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Medical Master
Chapter 1265 - Chapter 1265 Sixth Venerable and Eighth Venerable Came to Their Rescue!
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Chapter 1265 Sixth Venerable and Eighth Venerable Came to Their Rescue!


Fang Qiu was also stunned because he didn’t expect the strike to be so powerful.

But in fact…

When Fang Qiu learned the art of the Great Hand of Formlessness long ago, he had already visualized its consequence.

In his opinion…

The Great Hand of Destruction concentrated on gathering power, while the Great Hand of Formlessness focused on dispersing it.

They produced two completely opposite effects. When the two powerful blows were combined, the result would be fantastic.

They were just like the positive and negative poles of a magnet, which were two aspects opposite to each other. Based on this principle, the magnetic suspension train was invented.


Although Fang Qiu already had plans, he didn’t have much energy to research this.

He could only keep improving and perfecting this idea in his mind.

Until now…

In a fit of rage, Fang Qiu didn’t think much and performed the move he had imagined. To his great surprise, it proved to be so imposing.

“It’s a destructive bombing raid on humans!”

Sighing with emotion, Fang Qiu turned to look.


Everyone was sent flying and injured!

Fang Qiu took special care of the Huaxia people, who had been under Luoyun’s protection, so only a few Huaxia people were severely injured. The shockwave overwhelmingly hit all the people from the other forces: they began to vomit blood, and each force suffered heavy casualties.

Fang Qiu scanned the crowd.

With a somber face, Fang Qiu flung himself toward the army of enemies.

He was ready to finish off all of them.

Feeling the ferocious murderous intent of Fang Qiu, people from all countries panicked.

Several gurus stared at him in utter shock.

Only then did they realize that they had seriously underestimated John Doe.

His unrivaled combat capability completely exceeded their imagination. At first, he fought against two gurus with ancient weapons and seriously injured them. Then, he broke out such a horrible force when faced with a sneak attack. As the two gurus tried to make a sneak raid, it knocked them far away and badly wounded all the enemies on the scene.

There were five gurus present!

How could John Doe do this?

He was too terrifying!


The humming sound of a sword rang through the sky.

Fang Qiu brandished his sword, ready to massacre all the enemies in his sight.

Right at this moment…

“Swish! Swish!”

Two gusts of wind suddenly blew over.

Just as Fang Qiu was about to take action, two dark shadows suddenly shot over from afar. They rushed forward with long machetes and slashed at Fang Qiu!


Fang Qiu immediately raised his sword to block their attacks, his eyebrows raised in surprise.

He strained his eyes to look at his attackers.

The two people wore masks and were covered from top to toe… Fang Qiu could only see their eyes!

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

The two masked men charged forward, raised their machetes in silence, and slashed wildly at Fang Qiu. Each strike was surprisingly powerful.

“This aura again?”

During the confrontation, Fang Qiu suddenly felt a familiar aura from both of them. It seemed that he had come across this aura before.

He pondered for a while.

A picture immediately appeared in Fang Qiu’s mind.

In the ruin…

He sensed a bizarre aura in the distance when all the forces gathered in the passage, but it vanished when he dashed over.

As he recalled this, he found their auras were the same as the aura that flashed across at that time!

An idea flashed across his mind.

Fang Qiu did not hold back. Even as he observed the two, he fought fiercely with all his might.

At this time…

While John Doe was stuck here with these people…

One after another, the people from various countries got up, carried their gurus, and fled at full speed.

At this sight…

Luoyun wanted to go after them.

However, on second thought, these people had nowhere to go, and there were two masked men who targeted John Doe. If they rashly went up to intercept them, these cornered people would put up a strong counterattack. At that time, their losses might also be very great.

Not to mention that…

John Doe was caught in a fierce battle, so he had to stand by and watch. If anything happened, he could help.

Under these circumstances…

The forces from all over the world managed to flee far away.

On the battlefield…

After attacking wildly for a long time, the two masked men suddenly retreated and moved in unison. One faced Fang Qiu, and the other stopped before those Huaxia people. Each directly flung out a flour-like substance.

“Watch out!”

Fang Qiu shouted aloud…

He knew that it was poison!

Unluckily for them…

The masked men moved so fast that they couldn’t react in time. Although they quickly closed their mouths and noses when they heard Fang Qiu’s warning, many people suddenly fell to the ground and twitched in agony— they had been overcome by the poison.

On the other side…

After they sprayed the poison, the two masked men didn’t intend to stop at all. Instead, they directly turned around and zipped away.

When he saw this, Fang Qiu couldn’t chase after them.

He chose to rush to the Huaxia people and carefully tended to those poisoned people, and tried to expel their toxins with his internal Qi!

“We’re lucky.”

As he forced the poisons out of the first person, Fang Qiu said with a sigh of relief, “Although the powder is highly toxic, at least there is a way to detoxify it.”


After he removed all the poisonous substances from the first man’s body with his internal Qi, Fang Qiu started to help the second man detoxify his body.

Just like that, more than half an hour passed.

