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Godly Stay-Home Dad
Chapter 29
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“Woof, woof, woof……”

Seeing that there were strangers coming, Xiao Hei immediately started acting up.

Ever since his body and bones had grown, he still has not gone out to show off. Right now, seeing that there were strangers coming, he naturally had to show off his fangs!

When the pockmarked face male and the few other subordinates saw Xiao Hei’s sharp fangs, they were scared pale and their legs couldn’t help but retreat backward.

While they were retreating, Xiao Hei slowly walked towards them step by step, with a gaze that was more ferocious than a wild wolf, displaying a look as if he was going to eat someone.

This made the heart of the few people to raise up to their throat.

“Boss, boss……” The pockmarked face male looked at Xiao Hei with a terrified look as he softly called out to Zhang Han.

“Xiao, Xiao Hei Hei……”

At this time, a small and cute voice rang out. The voice belonged to the little princess who had just finished drinking her nutri-express.

Meng Meng could be seen stretching her out her little palm towards Xiao Hei.

Xiao Hei’s expression immediately changed, turning into an amiable expression. His big tail also started swaying around left and right as he stuck out his tongue and slowly moved his head towards Meng Meng’s little palm.

This kind of lively expression was just like the gif of ‘九门大提督’ smoking that was on the internet.

(Just google the Chinese words and go to image and click the 2nd image if you want to see the gif. That image is most likely the gif.)


The pockmarked face male and the few subordinates let out a deep breath.

“Boss…what kind of dog is this?” The pockmarked face male asked cautiously, “Will he bite people?”

“He is a normal dog. He won’t bite people.” Zhang Han slightly shook his head.

“If that is the case, I can put my heart at ease. That’s right, boss, is everything here planted by you?” The pockmarked face male furthered himself from Xiao Hei and went to Zhang Han’s side as he looked at the surroundings and exclaimed.

“En.” Zhang Han nodded his head.

“What kind of grass is this underbrush? Even the soil also cannot be seen.” The pockmarked face male asked curiously.

“Normal grass.”

“Are those flowers cultivated out by you? Why do I feel like those flowers are different from the ones that are outside of this place?”

“There is nothing different, those flowers are also normal flowers.”

“What tree is this? It is so pretty, I also want to plant this kind of tree.”

“Normal tree.”

The corner of the mouth of the pockmarked male face twitched slightly. He felt that the way Zhang Han spoke was too simple already.

Not talking about others, just talking about the underbrush alone, if the underbrush were taken outside to sell, it was reckoned that people who want to buy underbrush would fight over it crazily. If those flowers were to be taken out, it was reckoned that pretty much just any person would like it. Also, this tree which could shock the heart of others, it truly made others felt intimidated just by seeing it.

Before coming here, he had never once imagined that the existence of a tree that was just like the world tree that was within a game would exist in this world.

“Isn’t this just too spectacular already?!”

Walked to under the tree, the pockmarked face male looked up at the Thunder-Yang Tree and let out a heartfelt exclaim.

Standing right here and surveying the surroundings, there was nothing more beautiful that could be imagined.

Meng Meng was playing with Xiao Hei. Zhang Han’s tender gaze was looking at the little princess. After the few subordinates put down the seeds, seedlings and various kinds of farm tools, they started looking around at the surroundings.

“This place is truly beautiful, it is just like the world within a fairy tale!” One of the males who was a middle aged man shook his head repeatedly.

“That’s right, I have never seen such a beautiful place before in my life.”

“Could it be that I have arrived in a paradise land?”

“That’s right, that’s right.” At this time, Meng Meng stretched out her little arms happily and said rather proudly, “This is Paradise Land. This is the Paradise Land that daddy build for Meng Meng!”

“Paradise Land that was built……” The pockmarked face male sighed, then looked at Meng Meng and said enviously, “Little friend, I really envy that you have such a powerful father. To be able to build out a place like this, this is truly impressive.”

