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I Am A Prodigy
Chapter 11
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Chapter 11: The Fight

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Even though the gathering appeared to be a high-end event, in truth it was not considered to be an upper-class party. It was but a party for the upstarts in the district to bring along some B-list celebrities and spoilt youngsters with wealthy parents.

However, there was no lack of conversation topic on beautiful women regardless of different circles. Zhang Yunxi’s appearance had naturally turned into the focal point of the entire scene’s attention.

“Who is that beautiful girl, why have I not seen her before?”

“She looks to be very young and delicate. I think she’s still a student.”

“That poor b*st*rd by her side can’t be her boyfriend, right. F*ck. It’s like sticking a fresh flower on a dunghill!”

“I saw that they were brought over by Kong Wei. I’ll look for a chance to seek her asking price if I can.”

The group of people had utterly disregarded Ye Lingchen’s presence. They were discussing Zhang Yunxi almost as if she was an object. They talked as if no one would stand a chance to fight for the women in their territory.

Meanwhile, someone spoke, “Stop thinking about the girl. She is reserved for GM Wang by Kong Wei.”

“GM Wang? That lad is changing women faster than he is changing his attire. Oh no, another fine piece of vegetable has been ruined,” exclaimed someone emotionally.

“F*ck. You’re speaking as if you’re not just like that too.” Someone said in a schadenfreude-like manner, “I wonder what would happen to the young lad?”

“That’s right. I heard that GM Wang once took a fancy upon a girl so he broke her boyfriend’s legs. He tossed the boyfriend some money as if nothing had happened.”

“I thought GM Wang had just taken his little secretary upstairs to the building? I reckon they are about to come down soon…”

GM Wang had a domineering temper so he would never allow any woman that he fancied to leave him. Perhaps, GM Wang would cripple the young lad on the spot when he noticed Ye Lingchen’s presence.

“Look, GM Wang is here!” said someone.

They watched as a middle-aged man with a huge belly and greasy face walked down from the second floor in a slow and steady manner. His arm was wrapped around an enchanting-looking woman and both of them were chatting away happily.

Kong Wei’s eyes lit up abruptly as soon as she saw GM Wang. Soon afterward, she walked over in long strides.

GM Wang expressed his displeasure and impatience when he first saw her. However, his gaze immediately remained fixated upon Zhang Yunxi as soon as he first saw her. He wished that he could nail himself onto Zhang Yunxi’s body.

“GM Wang, I’ve brought my sister over. Don’t break your promise to me, okay?” said Kong Wei in a coquettish manner.

“Hah-hah-hah, sure, sure!” GM Wang was almost salivating. It had been more than just a few days since he discovered Zhang Yunxi’s presence. It was only that Zhang Yunxi was nicely dressed by Kong Wei this time.

He walked toward Zhang Yunxi with long strides…

“Yunxi, this is GM Wang. Be courteous,” introduced by Kong Wei.

“Miss Zhang, my name is Wang Wenlong. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” GM Wang stretched out his greasy hand toward Zhang Yunxi.

Zhang Yunxi frowned deeply. She could not help stepping backward involuntarily. Meanwhile, Ye Lingchen stepped forward and grabbed GM Wang’s hand at one go. “My name is Ye Lingchen. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Scoundrel. Did I say that I wanted to shake hands with you? Scram!” GM Wang’s expression dimmed abruptly. He glared at Ye Lingchen coldly.

“Lingchen, GM Wang has an important proposal to discuss with Yunxin in private. Go away, don’t ruin this!” said Kong Wei as she attempted to pull Ye Lingchen away.

At present, GM Wang extended his greasy hands toward Zhang Yunxi once again. This made Zhang Yunxi’s beautiful face turned pale with fear and her charming body shivered.

Ye Lingchen shuffled his legs and used his body to place himself between the two people. “Who are you to order me to leave and why should I leave?”

“Who are you again?” GM Wang did not expect that someone would have the audacity to revolt against him repeatedly. He squinted his eyes to size Ye Lingchen up and down.

