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Godly Stay-Home Dad
Chapter 3
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Dong Hu was currently apologizing and explaining something to Liu Feng. However, it could be seen that Liu Feng slapped each side of Dong Hu’s face five times each. After slapping finish, Liu Feng entered into his friend’s car and left.

“How would I know that Zhang Han that rubbish would be able to win? I’m sure that I definitely twinkled with the car! F**k!”

Dong Hu cursed out in rage as he angrily entered into his Ford Mustang and step onto the pedal.


The Ford Mustang surged forward at high speed. But when Dong Hu stepped onto the brake, he discovered that the brake of the car that he twinkled with was indeed not working.

Looking at the precipitous mountain slope that he was getting closer and closer to, Dong Hu’s face turned deathly pale as his eyes contracted.

“Bang, bang, bang……”

The acute sound of a car flipping resounded throughout the entire Wolf Mountain, causing the expression of others who were leaving to change as they turned over to look at what happened.

A sneer hang up on the corner of Zhang Han’s mouth as he started up the Ferrari and slowly drove out of Wolf Mountain.

Right now, Zhang Han was currently living in a shabby apartment building at Shangjing City’s Wuhuan road. On the journey towards the apartment, Zhang Han began to ponder.

“As of now, I do not have even a trace of qi and I am currently not able to revolve any cultivation technique. Basically, I am but a mortal right now.”

“My spatial ring is gone too!” There was a bit of heart pain in Zhang Han’s expression, “The treasures that I have collected for 500 years are all gone!”

“Wretched Ninth Heaven God Thunder, since you let me rebirth, why didn’t you give me some treasures too?”


Zhang Han mumbled to himself for a while and immediately stopped thinking about those thoughts afterwards. This was just how Zhang Han’s character was, open-minded and optimistic. He would not be too obstinate about a matter. Of course, there was a line for everything. Once the line was crossed, Zhang Han would obstinately tackle the matter to the end. If not, he would also not had desperately remained in Shangjing City for five years and not be willing to leave.

“Do I still have any other treasures?”

Zhang Han began to ponder. The number of treasures he had was beyond measure, even to the point that he somewhat could not remember how many treasures he possessed.

Suddenly, Zhang Han’s eyes lit up and he quickly raised his head as he moved his hand towards his left ear.

After digging his left ear for a while, a thing that was about a cm long which looked like a needle tip was dug out.

The needle tip’s entire body was crystal white, seemingly just like an immortal jade. After looking at it for a while, the excitement in Zhang Han’s eyes became denser and denser.

“Ninth Heaven God Thunder, seems like you actually left me with a treasure in the end! Thunder-Yang Tree and a few seeds. Those are exactly the things I needed for me to get into cultivation!”

(The ‘Yang’ of Thunder-‘Yang’ Tree is the ‘yang’ of yin and yang.)

In the large Cultivation World, Thunder-Yang Tree was also a relatively rare treasure. Its abilities were very formidable. Apart from it being an energy source and being able to nourish spiritual medicinal herbs, it could also grow out Thunder-Yang Wood. Thunder-Yang Wood was a kind of wood which was necessary for a lot of medicinal pills. Even if a person was to waste the wood and directly absorb the wood’s energy, the energy of the wood itself would also be able to enable the person to reach into the Xiantian Realm in an instant.

“However, Thunder-Yang Tree is only able to grow out Thunder-Yang Wood once every hundred years. Right before I rebirth and was undergoing the Heavenly Tribulation, I remembered that it was about to grow out Thunder-Yang Wood. So, it should take about five years for the Thunder-Yang Wood to grow out.”

Zhang Han shook his head, “Forget about it. No matter how long it takes, the first thing I have to do is to find a good place to plant the Thunder-Yang Tree and absorb the energy that it erupts out for the first time. After absorbing the energy, I will be able to reach Qi Refining Realm. At that time, I will be able to use my Treasure Smelling Nose. Adding on those seeds that I placed within the Thunder-Yang Tree, my future seems bright!”

While thinking about it, Zhang Han could not help but start laughing.

The sound of Zhang Han’s laughter woke up the little princess who slept for a while.

