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Godly Stay-Home Dad
Chapter 39
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“Eh? Mister, where is this rice grown at?”

The master who was in charge of processing the rice picked up a rice stalk and sized up the rice attentively.

The more he looked at it, the more astonished he was. The outward appearance of the rice was very good.

The connoisseur recognizes the artistry while the layman simply enjoys the show.

The processing master had been working at the factory for a very long time and had processed a lot of rice, and had also seen before finished products that were very good. But, never had he before seen rice that was plump to this degree.

The rice ear presented a gold color, and the rice grains of the rice connected to each other in succession, appearing very neat and tidy. Even without processing the rice, a faint rice fragrance could still be smelled. To the master, all those things were somewhat bizarre.

Upon hearing that, Zhang Han shook his head and did not reply.

“This is Daohuaxiang rice number 2 right?” The master asked in wonder.

“En.” Zhang Han nodded his head.

“Ah, this is the first time that I have seen rice that has such a good physical appearance.” The master exclaimed, then began operating the machine.

However, after the rice was processed and grains of white smooth and round rice was processed out from the rice, the rice fragrance which could cause one to be infatuated made the processing master became more astonished in his heart.

“How could it be this fragrant? Just how fragrant would the rice be after it had been cooked? This rice is truly dope!” The processing master looked at each grain of rice and praised without ceasing.

There was two sack of processed rice, with each sack being 30kg.

“What are those two sacks?” Zhang Han pointed to the two sacks of fine power state thing and asked.

“Those are the rice husks that were processed out. They could be used as livestock’s feed.” The processing master said with a smile.

“I don’t want the rice husks, you can have it. How much is the processing fee?” Zhang Han said casually.

“Since you gave me two sacks of rice husks, there is no need for the processing fee.” The processing master smiled and waved with his hand.

The amount of rice that was processed out was very little and did not need much money anyway.

“En.” Zhang Han nodded his head slightly, carried the 2 sacks of rice and walked out of the factory.

Returned back to the restaurant, Zhang Han placed the 2 sacks of rice in the cabinet. The time right now has not even reach 4pm, and thus naturally, it was still not yet time to eat dinner. Zhang Han sat down for a while and suddenly remembered about him wanting to bring Meng Meng to have a look at society’s true appearance.

I almost forgot about this matter!

After muttering for a while, Zhang Han had an idea. He remembered that a few days ago, he saw on the news that, at high grade clothing specialty store, some attendants would look down on those people who seemed very poor and mock and ridicule them.

Let’s wear clothes that are a bit damaged and bring Meng Meng to a high grade clothing specialty store!

Upon deciding what to do, Zhang Han immediately sprung to action. Zhang Han went upstairs, took out a set of white casual clothes, and then took out Meng Meng’s light blue cowboy outfit. Lastly, he took out a scissor from the drawer!

“Snap, snap, snap……”

With a few cuts of the scissors, the two set of clothes immediately became in tatters. There were different kind of holes in the shirt and pants. However, as the clothes were brand new, having holes in the clothes made it seemed as if a new style of clothes.

“It will seem real if the clothes are a bit dirty!”

Zhang Han took the two set of clothes and came downstairs.

“Meng Meng, let’s go, daddy bring you to go out play.” Zhang Han laughed lightly and said.

“Alright, go out play! Daddy, where are we going to play?” Meng Meng asked happily.

“We will go to Crescent Mountain first.” Zhang Han carried Meng Meng and said.

“Yay!” Meng Meng stretched out her little arms and swayed her little arms around happily.

Driving the car for 10 minutes, they arrived at Crescent Mountain. Meng Meng happily went to play with the doggies, whereas Zhang Han came to the side of a pond. Zhang Han rubbed the two set of clothes back and forth on the soil. After rubbing for a while, Zhang Han finally revealed out a trace of satisfied smile.

Now, the clothes were truly in tatters and dirty. Not bad!

After settling with the clothes, Zhang Han came to under the Thunder-Yang Tree. The growth of the heaven fragrant wood that was at the side was pretty good. The heaven fragrant wood was more or less as thick as a thigh and was close to 1.5m tall.

After using a sickle to cut off 10cm of heaven fragrant wood, Zhang Han carried Meng Meng and went back to the car that was below the mountain.

“Daddy, we just arrived here a while ago. Meng Meng still hasn’t played enough.” Meng Meng pouted with her small mouth and said with an unhappy tone.

