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Chapter 69: Not Necessarily
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Chapter 69: Not Necessarily

“Now, the class competition winners please step up and draw a stick!” Vice-principal Xiong Chu announced up on the stage.

Huang Xiaolong, Lu Kai, and twelve others walked up to draw sticks.

Huang Xiaolong picked the stick labeled number four.

Number four, Huang Xiaolong’s opponent was the winner from Class Four, a student called Yang Mingwei. Yang Mingwei was seventeen years old and entered the Academy eight years earlier than Huang Xiaolong. During those eight years, he already reached late-Sixth Order.

Late-Sixth Order!

Li Lu’s face turned a little white when she saw that Xiaolong actually drew the stick with the number four.

“Xiaolong, why don’t you…” Feeling worried, Li Lu doesn’t know what to say.

“It’s alright.” Huang Xiaolong smiled at Li Lu; he knew what Li Lu wanted to say, but couldn’t articulate.

Walking up the stage, Huang Xiaolong and Yang Mingwei came up to each other, face to face.

Yang Mingwei had very fair skin and facial features which were considered handsome; staring at Huang Xiaolong, he laughed and said, “Huang Xiaolong is it? I didn’t expect my first opponent would be you. I heard yesterday you defeated Jiang Teng who broke through Fifth Order, and almost injured him to the point of being crippled! However, the current you is still not my opponent, it’s better if you give up voluntarily.”

“Is it?” Huang Xiaolong was unaffected by the words; he could tell this Yang Mingwei did not have the intention to mock him, he said those words out of ‘kindness’ to persuade him to throw in the towel.

“Make your move.” Huang Xiaolong looked at the opponent and finally spoke.

Yang Mingwei was stunned for a second at Huang Xiaolong’s words and shook his head, “Since your heart doesn’t want to give up, then you’d better be careful!” A bright, dazzling light broke out from his entire body after he was done talking. With a flash, Yang Mingwei was already standing in front of Huang Xiaolong and his fist punched directly at Huang Xiaolong's chest.

Seeing this, Huang Xiaolong lifted his hands and stuck out a Luohan Fist move.

“Hong!” sounded as Yang Mingwei shook and retreated a few steps back, before managing to steady himself.

The crowd was sent into a daze.

“You, a Sixth Order? How is this possible?!” Yang Mingwei found it hard to accept as he looked at Huang Xiaolong. Shaking the right arm that had just clashed with Huang Xiaolong’s fist, it was still trembling and becoming numb.

After everyone recovered, they sucked in a breath of cold air and a frenzy swept through the crowd.

“This Huang Xiaolong, he actually already reached the Sixth Order! How old is he?!”

“Even Yang Mingwei was pushed back!”

“What a monster, this is too terrifying!”

Even on the main platform, King Lu Zhe, Principal Sun Zhang, Vice-Principal Xiong Chu, and the others’ eyes almost protruded out.

Unbelievable, especially Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu were shocked agape, looking extremely dramatic and funny.

Yesterday in the front square, it already shocked Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu greatly when Huang Xiaolong defeated Jiang Teng before their eyes; they thought Huang Xiaolong was probably a late-Fifth Order warrior, or at most a peak late-Fifth Order, but now, even a Sixth Order warrior, Yang Mingwei, was pushed back by Huang Xiaolong!

What kind of thing was this?

After the feelings of shock passed, Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu’s body trembled with excitement; in their hearts, they had to tamp down their impulse to rush up towards Huang Xiaolong and embrace him.

While everyone outside of the stage was in shock, Huang Xiaolong looked at Yang Mingwei, saying “Use all your strength.” Huang Xiaolong could tell Yang Mingwei held back on the first attack. Otherwise, he couldn’t have pushed back against Yang Mingwei that easily.

Yang Mingwei stared at Huang Xiaolong; the earlier contempt disappeared completely and was replaced with a somber expression. The one attack just now knocked him awake and Huang Xiaolong was qualified enough to be his opponent.

