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Chapter 79: Huang Xiaolong Goes Home
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Chapter 79: Huang Xiaolong Goes Home

“Battle of the Imperial City!” A light flickered in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes.

He must enhance his strength as soon as possible and win the Academy’s overall champion position to head to the Duanren Empire to participate in the Battle of the Imperial City, all so that he could enter Duanren Institute.

Once he entered the Duanren Institute, even if that Chen Tianqi found out about his existence, he could not deal with him (HXL) blatantly.

More than fifty years ago, Chen Tianqi was already a Fifth Order Saint; this fact made Huang Xiaolong feel even more anxious to increase his strength.

However, the most crucial thing at the moment was to break through to the Seventh Order and open the Linglong Treasure Pagoda’s first layer.

Not long after Yu Ming, Fei Hou, and Marshal Haotian had left, Huang Xiaolong returned to his room and started cultivating the Asura Tactics.

Sitting cross-legged on the cold jade bed, the netherworld spiritual aura poured down from the space above like a gushing river. The black and blue dragons were devouring the spiritual aura with greed; the Linglong Treasure Pagoda also came out, floating above Huang Xiaolong, parallel with the twin dragons. Golden lights flickered as streams of fire qi drilled into Huang Xiaolong’s body, tempering every inch of Huang Xiaolong’s physique, from his meridians to his netherworld battle qi.

Before this, the netherworld battle qi in his body was a faint gray, but now, after fusing with the fire qi, its color had slowly changed, deepening into a dark gray color.

The darkness of the night deepened.

Silence pervaded the land.

The moonlight shined like the water’s reflection while Huang Xiaolong remained on the cold jade bed shrouded in a fog of dark gray light; and within this dark gray light, red flames flashed intermittently.

One night passed.

When the morning sunlight streamed onto Huang Xiaolong’s courtyard, he ended his practice for the night. Breathing in the fresh air that accompanied the early morning, Huang Xiaolong subsequently looked towards the direction of Canglan County, the location of the Huang Clan Manor.

In another two weeks, it would be the first day of the New Year and today he planned to journey back to the Huang Clan Manor. If his speed was quick enough, he would be able to make it back to Huang Clan Manor in twelve, or at most thirteen days’ time.

Thinking that when he returned he could see his parents and his siblings who he hasn't seen in a year’s time, Huang Xiaolong almost couldn’t suppress the excitement in his heart.

I don’t know if Mom and Dad are well? Repressing the excitement in his heart, Huang Xiaolong wondered.

Before he left, his Dad had taken that high Grade Four Spirit Dragon Tiger Fundamental Dan and his Dad was already a peak late-Sixth Order at that time; in this one year’s time, very likely he had broken through to the Seventh Order.

The Seventh Order, although it was still a lot worse compared to his Eldest Uncle, Huang Ming, a peak late-Seventh Order, Huang Xiaolong believed in five to six years' time he could help his Dad catch up to Huang Ming, and maybe even surpass him.

Leaving his courtyard, Huang Xiaolong went to the main hall and saw that, Yu Ming, Fei Hou, and Marshal Haotian were already waiting for him.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong’s arrival, the three of them quickly went up to salute.

And more than an hour later, Huang Xiaolong, Marshal Haotian, and Fei Hou left Tianxuan Mansion, starting their journey back to Canglan County, back to Huang Clan Manor.

Yu Ming, however, wasn’t included within the group heading back to Huang Clan Manor. Instead, he left the Luo Tong Kingdom, rushing back to the Asura’s Gate headquarters on the Star Cloud Continent. Matters about Huang Xiaolong, he must let both the Left and Right Deputy know so that they can send Saint realm experts to ensure Huang Xiaolong’s safety.

Of course, Yu Ming was given expressed permission by Huang Xiaolong to inform Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu. Otherwise, Yu Ming would not act on his own.

However, before Yu Ming departed, Huang Xiaolong ordered Yu Ming not to disclose his identity, lest too many people know about him. Other than Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu, he should not tell anyone else about him.

Yu Ming acknowledged the order respectfully.

Ten days passed since Huang Xiaolong started to head back to Huang Clan Manor.

Huang Xiaolong, Marshal Haotian, and Fei Hou had arrived at the south side of County City of Canglan County.

From the County City to the Huang Clan Manor, they only needed to travel for another two days.

While Huang Xiaolong reached the County City, in the Eastern Courtyard of the Huang Clan Manor, Huang Peng and Su Yan were sitting in the main hall, looking worried and anxious.