“We will come back again tomorrow to play okay? Let’s change our clothes, daddy will bring you to go experience the true appearance of society.” Zhang Han changed his own clothes, then moved to the backseat to help Meng Meng change her clothes.

“Aiya, daddy, the clothes are so dirty, Meng Meng doesn’t want to wear it.” Meng Meng was very fond of being clean, although she would always make dirty her own clothes.

“We can only go play fun things after wearing the clothes.” Zhang Han said.

“Eh? What fun things?” Meng Meng blinked her clear eyes, looked at Zhang Han and asked curiously.

“You will know in a while. Daddy will bring you to go experience life. After experiencing finish, we will go back to the restaurant, and daddy will cook something delicious for you.” Zhang Han laughed and said.

“Okay, okay then. But Meng Meng doesn’t want to wear those clothes, those clothes are too dirty.” Meng Meng pouted her small mouth and said softly.

“We can only experience life after wearing the clothes. Come, daddy will help you wear the clothes.” With a smile, Zhang Han helped the unwilling little princess to change into the dirty clothes.

If Zi Yan was here, she would definitely reprimand Zhang Han this improper person. Other people’s family would be the children being the naughty one, and in this family, Zhang Han seemed to have become the naughty one.

However, ‘if’ was just a kind of reverie, and there was no way Zi Yan could be here.

Zhang Han brought Meng Meng to Crescent Gulf’s integrated shopping mall.

“Meng Meng, in this society, without money and power, other people will look down on you. When you wear like this and go buy clothes, the store attendants wouldn’t even let you touch their clothes. You have to know that, in this world, aside from daddy and mommy who sincerely treat you well, other people could be fake.”

Before entering into the shopping mall, Zhang Han said towards Meng Meng.

“Oh……” Not sure if Meng Meng even understood what Zhang Han said, Meng Meng could be seen nodding her little head obediently.

The stores in the shopping mall were all international brand, and everything that was sold was all high-end goods. Thus, the number of people in this shopping mall was not as much as a normal shopping mall.

However, even though there were not that many people, Zhang Han and Meng Meng ‘strange’ appearance still attracted countless gazes. The gazes were either surprised, confused or couldn’t help but laugh.

Facing those gazes, Zhang Han did not mind the slightest bit at all.

Towards the gazes of ants, why would an ant-eater care about it? And Zhang Han was equivalent to that ant-eater.

Meng Meng, on the other hand, she did not understand that much. Blinking with her clear big eyes, she looked around the shopping mall, causing people to turn their head to look at her adorable look.

After entering the shopping mall, Zhang Han straightforwardly walked into a Gucci shop that was close by.

“Hello mister, welcome to Gucci. May I ask what kind of clothes do mister you want to buy?” A 25 years old female shop attendant walked up and welcomed Zhang Han. When the female shop attendant saw Zhang Han’s and Meng Meng’s appearance, she first went into a daze for a while. However, her smiling expression was still kept on her face as she asked passionately.

“I will casually have a look around.” Zhang Han replied indifferently as he carried Meng Meng and looked around the shop.

“This shirt seems quite nice.” Zhang Han’s gaze swept the price of the shirt, 19.8k rmb. As he picked up the shirt and praised, while he was talking, he also observed the shop attendant’s expression at the same time.

Who knew, the shop attendant’s expression did not change at all. Her face was just like a zombie, maintaining a sweet smile all the way. Even more, she passionately introduced to Zhang Han, “This shirt is very suitable for you mister. However, since mister’s figure is very good, I reckon that most shirts would also be suitable for mister.”

“How much is it?” Zhang Han intentionally held the shirt near to his own dirty clothes and measured it on his body for a bit. While doing that, his gaze was fixed onto the shop attendant, waiting for her to show an expression of impatient or dislike.

“This shirt is 19.8k rmb.” The shop attendant replied with a smile.

“Daddy looks good in all kind of clothes. Daddy is handsome.” Meng Meng praised.

“It is too expensive already, will 908 rmb do?” Zhang Han bargained with an experienced look on his face.

“908 rmb?” The shop attendant went into a daze for a while, then shortly after, she immediately hung up a smile on her face, and explained with a calm face, “Mister, I’m really sorry, the price of the goods in our shop are all fixed. How about I introduce to mister you some other shirts that have a somewhat lower price?”

