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I Am A Prodigy
Chapter 13
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Chapter 13: 5000RMB An Hour

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Three years of preparations for the college entrance examination had led to this.

On the 7th of June, Xu Zhen woke Ye Lingchen up early in the morning. He got up, brushed his teeth and had breakfast at one go. Soon afterward, Xu Zhen brought along Ye Lingchen to leave the house together with Ye Jin gazing at their departing silhouettes. They boarded the school bus and headed to the examination hall.

The school bus bumped along the road. Xu Zhen continued to brief Ye Lingchen on the important matters to look out for during the examination. At the same time, she consoled Ye Lingchen so he could be at ease without feeling overly stressed.

“What a coincidence, Sister Zhen.”

The school bus passed through Ye Lingchen’s village so it was very normal for them to bump into familiar faces. “Lingchen is taking his examination in Rugao No.1 High School as well? So is my Hu Zi.”

“Ah, it’s Xiao Mei and Hu Zi. What a coincidence.” Xu Zhen replied with a smile. She said to Ye Lingchen, “Greet Auntie Mei, quick.”

“Which examination hall is your Lingchen allocated to?” asked Auntie Mei.

“Examination Hall No.37.”

“No.37? That’s the same for my Hu Zi too! What a huge coincidence!” Aunt Mei chuckled once again and looked to Ye Lingchen. “Lingchen, how’s your revision? Don’t be too nervous about the college entrance examination. Try your best to score well in the examination.”

“He won’t be nervous for sure. He’s always getting the last place in his entire school all year long. What’s there to be nervous about.” Hu Zi muttered softly by Auntie Mei’s side. There was quite a large number of people that shifted their gaze upon Ye Lingchen subconsciously on the school bus.

Xu Zhen had a rather awkward expression. “Xiao Mei, your Hu Zi has always scored well in the examination. I’m sure that he’s going to score well in this college entrance examination too.”

“He’s only on a normal level I guess. He only scored 600 points in the third mock examination. He is only considered an average student.” Auntie Mei spoke courteously but there was a pride that could not be concealed in her voice.

“Six hundred points! I think the grade cut-off point for the previous year is only 506 points. If your son does well in this examination, perhaps he can get into elite or first-tier university!” Someone immediately said that on the bus.

“The third mock examination is supposed to be difficult this time. 600 points is already very impressive!”

“That’s right. Your son is truly impressive. I’ll be thanking heaven and earth if my son can get into first-tier university!”

“I’m worried about my daughter feeling nervous. If she is capable of expressing her true abilities, it shouldn’t be much of a problem for her to get into a first-tier university.”

Children’s achievement would always be a topic of conversation for the parents. The parents were immediately be engaged in a heated discussion on the school bus. Next, they began discussing about their children’s performance in the usual examinations. At last, they began discussing the varieties of universities and the specialized fields of study available.

There was only Xu Zhen that sat over there with a dim expression. She played the role of a listener quietly.

She found that she was truly incapable of discussing Ye Lingchen’s performance.

“Sister Zhen, don’t worry. Your son can attend a technical school even if he does score badly. He is still capable of getting employed in the society just as others.” Xiao Mei looked at Xu Zhen and consoled her with a smile.

Xu Zhen smiled awkwardly but she did not continue the conversation.

Amid the lively discussion, the bus finally stopped in front of the entrance to No.1 High School.

“Lingchen, don’t get stressed out. Do your best,” said Xu Zhen as she walked Ye Lingchen to the entrance of the school.

“Mom, I’m going to score first in this college entrance examination!” said Ye Lingchen solemnly all of a sudden as she looked at her son.

Xu Zhen was stunned ever so slightly. She said with a bitter smile, “Silly child, just do your best in the examination. I’m going back to make you lunch.”

“Mom, just wait and see!” Ye Lingchen turned around and walked toward the examination hall upon saying.

The first subject was Chinese language and literature.

Ye Lingchen had never stopped writing from the moment he received the examination paper. He read ten lines at one glance and wrote fluently as if he possessed godly writing powers.

Half an hour later, he was already done writing the fundamental knowledge section in the first part of the essay. He spent another half an hour before he finished off the rest. Ye Lingchen handed in the examination paper in advance before all the shocked examinees and walked off.

