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I Am A Prodigy
Chapter 12
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Chapter 12: Xiao Feifei

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The people felt a chill run down their spines. They could not help figuring out an incomparably terrifying possibility. They retreated in succession to keep their distance from the GM Wang.

“What… what do you mean?” GM Wang abruptly turned ghastly pale as well.

“Haven’t you figured that out yet?” Ye Lingchen spoke indifferently, “Have you been feeling chills recently? Moreover, you fall sick easily and your immunity is exceedingly low?”

“No, that’s impossible?” Cold sweat was wildly perfusing out from GM Wang’s fleshy face. Soon afterward, he abruptly turned around and raised his hand to give a slap on the seductive woman’s face with a loud ‘clap’.

“Tell me! Is he telling the truth?!”

“Hah-hah-hah, bwah-hah-hah-hah…” Who would have expected that the woman would laugh aloud hysterically? “Wang Wenlong, this is judgment day for you. I’ve had so many plastic surgeries to look like this just so I can get revenge against swine like you!”


The twist of events stunned every single person on the scene.

“After you abandoned me all those years ago, I got myself infected intentionally. Then, I had plastic surgeries to give myself a new look so I could seduce you. Bwah-hah-hah-hah. You’re just like how you were back in those years. You’re hooked on me with just from a wiggle of my finger!” The seductive woman laughed hysterically and said grudgingly, “This is your end for abandoning me back in the beginning!”

“B*tch!” GM Wang’s face had already turned dark red similar to the color of pig liver. Yet, he dared not procrastinate anymore and he ran out swiftly.

“The disease is incurable. You won’t be living much longer. Bwah-hah-hah-hah…” The seductive woman was in hysteria.

“B*tch, you’re a m*th*rf*ck*ng b*tch!” GM Wang’s voice was shivering. He cussed aloud as he was leaving.

Every person in the gathering was dumbstruck. The people that shook GM Wang’s hand earlier were cold from fear. They ran into the washroom to wash their hands wildly for hopes of disinfecting themselves.

“Ye Lingchen, you’re awesome! You’re even trained in medical skills!” Zhang Yunxi looked at Ye Lingchen in astonishment. Too many things had happened today such that she felt like she was in a dream, especially this boy that came from the same village as herself. She felt like she could not see through this person anymore as if he was a mystery.

“Lingchen, please take a look at me…” Meanwhile, Kong Wei was almost crying as she stood by the side anxiously. She begged him. “Please take a look at me if I am sick, also if I can be cured?”

“Ever since the woman appeared, you haven’t been engaged in acts of intimacy with GM Wang anymore, right?” said Ye Lingchen smilingly.

“No, no!” Kong Wei shook her head.

“You’re not in trouble but you should pay attention to your health from now on,” said Ye Lingchen.

Kong Wei exhaled a long sigh of relief at once. Soon afterward, she said, “Lingchen, you’re a truly capable man. Has it not been for your help, I would be in deep trouble.”

Ye Lingchen smiled but did not speak.

Zhang Yunxi looked at her cousin with a slightly disgusted look in her gaze.

She was always under the assumption that her cousin had a good life despite being just a small celebrity. However, she had never expected that her cousin achieved that by using such filthy ways. Moreover, her cousin had almost thrown her to the wolves as well.

She had never expected that there would be such a dark side to the society. She had not imagined that her cousin would betray her even more.

Had it not been her request for Ye Lingchen to accompany her to this event, the ending was truly unimaginable.

“Heh-heh, Yunxi. It’s your sister’s mistake this time. It’s not intentionally really.” Kong Wei smiled awkwardly. “It’s getting late anyway. Let me send the both of you home.”

They refused to stay any longer in that place so the three of them walked toward the door.

A young woman was gazing after Ye Lingchen’s departing silhouette from a room inside the hall. She suddenly spoke, “Sister Lin, please help me to go over and ask for his phone number.”

Her voice sounded exceedingly sweet to the ears. It sounded so pleasing as if one was basking in the spring breeze just by listening to her voice.

“Miss, this…” Sister Lin was slightly hesitant.

“I have a favor to ask from him, please help me.” The young woman’s voice was heard once again with a coquettish tinge.

“Alright then…”

At that moment, the sky had already darkened. There was a coldness in the night breeze.

Ye Lingchen was about to get into the car when he heard someone calling out to him.

He could hear the words ‘handsome boy’ echoing indistinctly from behind his back so he stopped walking.

He could see a woman dressed in uniform walking toward himself. At a glance, she exuded an intense feeling of competence and experience in her attire. She was about thirty of age but she took good care of herself. She had a fair complexion and beautiful face with a tall and slim figure.

She was an exquisite beauty!

Ye Lingchen shook his head to clear his head of the thought that suddenly came to him. He felt that this was a residual effect of the Genius System.

“Handsome boy, can you please give me your Wechat and phone number?” said the woman to Ye Lingchen with a smile.

Huh? Ye Lingchen frowned ever so slightly.

‘You’re a little too blatant, aren’t you? You should pay attention to where you are at the very least!’

Ye Lingchen sensed Zhang Yunxi’s expression change. There was an unknown hostility to her now.

The woman continued to speak earnestly upon realizing Ye Lingchen’s hesitation, “I have a favor to ask from you, please give me your number. I beg of you!”

Ye Lingchen looked at the woman then nodded soon afterward. He took the pen and paper before he wrote down his contact information on the paper.

Ye Lingchen got into the car. Zhang Yunxi’s expression was as dim as a stormy sky. She took her seat sulkily.

Ye Lingchen was only too glad of the leisure. He closed his eyes to rest in the backseat.

In truth, he was not in the best condition.