“Another four days until the New Year. Xiaolong said he will come back at the end of the year and until now, he hasn’t come back. Peng Ge, what do you think-- did Xiaolong encounter danger that we don’t know?” Su Yan asked, and her face showed a trace of sorrow, “If something happened to Xiaolong, what would we do!” Su Yan grew more anxious by the second and abruptly stood up from her seat to pace back and forth in the main hall, lost in worry not knowing what to do.

Huang Peng was also worried, brows frowning tightly and said, “There is Senior Fei Hou with Xiaolong, so don’t worry. Nothing will happen. Isn’t there still four days before the first day of New Year? Xiaolong should be back in another two days!” Although Huang Peng comforted Su Yan by saying so, like Su Yan, he was also worried about his son.

Despite knowing Fei Hou was a peak late-Tenth Order, the world was still a dangerous place and anything could happen; after all, Fei Hou could not guarantee Huang Xiaolong’s safety at all times.

“I heard Li Lu already came back from Cosmic Star Academy a few days ago.” Su Yan suddenly said out of nowhere.

What his wife was thinking of, Huang Peng naturally could guess; smiling bitterly, Huang Peng tried to be persuasive, “Miss Li Lu is a talented Cosmic Star Academy student; although our Xiaolong isn’t too bad, I don’t think he could catch Miss Li Lu’s sight. There are so many talented people in Cosmic Star Academy.”

Because Huang Xiaolong had requested Li Cheng from early on not to mention his matters in the Royal City to Huang Clan Manor. Thus, when Li Cheng and Li Lu returned to Canglan County, neither of them said anything about Huang Xiaolong; Huang Peng and Su Yan still doesn’t know that their son is also a Cosmic Star Academy student.

At this time, Huang Min ran in from outside, shouting “Mom, Dad, Brother Huang Jun has returned!”

Huang Peng and Su Yan were startled.

Huang Jun has returned?

Huang Ming has two sons: the second son was Huang Wei while the eldest son, Huang Jun, was accepted into one of the neighbouring kingdom’s prominent sects - the Baolong Kingdom’s Big Sword Sect. Huang Jun hasn’t returned to Huang Clan Manor in three years, so they didn’t expect he would come back to celebrate the New Year this time.

“Not only that, Brother Huang Jun brought a weirdly dressed person with him.” Huang Min added.

“A weirdly dressed person?” Huang Peng and Su Yan exchanged a look, guessing it should be Huang Jun’s same sect disciple. Both of them felt strange that Huang Jun would bring someone from his sect back to celebrate the New Year, but they did not think too much about it.

At the same time, laughter resounded in the Northern Courtyard.

The always deadpan expression on Huang Ming’s face was replaced with a big smile. Next to Huang Ming was a young man, about fifteen to sixteen years old; muscular, thick eyebrows, and sharp eyes. This was Huang Ming’s eldest son, Huang Jun, and next to Huang Jun sat Huang Wei.

However, the one sitting on the main seat in the main hall wasn’t Huang Ming, but a middle-aged man who dressed strangely. And this middle-aged man was Huang Jun’s Master, Liu Wei. Big Sword Sect’s Sect Leader!

Huang Jun’s talent was quite good, possessing an average grade nine martial spirits plus due to his high comprehension ability and diligent effort, he was taken as Liu Wei’s pro-disciples not long after he entered Big Sword Sect.

Liu Wei actually came to take care of something on the southwest side of Luo Tong Kingdom and Huang Jun requested to visit his family. Since it was along the way, Liu Wei agreed to stay in Huang Clan Manor for a few days.

When Huang Ming heard his son introduce that middle-aged man as Big Sword Sect Sect Leader, his manner was extremely respectful after getting over his shock. A wide smile plastered on his face, carrying the bearings of a slave.

Liu Wei was not only Big Sword Sect’s Sect Leader, he was also a Xiantian realm expert!

“Big Brother, it’s great you’ve returned. That Huang Xiaolong and his father is too arrogant nowadays!” At some point, Huang Wei who was sitting next to Huang Jun ‘complained’, “During last year’s Clan Assembly, that Huang Xiaolong broke both of my hands and legs! You absolutely must avenge your younger brother!”

“What? That brat broke your hands and legs?!” Hearing this, Huang Jun’s expression darkened, “How did it become like this?”


There are fifteen days to of celebration for (Chinese) New Year, beginning from the First Day (for me, it starts from the Reunion Dinner) on the, Seventh Day it is considered as Everyone’s Birthday; the Fifteenth Day (Lantern Festival Day). Every day has a different meaning to it.


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