“Hehehe…My daddy is the most powerful, hehehe……” Hearing other people praise her daddy, Meng Meng was extremely happy as she raised up her little arms and jumped around.

Seeing how happy Meng Meng was, Xiao Hei also followed and jumped around for a bit, displaying out an expression as if he was saying that ‘I am a high-grade playmate’.

“I even feel like not wanting to leave this place.” The pockmarked face male shook his head bitterly. He looked towards Zhang Han and said, “Boss, can I take a few photos here? This place is just too beautiful already. If I don’t take a few photos, I will really regret it for my entire life.”

“That serious?”

Zhang Han couldn’t help but laugh, then waved his hands and said, “Go ahead. However, don’t tell others the location of this place. Without me bringing them, others who come here will be bitten.”

After Zhang Han finished speaking, Xiao Hei turned his head and looked towards the pockmarked face male. His gaze once again became ferocious as he opened his mouth and revealed out his sharp fangs.

Seemingly as if he was saying, ‘Those good teeth of mine are not used to bite people, but instead…used to eat people!”


The pockmarked face male’s body trembled and he said while nodding repeatedly, “Sure, sure, I will definitely not say out the location of this place.”

“En, go on and take the photos then.” Zhang Han nodded.

“Thanks, boss.” The pockmarked face male’s face became happy. Taking out his phone from his pocket, he stood under the Thunder-Yang Tree and let one of his subordinates took a 360angle photo of him.

After taking a photo under the Thunder-Yang Tree, he went to the underbrush to take a photo, then afterwards went to the flower area to take a photo. Even more, he wanted to take a photo with the adorable Meng Meng, however, he was too embarrassed to request something like that.

It was not only the pockmarked face male who took photos, even the few other subordinates also took quite a few photos. In the end, after passionately bidding farewell to Zhang Han and Meng Meng, they then went down the mountain, while turning their head back every three steps.

“This…this is truly a paradise land! This boss is truly a godly person. If it was during normal times, I would totally not be able to imagine that someone would be able to build out such a beautiful place.”

Standing at the edge of the forest, the pockmarked face male took a last look at the beautiful scenery, then left reluctantly.

At Crescent Mountain, under Thunder-Yang Tree.

After playing with Meng Meng for a while, Zhang Han stood up and said,

“Meng Meng, daddy is going to go work for a bit. You can stay here and play with Xiao Hei first.”

“Eh?” Meng Meng went into a daze, then asked, “Daddy, where are you going to work?”

“Right there.” Zhang Han pointed to the paddy field at the mountain back and said, “It is about to reach afternoon already, the sun will be a bit hotter. You can just stay under the shade to play first.”

“Hmmm, don’t want, I want to play at daddy’s side. Eh…Meng Meng doesn’t feel that it is hot.” Meng Meng pouted her mouth and said.

“Alright then.”

Zhang Han smiled while shaking his head. Approaching afternoon, the temperature here at Xiangjiang was very high. Walking outside for a bit would cause one to sweat profusely.

However, at Crescent Mountain, the temperature was basically maintained at around 23 degrees and the relative humidity was around 55%. This temperature and climate were where the human body would feel the coziest.

Adding on with the fresh and clean air, and the beautiful environment, this place could basically already be counted as a vacation holy land for normal people.

And all of this was possible because of Thunder-Yang Tree.

Zhang Han knew that the temperature was fine, but the sunlight was still very intense. Staying under the sunlight would still cause one’s skin color to become bronze color. Therefore Zhang Han subconsciously wanted Meng Meng to play under the shade.

However, since Meng Meng was that clingy and wanted to follow along with him, Zhang Han nodded his head and agreed to it. It was 11am+ right now. To transplant rice seedlings to a 200 square meter paddy field, with Zhang Han’s speed, it was reckoned that he would take about 2 hours.