Arhat Fist truly deserved its reputation of being a widely-known style of martial arts. Ye Lingchen had made a good display of its awesomeness today. However, Ye Lingchen was capable of winning his opponents today largely due to his luck as well.

Arhat Fist was just a style of martial arts after all and Ye Lingchen had never trained before. For example, the two bodyguards were as large as boulders. Even though Ye Lingchen was aware of the move but his physical qualities were just as good as any ordinary person.

He relied on the moves to achieve victory through skillful manipulation. Had the two bodyguards not been careless and fought against Ye Lingchen with brute force, Ye Lingchen would have been defeated for sure.

His fists were still throbbing in pain indistinctly which rendered him incapable of exerting strength for a short period. It was just like if an ordinary person punched a cow’s body.

It seemed like he would need to spend more time to train his Arhat Fist after this so he could improve his physical quality.

“Ye Lingchen.” Before she got down from the car, Zhang Yunxi could not refrain herself anymore but her charming eyes remained fixed upon Ye Ling anyhow.

“You’re capable of knowing so many things. I’m sure that your result won’t be bad if you’re willing to study seriously. I believe that you’ll certainly be able to score well in the college entrance examination,” said Zhang Yunxi after she paused for a long while.

Ye Lingchen nodded calmly. He said with a smile, “You too. Work hard for your college entrance examination. Don’t you fall behind me by then.”

Ye Lingchen’s phone buzzed when he returned to his home. He took a glance and noticed that someone had sent him a friend request on Wechat. The person’s display picture was a cute pink cartoon bunny.

[Hello, are you there?]

After approving the request, the person immediately sent over a very casual greeting.

Ye Lingchen replied with a [Yes, I’m here] in an arrogant manner.

[Miracle doctor, do you know how to treat spondylosis?] The other person sent over a smiley face emoticon.

So it turned out the person sought medical attention from him.

Ye Lingchen was enlightened. He assumed that the person witnessed how he displayed his medical skills today and found him as a result.

Xiao Feifei laid in bed. She was dressed in a pink gown that made her appear extremely kawaii. She looked at the screen of her phone anxiously as if she was waiting for something.

To make a debut, she was constantly practicing hard on her dance moves and singing. It was common for her to adopt strange working habits such as working late at night and sleeping in the morning. Even though she did manage to become a huge celebrity as her wish, she suffered from the lingering effect of a chronic disease. She was easily lethargic these days. Moreover, her neck was sore and painful and she would frequently suffer from nausea. In fact, her voice was affected by a dry cough and was hoarse. This was considered an exceedingly crushing blow for a huge celebrity like her.

Now that her condition had worsened, she visited a few famous hospitals yet the effect of her treatment was a trifle next to nothing. Many doctors had even concluded that her condition was utterly incurable and could only be relieved by changing her lifestyle and having more rest.

She was invited to the gathering in Hailing District this time. She was supposed to spend some time here as a distraction. However, she noticed Ye Lingchen’s presence. She felt that this boy was not an ordinary person. Perhaps, it was due to her desperate situation that she was willing to turn to any doctor she could find. She suddenly felt that Ye Lingchen would be able to help her possibly.

Despite Xiao Feifei’s anxiety, Ye Lingchen replied in a very simple manner, [Yes!]

Even though it was only a one-word reply, but it managed to stir up a huge storm in Xiao Feifei’s heart. Her face flushed red in excitement. Those who had never experienced the torment of spondylosis would never understand how terrifying it was.

She typed with shaking hands. [Really?]


“Sister Lin, Sister Lin!” Xiao Feifei called out at once, “He is truly capable of treating it.”

Sister Lin walked over in quick strides and took a glance at Xiao Feifei helplessly. “Feifei, spondylosis is not that easily treatable. Nine out of ten people that say that it is easily cured are conmen!”

Even though she did not wish to crush Xiao Feifei’s hope, Sister Lin still decided to advise her just so she would not be deceived.

“No, I think that he is truly capable of curing it.” Xiao Feifei spoke with determination, “You’ve seen what he did tonight. I can feel that he has something in him that other ordinary people don’t.”

Sister Lin shook her head with a bitter smile on her face. “I don’t think that you should get your hopes too high either. The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment.”

Ye Lingchen waited for a long time but there was no reply on his phone.

‘I think that the person is regarding me as a conman.’

He shook his head in a carefree manner. Traditional Chinese medicine prioritized the recuperation of one’s health. He was genuinely skilled in treating spondylosis but the patients would need to have confidence in him first.

In the next moment, his phone vibrated. Ye Lingchen could not help drawing a cold breath upon taking a look at the screen.

The person had transferred him money on Wechat directly to his surprise. Moreover, it was a total of 5000RMB!

‘F*ck me. This woman is rich!”

[Miracle doctor, thank you for taking the trouble. This is the deposit, can you please come and see me tomorrow?] Xiao Feifei sent over a pity-looking emoticon.

[I can’t do tomorrow because I have to go for my college entrance examination in two days. We should do it after my exam is done.] replied Ye Lingchen.

[Alright, it’s settled then! Please accept the deposit first to put me at ease.]

Since the person had already said so, Ye Lingchen accepted the money because refusing it would be unmannerly. He had already planned to use this 5000RMB to install a computer in his room.

“Sister Lin, he is truly a promising young man. He is just about to take the college entrance examination!” Xiao Feifei gasped in admiration.

Sister Lin nodded speechlessly but she heaved a sigh softly in her heart.

‘Miss, you’re too naive. How can a young man of this age be skilled in medical practice? That’s 5000RMB and you’ve just transferred it to him so casually?’

‘Also, how is he considered a promising young man, you’re not old as compared to him right!’

‘Forget it, it’s fine as long as you’re happy…’

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