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Lord of All Realms
Chapter 1822: I Disagree
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Numerous spatial rifts filled the ice-cold, silent starry river.

Brilliant light could be seen flowing inside the spatial rifts that connected to unknown areas.

All of these spatial rifts had been split open by Zhao Shanling.

However, not many members of the three major races in the Void World had left through them.

After all, where could they go now?

As vast as the starry river might be, the humans were now everywhere. Would they want to wander in the marginal areas like the outsiders from the Spirit World, and spend the rest of their lives running away from the humans?

Instead of living the rest of their lives in fear, they might as well stay here in the Void World and fight to the death.

As warlike races, the Devils, Bonedrudes, and Netherspirits decided to make use of their ancient starships and defend against the humans as a whole.

The Bonedrudes still had their battle prowess.

The Netherspirits were well-versed in soul spells. Though they had lost their bloodlines, some of their strong experts could still fight by relying on their profound soul power.

It was just that their battle prowess had dropped significantly.

Zhao Shanling’s expression was very grim as he watched the humans that had laid siege to the area and the members of three major races in the Void World dying one after another.

However, his battle prowess had also been greatly influenced by the dissipation of the blood sea. He could no longer channel flesh power from the Devils’ territory to assume his Ancient Arch-devil form.

Splitting open the spatial rifts had cost him a tremendous amount of power.

Plus, the opponents he was now facing were all experts with divine abilities, such as Mo Heng, You Qimiao, and Fan Tianze.

Luckily, instead of going all-out to kill him, Mo Heng and the others had only besieged him on account of what he had done for the humans.

“Where’s Qin Yao?” Zhao Shanling suddenly called out. “He’s the lord of the Doomed Star Sea and Nie Tian’s father. I’d like to talk to him!”

In today’s world, Qin Yao, who controlled the Doomed Star Sea, had great power and influence.

If he agreed to speak for them, perhaps the three major races in the Void World would still have a slim chance of survival.


A sphere of blazing lightning charged out from one of the spatial rifts he had split open.

Yuan Jiuchuan, the Thunder Devil, could be seen in the depths of the sphere of lightning. He had entered the late God domain!

He had only made such rapid advances in his cultivation because of the Profound Truths Crystal he had received from Nie Tian. That Profound Truths Crystal was vested with the profound wonders of the origin of thunder. After he had fused it with his soul and lightning domain, he felt as if he had been reborn.

The expressions of many human experts changed upon seeing the changes in him. “Thunder Devil!”

Within a short time, Yuan Jiuchuan, the Thunder Devil, had become a new kingpin in the Doomed Star Sea.

While Grand Monarch Hell Demon, Grand Monarch Serene Fiend, Grand Monarch White Scales, and Dylan had either died in battle or lost their bloodlines, he had risen to prominence in an unstoppable manner.

Now, he had not only become one of the most powerful experts in the Doomed Star Sea, but within the entire human race as well.

“Our lord said...” Yuan Jiuchuan said, looking somewhat ill at ease, “That the Bonedrudes, Devils, and Netherspirits who were at the seventh grade and lower before the upheaval can live. However, those who were at the eighth, ninth, and tenth grade have to be exterminated. Experts like them possess outstanding cultivation talent. If we let them live, they may adopt new cultivation methods and rise to power again.

“This is the opinion of the Doomed Star Sea.”

As long as their top experts were eliminated, the Devils wouldn’t be able to possess the power to contend against the humans in the near future, even if they received Zhao Shanling’s help and switched to cultivating dark power by condensing dark power cores.

In the meantime, the humans would have more than enough time to contain and enslave them.

Hence, the policy the Doomed Star Sea had devised was to spare the lives of the weak outsiders, but keep them subdued forever, as a favor to Zhao Shanling.

This policy also applied to the outsider races in the Spirit World and the Mortal World.

Similar to how the Ancientspirits, Demons, Phantasms, and Fiends had treated the humans back in the day, they wanted to keep them as slaves.

“You want them and all their future generations to spend their lives as slaves?” Zhao Shanling flared up.

Yuan Jiuchuan nodded. “Sorry, but our lord hosted a meeting in the Doomed Star Sea and came to the conclusion that this is the only way. He’s well-aware of how formidable the three major races in the Void World were. Even though they’ve lost their bloodlines, given the chance to find another cultivation method, they still might possess the power to rise up against us in a few thousand years.

“This is for the future of humanity.”

With these words, he turned to You Qimiao, Fan Tianze, Han Qing, and the others. “So this is our opinion. What do you and the four great sects think?”

“It sounds like a feasible plan,” Mo Heng said, representing the Ancient Fragmentary Star Palace.

You Qimiao nodded. “I agree.”

“Sure,” Han Qing said.

Only Fan Tianze hesitated for a moment before letting out a sigh and saying, “If you all agree, I do too.”

He knew that almost all of the powerful outsiders in the Mortal World and the Spirit World had been killed at this point. It was hard to find even seventh grade titans, dragons, and Ancientbeasts now.

Some weaker races had already been wiped out.

The outsiders in the Void World were now the only ones that could pose a threat to the humans.

As for the surviving outsiders in the Spirit World, the Mortal World, and the marginal regions, even if they were left alone, they wouldn’t be able to stir up any waves anymore.

If the humans could take this opportunity to eliminate the eighth, ninth, and tenth grade outsiders in the Void World, the foundation for humanity to rule over the three worlds would be established.

Soon, the experts present reached a consensus.

Then, Fan Tianze said as their representative, “We’ve made our compromise, Mr. Zhao. So please stop standing in the way of this new era. You’re a human now. Stand down, will you?”

All of the members of the three races that had chosen to stay here and fight were at the eighth grade or higher, therefore falling into the category that needed to be exterminated. Now, upon hearing the humans’ decision, they all turned to look at Zhao Shanling, their eyes reddened and widened. “Grand Monarch!”

“Lord Lurking Devil!”

“Are you going to abandon us?”

With a profound look in his eyes, Zhao Shanling ran his gaze over their faces.

Pain and bitterness filled his heart as he said, “What can I do?”


A brand new spatial rift split open.

Familiar figures streamed through it, including Yin Xingtian, Master Blood Spirit, and Yu Suying...

More importantly, there were the Rampage Behemoth, the black tortoise, Grand Monarch Hell Demon, and all five evil gods!

Many powerful experts from the three worlds that were gathered here exclaimed in shock, “What the...?!”

“Weren’t those three evil gods destroyed in body and mind? Why are they here?”

“Hell Demon?! Didn’t you die?”

“That Rampage Behemoth and that tortoise still carry the aura of bloodlines!”

None of them knew what was happening.

“I disagree with your plan.” A calm voice suddenly echoed out from the shadow between the Rampage Behemoth and the black tortoise.

Everyone looked over and was flabbergasted.

“Nie Tian!” they cried out at the same time.

Their voices became the only sounds that echoed through this area of the starry river, which was filled with bodies from the recent battles.

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