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Chapter 1267 - Chapter 1267 Boiling and Killing Black Matter!
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Chapter 1267 Boiling and Killing Black Matter!

In Egyptt…

It was 10:00 p.m. in Kairo.

There was a time difference between the two regions: Kairo was five hours behind Beijiang.

When Fang Qiu made the call, it was three o’clock in the morning in Beijiang.

“Beep! Beep!”

The phone rang twice and was immediately connected.


Li Ji’s voice came through.

“I have something urgent to report!”

Fang Qiu looked severe and his brows were tightly furrowed and he spoke in an extremely serious voice.

“What’s the matter?”

Fang Qiu’s words immediately made him nervous. His slightly sleepy voice immediately became serious.

“I discovered something strange that happened here. Everyone who has entered the ancient ruin might have been infected with a highly infectious substance. This substance is similar to a virus but is not a virus. Once it breaks out, there will be terrible consequences. Moreover, it is more infectious than viruses that cause infectious diseases.”

Fang Qiu said solemnly, “Today, I’ve sent all the people from Huaxia home on the plane. And I’ve just discovered this highly infectious substance. Once the plane lands, you must isolate all the people on the plane, no matter what.”

“An infectious substance?”

Li Ji, stunned, asked in surprise.

“It’s hard for me to explain the details of this matter to you now. Anyway, you must do as I say. In addition, you must strictly monitor those who participated in the competition for the Egyptt relic. Don’t let any of them enter our country. Once this strange substance spreads, the consequences will be unimaginable!”

Fang Qiu said gravely.

“I’ll report it to the higher-ups right away!”

Li Ji was also shocked.

It was the first time that he had heard Fang Qiu speak to him so seriously.

“Remember, all of them!”

Fang Qiu warned repeatedly…

“Do you mean that even a guru has been infected?”

Li Ji was even more startled.


Fang Qiu nodded affirmatively and replied, “You must isolate them from the others first. Then wait until I return home.”


Li Ji answered and hung up the phone.

That night…

Li Ji reported the matter overnight.

Soon, the message reached those top leaders.

As soon as these senior officials learned the news, they attached great importance to it. After all, even if gurus could not block the strange substance, it had to be a threat to the state.

It would be a great disaster if it spread all over the country!


The higher-ups gave orders and asked them to follow Fang Qiu’s instructions carefully.

Upon receiving orders…

Li Ji contacted the Health Bureau overnight and rushed to wait at the capital airport with a squad. Meanwhile, the Defense Department immediately began stepping up the investigation across the country. Anyone who was under suspicion had to go through a detailed survey. They would only allow those who were not martial arts practitioners and hadn’t been to Africo recently, to go off.


All the reports that came from the airports all over the country were good: none of the people from various countries who had participated in the fight for the Egyptt relic had entered Huaxia.


After making the phone call, Fang Qiu didn’t look relieved at all. He was still frowning. Looking at the pheasant that had been sucked dry by the black substance, he took in a large gulp of air and began to think of ways to deal with the strange black matter.

After many attempts, Fang Qiu noted that even though it was a challenge to exterminate the black substance completely, it didn’t mean there was no way to do it!

“Right always goes hand in hand with wrong.”

“Where there’s defeat, there will always be victory.”

“Growth is accompanied by death.”

“All that exists will wither away.”

“Once it appears, it will disappear!”

A glimmer came into his eyes.

Fang Qiu set about experimenting.

“It can absorb internal Qi but can’t absorb the Qi of Heaven and Earth. So, will the Qi of Heaven and Earth exert any special effect on it?”

He muttered to himself…

Fang Qiu mobilized his Spiritual Force and controlled the surrounding Qi of Heaven and Earth to trap the trace of a black substance isolated in midair. Using the Qi of Heaven and Earth, he tried to obliterate the black matter.


Although the black substance couldn’t absorb the Qi of Heaven and Earth, the Qi of Heaven and Earth couldn’t do anything to it.

No matter what Fang Qiu did, the Qi of Heaven and Earth couldn’t remove even the slightest bit of the black substance. It could only trap it inside!


Withdrawing his Spiritual Force, Fang Qiu frowned and his face darkened.

“Neither internal Qi nor the Qi of Heaven and Earth works.”

Looking at the trace of a black substance suspended in the air, Fang Qiu thought carefully and murmured, “Perhaps, I should try some ordinary methods?”

Fang Qiu was hot and bothered over this issue.

He turned around and took a look.

It turned out that almost all the people of the primitive tribe had packed up their things.

At once, he walked over and found an abandoned iron pot. Then, he got some water from the primitive tribe. With the help of the Qi of Heaven and Earth, he forcibly injected the black substance into the water and began to boil it.

“Most viruses in the world can’t survive in the heat. If Wulin methods can’t solve this problem, I can only try a few normal disinfection methods.”

Fang Qiu surrounded the water in the iron pot with the Qi of Heaven and Earth to prevent the black substance from escaping.