Whereas, a normal person would normally need 3 hours to transplant rice seedlings to q 200 square meter paddy field. Of course, with Zhang Han’s current physique, if he wanted to be faster, he could finish transplanting the rice seedlings in an hour time. However, he did not want to do that because, firstly, he wanted to transplant the rice seedlings seriously, and secondly, he wanted to enjoy the country lifestyle.


Arriving at the paddy field, Zhang Han slapped onto his face and mumbled, “I forgot to buy boots!”

No matter how strict you were, there would always come a time where you would mess up. Even with how completely prepared Zhang Han was, when it was time to work, he still discovered that there was something that he had not paid attention to.

“Forget it, I will go in with my bare feet.” Zhang Han took off his shoes and socks, pulled up his pants, took the seedlings and walked into the paddy field.

“Daddy, daddy, do you need Meng Meng to help you?” At the other side, Meng Meng who was sitting on the underbrush shouted out to Zhang Han.

“Hahaha……” Seeing Meng Meng volunteering to help, Zhang Han laughed out and replied, “Don’t need, you can just play with Xiao Hei. Wait after daddy finishes planting the seedlings, we will go out to eat!”


Meng Meng nodded her head obediently, then turned her head around and threw herself towards Xiao Hei who was lying down on the ground.

Meng Meng’s little hands continuously rubbed on Xiao Hei’s head and body. Sometimes when Xiao Hei was scratched painfully, he also did not dare to move, being afraid that if he exerted any force, he would cause the little princess to be fling away.

He could only bear with the occasional pain and continue playing with Meng Meng who was quickly turning into a little devil in his eyes. His eyes would take a look at Meng Meng from time to time, as he thinks to himself just when she would stop her ravage little hands!

“Don’t move, Xiao Hei Hei, don’t move.” Meng Meng instructed.

Xiao Hei’s body stretched out as he lied down on the ground motionless.

“Xiao Hei is so obedient.” Meng Meng praised solemnly, then took a stride with her little legs and sat down onto Xiao Hei’s body.

“Set…set off…” Meng Meng raised her little arm and pointed forward as she said with her small voice.

“Woof…woof woof…” Xiao Hei followed the way Meng Meng spoke, then stood up and walked forward.

However, Xiao Hei’s hair was extremely smooth. When he moved, Meng Meng’s body slipped sideways.

Seeing that Meng Meng was about to fall on the floor…


Xiao Hei was scared to the point that his heart was pounding and his body was tingling. Glaring his eyes wide, he quickly turned his body around.


A light depressed sound. This was the sound of Xiao Hei’s body falling onto the ground. His stomach was facing upwards, meeting with Meng Meng who almost fell down onto the ground.

It was fortunate that Xiao Hei’s speed was fast enough. In the end, Meng Meng fell down onto Xiao Hei’s soft stomach and did not hurt herself.

Previously, Xiao Hei’s nerves were stretched taut, and even his breathing also stopped.

When he saw Meng Meng landed onto his stomach, then was he finally able to feel relax.


Xiao Hei let out a few breaths as if he was relieved from a burden as he stuck out his tongue and had a helpless look on his face.

This kind of humane expression, along with his body which was the twice the size of a Chinese rural dog, the Xiao Hei right now could truly be called a Chinese rural emperor dog already.

“You, you, you are so stupid, Xiao Hei Hei.” Meng Meng lightly snorted, then stretched out her little palm and pat onto Xiao Hei’s belly.

“Woof, woof……”

Xiao Hei shouted out two times with a grievance look on his face.

At this time, Zhang Han who was transplanting rice seedlings at the paddy field laughed and said, “Meng Meng, Xiao Hei is your friend, you cannot bully your friend.”

“Ah, I know, I did not bully Xiao Hei.” Meng Meng stroke on the place that she just slapped on just now and said, “We are good friends. Xiao Hei, you say, am I right?”

“Woof, woof……” Xiao Hei nodded his head solemnly.

“Xiao Hei Hei, you, you quickly stand up, let’s try again.” Meng Meng crawled off from Xiao Hei’s belly, stood up on the underbrush and instructed.

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