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Chapter 68: King Lu Zhe
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Chapter 68: King Lu Zhe

On the day of competition, it was sunny and Huang Xiaolong came out from his room and saw Fei Hou waiting for him respectfully in the yard.

When Huang Xiaolong, Fei Hou, Wang Ning, and the three Marshal Mansion’s guards arrived at the Academy square, a sea of people already gathered on the Academy grounds.

Because today was the Academy’s annual class and year competition, the Academy’s authorities had specifically allowed each student to bring their families or servants to enter the Academy and watch the competition.

Of course, each student can only bring up to five people.

Coming onto the Academy grounds, Huang Xiaolong and his group of six headed straight to the Holy Hall.

The Academy’s Holy Hall was a few times bigger than the front square; even if tens of thousands people were crammed inside, it doesn’t feel crowded at all.

“That’s Huang Xiaolong!”

“He is this year’s new batch student, Huang Xiaolong? I heard Jiang Teng already broke through the Fifth Order but was nearly ‘wasted’ by him yesterday!”

When the crowd saw Huang Xiaolong stepping into the Holy Hall, a buzz erupted amongst the people around. Huang Xiaolong, although a new student was already famous throughout the Academy to the point even the older students and teachers all recognized him.

Ignoring the hush-voiced discussions around him, Huang Xiaolong came to a corner of the hall and stood with Fei Hou and the four guards.

“Xiaolong!” At this time, a pleasant and surprised voice cried out. Huang Xiaolong turned to look and saw a happy Li Lu running towards him. Huang Xiaolong smiled at Li Lu.

“I heard this time, not only the King is coming to watch the competition, Marshal Haotian is also coming!”

“Marshal Haotian is also coming? The rumor flying around is, that super-abnormal monster Huang Xiaolong is Marshal Haotian’s illegitimate son, don’t know if this is true or not?”

Once again, the crowd roared with this piece of news.

Listening to these people’s words in his ear, Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help but smile in bitterness.

Suddenly, Huang Xiaolong felt a cold, piercing stare on his body; turning around towards the source, Huang Xiaolong saw Zhong Yuan standing in a group of people.

In front of Zhong Yuan stood an imposing young man around eighteen to nineteen years old, encircled by a group of flattering students of both genders. From the looks of it, this young man should be the Prince of the Luo Tong Kingdom, Lu Kai. Also, he was the strongest First Year student according to everyone.

At this point, Lu Kai felt Huang Xiaolong’s gaze and two set of eyes met midair.

“He is Huang Xiaolong?” Lu Kai’s mouth opened and asked to no one in particular.

“Yes, he is that Huang Xiaolong!” Zhong Yuan stepped up and replied immediately.

Lu Kao nodded; his expression was the same the whole time, completely unperturbed.

As time flowed, the number of people gathering in the Holy Hall became more and more, and some time later, from outside the Holy Temple sounded a loud voice announcing, “The King, Marshal, and Principal have arrived!”

King Lu Zhe, Marshal Haotian, and Cosmic Star Academy’s Principal, Sun Zhang, arrived together!

Instantly, Huang Xiaolong and everyone else in the hall turned around to look at the entrance. At the entrance, a middle-aged man wearing a light yellow dragon robe walked majestically and strode into the Holy Hall under the protection of a group of bodyguards. Without a doubt, that middle-aged man was the Luo Tong Kingdom’s King, Lu Zhe, and half a step behind him was Marshal Haotian, and the Cosmic Star Academy Principal, Sun Zhang.

With King Lu Zhe’s arrival, the crowd quickly saluted, and the crowd began to noisily chatter in the Holy Hall.

“Hehe, everyone rise, stand up!” King Lu Zhe stepped up to the specially prepared guest of honor main platform and sat on the main seat. Marshal Haotian and Principal Sun Zhang sat on each side next to the King.

After the three ‘biggest’ people were seated, the rest of the nobles followed suit and sat down.

Not long after everyone had taken their seats, Sun Zhang stood up and made a short speech about the competition and the rewards. At the mention of rewards, Sun Zhang raised his voice, “Apart from the usual rewards, the King is generous enough to add one million gold coins and a set of an early Earth grade cultivation technique for all first place winners of the Year category.”