Hu Zi sat in the last row. He could not help cracking into a cold smile as he looked at Ye Lingchen. ‘A poor student behaves just like a poor student. He lets matters slide just as expected.”

He took the mathematics examination in the afternoon. He completed the examination in half an hour from beginning to end.

The next morning, the students had their science comprehensive ability test followed by an English examination in the afternoon. Ye Lingchen left both exams gracefully after half an hour, leaving the students with a view of his extravagantly defiant silhouette.

Hu Zi shook his head. Ye Lingchen was completely unsalvageable. Hu Zi reckoned that he did pretty well in the examination so it should not be a problem for him to get into a first-tier university. He would be worlds apart from Ye Lingchen in the future.

In the schoolyard, Sister Lin drove a red Porsche sports car and waited outside of the entrance.

“I thought the college entrance examination is ending at 5 p.m.? Why are you getting off so early?” Sister Lin looked at Ye Lingchen in astonishment.

“The questions are too simple so I handed in my exam paper in advance.” Ye Lingchen shrugged.

Sister Lin’s gaze began to grow scornful as she looked at Ye Lingchen. There was no doubt that this person was most definitely a slacker judging by how he finished the examination in half an hour. If he was regarding the college entrance examination as such, how could he be skilled in medical practice?

Sister Lin subconsciously regarded Ye Lingchen as a conman there and then.

“You’re already aware of my lady’s condition. I must remind you first not to pretend to know what you don’t know if you’re incapable. You should come clean as soon as possible. We shall consider the 5000RMB as a wasted gift on you. Otherwise, be careful that you might be legally sued. Fraud is no trifling matter!”

Sister Lin’s sudden change in attitude made Ye Lingchen frown ever so slightly. He said indifferently, “There’s no need for you to be concerned about that. Since I have made her a promise, I’m confident things will work out.”

“Even though our lady is naive in thinking, we have a specialized legal counsel team. You are wrong if you think that she can be easily deceived!” Sister Lin looked at Ye Lingchen and scoffed coldly upon getting no reply from him. The red Porsche was as red as flames as it sped through the road.

The Longhu Community was built around Rugao City’s natural lake known as the Longyu Lake. The entire estate was mainly made up of villas with over sixty percent of forest cover which was built exclusively for the wealthy.

Such an estate was the only choice for Xiao Feifei’s as a temporary resting place so she purchased it by herself.

The estate was mostly covered in grass with a few crisscrossing footpaths for people with lush green trees that lined the two sides of the paths. There was an enormous lake located in the center of the estate with lake water sparkling in the sun. It was absolutely the best place for one to stay.

Sister Lin guided Ye Lingchen to the front of a villa. He took a glance at Ye Lingchen with a cautious look in her eyes. “Be careful after you enter the place. However, don’t blame me for calling the police on you as soon as you do anything that is ever so slightly out of line!”

Ye Lingchen nodded casually.

The villa had a very simple decoration with a layer of powdery white paint painted on its walls. However, it was fully furnished and every single piece of furniture was a luxury item made of red sandalwood.

Everything in the villa showed that the owner of this villa was a stubborn wealthy person.

“Sister Lin, you’re back.” A crisp female voice was heard echoing from upstairs. She sounded like a cuckoo bird. Soon afterward, a graceful silhouette slowly walked out from above the stairs.

“Xiao… Xiao Feifei?!”

Ye Lingchen could not believe the young woman standing before himself. His heart was beating violently out of control.

Xiao Feifei was a popular first-tier celebrity. She made her debut at the age of sixteen and became well-known to people with her crystal clear voice and graceful dance moves. Soon afterward, she had even acted in a popular television series which raised her popularity even more. She was only twenty years old at the moment but the number of her fans had already broken through to 40000000 at the very least. She was the goddess in the hearts of countless homebodies.

However, the frequency of her making an appearance had dropped recently. However, her popularity remained as high as before.

Regardless, Ye Lingchen had never expected that the person seeking medical attention from him would be Xiao Feifei. If this was the past, he was a grain of sand on the ground if Xiao Feifei was the bright moon in the sky. There was a vast difference between the two.

“That’s me. So you’ve just learned that it’s me huh.” Xiao Feifei winked at Ye Lingchen cheekily.

She was dressed in a rather casual manner at home. She was simply draped in a loose pajamas. Ye Lingchen stood under the stairs and looked up to her. He had an awkwardness on his expression as he turned his head to the side unnaturally.