The water started to boil.

In the water, the black substance didn’t dash around as Fang Qiu had expected. Instead, it floated there quietly.

Even though the water was boiling, it made no movement.

Five minutes later.


Fang Qiu saw that a tiny bit of black substance had vanished.


Fang Qiu was overjoyed.

After observing for another five minutes, the thread of black substance had totally disappeared.

Fang Qiu remained calm.

After the black substance disappeared, he immediately used his Internal Qi and Spiritual Force to examine the water. As a result, he found nothing in the water, and the water was not affected at all.

“Sure enough, this common method is effective.”

Fang Qiu nodded to himself.

Although he was sure of it, he still looked grave.

“Although I found a way to kill the black substance, it’s not suitable for human bodies. The temperature of the human body is only about 38 degrees. Though Egyptt isn’t at a high altitude, the temperature of the boiled water here is at least 90 degrees. That is to say, only when the black substance stays in an environment above 90 degrees for a long time will it be destroyed.”

“It should be cooked in water above 90 degrees for 10 minutes! If that is the case, a whole human can be cooked thoroughly.”

Fang Qiu smiled wryly.

This was an excellent way to eliminate this black substance, but it was not a way to help people get rid of it.

“It seems that I must first force this black substance out of my body before eliminating it.”

Fang Qiu murmured to himself.


He immediately tried to drag it out.

He had tried once but eventually discovered that this black matter was pretty stubborn. No matter how much he tried, it didn’t change in the slightest. He found it very difficult to expel it from his body.

“The black substance has been absorbing internal Qi all the time, and when it is contagious, it will choose those with internal Qi first.”

“So, only by dispersing most of the internal Qi can I get it out of my body?”

At this thought…

Without hesitation, Fang Qiu tried to isolate it from his internal Qi to see if the black substance could be removed.

If it was not allowed to absorb internal Qi, would it starve to death?


It took him 15 minutes.

Fang Qiu concluded that even if there were no internal Qi, the black substance wouldn’t leave the body. It would still stay as deeply entrenched in his body as before.


Even when it could no longer absorb internal Qi, the black substance would remain the same, although its growth speed slowed down. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t gradually shrink or disperse because of the lack of internal Qi.


Fang Qiu shook his head.


He couldn’t starve this black substance to death.

It was an intractable problem…

Fang Qiu couldn’t help frowning again.

“How do I get this thing out of my body?”

He began to ponder over it.

A moment later…

“The Qi of Heaven and Earth.”

Suddenly, Fang Qiu’s eyes lit up.

He thought of something.

The black substance could absorb internal Qi but not the Qi of Heaven and Earth. In addition, he could lock it with the Qi of Heaven and Earth, send it to the water, and cook it. All of this meant that the Qi of Heaven and Earth could do something to the black substance — it could pull out the black matter instead of killing it!

“That’s right.”

His eyes sparkled and he murmured, “I can lead the Qi of Heaven and Earth into my body. Then, instead of turning it into my internal Qi, I can control the Qi of Heaven and Earth with my Spiritual Force to pull out this black substance. Won’t that be a perfect solution?”

He couldn’t wait to put his idea into practice.

Fang Qiu immediately began to try.

As a result…

Sure enough, it worked.

Although it was not so easy, Fang Qiu finally did it.

At first, he wrapped the ball of black matter in his body with the Qi of Heaven and Earth. Then, he forcibly dragged it out of his body all at once.

“I’ve finally found a way.”

Before him, the black substance floating in the air was enveloped by the Qi of Heaven and Earth he gathered. Once again, Fang Qiu thoroughly checked himself all over. After making sure that there was no more black substance left in his body, he let out a long sigh of relief.


Fang Qiu thought for a moment and said with a frown, “This method can’t be applied indiscriminately.”

“Because of my strong Spiritual Force, I can draw the Qi of Heaven and Earth and let it do what I want it to do without absorbing or converting it.”

“But the others can’t do this.”

Fang Qiu shook his head.

He might help others expel the black substance, but he didn’t know it for sure before he tried it.

After he thought for a while…

Fang Qiu took the black substance that had stayed in his body and boiled it until only a trace as thin as a strand of hair was left. Then he put this little bit of black thing back into his body.

In his opinion…

He still needed to find a more suitable solution, so he’d better keep a bit of the black substance in his body to make an observation.

In Huaxia…

At the capital airport…

At dawn the following day, the plane that Luoyun and others took landed at the airport.


Just as they walked out of the passenger terminal…

Everyone saw a group of people in biochemical protective suits standing guard at the gate.

Luoyun and the others immediately frowned in puzzlement when they saw this.

Before Luoyun could ask…

A man in a biological protective suit handed him a Bluetooth earphone, from which came a familiar voice.

“According to John Doe’s information, you all could very likely be infected by a tenacious virus. So, all of you will be kept in quarantine for some time!”

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