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Necropolis Immortal
Chapter 1776: The Layout of Earth
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Chapter 1776: The Layout of Earth

Chen Xiao and Qing Buyi were the same type of person. They might be rascally and irreverent characters, but they could also be serious and relied upon in times of need. Chen Xiao, for instance, safeguarded the crack that led to the Land of Reincarnation. It was a vital location as powerhouses of the outside realm could enter the land with their true selves if they passed through the opening. Meanwhile, Qing Buyi’s replica held down the fort for eight hundred years, buying time for Lu Yun.

Lu Feng, however, followed the wishes of his heart a little too much. He did whatever he liked, whenever he liked, and not even Chen Xiao and Qing Buyi could convince him otherwise when he didn’t want to do something. Of course, it was due to his personality and completely unconcealed emotions that he rose to such prominence in the chief worlds. It was also because of his whimsical nature that no one viewed him as a threat.

“Have fun guarding this place, I’ve got business to attend to.” Lu Feng waved at Chen Xiao and suddenly flicked over the minor world with ten thousand heaven and earth ancestral veins. “A gift for my little brother that came outta nowhere.”

Chen Xiao blinked, looking at the minor world in his hand. He flicked it with his thumb and turned it into a meteor that sank into the Land of Reincarnation.


Leize’s family was truly reunited. Though their replicas of the mind were together before, their primary bodies were buried in their respective tombs. They were a short distance away, yet poles apart.

Leize, Huaxu, Fuxi, and Wahuang all joined the ancestral planet.

Earth had once been a world of technology—a new order in the Land of Reincarnation. Mortals would wield power strong enough to destroy worlds when technology developed to its peak; even sequence experts would tremble at their might then.

But the era of technology had yet to fully develop when the qi of the world revitalized. Living beings pivoted to the path of cultivation, and Earth expanded to more than a hundred times its previous size.

When Lu Yun arrived at the ancestral planet, he saw something that horrified him. The Princess Mu possessed by a soul ghost was also on Earth. She oversaw the seas and had created a sea temple, winning the worship of hundreds of millions of humans.


Cold sweat beaded Lu Yun’s forehead. Though Fuxi had told him long ago that the soul ghost had gone to Earth and wanted to move against Qing Yu, he never thought that the soul ghost would put down roots on Earth!

She’d set up a temple—a temple of the sea! This was power that belonged only to Princess Mu, but she’d perished long ago. Her body had mutated into a zombie for the soul ghost to occupy. Lu Yun never imagined that not only would the soul ghost claim everything the princess once had, but it would also inherit her dao and establish temples on Earth!

This was what the princess had once done on the World of Sea, utilizing faith to galvanize its denizens after the Sea Emperor died.

The soul ghost was firmly settled in on Earth. A system of faith was impossible to destroy once it took shape. As long as one person on Earth still believed in the soul ghost, she would continue to linger around like a maggot attached to one’s bones.

Lu Yun couldn’t kill her and neither could the Three Pure Ones, Fuxi, or Hongjun do anything to her. Fuxi’s kind self hadn’t been able to stop her when she tried killing Qing Yu; it’d taken the two guardians of immortal dao to stop her.

If it hadn’t been for Pangu and God, Qing Yu would’ve been in real danger. Fuxi felt immensely guilty about his lapse in attention and brought his primary body to the ancestral planet so he could personally oversee things.

The Three Pure Ones disseminated dao on Earth when qi began to revitalize, thereby creating legends of the three on the planet. Their traditions shone with great glory and became the faith of the Asian regions.

Though the Three Pure Ones didn’t want people to worship them, there was nothing they could do about heartfelt respect and belief. In their view, immortals vied with heaven and earth and should trust only themselves.

Thus, the sea temple couldn’t extend into the Asiatic territories; they were confined to the shores of the sea. Once the soul ghost gained a thorough understanding of the religions in the western countries, she transformed herself into their gods and usurped their beliefs to quickly raise her temples.

And so began a series of violent clashes between the sea temples and eastern immortal dao culture.