He swallowed a gulp of saliva in secret.

‘Hmmph! I’m such a sucker for beautiful women!’

It was apparent that Xiao Feifei realized something. Her cheeks blushed a bright scarlet. She wrinkled her nose before she wrapped her bathrobe even tighter.

“It’s best that you don’t talk about today’s incident to outsiders. Otherwise, you’ll be served with a lawyer’s letter soon!” Sister Lin threatened Ye Lingchen just as before. Soon afterward, she said, “I thought you said that you can cure Feifei’s condition? Tell us how, quick.”

Ye Lingchen suppressed the anger in his heart. He inhaled a deep breath and said, “Spondylosis is caused by pathological changes to the spine. The spine is the most important part of the human body that spreads out nerves to the entire body. It can affect all parts of the human body and forced treatment on the spine will only result in a counter-reaction so we can only manage the condition conservatively.”

“Nonsense!” Sister Lin’s expression worsened. Ye Lingchen’s words could be searched even on Baidu.

Ye Lingchen shook his head. He continued to speak in a calm and composed manner, “One should not rush the treatment of spondylosis. I can adapt massage and acupuncture techniques to encourage the gradual recovery of the spine. Judging by the severity of Lady Xiao’s condition, six months will suffice.”

“Massage? Acupuncture? Six months?”

Sister Lin’s expression had already darkened. She angrily barked, “I think that you’re just bold enough to run an extreme risk for sex! You wish to seize the opportunity to take advantage of Lady Xiao!”

Which part of the massage and acupuncture did not involve skin to skin contact?

Xiao Feifei was also frowning for a moment. As a celebrity, she was very disgusted by this topic of conversation. She would try her best to reject this form of service even if she was attending a gala dinner on the usual days. There were too many filthy things that she had heard about in the circle.

“The spine is quite different from the rest. This is my only treatment method. If all of you don’t believe in me, I can leave now and return 5000RMB untouched,” said Ye Lingchen in neither a haughty nor humble manner.

He was angered in his heart. Was a celebrity allowed to be so arrogant then?

‘I am a man gifted with the System after all. After rejecting me for so many days, I’m just going to become the man that you will never get.’

“Sister Lin, why don’t… we let him have a try,” said Xiao Feifei suddenly after hesitating for a moment as she looked at Ye Lingchen.

“You can’t do that!” Sister Lin panicked instantly. “You’re body is a temple. You won’t even let people touch your hand on the usual days. How could you let another person…”

“Yet, I truly am feeling very uncomfortable. My head is dizzy all the time. Moreover, I think that he is truly capable of helping me,” said Xiao Feifei.

Sister Lin quieted down. He looked at Ye Lingchen with shimmering eyes. In the end, she said, “I can agree to that for you! However, you must first give me a massage before you wish to massage Feifei! Show me if you are truly capable of curing the condition!”

“No problem!” Ye Lingchen nodded. “The massage is charged by the hour. One hour is 5000RMB!”


Sister Lin thought that she had heard it wrong. She spoke in bewilderment, “How much for an hour?”

“5000RMB!” Ye Lingchen spoke calmly in an indifferent attitude.

Xiao Feifei was without a doubt a wealthy woman. On the other hand, Ye Lingchen found Sister Lin’s attitude toward him unpleasant. He was feeling angered in his heart so he made up his mind to express his stubbornness!

“You must be crazy!” Sister Lin was laughing from the rage. “Do you know that someone once offered the price of 100000RMB just so he could touch Feifei’s hand! Don’t you mess around, you unappreciative prick!”

“That’s someone else. This is my fixed price,” replied Ye Lingchen coolly.

“You! You…” Sister Lin pointed to Ye Lingchen with a trembling hand. She found that it was truly unacceptable that she would need to pay him when he was the only one taking advantage of her.

“Sister Lin, it’s not an expensive price to pay if the treatment is effective.” Xiao Feifei behaved as if it was well justified.

“Sure! 5000RMB it is then. If the treatment is ineffective, don’t blame me for suing you for fraud!” Sister Lin glared at Ye Lingchen. She spoke to Ye Lingchen through clenched teeth. She had already made up her mind that she would need to display her prowess at Ye Lingchen first regardless of whether Ye Lingchen’s massage was effective or not!

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