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Godly Stay-Home Dad
Chapter 40
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Returning back to the restaurant, Zhang Han placed the little princess on the sofa, opened the television and switched it to the children channel, then went to begin making the first meal he would be making for the little princess.

Zhang Han cooked the fresh cow milk first.

Taking out a rice cooker, the rice cooker was bought by Zhao Kai. Zhao Kai knew that Zhang Han was opening a restaurant, thus the rice cooker he bought was quite big.

Zhang Han used the tap water and washed the rice 2 times. Washing the rice 2 times was more or less enough. Rice cannot be washed more than 3 times. If the rice was washed more than 3 times, a lot of the nutrients of the rice would be washed away, and the fragrant of the rice after it has been cooked would also be less fragrant.

During the third time, Zhang Han poured the spiritual water into the rice cooker. The rice to spiritual water ratio was roughly 1:1.2. Using a hand was enough to measure it. Pressing down your palm onto the rice, the amount of water just has to be slightly a bit more than the rice, with the water being the same level as your palm. Zhang Han learned all those small general knowledge just only recently.

After all, there was Meng Meng now. Zhang Han had to start learning all kind of things.

The cow milk finished cooking very quickly. Although the range hood was very impressive, a faint milk fragrance still filled the house.

“What a fragrant smell.”

A customer entered into the restaurant through the door. After she smelled the milk fragrance, she couldn’t help but swallowed her saliva. She felt that she had never smelled before milk that has such mouthwatering milk fragrant in her life. It must be known that she didn’t really like drinking milk, and had never thought that milk would be able to emit a fragrance that would make her want to immediately drink it.

“Boss, what food does this restaurant of yours have? Give me a glass of cow milk first……Eh? It’s you?” The female said as she took 2 steps forward. When she saw Zhang Han’s appearance and the appearance of the little princess who was on the sofa, she immediately opened her eyes wide.

She was the white color bikini beautiful woman that was at the beach at Crescent Gulf who gave Meng Meng a beverage a few days ago, Liang Mengqi. She did not had any impression of Zhang Han, but she remembered Meng Meng’s appearance very vividly.

Meng Meng was very pretty. Without a need for any question, it was because of inheriting Zi Yan’s excellent genes. Even when Liang Mengqi returned home, Meng Meng’s figure would still flash in her mind time from time. Big eyes, long eyelashes, white and delicate face, Meng Meng was just like a little princess that was in a fairy tale.

“Who are you?”

Zhang Han took a look at Liang Mengqi indifferently. Oval face, big eyes, wearing leisure clothes, short sleeves, and short pants, a pair of long and slender legs, and sandals worn on her feet. It must be said that this was a beautiful woman who was above 88 points. Although the person was beautiful, Zhang Han did not have any impression of her.

“Hey! Uncle, I am the kind and beautiful woman who was declined by you when I gave your daughter a beverage to drink.” Liang Mengqi said loudly.

“Oh.” Zhang Han replied indifferently, not having any interest on his face.

“Big, big sister, hello.” Meng Meng stretched out her little palm and greeted.

“Hello, sweetie.” Liang Mengqi smiled and walked to the front of the sofa, wanting to sit down and play with Meng Meng for a bit.

“The white color chair that is in front of the window there is the place for customers to sit at.” Zhang Han said indifferently.

Liang Mengqi’s expression froze.

“Hey, say, why are you so insensible?” Liang Mengqi glared at Zhang Han and said.

However, Zhang Han did not pay attention to her.

“Humph!” Liang Mengqi snorted lightly, conveying the discontent in her heart. However, in the end, she didn’t sit on the sofa. After all, since the owner did not allow her to sit on the sofa, thus she would also not force it. Turning around, she walked towards the white color small dining table. While walking, she opened her mouth and asked, “What food do you have here? Give me a menu to look at.”

“No menu. There are only egg fried rice and cow milk today.” Zhang Han replied.

“Egg fried rice and cow milk?” Liang Mengqi went into a daze, her expression somewhat astonished.

Not talking about this restaurant’s renovation which did not look like how a restaurant should be, even food was not prepared? What kind of restaurant was this?

Liang Mengqi even had the thought to turned around and leave the restaurant. However, the milk fragrance that she smelled earlier on cut off that thought of hers.

“Give me a plate of egg fried rice and a cup of cow milk then!” Liang Mengqi said petulantly, then sat on the small chair that was in front of the window, took out her phone and started using her phone.

“Wait for a while then.” Zhang Han replied.

After chopping up the green onion on the chopping board, Zhang Han took out 4 chicken eggs that were each roughly the size of a goose egg, cracked the eggs into a big bowl and stirred well, then place the bowl on one side. After thinking for a bit, he took out a small carrot and cut it into small cubes.

At this time, the rice was also cooked. When Zhang Han opened the lid, the steam immediately came out, and the rice fragrance drifted around the house.


Liang Mengqi who was currently playing a phone game suddenly smelled the rice fragrance, and couldn’t help but exclaimed.

The smell of the cow milk was already that fragrant already, so how could the rice be this fragrant too? It shouldn’t be possible! Could it be that I am hallucinating because I am too hungry?

Liang Mengqi was confused in her heart. She carefully sized the inside of the house and immediately felt that Zhang Han’s taste was quite good. She knew that the cost of the Steinway Model O Grand Piano and that jadeite television wall was at least above a million.

“He knows how to play the piano? I reckon it is only a decoration.” Liang Mengqi mumbled to herself.

“Daddy, daddy, it smells so nice, Meng Meng is hungry already. Meng Meng wants to eat rice rice.” Even Meng Meng was attracted by the fragrance of the rice as she turned her head around, looked at Zhang Han and urged him.

“It will be ready in 10 minutes, wait for a while okay.” Zhang Han laughed lightly and replied.

While talking, he used a rice scooper to mix the rice around, and placed the rice at one side to let it cool down.

Afterward, Zhang Han took out the heaven fragrant wood. Revolving the spiritual strength within his body to his palm, he lightly pressed onto the heaven fragrant wood.


A subtle depressed sound rang out.

The heaven fragrant wood was still that heaven fragrant wood, there was not the slightest change at all.

However, when Zhang Han took out a rolling pin and lightly tapped the rolling pin on the heaven fragrant wood, in a moment, the heaven fragrant wood turned into fine powder.

Zhang Han rolled the rolling pin onto the fine power for a few times, then placed the fine powder of the heaven fragrant wood into a seasoning bottle.

Heaven fragrant wood was colorless and tasteless. Heaven fragrant wood‘s function was raising the fragrance of the essence of an ingredient.

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