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Medical Master
Chapter 1266 - Chapter 1266 Secret Worries Inside His Body!
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Chapter 1266 Secret Worries Inside His Body!

After he saw Luoyun and the others off…

Fang Qiu turned around and returned to the vast grassland.

As for the treasures from the ancient ruin which were with him, Fang Qiu found a shop in a city, bought a large backpack, and put all the things in it.

He was going to check these things before he handed them in.


It was not the time to do that…

After returning to the grassland, Fang Qiu walked around first to cover up his tracks and then rushed to the new settlement where the primitive tribe was housed.

Since the matter about the ancient relic was over, he had to inform them that they could come back.

Fang Qiu had asked the chief of the primitive tribe where they would go.

He had once said that he would take his tribe to pass through Kairo and move to live in a large mountain on the other side of Kairo, where he would find a new base.


Fang Qiu had to walk through Kairo first.

However, because the Egyptt people clearly remembered his appearance as Well Known, Fang Qiu could only take a detour.

When he came to the mountain area where the primitive tribe lived…

It was already night.

“Beep, beep, beep…”

While Fang Qiu was walking, his cell phone suddenly rang.

He took it out and had a look.

It was not a phone call but a string of WeChat messages.

They were all from He Xue.

“They arrived so quickly?”

Fang Qiu thought of the python. Instantly, he opened it and took a look. From the photos He Xue took, there were a total of 20 iron boxes and not one was missing.

Moreover, every single one of them was exceptionally intact. There were no traces that anyone had tried to open them.

He skimmed through these pictures.

Fang Qiu also clearly saw the unique mark he left on each iron box and was sure the iron boxes had not been replaced or opened.


Fang Qiu replied with one word.


After He Xue sent this message, she asked some people to load the twenty iron boxes back to the cultivation base.

At this time…

“It was better to use my normal identity.”

Fang Qiu smiled.

He used his name to ask the President of Comores for help. Then, as a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine who was sent here to conduct investigations on the new virus, Fang Qiu handed over these iron boxes to the Egyptt officials.

In the eyes of the Egyptt officials, the items in these boxes were probably the key to Fang Qiu’s investigation of the new virus, so they did not dare to hesitate. As soon as they received the goods, they immediately sent them to Huaxia.

After all, Fang Qiu was the one who helped them treat malaria.


At present, the Ebala virus, a new virus that emerged, was particularly troublesome. Perhaps only Fang Qiu could find the actual treatment.

Therefore, the Egyptt officials didn’t dare delay.

If they knew Fang Qiu was John Doe, they would probably regret the stupid things they had done!

He put away the phone.

Fang Qiu quickly flashed across the forest and released his Divine Consciousness as he ran to search for the primitive tribe.

Before long, Fang Qiu found the primitive tribe near the river.

When he came to the tribe…

His sudden appearance greatly startled the night watchman in the tribe. Then, when he recognized Well Known, he hurriedly called the chief over.

“How could you have known that we’re here?”

When he saw Fang Qiu, the chief asked curiously.

“I’m here to inform you that the matter on the grassland has been settled and the people from all the countries have left. You can go back now.”

Fang Qiu said.


Hearing this, the chief immediately grew excited.

The other clan members also clamored excitedly.


Fang Qiu nodded with certainty.

“Hurry then. Go and pack up.”

The chief excitedly gave the order to his people, who started packing immediately.

“After getting all our things together, we will go home tomorrow!”

The chief waved his hand excitedly.

Seeing that everyone was so thrilled, Fang Qiu also smiled gently.

After that…

Fang Qiu found a place nearby to sit and meditate.

As soon as he closed his eyes, he immediately began checking his internal condition.

As a result…

Fang Qiu instantly spotted the black substance inside his body!

He clearly remembered something.

When he was at the relic site, the black substance in his body was just like two strands of hair. But now, the two thin threads had expanded nearly a hundred times and had become as thick as a finger.

They were still two tiny masses and grew slowly, but how long had it been?

Fang Qiu didn’t pay much attention to time in the ancient ruin.

But at most, only a few days had passed.

How had the black substance increased so much in size in just a few short days?

What was going on?

Fang Qiu was shocked to the core!

The black substance hadn’t shown any harmful effects for the time being, such as damage to the body, but the fact that it could grow by itself was enough to make Fang Qiu worry!

Fang Qiu knew what was going on…

It was not the time for it to show its strength.

It would be fatal if it grew big enough and exploded with power!

“How could it grow so rapidly?”

Fang Qiu frowned and began to ponder on this matter.

“Could it have something to do with those battles?”

“This strange black substance can naturally attract internal Qi to increase and all the internal Qi in my body will enter a state of rapid circulation during each battle. Could this have made it absorb internal Qi more quickly and begin to grow faster?”