Soon afterward, he smiled in disdain. “I don’t give a f*ck who you are. If you have the audacity to stop me, then be prepared to die! I’m going to give you one more chance. Scram!”

However, Ye Lingchen remained standing unbudging.

The chubby cheeks on GM Wang appeared incomparably ferocious. “Young lad, are you sure that you want to oppose me?”

“What if I want to?” Ye Lingchen looked on with a cold gaze.

“Poor *ss Diaosi, do you know who I am?” GM Wang acted as if he had just listened to the funniest joke in the world. “I’ve beaten up no less than 100 hundred men that are like you. The rest of their lives were all ruined for every single one of them had one leg broken at the very least!”

He looked at Ye Lingchen in contemplation. “Now, would you still wish to oppose me?”

“So what if I do that?” Ye Lingchen remained calm as before with an unswerving determination.

Zhang Yunxi was already shivering in fear. She could only hide behind Ye Lingchen to feel secure.

The people in the surrounding area had been paying attention to the development of the situation all this time. This had created a great sensation over the entire scene instantly as they found that the situation had surpassed their imagination.

“That’s fearless! The young lad has truly no fear of death!”

“F*ck! Is the young lad seeking doom? He is obviously prepared to engage in a fight against GM Wang!”

“What a rowdy brat, he is a rowdy brat!”

“Oh no, oh no. Look at GM Wang’s expression. He is seeking the thrill of the kill!”

Every person in the room subconsciously surrounded these two people. It was their first time seeing someone who had such boldness when speaking to GM Wang.

“It’s true that the stupid are fearless. Young lad, you and I are utterly not on the same level. I can make you leave just by saying a word. You will be damned to perdition from this point on! I’ll make you live out the rest of your life in regret!” GM Wang sneered repeatedly and said softly, “Break his arms and legs, then… toss him out!”

Two burly bodyguards walked out slowly from behind his back. They were staring at Ye Lingchen in an unfriendly manner.

Zhang Yunxi’s hand was holding on to Ye Lingchen’s clothes involuntarily. Her nails had begun to turn white due to her strenuous grip because she had never witnessed a scene like this before.

Ye Lingchen patted Zhang Yunxi’s hands and looked toward the burly men walking toward himself with a calm gaze.

He was similarly felt nervous. However, he was a man gifted with the System. He could lose anything but not his classiness!


He bent his waist and poised himself to make a move with Arhat Fist.

“F*ck me. What is that? Could it be that the young lad is trained in martial arts?”

“I was thinking how can he be so calm? So it turns out that he is trained in some fancy acrobatics huh! Don’t tell me he thinks he’s a martial art master!”

“Sigh. The fancy acrobatics will be the death of him!”

“What a little fool. GM Wang’s two bodyguards are Southeast Asians. I heard that they were involved in underground fights in the past and had killed quite a number of people!”

“Judging by the young lad’s physique, I think that his ribs would be broken in one punch.”

The two bodyguards were grinning hideously upon seeing Ye Lingchen’s current state.

“Hah-hah-hah, what a stupid motherf*cker. Don’t tell me that you let all the novels you’ve read get into your mind.” GM Wang was amused. At present, Ye Lingchen looked just like a clown in his eyes.

“Die, young lad!”

One of the bodyguards raised his hands. The muscles on his entire body began to bulge and stiffen in such a way that he looked just like a boulder. It made every person’s heart beat frantically in fear.

‘He was powerful and terrifying!’

In the next moment, he began swinging and punching with his huge fists toward Ye Lingchen!

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

The air was howling loudly from the movements of the fists. The people were daunted by the sight of his powerful strength.

However, Ye Lingchen remained in the same posture as before without budging at all.

“The young lad must be stunned from fear.”

“The young lad will be left with half a life with one punch.”

“Sigh. I can only say that he is unfortunate. Of all the people he can offend, he chooses to offend GM Wang.”


The bodyguard’s expression dimmed for a moment. He was coming on even stronger.

However, Ye Lingchen made a move at this very moment.

