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Chapter 16: Breakthrough Fourth Order
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Chapter 16: Breakthrough Fourth Order

Standing before the corpse of the Bara Floret Python, the little violet monkey jumped and landed on the python head, a swipe of its sharp little claws made an opening, digging out a tiny yellow bead.

When Huang Xiaolong saw the tiny yellow bead, his eyes widened in surprise, beast core?

In general, the probability of a mid-level wicked beast to condense a beast core is one in a thousand, only wicked beast of seventh-grade could condense a beast core with a hundred percent success rate, surprisingly, there’s a beast core in this fourth-grade Bara Floret Python!

A fourth-grade beast core, if it were to be sold outside, at the very least, it can reach two to three hundred gold coins.

At this time, the little violet monkey stood near the belly of the python; two small hands slide down making an opening, once again small fingers digging and took out some disgusting looking thing the size of two thumbs.

Snake gall! Huang Xiaolong eyes shined brightly, thinking this is a fourth-grade Bara Floret Python’s gall is an excellent nourishment, swallowing it not only can enhance one’s battle qi cultivation but also strengthened the body!

After digging out the snake gall, the Violet Devourer Spirit Monkey gave it to Huang Xiaolong with a cheeky grin, then he opened his mouth and swallowed the beast core.

“You ate it?” Huang Xiaolong was shocked.

A wicked beast’s beast core is concentrated with its element, but this concentrated element isn’t pure. It can only be swallowed after it is refined with other elixirs into pills if a practitioner swallows a beast core directly will die from bursting due to the violent beast element within the core.

But the little monkey’s still fine after swallowing the beast core!

Looking at the little monkey act Huang Xiaolong is speechless. A moment later, he turned to look at the Bara Floret Python’s corpse, after a short consideration he left the body as is and walked away with the little violet monkey back to Huang Clan Manor.

Back to Huang Clan Manor, Huang Xiaolong instructed one of the guards to buy some wine, which he mixed the snake gall in; and he gulped the whole jug of wine down his throat.

Once the wine hits the belly, a raw energy emerges, immediately replaced by a warm current spreading throughout its body.

Huang Xiaolong immediately runs Asura Tactics to refine the snake gall’s energies.

One night passed.

When he woke up, there’s a hint of delight in Huang Xiaolong’s eye, from last night’s practice his battle qi has increased a lot; one snake gall is equivalent to one month’s hard penance.

There’s a gut feeling, in these few days he will break through to Fourth Order!

The obstacle to reaching Fourth Order has become thinner thus he could breakthrough at any time. Standing up from the cold jade bed, just after he kept it back into Asura Ring, he heard his sister, Huang Min’s voice calling from outside the courtyard: “Big Brother, Big Brother!”

Huang Xiaolong is slightly baffled, the sun just rises and already this little girl ran over to look for him; not knowing what has happened, Huang Xiaolong walked out from his room.

“Big Brother, Dad and MoM want you to head over to the Main Hall.” Huang Min came into the courtyard and said.

“To the Main Hall?” Doubt crossed Huang Xiaolong’s mind, only important matters involving the Clan are discussed in the Main Hall.

Stepping out from the small courtyard, Huang Xiaolong arrived at the Main Hall; he noticed his parents are already there, also Eldest Uncle Huang Ming, Huang Wei including the elders of Huang Clan Manor.

When Huang Xiaolong stepped into the hall, gazes of different meaning were directed at him, and Huang Wei looked at him with venomous eyes.

“Dad, Mom.” Huang Xiaolong came beside Huang Peng and Su Yan then sat down.

Huang Peng and Su Yan nodded at their son, face full of smile looking at their child.

Huang Qide and Li Mu walked into the Main Hall at this moment; beside Li Mu is his granddaughter, Li Lu. Seeing Li Mu and Li Lu are also present, Huang Xiaolong already could guess the reason.

As expected, after Grandfather Huang Qide took his seat, gave a cursory glance at those present in the Main Hall, smile and said: “I requested everyone here is to inform everyone one matter, in the future our Huang Clan Manor and the Li family will be in-laws.”