With this idea in mind…

Fang Qiu immediately began to try.

He secretly activated the internal Qi and ran it quickly in his body.

To get the best test result, Fang Qiu didn’t hold back and directly pushed his activated internal Qi to the maximum.

The sharp change in his internal Qi suddenly sped up the circulation of Qi and blood in his body.


As his internal Qi ran rapidly, the abnormal black substance was able to absorb more internal Qi and grew even more quickly than when he didn’t accelerate his internal Qi.

Moreover, the more strength Fang Qiu put forth to stimulate his internal Qi, the faster the black substance would grow!

“The result is as expected.”

Fang Qiu was unexpectedly shocked.

Right at this moment…


Just as Fang Qiu stopped running his internal Qi, a trace suddenly broke away from the original black substance and came out through the skin with his sweat.

“Can it get out?”

Fang Qiu immediately opened his eyes and muttered curiously, “Does it mean I just need to sweat a lot to eliminate the black substance from my body? I can do it by doing more exercises?”

As he muttered to himself…

Fang Qiu continued to observe the trace of black substance that dripped out of his body with the sweat.

He took a closer look.

The black substance was still enveloped in his sweat.

When the sweat evaporated, it didn’t disappear with the sweat. Instead, after the sweat completely evaporated, it automatically floated in midair.


Fang Qiu stared at the wisp of energy floating in midair, which was drifting toward the vicinity of the primitive tribe.



A pheasant in the woods suddenly flew over his head.


As soon as it came over, the wisp of black substance went straight into the pheasant’s body at lightning speed as if it had some form of intelligence.

When Fang Qiu caught sight of this…

His face immediately became severe.

“Can this thing be contagious?”

Fang Qiu was shocked.

Going by the previous traces, the black substance was truly contagious. Additionally, it wasn’t easy to eliminate it.

At this thought…

Fang Qiu didn’t dare to waste any more time and instantly waved his hand. With his internal Qi, he controlled the pheasant and directly caught it in his hands.

Then he closed his eyes and began to observe its body.

This time…

Fang Qiu noticed a trace of the black substance in the pheasant’s body. Just like when it was in the human body, it kept absorbing the internal Qi of the pheasant.

Because the internal Qi in the pheasant was very weak, it took a long time for the substance to absorb it. This way, the division and growth of the black substance slowed down a lot.


Its absorption, division, and growth processes were indeed real!

“What exactly is this thing?”

Fang Qiu was extremely puzzled.

It seemed that…

This strange black substance was like an indestructible contagious virus that could grow independently!

As a Chinese Medicine doctor…

Fang Qiu had gained a profound understanding of all kinds of viruses, but he had never seen this type of virus.

As a guru of Wulin…

Fang Qiu had come across various uncommon types of energy in Wulin, but he had never seen such a strange and horrifying thing. Could it be energy? But it seemed not. In this case, what exactly was it?

“I’ll do some more experiments on it!”

In a flash…

Fang Qiu immediately controlled his internal Qi and sped up the circulation of Qi and blood in the pheasant.

In this condition…

The black substance in the pheasant began to absorb its internal Qi at once and kept growing and splitting. Soon, it grew to the size of a little finger.


Under Fang Qiu’s observation…

When this wisp of black substance grew to a certain extent, another trace splintered off from the original one and escaped into the air.

At this sight…

Fang Qiu was fully aware that he couldn’t let the black substance infect the people of the primitive tribe, but he didn’t dare to wrap it with internal Qi for fear that it would directly absorb it.

Therefore, he could only gather the Qi of Heaven and Earth with his Great Hand of Destruction and wrap up the black substance.


From this move…

Fang Qiu immediately learned that the black substance couldn’t absorb the Qi of Heaven and Earth directly!

After the Qi of Heaven and Earth entered humans or animals, it would go through a series of changes and finally change into the internal Qi most suitable for humans and animals.

This black substance could only assimilate internal Qi, not the pure Qi of Heaven and Earth!

Upon learning this…

Fang Qiu kept stimulating the absorption and operation of the pheasant’s internal Qi.


Before long…

The pheasant was directly sucked dry by the strange black substance!

What was even more appalling was that…

Although the pheasant was dead, the black substance in its body didn’t dissipate!

This result…

It shocked Fang Qiu to the core.

He was in a panic after all of this had happened.

“This thing is too odd. Leaving it in my body is absolutely a hidden peril!”

Fang Qiu’s brows furrowed in concentration as he began to think about the solution.

This substance would increase as soon as internal Qi was activated. Once the body could no longer bear it, it would suck the body dry. The most terrible thing was that it was contagious!

With this in mind…

Fang Qiu’s heart throbbed with fear. He immediately took out his mobile phone and called Li Ji!

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