After waking up, the little princess rubbed her eyes adorably and looked at Zhang Han muddle-headedly as she said in a sweet voice,

“Daddy, I’m hungry.”

Zhang Han’s laughter came to a halt as he turned his head to look at the little princess. For a moment, he actually forgot about this little girl.

“Little girl, I am not your father. We are about to reach my house. I will find something for you to eat later.” Zhang Han said as he curled his lips.

Upon hearing that, the little princess had a look of feeling wronged and shyness. She wanted to talk, but at the same time did not dare to talk. She did not understand why her daddy said that he was not her daddy.

With the Ferrari parked below the old apartment, there was a kind of inharmonious feeling when seen by others. Carrying the little princess upstairs and entering into his room, it could be seen that not only were the furniture old and shabby, the room was also disordered and in a mess. Only the small blanket on the bed and the pink suitcase at the bedside were new.

What is the situation?

Zhang Han’s brows twitched. Sitting down on the sofa, he placed the little princess on the coffee table in front of him and examined her in detail.

The little girl’s face was exquisite. She had pretty brows, small and delicate nose, big lustrous eyes, cherry lips which were as thin as a willow leaf and the adorableness and gracefulness of a princess. However, her five sense organs did not resemble Zhang Han’s masculinity.

(Five sense organs refers to nose, eyes, lips, tongue, and ears.)

However, it was also lucky that she did not resembled Zhang Han’s masculinity. Otherwise, if a little young lady was to look masculine…Eh, just the thought of it would give one goosebumps.

“This is really my daughter? It can’t be right?”

Zhang Han mumbled to himself, when all of a sudden, a tearing pain bubbled forth in his mind.

This was the surging forth of 20+ years of memories!

At this moment, Zhang Han also understood everything. It turns out that when his 500 years of memories rushed into this body of his, it momentarily suppressed the 20+ years of memories of the body and it was only now then did all the memories started merging together.

After absorbing the 20+ years of memories of this current life of his, Zhang Han was somewhat stupefied.

Why did the course of development changed in this life?

In his previous life, his parents and sister met with an aviation incident and died. But right now, within his memories, his parents instead disappeared bizarrely five years ago, his second uncle Zhang Ming still hated his entire family, his sister ran away from home and her whereabouts were unknown. However, his sister would transfer money to him every month. And as for himself, he was still chased out of Zhang Family by Zhang Ming just like in his previous life.

“Could this be god giving me a chance to make up for my regrets?”

The feeling of joy could be seen in Zhang Han’s eyes.

After finish attaining those memories, Zhang Han also finally became aware of the origin of this little girl in front of him.

Her mother was called Zi Yan. Zhang Han was not familiar with her and only knew that she was an aloof celebrity who had once starred in quite a few box-office movies. Five years ago when Zi Yan was about to reach the peak of her career, it was also the same time when Zhang Han had fallen into the abyss and reached the peak of hedonistic.

After what that could be counted as an occasion of a hero saving a beauty, the two of them bonded together by accident. However, who would have thought that the ‘bullet’ that was shot out would be so accurate, and would have further even expected Zi Yan to choose to retire right when she was about to reach the peak of her career to hide at North America and give birth to the little princess that was currently in front of Zhang Han.

Right when this little princess was about to reach four years old, she began quarreling that she wants her father. At that time, Zi Yan had the intention to come back out of retirement and go back into the entertainment industry, and thus came back to China.

Upon reaching China, Zi Yan straightforwardly brought the little princess to this shabby apartment and only gave the little princess seven days to stay with Zhang Han. Perhaps, Zi Yan was also trying to get the little princess to give up on this dispirited father of hers.

When Zhang Han and Zi Yan met, because of Zi Yan’s indifferent, it incited the pride within Zhang Han and two both of them had a big quarrel. In the end, Zi Yan gnashed her teeth and left, while Zhang Han was disdain towards this matter as he thought towards himself, “Celebrities were nothing but actors only, what was she acting aloof for?” Of course, this was the opinion of Zhang Han before rebirth.

Today was the third day where Zhang Han’s life was joined by the existence of the little girl.

After confirming that the little girl was indeed his own daughter, Zhang Han’s complexion changed greatly. As if he had been struck by lightning, he stared in a daze at the little girl and mumbled with grief:

“A child that doesn’t have a handle?”