“Okay, I take back my words.” Yang Mingwei said, “You are qualified to be my opponent. Huang Xiaolong, I will use all my strength and ability to battle you, and I also hope that you will do the same in this fight!”

Finishing his declaration, a brighter and more dazzling light burst out from his body compared to the first time. Behind him, the silhouette of a man emerged– a gigantic man wearing battle armor sitting in a lotus position.

This was Yang Mingwei’s martial spirit!

A man!

To be more exact, it was an ancient race!

Yang Mingwei’s martial spirit was a type of ancient race martial spirit, the Immoveable Bright King Tribe. According to legend, in ancient times, the Ancient God Clan abandoned many of the other living races and the Immoveable Bright King Race was one of them.

It was a race type martial spirit, and in general, race type martial spirits were considered as high grade martial spirits.

In fact, Yang Mingwei’s Immoveable Bright King martial spirit was a top grade ten martial spirit.

But obviously the fourteen classes’ first place student possesses a top grade ten martial spirit; without such a level of talent, taking first place was an impossible task.

Summoning his martial spirit out, a golden ring appeared behind Yang Mingwei and with a flash, a fist shot out at Huang Xiaolong.

With the incoming attack, Huang Xiaolong’s body blurred away and his fist punched out, meeting the other fist straight on.

Battle qi surged causing the space to contort.

Once again, Yang Mingwei was pushed back by Huang Xiaolong.

Seeing this result, the crowd was shocked.

The person who possessed the Immoveable Bright King martial spirit, after calling it out has an unimaginable physical strength and defense, a level higher than another same order warrior. However, Huang Xiaolong still could push Yang Mingwei back: does this mean Huang Xiaolong’s physical body was stronger than Yang Mingwei? Also, even now, Huang Xiaolong has yet to call out his martial spirit.

After his attack made Yang Mingwei retreat, Huang Xiaolong’s body flashed again, appearing before Yang Mingwei and a palm struck against his chest.

“Immoveable Bright King Golden Ring!” At the same time Huang Xiaolong’s palm met Yang Mingwei’s chest, a sharp edge flickered across Yang Mingwei’s eyes as the golden ring behind him enveloped his entire body, rotating nonstop to create a defense circle. When Huang Xiaolong hit the golden circle, it felt like his palm hit on an iron wall.

“You won’t be able to penetrate my defense circle!” Yang Mingwei looked at Huang Xiaolong and said, “Only the Seventh Order and above can break open my golden ring!”

Immoveable Bright King Golden Ring!

This was the ability of Yang Mingwei’s martial spirit after evolving from breaking through the Fourth Order.

Casting the Immoveable Bright King Golden Ring, only an enemy of the Seventh Order or higher can break his defense.

“Can’t penetrate your defense?” Huang Xiaolong was indifferent as usual. “Not necessarily!” Then, the palm on Yang Mingwei’s chest suddenly pressed down and a seemingly gentle energy seeped into the golden ring and into Yang Mingwei’s body.

Eyes wide in shock, Yang Mingwei trembled and fumbled backward till the end of the stage before coming to a stop. Blood spilled down from the corner of his lips.

The crowd was in an uproar seeing this scene.

“You, what kind of battle qi is that, to break through my Immoveable Bright King Golden Ring’s defense!” Yang Mingwei questioned, finding it hard to believe such a thing happened.

This was the scary point of the Ethereal Palm; even across walls, the Ethereal Palm’s attack could still reach the other side of the wall without a problem.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t bother to answer and, in a flash, he once again appeared in front of Yang Mingwei and a second palm shot out. Shocked, Yang Mingwei was too late when he thought of dodging; the palm struck the target and Yang Mingwei fell out of the stage.

Yang Mingwei lost!

Eyes fell on Yang Mingwei and the crowd was unable to react for a long time. Moments later, confusion swept all four directions of the stage – Yang Mingwei was defeated! Moreover, it looked like Huang Xiaolong won easily without exerting much effort. He didn’t even call out his martial spirit.

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