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Chapter 15: A Slipped Of Hand
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Chapter 15: A Slipped Of Hand

Watching Huang Wei’s act of insanity, Huang Xiaolong sneered and walked slowly towards him. Seeing the increasingly near Huang Xiaolong, Huang Wei who was muttering and screaming insanely suddenly stopped. Fear crept up his eyes as he subconsciously steps back, however just when he open his mouth wanting to admit defeat, a shadow blurred and Huang Xiaolong’s fists slammed directly in his face. Huang Wei cried out miserably and staggered backward.

Taking advantage of the initial punch hitting the mark, Huang Xiaolong moved closer, serving another punch.

After several punches, Huang Wei was already confused and disoriented unable to tell east, west, north or south. His face turned into an even bigger into pig head.

Watching his son’s pitiful end, Huang Ming who was below the stage finally couldn't hold it in any longer, turn to his father Huang Qide and said: “Dad, you see, shouldn’t we…?”

Hesitated for a moment, Huang Qide said: “That’s enough, Xiaolong.”

As he heard his Grandfather Huang Qide’s voice, Huang Xiaolong exert a final heavy punch before stopping.

“You!” Huang Ming stared angrily.

Ignoring Huang Ming’s angry stare and said: “Eldest Uncle, nephew had a slipped of hand, please forgive me!”

Slipped of hand?

Looking at Huang Wei whose had turned into a pig head, everyone had a weird expression on their faces.

Li Lu sitting beside Li Mu could no longer keep her laughter down and a sweet sound of laugh resonated through the hall a second time.

Huang Qide’s brows furrowed as he looked at Huang Xiaolong on the stage, opened his mouth but in the end did not say anything, he could tell that Huang Xiaolong was already lenient and Huang Wei’s injuries are just flesh wound.

Huang Ming on the other hand, almost spit out blood from anger.

At this moment, Huang Wei’s voice resurfaced woefully sobbing, walking to Huang Ming’s side: “Dad, he hit me, he really hit me!” His finger pointed at Huang Xiaolong, tears, and snots streaming down his face.

In the end, Huang Wei is just a seven-year-old child, being walloped by Huang Xiaolong, ended with a face that no longer seems human.

The elders and housekeepers of Huang Clan Manor shake their heads making Huang Ming extremely embarrassed.

This round’s sparring between Huang Wei and Huang Xiaolong end with Huang Wei looking like a pig head. The assembly continues with other disciples’ sparring.

But, compared to the excitement during the fight between Huang Wei and Huang Xiaolong, the subsequent sparring was lackluster.

A few hours later, the annual Clan Assembly comes to an end.

As everyone leaves, sighing incessantly inside their hearts, the supposed star of this year’s Clan Assembly ended up as a joke whereas Huang Xiaolong, whom no one has ever paid any attention to became the most dazzling presence.

Northern Courtyard.

In the main hall, Huang Wei roared furiously: “If not for that Huang Xiaolong running into some dog shit luck swallowing three Yang fruits, just base on his martial spirits talent no way he’ll be able to breakthrough to Second Order! I refused to accept. Huang Xiaolong, I’ll pay you back for this during next year’s Clan Assembly, I’ll definitely have my revenge. This humiliation I will return it to you a hundred times over!” His face, which was beaten up to resemble a pig-head, was grim and twisted with anger.

Huang Ming sat there, expressionless but from time to time, a sharp cold gleam flitted across his eyes.

This year’s Clan Assembly, Huang Xiaolong made him lost face, totally.

Unlike the Northern Courtyard’s gloom, the Eastern Courtyard was fill with laughter and cheer.

“Good son, this time, you did not disappoint your Dad!” letting out a big laugh, Huang Peng said: “Refreshing, too refreshing!” Thinking of his elder brother Huang Ming’s furious expression on his deadpan face, his heart beamed with delight.

“Xiaolong, come, let Mom look at you carefully.” Su Yan pulled Huang Xiaolong in front of her, scrutinizing, smiled and said: “You ah, never told us you break through to Second Order, made Mon and Dad worried so much for so long.”