After he detoxified the pollutants in everyone’s bodies…

Fang Qiu heaved a long sigh of relief.

Although it was a pity that he missed such an excellent opportunity to permanently get rid of gurus from all countries in one go, it was not a significant loss to him because he managed to heal these Huaxia people, who were like his family members!

“Who were the two masked men just now?”

Looking in the direction where the two masked men left, Fang Qiu frowned and murmured, “Nirvana?”

“But if they had been Nirvana members, they wouldn’t have bothered to save the people.”

Everyone had witnessed what had happened.

The two masked men appeared here to save the people from all the countries.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have appeared before Fang Qiu was about to kill them and turned around to run away when they threw the poisonous powder after people from all the countries had escaped a certain distance away.


They appeared only to buy time for the worldwide forces to run for their lives.

“Nirvana is an organization targeted at converting people. In that case, it would be strange if they didn’t take the opportunity to wipe out all those people. How could they save all of them?

“Did they have any other motives in mind?

“What was the purpose of their rescue?

“Or they weren’t from Nirvana Organization?”

At this thought…

Fang Qiu’s brows furrowed even more tightly and his expression became more imposing.

“If they were not from Nirvana, then who were those two masked men?”

Fang Qiu was lost in thought.

Before long, he associated it with the fact that everyone had entered the ancient ruin.

It was very likely that the two masked men had led everyone into the ancient relic.

The more he thought about it…

The more things were involved!

Fang Qiu shook his head.

It seemed that he could only slowly unravel the matter of the two masked men in the future.

“Let’s go.”

Fang Qiu turned around, looked at all the Huaxia people, and said, “Since I failed to kill people from all the countries here, we are likely to encounter danger again. So, we have to take a detour.”


Luoyun nodded and asked. “You’ve decided?”

“Kind of.”

Fang Qiu responded, “We shouldn’t take our leave from Egyptt. After all, the Egyptt guru was in a coma because of us, and the treasures from the relic are here with me. These people from Egyptt will never let us leave so easily. So, we can only cross the Africon Savannah and leave from other countries!”

“Swish, swish…*

In the depths of an endless desert outside Africon Savannah, two black shadows, like ghosts in the dark night, rushed swiftly all the way into the desert and finally stopped in a sand city that had been abandoned for a hundred years.

Upon closer inspection…

They were the two masked men who had just attacked Fang Qiu.

“The plan is half complete.”

One of them took off his mask to reveal a serious face and a head of gray hair.

This person…

Shockingly enough was Eighth Venerable.


Another person nodded in agreement and said as he took off his mask, “What’s left is to see how these martial arts practitioners will transform and those who suffered.”

Under the mask was a very wrinkled face. Though he had an aged face, he was only a middle-aged man.

This was none other than Sixth Venerable from the Nirvana Organization!

“Tsk, tsk…”

Hearing Sixth Venerable’s words, the gray-haired Eighth Venerable immediately laughed proudly and said, “They are now living a life worse than death. They are still living in purgatory in the human world. They should die earlier than later.”

“It won’t be long.”

Sixth Venerable smiled and echoed, “Let’s continue to implement the follow-up plan. Although the first half of the plan had been carried out perfectly, the next part is critically important!”

In the distance…

A group of people quickly passed through the prairie.

Fang Qiu took the Huaxia people to a city named Tobrauk, in the coastal area of Leebya, Egyptt’s neighboring country.

As soon as he got into the city…

Fang Qiu found a few taxis and quickly took everyone to the airport.

But just as they arrived at the airport…

Fang Qiu sensed several powerful auras watching him.

Luoyun noticed them as well.

After searching around…

They found that they were local eighth-class and ninth-class experts.

These people seemed to have come for the treasures in the Egyptt ruin. However, after they were blocked by Fang Qiu and the others at the airport, they merely observed them carefully. In the end, they turned around and left.

Since they were in Egyptt’s neighboring country…

They had been monitoring the battle in the relic. Initially, they wanted to pluck the prize from the winner’s grasp. To their dismay, they discovered two gurus in the Huaxia team!

So, how could they have the guts to seize their treasures? They had no desire to court death!

As soon as the local experts left, Luoyun and the others felt slightly relieved.

They got their boarding passes…

“Are you sure you won’t go back with us?”

Luoyun looked at Fang Qiu in puzzlement…

“I have something to do here.”

Fang Qiu shook his head and said, “Once you’re back safely to our home country, my task will be over. Then it’s time to deal with my own business.”


For Fang Qiu…

He had not yet verified whether there were any jade mines under the ruin. He could not just proceed to dig merely because of his guess. No matter what, he had to do something to confirm it.


Knowing that John Doe still had his affairs to settle, Luoyun couldn’t say anything more. After he nodded in agreement, he reminded him, “You have the right to decide how to deal with those things you got in the ruin. But if there is anything that you don’t need, you can hand it over to the country. Our country needs these things badly.”

“Don’t worry. I will.”

Fang Qiu nodded with a smile.

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