“There is no need!”

Looking at the shop attendant’s zombie face which had a smile on from the start to finish, Zhang Han felt meaningless and defeated. Carrying Meng Meng, he turned around and left the shop.

The female shop attendant shook her head while smiling and placed the shirt back.

“Daddy, why didn’t you buy the shirt? Eh…didn’t we, we came here to buy buy buy?” Meng Meng asked with a confused face.

“Meng Meng, we did not come here to buy buy buy today. The reason we came here today is to experience life.” Zhang Han smiled.

“Experience what?” Meng Meng was curious, not knowing just what kind of game her daddy wanted to play.

“Eh, you will know in a while.”

After finish speaking, Zhang Han hastened his steps and came to the Dior shop that was at the opposite side.

In less than 5 minutes, Zhang Han walked out of the shop with a helpless face.

The shop attendant inside the Dior shop was the same as the shop attendant at the Gucci shop, having a smile from start to finish. Upon seeing that it was hopeless, Zhang Han left the shop.

Taking a few steps forward, Zhang Han prepared for his next round of attack. The shop this time was a trend shop.

After entering the shop, Zhang Han came out of the shop much faster this time. Within less than 3 minutes, Zhang Han walked out of the shop with a light sigh.

The next shop, before 3 minutes, Zhang Han walked out of the shop with a rigid expression, and Meng Meng’s expression was already somewhat confused.

“Next shop!” Zhang Han took a deep breath, I don’t believe it, are the inner quality of all the shop attendants this high?

“Next shop!”

“Next shop again!”


Finally, at the 15th shop, the shop attendant finally had a somewhat ‘normal’ reaction.

“Mister, mister, your hands seemed to be somewhat dirty. How about I bring you to go wash your hands first before you touch the clothing. Is that okay with you?” The shop attendant’s expression was not that good. Slightly frowning, the shop attendant said with a somewhat urgent tone.

Zhang Han’s hands were indeed somewhat dirty and the clothing that he was about to touch was a white color fur clothing.

“What did you say?”

Zhang Han immediately became spirited as he gazed at the shop attendant and said with expectation, “You said that my hands are dirty. Then, what will happen if I touched the clothing? Do you intend to force me to buy the clothing or compensate you all?”

After the beautiful woman said something like ‘You, of course, have to take reasonability if you dirtied the clothing’, Zhang Han was intending to have a good debate with her, and give Meng Meng a lesson.

However, before the woman who was frowning slightly replied, a steady voice came from the other side,

“If you touched it then so be it, we will of course not ask you to compensate, those clothes here are all sample clothes anyway.”

Zhang Han turned his head around, and a capable and experienced looking woman who seemed to be 30+ years old walked up and said passionately,

“Hello mister, this clothing is woman clothing, so I presume that mister you are buying it for your wife right? Seeing that your child is this adorable and pretty, her mother must also be very beautiful. Thus, I feel that this clothing will definitely be suitable for your wife. Mister, you can casually pick up the clothing and have a look at it.”

“My mommy is very beautiful.” Meng Meng pouted with her small mouth and said, “Daddy is also very handsome. Daddy, daddy, you have never buy clothes for mommy before, this clothing looks very nice, can you buy it for mommy please?”

Hearing that, Zhang Han took a few looks at Meng Meng. In the end, he said with a somewhat helpless tone, “I will take this clothing then……”

In the end, Zhang Han carried a brand new fur clothing and left the shopping mall.

Zhang Han was not going to try anymore, he had admitted defeat. He felt that the plan today had failed already.

“Manager, your eyes are indeed vicious. I really did not expect that person would be able to just casually buy the clothing that costs 28k rmb. In the start, I still thought that the person was just coming in to casually have a look.” The shop assistant sighed repeatedly.

“I say, you have to learn a bit more. No matter what is it, you have to observe first. You look at that adorable and pretty little lady, do you think that a normal person would be able to give birth to such a child? With a look and I knew that the mister was just here to look for fun. People like this are normally big shots who really have nothing better to do. If you were to have deeply offended him, just think about what kind of consequence would follow you after on?” The manager earnestly guided the shop assistant.

“Manager, you are right.”


When they returned back to the restaurant, the sky was also becoming dark.

Zhang Han was intending to prepare a meal for Meng Meng for the first time.

Just when he was about to cook the rice, Zhang Han went into a daze for a while.