Not knowing what to say, Huang Xiaolong only smiled.

If his parents were to find out that he actually isn’t Second Order Warrior, wonder what reaction will they have? But Huang Xiaolong decided to keep his strength a secret if his Third Order battle qi strength were exposed, the coming troubles might not be so simple.

His current strength being Second Order can be explained away using three Yang fruits as an excuse but a peak late-Third Order will raise suspicions, and if others know his martial spirits being super martial spirits, it might bring about a genocide catastrophe upon Huang Clan Manor.

In the eastern main hall, after being ‘nagged’ by his parents for some time, at last, Huang Xiaolong returned to his small courtyard.

As soon as he entered, a small figure rushed into his arms, Huang Xiaolong did not dodge but smile and said: “Little guy, where did you run off to these two days?”

This little figure happens to be the Violet Devourer Spirit Monkey.

Half a year has passed the little Violet Devourer Spirit Monkey’s body did not change much, apart from his eyes being more astute, the pupils a dazzling bright ice blue.

“Zhi Zhi Zhi!” The little violet monkey shifted to Huang Xiaolong’s shoulder, squeaking and gesturing.

“You’re saying, you want me to make a trip to the back mountain with you?” Huang Xiaolong asked, accompanied by this little violet monkey for half a year’s time, Huang Xiaolong generally can understand the little monkey’s body language.

“Zhi Zhi Zhi!” Delight etched on the little monkey’s face as it quickly nodded.

“Okay, let’s go!” Huang Xiaolong nodded his head in agreement for there’s nothing much going on at the moment. Exiting Huang Clan Manor with the little violet monkey, they arrive at a hilly area under the guidance of the little violet monkey; in front, there’s a python more than ten meters long appeared. A huge Bara Floret Python! Huang Xiaolong involuntarily inhaled a breath of cold air looking at the huge Bara Floret Python, the reason the little violet bringing him here finally dawned on him, he’s here to deal with the obstacle!

Noticing Huang Xiaolong and the little violet monkey, the Bara Floret Python suddenly raise its head, both eyes stared Huang Xiaolong and the little monkey, its long tongue flicks out once and instantly rushed out.

Huang Xiaolong looked dignified he could tell the Bara Floret Python is a stage four wicked beast, although only a stage four but for a peak late-Third Order Huang Xiaolong it is still considered high risk.

Dodging the Bara Floret Python’s first attack, Huang Xiaolong’s silhouette skirted to the side, and the little violet monkey on his shoulder leaped up in the air, landing atop the python’s head, two monkey’s paws strikes down.

Receiving a hit on the head, the Bara Floret Python uttered a loud cry due to the pain; with a twist of its long body, its mouth stretched deadly wide wanting to swallow the little violet monkey. Huang Xiaolong’s heart missed a beat but exactly at this moment, the little violet monkey swerved a few meters off course right in mid-air, just barely brushing past the python’s opened jaw, allowing Huang Xiaolong to let out a breath of relief.

Running Asura Tactics, black threads aura, carrying an atmosphere of slaughter emerged, swirls rapidly forming a layer around Huang Xiaolong - his eyes turned blood-red and hair wholly white. Huang Xiaolong did not attack immediately instead stood on one side, blood-red eyes never leaving the Bara Floret Python which is battling with the Violet Devourer Spirit Monkey at the moment.

Just when the python was about to twist its body around, suddenly Huang Xiaolong who has been standing on one side made his move, from far away his body looked like a group of black clouds under the sun as he flew up. Unawarely, Blades of Asura appeared in his hands as he appeared below the Bara Floret Python head and with a wave of his hands, two black rays of light whizzed past.

A screamed escaped its mouth, fresh blood bursting like a geyser as the Bara Flower Python’s head fell rolling the ground, coming to a complete stop only after moments later.

His eyes and hair gradually revert to its original state, and Huang Xiaolong retrieves the blades back into his arms, walking past with the little violet monkey.

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