His body sank ever so slightly as he stretched out his arms to wrap around the bodyguard’s arms. Soon afterward, his body made a turn while he curved in his back!

It was a style known as Backlined Arhat!


The bodyguard’s burly body was immediately tossed into the distance like a feather-light mimosa that was blown out the window. He moved in a graceful arc across the sky.

How was that possible?

Every person’s mouth gaped in astonishment and their eyes were widened so much their eyeballs were almost popping out from their eye sockets.

‘He has been tossed out like a ragdoll?’

It was truly an astonishing sight such that everyone in the surroundings was dumbstruck in amazement. They were at a loss for words.

The bodyguard had a burly physique with bulky muscles all over his entire body. He was at least one hundred kilograms in weight. It was very difficult for an ordinary person to nudge him even if he was standing still.

Could it be that the young lad was truly trained in martial arts?

Then, the bodyguard crashed down from the sky. His upper body landed on the ground first. His eyes rolled back at once and he instantaneously lost his ability to fight. It was possible that his lower body could be paralyzed from crashing so hard on the ground.

“Brat, I’m going to kill you!” GM Wang’s chubby cheeks quivered while his eyes were shimmering with the most cunning radiance. “Go ahead and cripple him!”

The other bodyguard was no longer haughty with the boy. He stamped his foot ever so slightly against the group and leaped up into the air. He kicked his legs swiftly like a vortex and delivered a flying kick toward Ye Lingchen.

Countless shadows appeared in the sky. It appeared as if every kick of this bodyguard could instantly cripple a grown man.

It was a move known as the Cyclone Sweeping Kick!

“Wow, that’s impressive!” The people swallowed their saliva before they retreated in succession. They feared being affected by the fight.

Ye Lingchen inhaled a deep breath. He had not retreated, on the contrary, he moved forward. He assumed the horse stance while he swung his fists simultaneously!

It was a move known as Moon-hugging Arhat!


The bodyguard’s body continued to spin. However, he was flying backward at such a speed that his head crashed onto the wall. His body convulsed for a moment before he was knocked unconscious from the impact.

“F*ck! That’s awesome!”

The bystanders were stunned from astonishment. They stood gazing at one another with an incredulous expression on their faces.

‘How did this happen?’

‘The young lad could not have been a martial art master, right?’

“Oh oh oh, you brat. You’re dead to me!” GM Wang’s eyes reddened from rage. He never took his eyes off Ye Lingchen. “So you think that you’re awesome just because you’re trained in some fake martial arts huh. Let me tell you this. There are many ways that will kill you in this world. Just wait! Also, I’m taking the woman behind you for sure. Bwah-hah-hah-hah!”

Zhang Yunxi was ghastly pale and beyond helpless. There was despair in her eyes.

The rest of the people shook their heads one after another as they looked at Ye Lingchen sympathetically.

So what if he was trained in martial arts? So what if he was skilled in fights? A single man’s strength was still meager anyhow.

However, Ye Lingchen pacified Zhang Yunxi calmly. “There’s no need to fear a man that is about to die.”

Zhang Yunxi looked into Ye Lingchen’s eyes. She nodded subconsciously and felt slightly relieved in her heart.

“A man that is about to die? Hah-hah-hah, brat. Could it be that you still wish to kill me, do you have the guts to do so even?” GM Wang said while he mockingly looked at Ye Lingchen.

“Have you been feeling an itch all over your body recently? You have some red rashes on certain parts of your body, especially on your neck.” Ye Lingchen looked at GM Wang quietly.

There was a whiff of panic that flashed past GM Wang’s face. “So what if I do?”

“Massage your lower abdomen area. Do you feel exceptionally painful on the two sides of your lower abdomen,” continued Ye Lingchen.

GM Wang attempted to do that. His entire body was convulsing wildly as soon as he touched himself. His face was twitching in pain and he was sweating cold sweat.

“The woman around you aren’t clean. You should seek medical attention from a hospital as soon as possible. Perhaps, you’ll be able to live for another one to two months more!” Ye Lingchen looked at GM Wang coldly before he spoke calmly.

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