Of course, the sea temples were just a front. What the westerners cultivated was the soul dao that the soul ghost specialized in. She’d been a heavyweight of the Hun Clan in life and if she could establish her clan’s soul dao on the ancestral planet, there was a chance she could come back to life! Now that she knew the ancestral planet was the seed of nothing, she paused action against Qing Yu and concentrated on growing her foundations.


“We need to find a way to eliminate her. She’ll be trouble sooner or later if she stays here—no, she’s already enormous trouble!”

The heavenly palace had put down roots on Kunlun Mountain. Born from the Tome of Life and Death, it corresponded to Lu Yun’s kingdom of hell. The world of immortal dao sequence had melded into the heavenly palace and Qing Yu employed it to keep everything in order on Earth. If it wasn’t for the heavenly palace, the situation would’ve descended into a maddened frenzy long ago and the humans gone extinct.

There were three major factions on Earth at the moment. The first of immortal dao with Qing Yu and the Three Pure Ones as its head. They occupied the previous Asiatic regions. The second of soul dao, a great dao that didn’t belong to immortal dao. Soul dao differed from the soul weapons and soul force that formula dao cultivators practiced. It was a dao of yin souls, one that involved relinquishing the body to train the soul. That made the soul nearly indestructible and the cultivator’s ghost in death stronger than any other ghostly entity.

The third was established by the outsiders that’d entered the Land of Reincarnation. The land was nearly at an end and they’d all broken free of their destinies to set foot on a new path.

Apart from these three factions, no one else on the ancestral planet was allowed a voice. Natives of the Land of Reincarnation, in particular, were forbidden from setting foot on Earth. Many were those who wanted to start a war and fish in muddied waters, but they were all executed to the last no matter who they were.

Current-stage Earth was too fragile compared to the heaven-defying powerhouses. The slightest misstep would shake it to dust. Thus, although frenetic multi-year wars engulfed the planet, most of them were fought between humans. They campaigned, pillaged, and plundered each other in a bid to claim the planet’s will and control it.

Immortal dao held the upper hand, but it occupied only one third of the planet. Outsiders controlled the remaining two thirds. Parts of the soul ghost’s identity had leaked, leading to many outsiders flocking to her banner. Hence, the other two factions showed signs of combining as one.ƒ𝐫𝐞𝐞w𝗲𝚋𝐧૦𝘷el.c𝑜𝐦

If one wished to control Earth, one needed the seed of nothing. To gain the seed, one needed to claim the will of the planet and use it to refine the seed. What was deemed the will of the planet was legitimacy and the will of heaven.

In other words, whatever dao ruled Earth.

The emperors and conquerors of Earth’s history had gained their status because they’d been favored by the planet’s will. They were superior above all and died ignobly when the planet’s will abandoned them.

When Lu Yun returned, he traveled straight to Kunlun Mountain as opposed to revealing himself to the public. The mountain was the core of immortal dao on the planet and the heart of immortal dao in the Land of Reincarnation. Qing Yu and the others had always been here, never showing themselves.

While the Three Pure Ones were responsible for immortal dao on Earth, they rarely appeared in front of anyone. Lu Yun’s second disciple Zou Longxiu was responsible for teaching dao, and he was now a principal realm immortal.

Compared to the immortal dao of old, principal realm immortals were now on par with Hongmeng potentates. The realm of supreme pure came after and immortals of that level could pierce through the Hongmeng barrier. While Zou Longxiu was yet to reach that level, his current strength was more than sufficient to administer Earth.

“These people go too far!” He nearly cracked all of his teeth in anger.

“You’re too gentle, junior brother. If I were you, I’d kick down their doors and slaughter that Forefather Primordius. There, all of our problems solved,” Liu Qingmiao remarked casually. “Except for that Princess Mu, all of them are trash. We can have Senior Meng Wang take action if we have to. Just kill them all and save ourselves the trouble.”

“If you kill them, they’ll kill you.” Zou Longxiu rolled his eyes at his senior sister. Liu Qingmiao had shaken off her connection to the little fox and formed her own ethereal and corporeal soul parts, becoming her own person.

“If everything on Earth is dead, the planet will slowly wither away. Most importantly is that this is master’s home!” he ground his teeth again. “That’s why they’re threatening us!”

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