“Become in-laws.” The Main Hall broke into small commotions but they’re not exactly surprised with the news for it was already leaked out earlier.

Huang Wei was thrilled when he heard this, and at this time, Huang Qide continued: “That’s right, an engagement between Huang Clan Manor’s Huang Wei with Li Family’s Miss Li Lu.

All the elders immediately stood up to congratulate: “Congratulations, Old Manor Lord!”

“No, I don’t agree!” Suddenly a voice spoke out; it was so unexpected that everyone was astonished, looking at the source of the voice; it turned out to be Li Lu who was sitting beside Li Mu.

“Lu’er, you!” Li Mu was about to admonish her, but was interrupted by Li Lu: “No Grandfather, I don’t like this Huang Wei!” As she said this, her head turned, and a finger pointed at Huang Xiaolong: “I like him, if I’m to be engaged, I want to be engaged to him!”

Dead silence conquered the Main Hall.

There’s a look of expectancy on everyone’s face.

Whereas the smiles that blossomed on Huang Ming and Huang Wei’s wilted uglily, stunned speechless by the words coming out of Li Lu’s mouth; especially Huang Wei, his face turned red then darken plum-purple. His gaze fell upon Huang Xiaolong, wishing he could swallow Huang Xiaolong alive.

Huang Xiaolong himself was stunned, staring at the little pointing at him, trying to rope him in.

“Nonsense!” Recovering his sense, Li Mu reprimanded.

Li Lu’s small mouth pouted, determinedly said: “Grandfather, I’m not saying nonsense, I’m telling the truth; I like him!” Looking at Huang Xiaolong, she continued: “He look so cool beating people up!”

Hearing that sentence, everyone present isn’t sure whether to laugh to cry, just because during the Clan Assembly yesterday Huang Xiaolong looks cool beating up Huang Wei thus this Li Lu ‘likes’ Huang Xiaolong, and will not marry anyone but Huang Xiaolong?

Li Mu found the situation extremely embarrassing, but no matter how he admonished Li Lu, she just wouldn’t change her mind; insisting on Huang Xiaolong instead on Huang Wei.

“Brother Qide, this…” In the end, he faced Huang Qide helplessly; both of them had already decided on this matter early on, now they are just going through the motion of making it official by gathering everyone here, but now!

Huang Qide was silent for a moment then said: “Let’s wait two years then decide.”

Li Mu nodded; it seems this is the only way.

Huang Wei seeing such an issue arises due to Huang Xiaolong or ‘Hellion Huang’, his eyes became even more venomous as he stared fixedly at Huang Xiaolong; and of course, Huang Xiaolong could feel the hatred. Nevertheless, his expression was calm as he sat there, not caring one bit.

Moments later, everyone left.

Huang Xiaolong left the Main Hall together with his Dad and Mom; returning to his small yard after separating from his parents. He continued to practice as looking forward to finding out once he breaks through to Fourth Order, his martial spirits will undergo another transformation and what it will bring.

Time speeds and five days had passed.

This night, Huang Xiaolong sat cross-legged on the cold jade bed, running Asura Tactics as the Netherworld’s spiritual energy washes down like an endless waterfall, and the double-headed serpent devouring rapidly; the netherworld battle qi crash violently, again and again against the barrier to Fourth Order.

Similar to the previous breakthrough to Second Order, and Third Order, under Huang Xiaolong’s persistent and perseverance circulating his battle qi, at last, the fourth order barriers cracked, fissures gradually increased bigger.

Fourth Order, breakthrough!

However, at the same moment he crossed into Fourth Order, the double-headed serpent martial spirits behind Huang Xiaolong suddenly emitted bright colored rays of black as well as blue. A loud roar seemingly similar to a dragon’s and yet not at the same time rang out; the double-headed serpent actually split starting from the head to the tail; two serpent bodies emerged – one blue serpent and one black serpent!

Wrong, to be exact, not blue serpent and black serpent because after it had split into two, four claws grew under both serpent and the new scales that grew looks more like dragon scales!


Uglily (adverb)

Thank you for the encouragement; fingers crossed that I will not stop midway.

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