live for more than a day.

“Mr Zhang, my apologies.”

Outside the office door, Liu Meng smiled awkwardly.

“Let’s go hand over the payment.” Zhang Han dully responded.

At the financial department, after swiping the bank card and deducted 10million rmb, the financial department stamped a few stamps on the documents. However, when they returned back to Director Wang’s office, they discovered that Director Wang himself was missing.

After waiting for 30minutes, then did they saw Director Wang walking back into the office in high spirits.

“Director Wang, the money has already been handed over to the financial department. All that is left is to wait for you to stamp the documents.” Liu Meng quickly stood up and with a smile.

“En, come.” The way Wang QiShan spoke was as if that he was using his nose to speak, letting others who heard it often felt unhappy.

After Wang QiShan entered the office and finished stamping the documents, he took the documents and looked towards Zhang Han, as he said, “You are Mr Zhang?”

“Aren’t you asking the obvious?” Zhang Han’s eyelid did not even raise the tiny bit.

“En?” Wang QiShan’s expression sunk. A flame of anger raised up within his gaze.

Liu Meng was frightened to the point that his face turned pale as he quickly signaled Zhang Han with his gaze. However, Zhang Han did not paid any attention to him, and instead look towards Wang QiShan and said with a dissatisfied tone,

“What are you en-ing about? Quickly pass me the contract!”

“What did you say?” Wang QiShan glared at Zhang Han and said angrily.

“Do you not have ears?” Zhang Han looked towards Wang QiShan’s ears with a confused expression and said, “Your gaze was already not functioning well. If your ears were to not function well too, that would be somewhat tragic.”

“Brat, are you speaking to me?” Wang QiShan was already at the edge of exploding.

Liu Meng was frightened by this aura to the point that he did not dare to speak.

However, Zhang Han on the other hand, stood up and walked to the front of the office table and grabbed away the contract from Wang QiShan’s hand, then stared at Wang QiShan for a while, then said,

“You dropped your underpants.”

“You!” Wang QiShan pointing at Zhang Han with his finger that was trembling.

Wang QiShan had already been accustomed to being in a high position and having almost everyone who met him to always be respectful towards him. Where has he ever had a squabble with someone before? Right now, he was angry to the point that he did not even know what to say.

“To not even able to understand words…how did you even manage to become the director?” Zhang Han shook his head and sigh, then pointed to the floor where Wang QiShan’s legs were stepping on,

“I said that you underpants had dropped on the floor. You are already an adult, how can you be that careless? Even if you had the hobby of collecting other’s underpants when you are having a love affair, you also have to keep it properly right? To negligently drop it on the ground, if it was to be seen by others, your reputation as ‘director’ will most likely be gone.”

Hearing that, Wang QiShan hurriedly lowered his head to take a look. When he discovered the lace underpants that was right beside his foot, his face immediately became bright red, and within his gaze that was looking towards Zhang Han, there was somewhat of a panic in it.

“This contract of mine, has it been signed finish?”

Zhang Han lightly smiled. This Wang QiShan was able to become a director with this kind of mental quality? It was reckoned that this Wang QiShan most likely entered through the back door.

“It has been signed finish.” Wang QiShan replied sub-consciously.

After hearing that, Zhang Han took the contract and left. Not even turning his head back at all while leaving.

And as for Liu Meng, he had his head lowered down all this time, as if he was trying to say, ‘I did not see anything at all. I did not hear anything at all’ as he closely followed after Zhang Han and left Director Wang’s office.

“Mr Zhang, your…your guts is just too big already.” Liu Meng said with a bitter smile, “If you had not discovered the underpants, I reckoned that the contract would have fallen into ruins today. But even if that was the case, after Director Wang regained his composure, with his petty character, he would most likely make things difficult for you.”

“Make things difficult for me?”

Zhang Han’s expression was calm as he said lightly, “Let him come and make things difficult for me then.”


Liu Meng helplessly sighed. He had felt an uncommon aura from Zhang Han and felt that Zhang Han was not afraid of Director Wang at all. Therefore, he felt that Zhang Han should more or less have some social connections. But to rent the Crescent Mountain after offending Director Wang, Zhang Han had already stood on the disadvantaged side.

If Zhang Han knew Liu Meng’s thoughts, it was reckoned that Zhang Han would sneer endlessly.

How would he, the grand Han Yang Immortal Monarch, be afraid of a mere Director Wang?

