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Chapter 80: Mishap in the Eastern Courtyard
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Chapter 80: Mishap in the Eastern Courtyard

“More than two years ago! I don’t know what kind of dog shit luck that brat ran into to actually eat a piece of Yang fruit!” Huang Wei complained incessantly and went on to tell how Huang Xiaolong ambushed him during the Clan Assembly sparring because of his jealousy of Huang Wei’s high talent and Huang Xiaolong disregarded brotherhood and broke his arms and legs in front of everyone.

Huang Wei added a variety of ‘spices’ to his story.

“At that time, Huang Xiaolong still wasn’t satisfied after breaking my hands and legs, and he ordered his slave to attack, injuring Dad and Grandfather!” At the end of it, Huang Wei exclaimed woefully.

As for the matter about Huang Ming violating clan rules, interrupting the sparring, and attacking Huang Xiaolong first were swept under the carpet.

“What? His slave attacked and injured Grandfather and Dad?!” Huang Jun looked at Huang Ming, his eyes becoming cold yet at the same time, he was shocked. His Grandfather, Huang Qide, was a Tenth Order warrior, and a mere slave of Huang Xiaolong had this strength?

“It is so, Jun’er.” Huang Ming nodded, confirming what Huang Wei had just said. “That slave of Huang Xiaolong is called Fei Hou!” Saying this, Huang Ming thought of the humiliation when he was struck by Fei Hou’s palm and crashed into rows of chairs, hate flashed strongly across his eyes: “That dog slave Fei Hou is a peak late-Tenth Order expert.”

“The peak of late-Tenth Order…” Huang Jun was stunned; he could not help but turn to look at his Master Liu Wei, and he hesitated before muttering “Master, this...?”

Liu Wei remained blasé as he waved his hand, “Isn’t it only a measly peak late-Tenth Order warrior?”

Huang Jun was overjoyed; Master’s words meant he agreed to speak for them.

Huang Jun immediately stood up from the seat: “Thank you Master!”

Huang Ming and Huang Wei were also happy hearing that, so they followed Huang Jun’s action, both of them stood up and respectfully thanked Liu Wei.

Huang Ming laughed heartily, “It is great that Senior Liu Wei is here. That dog of a slave Fei Hou won’t last one strike before Senior Liu Wei!”

Huang Wei agreed: “Of course, in front of Senior Liu Wei, that dog slave Fei Hou will be scared until he pisses in his pants!”

“That Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou are at the Eastern Courtyard now?” Huang Jun asked.

“No, Huang Xiaolong has left Huang Clan Manor for almost a year, but he did say that he would return at the end of the year. It should be in these two days’ time.”

Huang Jun sneered, “Doesn’t matter, wait until that brat and his dog slave, Fei Hou or whatever comes back; it is not too late to teach them a lesson then. In the meantime, we can collect some interest!”

“Collect some interest?” Huang Wei looked at Huang Jun, confused: “Big Brother, you mean…?”

Huang Jun nodded his head and said, “Correct. Huang Peng and Su Yan allowed their son to indulge in committing violent acts and ignoring clan rules. Becoming so presumptuous as to injure Grandfather and Dad. These two must be punished!” He sneered and added, “It has been some years since I’ve seen Huang Peng and Su Yan, I should take this opportunity to ‘greet’ them.”

Huang Ming frowned; however, he kept silent, not voicing any objections or words of agreement.

A short while later, the group led by Huang Jun came to the Eastern Courtyard.

When Huang Jun, Huang Ming, and the others stepped into the Eastern Courtyard, Huang Peng and Su Yan were presently sitting in the main hall, and both Huang Min and Huang Xiaohai were together with them.

When Huang Peng and Su Yan saw Huang Jun, Huang Ming, Huang Wei, and another stranger walked in, both were surprised.

“Huang Jun?” Huang Peng almost couldn’t recognize the young man next to Huang Ming.

A few years ago, Huang Jun was still a youth; now, Huang Jun is taller than five feet seven with broad shoulders and a thick waist. A brawny figure of a man.

“It is me.” Huang Jun answered with a cold expression, “Huang Peng, in last year’s Clan Assembly, you actually dared to indulge your son’s violent actions, injuring my Dad and Grandfather!”