“Meng Meng, we have to take a trip back to Crescent Mountain.” Zhang Han opened his mouth and said.

“Eh?” Meng Meng slightly went into a daze, then became overjoyed at the unexpected good news as she said, “Alright, alright, go play with the doggies!”

Thus, Zhang Han brought Meng Meng back to Crescent Mountain.

The reason for coming back to Crescent Mountain was because Zhang Han thought of a matter, the water for cooking the rice!

Zhang Han did not want to use tap water to cook the rice. After thinking about it, he decided to use spiritual water to cook the rice. Although the rice was already at the highest quality, although using spiritual water to cook the rice could be considered as decorating something that was already perfect, but Zhang Han just wanted to use spiritual water to cook the rice. Zhang Han was just this willful!

Under Thunder-Yang Tree, Zhang Han’s spiritual strength revolved, and connected to Thunder-Yang Tree, causing a branch to come out from the Thunder-Yang Tree. Like a tap, the spiritual water that was within the underground winding corridor shape cave flowed upwards and flowed out from the branch.

Zhang Han filled 2 milk buckets with spiritual water, then called out for Meng Meng. The little princess was currently playing happily and did not hear Zhang Han’s voice.

Upon seeing that, Zhang Han let Meng Meng played for another 10+ minutes.

The sun was gradually getting darker.

Normally at this timing, at mountains where there were lots of underbrush, there would be quite a lot of mosquitos. However, there was no need to worry about things like mosquitos at Crescent Mountain.

The sweet scent grass’s function was not merely being beautiful and emitting out a sweet scent. Sweet scent grass also had the function of driving insects away. No matter was it mosquito, housefly or grass-eating insects, sweet scent grass would drive them away from Crescent Mountain by emitting a smell that was targeted against them.

How does the sweet scent grass differentiate what kind of pests to drive away? Because this area was Thunder-Yang Tree’s domain, when the domain was constructed, it used Zhang Han’s thoughts to define what insects were counted as pests.

Standing under Thunder-Yang Tree, Zhang Han’s gaze swept through the vegetable area. The vegetables were planted a few days late and were still not yet mature right now. I will just have to wait a few more days.

The ingredients that were available right now were rice, chicken eggs, a few spring onion and other ingredients that were bought from the supermarket, for example, carrot, onion, tomato and so on……

What should I make tonight?

Stir-fried onion and egg, stir-fried tomato and egg?

Thinking back and forth, only eggs were available to eat right now, thus Zhang Han muttered to himself for a while, and decided to make egg fried rice tonight.

Egg fried rice was a common delicious food and was also something that most people knew how to make.

Sometimes after finish eating a meal, there would be some rice left over. When waking up on the second day, a plate of egg fried rice could be made with the leftover rice. It was economical and tasty at the same time.

It was relatively simple to cook egg fried rice. After preparing the ingredients, just a few minutes was enough to cook egg fried rice. Also, not only egg fried rice, there were other fried rice dishes that were very simple and convenient too. Say, for example, Yangzhou fried rice, soy sauce fried rice, sausage fried rice, shrimp and vegetable fried rice, and so on……

There were even roadside stalls that sold fried rice specially and were loved by people.

Zhang Han wanted to make something better for Meng Meng to eat. But the ingredients that were available right now was not able to support Zhang Han. Furthermore, the planting area at Crescent Mountain had only just taken form and still was still far from being complete.

After deciding, Zhang Han stood up and walked to Meng Meng’s side.

“Meng Meng, the sky is dark already, we have to go back to eat dinner.” Zhang Han said with a light laugh.

“Aiya, alright then. Xiao Hei, bye bye, big Golden Retriever, small Golden Retriever, big Husky, small Husky, big Chow Chow, small Chow Chow, big poodle, small poodle……” Meng Meng one by one said goodbye to the doggies.

The doggies also very gave face, gathering to the front of Meng Meng and shaking their tongue in response to Meng Meng.

Xiao Hei personally saw off Zhang Han and Meng Meng to the bottom of the mountain. All the way until the Jeep left his line of sight, then did he turned around and headed back to the mountain top.

Perhaps before Zhang Han transformed him, he treated Zhang Han as just a passer-by. But after Zhang Han transformed him, he treated Zhang Han as his master for the rest of his life, and also the master which he firmly believed that he had to protect for his entire life.

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