One million gold coins!

An early Earth rank cultivation technique!

The crowd broke out in an uproar, eyes hot with burning desire.

Even Huang Xiaolong was surprised. One million gold coins weren’t some spare change, and it was even coupled with an early Earth rank cultivation technique. In the Luo Tong Kingdom, this was not something that could be bought even with gold coins.

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes squinted. If he took the First Year’s first place, in addition to the rewards, there was still the Earth rank battle skill that Sun Zhang promised him; then, would he be getting one Earth rank cultivation technique and one battle skill?

An Earth rank cultivation technique and battle skill were useless to him. But, it can be passed to his parents and his little brother and sister; nonetheless, learning an extra battle skill is an advantage.

“Then, let the competition begin!” Sun Zhang glanced at the crowd and finally declared.

After Sun Zhang finished his announcement, the hall fell into a brief moment of silence, and then the class competition begins.

Cosmic Star Academy has a total of three class years, so the competition was held in three different places.

However, only the winner of each class was eligible to contest in the year category competition. Thus, every class of each year needed to compete.

The First Years had the most number of classes, a total of fourteen of them. And Huang Xiaolong was in the last class, the fourteenth class.

In the class level competition, not all the class students will battle it out. Instead, the class teacher would nominate the strongest two people to compete, and the winner was considered as number one. Of course, if there was someone who disagrees with this, they could also challenge the winner.

In Class Fourteen of the First Years, undeniably, the two strongest people would be Huang Xiaolong and Jiang Teng. But, yesterday Jiang Teng was almost crippled by Huang Xiaolong; from the injuries, without ten days to half a month’s rest, it would be hard for Jiang Teng to get out from the bed. So, left with no choice, Xiong Meiqi could only nominate Huang Xiaolong and another student called Chen Tong…

However, this student called Chen Tong just recently advanced into the Fourth Order. The moment Chen Tong walked up to the stage, he immediately threw in the towel. This result stunned everyone speechless, but no one found it surprising. Even Jiang Teng who possesses a grade eleven martial spirit and broke through to the Fifth Order was nearly wasted by Huang Xiaolong, not to mention a new Fourth Order Chen Tong?

Chen Tong’s concession was considered a smart move on his part, knowing one’s limitations.

With Chen Tong’s action, no one else in Class Fourteen dared to challenge Huang Xiaolong. Thus, by default, he became the class winner without moving a finger.

When Xiong Meiqi announced Huang Xiaolong’s victory, her face was full of complex emotions as she looked at Huang Xiaolong standing up on the stage.

While Class Fourteen’s winner was already announced, the other thirteen classes were still in progress; therefore, when Xiong Meiqi made the announcement, everyone exclaimed in surprised gasps.

On the honored guests’ platform, King Lu Zhe also noticed the situation around Class Fourteen’s stage; watching Huang Xiaolong, King Lu Zhe said to Marshal Haotian, “He is Huang Xiaolong? A young hero in the making ah; Haotian, during our time, when we were ten or so, we were just a Fourth Order warrior right?”

Marshal Haotian laughed and said, “It is so, King.”

Lu Zhe nodded and looked the other way where his son, Lu Kai, was. His eyes showed a spoiled love and he smiled, “I heard some say Huang Xiaolong had a bet with Zhong Yuan, wanting to get the first place in the year competition. Later, probably he will come against Kai’er.”

Although Lu Zhe spoke in such a manner, his demeanor was relaxed; apparently, he does not believe Huang Xiaolong is his son’s rival to fight for the first place. After the class competition, the contestants for the year competition would draw sticks to determine their next opponent. One after another, till the end, the year category winner will come out, and in Lu Zhe’s opinion, Huang Xiaolong will be eliminated half way, having no opportunity to play against his son.

Noticing King Lu Zhe’s smile, Marshal Haotian already saw through his thoughts; smiling, Marshal Haotian did not say anything.

A while later, all fourteen classes from the First Year category had been determined with their representative winner. Then, the next event would be the fight for the First Year champion.


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