Huang Peng and Su Yan blanked for a moment and realization dawned on them – the reason why these four people came over to the Eastern Courtyard.

Huang Peng glanced at the four, knowing an explanation is of no use and his expression became gloomy, his voice heavy and somber, “So what?”

Sneering coldly, Huang Jun repeated in a cold voice, “So what? Since your son and dog servant are absent, then I will collect some interest from you! Wait till your son comes back two days later, we can settle the debt once and for all!”

Huang Ming just stood there, like an audience, watching and not speaking.

Huang Peng glared at them furiously: “Clear the debt? You brat, even if you entered Big Sword Sect as their disciple, you are not qualified to swagger in the Eastern Courtyard as you please. Here is Huang Clan Manor, not the Big Sword Sect!”

Suddenly, at this time, a tyrannical energy rushed towards Huang Peng, giving him no time to react or dodge. His body shook violently as if hit by a huge pressure and flew off, smashing into a wall in the main hall, vomiting blood as he slid down.

“Peng Ge!”


Su Yan, Huang Min, and Huang Xiaohai cried out in fright, flying to Huang Peng’s side.

“Peng Ge, are you okay? Please don’t scare me!” Su Yan tried to help Huang Peng up, tears flowed down uncontrollably as she held onto Huang Peng tightly.

“Dad, Dad!” Huang Min and Huang Xiaohai, the two little guy’s eyes were red as they cried pitifully.

Huang Peng looked at Su Yan, his voice hoarse as he comforted, “I’m alright,” Another mouthful of blood came out from his mouth before he could finish his words.

This turn of events also shocked Huang Ming, Huang Jun, and Huang Wei.

Huang Jun turned to look at the person next to him. The one who hit Huang Peng just now was his Master Liu Wei.

“Master, this…” Huang Jun paused.

Although Huang Peng’s words were offensive towards the Big Sword Sect, but weren't Liu Wei a little heavy handed? No matter what, Huang Peng was his uncle.

Liu Wei was indifferent, “Being disrespectful to Big Sword Sect, the punishment is death!” Then he paused, “However, for your sake, I spared his life. Don’t worry, he won’t die; at most, he’ll be bedridden for three to four months.”

Bedridden for three to four months? Hearing this, Huang Ming and Huang Jun were relieved.

At this point, Huang Min who was crying miserably suddenly stood up with hatred in her eyes, and lunged at Huang Wei: “You all bully my Dad, I’ll fight all of you!”

Watching Huang Min coming at him, Huang Wei lifted his leg and kicked at Huang Min.

Although Huang Min had started practicing battle qi, she wasn’t Huang Wei’s opponent. The strength Huang Wei used in the kick wasn’t light, and it made Huang Min uttered a painful scream.

“Min’er!” Seeing this, Su Yan wailed her daughter's name.

Then, a bustle of footsteps was heard from outside; a group of Huang Clan Manor guards had rushed over and saw Huang Peng and Huang Min lying on the ground in the main hall, and they were shocked.

“Return to your posts. This doesn’t concern you all.” Seeing the gathering guards, Huang Ming issued his command.

The guards looked at each other, not sure what to do.

“Didn’t you hear what I’ve said? Step back!” Huang Ming raised his voice and snapped.

“Yes, Eldest Manor Lord!” The group of Huang Clan Manor guards was scared witless, they answered weakly and stepped to the side.

And Huang Qide who was in closed-door practice had just come out, and Chief Steward Chen Ying hurried up to report, “Old Manor Lord, not good, something happened in the Eastern Courtyard!”

“Eastern Courtyard?” Huang Qide was startled, “What happened?”

“Today, Young Lord Huang Jun came back, and he probably heard about what happened during last year’s Clan Assembly where Senior Fei Hou injured the Eldest Manor Lord. Just now, he brought the Eldest Manor Lord to the Eastern Courtyard.” Chen Ying summarized the event for Huang Qide.

“What?!” Huang Qide’s expression changed, “Hurry, to the Eastern Courtyard!”

Moments later, Huang Qide and Chen Ying arrived at the Eastern Courtyard; the first thing they saw was the injured Huang Peng lying on the floor.


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