Liu Meng saw Zhang Han off all the way to the main entrance. Before Zhang Han entered the car, Liu Meng smiled and said, “Mr Zhang, from now on, Crescent Mountain will belong to you for a year. You can plant things on the mountain, but the guarding of the things that you planted on the mountain will have to be taken care of yourself. After all, there are quite a few mountain climbers who like to go to Crescent Mountain.”

“I understand.” Zhang Han nodded his head.

Zhang Han was after all not a rash youngster. He did not straight away rush to the Crescent Mountain which he just rented so that he could quickly reconstruct Crescent Mountain and instead first went to the restaurant which was undergoing renovation.

Before he had even reached the restaurant, from far away, he saw that there was two truck outside of the restaurant that was currently loading some goods.

When he walked into the restaurant, Zhao Kai immediately came up to Zhang Han and welcomed him passionately.

The restaurant had already been tear apart by the workers. The first floor became a spacious living room, while not really much changes were made to the second floor. The things that should have been tear down had already been tear down. At the second floor, there was currently 5 people renovating the restaurant.

Seems like, in order to finish the renovation within a work, the amount of manpower used was indeed quite a lot.

At the first floor, 8 workers were renovating the restaurant. Zhang Han stood at the side and watched quietly.

AT the east side, a skilled worker was currently carving a jadeite for the television wall. At the west side, some workers were beginning to spread the floor tiles and the brick wall for the kitchen.

The number of ceramic tiles needed and places that needed to be cut were all settled during the day. When night came, a new batch of workers swap with the batch of workers who were renovating the restaurant during the day.

Renovating all the day from day to night, the speed of the renovation was of course naturally very fast.

All the way until midnight 3am+, Zhang Han then stood up and left.

“It is time!”

Sitting within the Jeep, Zhang Han’s gaze looked towards the direction of Crescent Mountain, as a smile hanged in the corner of his mouth.

The speed of the car was very fast. Within 10minutes, Zhang Han had already reached Crescent Mountain. After walking 20minutes, Zhang Han reached the mountaintop.

Under the bright moonlight, Crescent Mountain was hazy and very quiet. Zhang Han’s gaze examined his surroundings for one last time.

In his heart, he already had a meticulous idea of how he wants to reconstruct the mountain.

“Let’s begin!”

Zhang Han took a deep breath, then take out jade color needle-like Thunder-Yang Tree from within his ear and straightaway pricked it into his vein. When the Thunder-Yang Tree was pricked into his vein, it started absorbing his blood. After losing a huge amount of blood, Zhang Han’s complexion became incredibly pale, but deep within Zhang Han’s eyes, it was still calm and unstartled.

After the Thunder-Yang Tree absorbed enough blood, Zhang Han felt that his connection with the Thunder-Yang Tree became much deeper. Hence, he plucked out the jade color Thunder-Yang Tree from his veins.


Zhang Han flung his fingers and the needle-like Thunder-Yang Tree got thrown into the ground below his feet.


The entire Crescent Mountain began trembling!

The trembling was so loud that even the people that were at Crescent Gulf were able to hear a low trembling sound!


Zhang Han closed his eyes. From under his feet, strands of mild color light continuously float upwards and converged at Zhang Han’s head.

Currently, Zhang Han’s consciousness was fused together with Thunder-Yang Tree. After processing through Zhang Han’s thoughts, Thunder-Yang Tree began to operate.

Above the ground, not a trace of billows could be seen. But within the ground, the jade color needle-like Thunder-Yang Tree was quietly undergoing a drastic change.

If someone was able to see what was happening, they would be able to see that the jade color of the Thunder-Yang Tree faded away and changed into an ash-brown color which a tree would normally possess. After that, tree roots which were just like strands of hair began to spread outward.

Gradually, the hair-like tree roots grown as thick as a finger, then grown into as thick as an arm, then finally grown into as thick as a bucket. Meanwhile, the diameter of the Thunder-Yang Tree began 3meters!

The tree roots continuously invaded and occupied Crescent Mountain. All the way until it occupied the entire land of the Crescent Mountain, the Thunder-Yang Tree then started growing upwards!


The Thunder-Yang Tree which had a diameter of 3 meters broke out through the ground in front of Zhang Han.

Merely within 5 seconds, the Thunder-Yang Tree’s height grown up to 30meters!

After another 5 seconds, the branches of Thunder-Yang Tree began to spread outwards, just like a flower that was blooming!

Very quickly, the main body of Thunder-Yang Tree finished growing. If one was to stand from far away, they would be able to see that this Thunder-Yang Tree was situated at the mountaintop of Crescent Mountain, seemingly just like a World Tree from within a game!

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