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I Am A Prodigy
Chapter 793 - Entering the Void Realm
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Chapter 793: Entering the Void Realm

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Half a month’s time passed in the blink of an eye. Everyone had made ample preparations for entering the Void Realm.

Ye Lingchen and the others followed Zhou Jian to the gathering place.

He was instantly dumbfounded when he looked around.

“That many people? Everyone’s going too?”

Zhou Jian nodded. “That’s right. All the participants are going.”

Ye Lingchen curled his lips, “What? I thought this was a benefit only for those who got first place.”

“Hahaha, this little guy from your country is really interesting, Zhou Jian.” The peak King Stage martial artist from Hellas walked over with a smile. He looked at Ye Lingchen and said, “You guys got really lucky this time. The gate on Buff Island is now very stable after a long period of stabilization. It’s practically the most solid battlefield out there, and it’s only now that you had the opportunity to pay them a visit.”

Visiting the Void Realm was a very rare opportunity.

“It’s all thanks to the efforts of all our predecessors,” Ye Lingchen said sincerely.

Toth nodded, “Yeah, I like hearing that. My name is Toth, and I’ve been friends with Zhou Jian for many years.”

At that point, Arina walked over and said to Ye Lingchen in a low voice, “Thank you.”

Ye Lingchen was slightly surprised and realized that she was referring to what happened in the arena.

The Sun Nation had interfered in the competition and their actions were quite shameless. Ye Lingchen had completely destroyed the Sun Nation, which could be taken as helping Arina vent out her anger.

He smiled and said, “No thanks necessary. I’ve never taken kindly to them.”

After chatting for a while, Zhou Jian’s expression turned serious.

“When you enter the Void Realm, you must not leave my side. No matter what you see or hear, you must not act on your own, understand?”

Ye Lingchen and the others nodded.

“The Void Realm is completely different from Earth. It is incomparably huge. To put it nicely, we’ve established a stronghold, but the truth is, this so-called stronghold is only the size of an ordinary town on Earth. There will also be Void Realm creatures roaming around.”

Pausing for a moment, Zhou Jian continued, “In addition, many things that are common sense on Earth lose their effectiveness in the Void Realm. The simplest example is that it’s very easy to get lost if you wander around randomly!”

Ye Lingchen rubbed his nose and felt slightly disappointed.

The enthusiasm of Jing Shan and the others had also dropped drastically.

He had heard that the Void Realm was full of treasures and originally hoped to earn some money by entering the Void Realm and gathering some of them, but that idea seemed impossible to realize.

He could only move around in the surroundings, and the treasures there must surely have been taken away a long time ago. In addition, he could not leave the team either, and that little excursion was basically just a stroll in the Void Realm.

“Don’t think about getting rich!”

Zhou Jian saw through everyone’s thoughts and shouted coldly, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch in this world. If treasures are so easy to get, why are we so poor? I don’t even have that many spirit stones with me!”

Ye Lingchen quickly asked, “How much is ‘not that many’? It will be a good reference point for me.”

“Shut up.” Zhou Jian was furious and continued, “Not many. All you need to know is that something will be guarding all those treasures. With your strength, your first reaction upon seeing a treasure is not to snatch it, but to flee! Otherwise, you won’t even know how you died.”

After giving some instructions, Zhou Jian led everyone towards the entrance of the Hell’s Gate.

As they got closer to the Hell’s Gate, the spiritual Qi became even denser. However, the atmosphere also became extremely heavy and was almost suffocating too.

The most obvious change was that the number of martial artists began increasing as they went in.

Ye Lingchen’s gaze glossed over them before he was left in awe.

These martial artists were guarding Hell’s Gate on Buff Island. They had experienced countless killings, when he used his Aura Divination skills on them, practically the entire world had turned red. Any one of them would have as much killing intent as Tie Jun.

Under such an atmosphere, everyone consciously fell silent.

Not long after they continued to move forward, everyone’s pupils shrank, and they were extremely shocked.

“So huge!”

Ye Lingchen inhaled sharply. The Hell’s Gate in front of him was several times bigger than the one in Capital!

If the one in Capital was a wormhole that was similar to a black hole, then the one in front of him was a real gate!

The door stood dozens of meters tall!

Such a huge wormhole was extremely deep, and at first glance, it was dizzying because it looked like it was going to suck them all in.

“The Hell’s Gate was just a small whirlpool at the beginning. As it got bigger and bigger, it expanded from a whirlpool to a door like this,” Sun Hongtao explained.

Ye Lingchen remarked confusedly, “There are so few guards outside.”

“These guards are protecting against the outside world. The core forces are all inside the Void Realm,” Sun Hongtao said with a smile.

Zhou Jian then said, “Let’s go.”

Ye Lingchen felt a mysterious feeling the moment they entered. It was as if he felt a slight obstruction after having taken one simple step. His body swayed slightly, as if he had traveled through space and time.

In the next moment, the scene in front of him had changed.

They appeared in a group of wooden buildings.

The architectural style was very simple, somewhat similar to the ancient times. One by one, the buildings made them feel as though they had traveled to an ancient town.

On the streets, many martial artists were carrying their weapons on their backs as they walked.

Everyone’s attention was soon attracted by a sign not far away.

“There’s actually a shop here.”

“Most of the high-level martial artists in the world are gathered here, so it’s only natural to have transactions between them. Spirit stones, cultivation methods, secret manuals, spiritual herbs. Everything can be traded here,” Sun Hongtao said with a smile.

Everyone, including the foreign martial artists, looked around curiously. “This is the human race’s first base in the Void Realm.”

The town was not that big and took them only a short while to circle it completely. More than half of Earth’s high-end combat power was gathered there, and the low-level Innate Stage martial artists acted as shop attendants.

Hell’s Gate was what separated their world from a completely different one.

On the way, everyone exclaimed again and again and felt like they were in an entirely foreign place.

There were city walls encircling the town with martial artists guarding them. Apart from that, there were also a few tall towers, with some martial artists paying special attention to the situation around them.

“Except for the extremely rich spiritual energy, everything feels the same as Earth.”

Ye Lingchen murmured and raised his head to look at the sky.

His pupils contracted because of that glance.

There was no sun in the Void Realm’s sky!

It was like a piece of white paper. There were no clouds, no sun, nothing at all.

It went against all logic. How could there be day and night if there was no sun?

Zhou Jian looked at Ye Lingchen, “You’ve noticed that there’s no sun here.”

“How is that possible? Is there night here?”

“There is.” Zhou Jian nodded and continued, “We were also shocked when we first entered the Void Realm. We still don’t know why, even until now.”

Someone then made a guess. “Do you know about bugs under fluorescent lights? ”

“Bugs under the fluorescent lights?”

Ye Lingchen’s heart skipped a beat. For bugs, fluorescent lights were the sun, and the fluorescent lights were the sky!

The lights were turned on during the day, and switched off at night.

At that moment, Ye Lingchen and the others felt that the Void Realm’s sky was like a fluorescent light, while they were the bugs under those lights.

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