“God, are you playing a joke on me? How am I going to pass on my orthodox if my child doesn’t have a handle?”

In a moment, emotions surged up in him as he gloomily picked up a cigarette that was on the coffee table, lit it up and took a deep inhale with the cigarette.

“Cough, cough, cough……”

Little princess started coughing after being choked by the cigarette’s smoke.

This caused Zhang Han’s hand to come to a pause. Although he wanted a son to carry on his orthodox, the little girl was still in the end his own daughter. Zhang Han sighed as he extinguished the cigarette and stood up to go make a cup of milk for the little girl to drink.

“Thank you daddy.” The little princess said timidly.

Looking at his daughter’s shy look, Zhang Han sighed once again. If this was a son, he reckoned that the speaking style would be like this, “Dad, I am hungry. Don’t daze anymore and quickly make a cup of milk for me.”

Unlike his daughter in front of him, who was shy and delicate.

However, as quickly as those emotions of his came, those emotions also disappeared just as quickly. Shortly after, Zhang Han began to look attentively at the little girl who was currently gracefully drinking milk. Unknowingly, a trace of tenderness appeared in his expression.

Having finished drinking the milk, the little girl placed the baby bottle onto the coffee table, then stretched out both of her slim and tiny arms while speaking in a cute voice:

“Daddy, hug hug.”

Zhang Han carried her in his arms and the little girl let out a shy smile as she said happily:

“Daddy (??), you are my hero (??????), I love you (???).”

The little girl did not mind that her father was sloppy and straightforwardly kissed onto Zhang Han’s cheeks.

In a moment, Zhang Han’s heart was dissolved by the kiss.

This kiss made Zhang Han felt warm and tenderness which he had not felt for a very long time.

This kind of family love quickly filled the hollow of Zhang Han’s five hundred years of lonesome.

“I finally have a child! A daughter it should be then. Isn’t it said that a daughter is just like a considerate little cotton-padded jacket right?”

Zhang Han began to laugh heartily.

Although the little princess within his arms did not know why her daddy laughed, but seeing him laugh, the little princess also began laughing too.

In a moment, the room was filled with laughter and comfort.

“Daughter, did your mother give you a name? Zhang Han asked gently.” Even he himself also did not know that his masculine voice would actually be able to let out such a gentle voice.

“Yes, mommy already gave me a name~” The little princess raised her hand and pointed to herself as she spoke in a cute voice, “I am…am called Emily (???).”

After speaking, the smile which was originally on Zhang Han’s face immediately disappeared, and even the muscle at the corner of his eyes could be seen twitching, revealing out just how dissatisfied he felt right now.

“Emily?” Zhang Han said fumingly, “This woman is truly over!”

For his daughter to not be surnamed Zhang, and even given an English name. Just what was the meaning of this?

“Daddy……” Seeing Zhang Han’s expression, the little princess thought that he was being angry at her and tears quickly filled her eyes.

“Hey, hey, hey. Don’t cry, don’t cry, daddy is not talking about you.” Zhang Han quickly coaxed.

“Daddy, don’t be angry……” The little princess said timidly.

Zhang Han shook his head and said, “Daddy just felt that your name is not good. Let’s pick a new name for you instead okay?”

“All right, all right!” Seeing that her daddy was not angry at her and was even going to pick a new name for her, the little princess became happy once again.

“What should you be called……” Zhang Han pondered, and in less than two seconds, he looked towards the little princess within his arms and said, “You name should be called Zhang Yumeng, and your pet name should be called Meng Meng. What do you think? Is the name nice?”

After finish speaking, Zhang Han looked at the little princess with a look of anticipation.

However, the expression of the little princess in his arms began to hesitate,

“But, but I still prefer Emily. That is the name mommy picked for me.”

Zhang Han expression stiffed up as he said solemnly, “That won’t do!”

But just after finish saying those three words, because of the solemn expression on Zhang Han’s face, the little princess’s expression changed and it could be seen that tears were about to burst out from her eyes anytime soon.

Upon seeing that, Zhang Han immediately changed his tone and said in a gentle voice, “My little darling……”

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