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Necropolis Immortal
Chapter 1777: Disciple of the Reincarnation Inspector
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Chapter 1777: Disciple of the Reincarnation Inspector

Apart from the immortal dao faction on Earth, the other two factions found fault with everything at every opportunity, trying to start a war. If Zou Longxiu did as Liu Qingmiao said, the war to end all wars would immediately break out and cause the destruction of good and bad alike. All of Earth would perish, to say nothing of its inhabitants.

Not only was Earth Lu Yun’s home, but it was once the great wilderness and the foundation of the first realm.

If Earth was destroyed, the world of immortals would crumble away, thereby impacting the chaos and Hongmeng. Everything would revert back to the previous cycles, but the outsiders had already locked onto the seed of nothing. Once Earth and the world of immortals blew apart, they would draw out the seed and claim it.

They hadn’t done anything yet because they didn’t want to commit a mistake that others could take advantage of. They held themselves to constant provocation, attempting to goad Zou Longxiu into action.

Qing Buyi still sat at Mount Astronomia, keeping anything particularly out of line in check. As for the soul ghost—she’d exchanged blows with Qing Buyi as soon as she arrived. There was nothing they could do about each other, so they came to some sort of agreement.

Apart from the one attempt on Qing Yu, the soul ghost resided quietly on Earth. But if Zou Longxiu or the others cast the first stone, the consequences would be unthinkable.


“Right, so what’s written on it that’s gotten you so mad?” Liu Qingmiao looked curiously at her junior brother.

Zou Longxiu was reading a letter from the sea temple. Although they were built by the soul ghost, the main overseer was an outsider who went by Forefather Primordius. No one knew what his relationship to the Hun Clan was.

He’d written the letter.

“Take a look yourself.” Zou Longxiu tossed it to Liu Qingmiao.

When she scanned it, her face turned blotchy red out of anger.

“How dare they!! They go absolutely too far!!” She jumped to her feet. “That old fart Primordius is an old cow trying to munch on tender grass!”

“Huh?” Zou Longxiu blinked.

“No! I mean he’s a toad trying to eat swan meat, he’s completely unworthy!!” Liu Qingmiao hastily corrected.

“What’s the yelling about?” Wanfeng walked in. She was the governor of Dusk Province in Lu Yun’s stead, which was now also known as the Sacred Province.

While Dusk Province remained part of Nephrite Major, it was independent from the rest of the major. It was independent from all of the majors and Wanfeng was on equal footing with the rest of the rulers of the thirty-three facets. She’d reached first level immortal dao sequence and was an undisputed powerhouse of the dao.

Naturally, she’d be present when unrest bubbled up on Earth.

“That Forefather Primordius says he’s coming with a marriage proposal for senior sister Qingmiao,” Zou Longxiu frowned. “It won’t be easy to handle this…”

“Why not?” Frosty killing intent curved Wanfeng’s lips. She tugged the letter out of Liu Qingmiao’s hands for a look. “Well well, don’t they have a nice little scheme brewing. There’s nothing to worry about. Your master’s back, so he can handle this. We’ll kill that Forefather Primordius if he dares come.”

Her blithe disregard for the situation caused Zou Longxiu and Liu Qingmiao to look at each other. They didn’t know what to say.

Forefather Primordius was such a shameless character that he’d had someone disguise themselves as Liu Qingmiao to openly express her love for him. Although his title was “forefather”, he appeared as an incredibly handsome young man. He was a ladies’ man in the western countries and the prince of a hundred million girls’ hearts.

The incident had been dismissed as pure nonsense at first, especially as there were many cultivators among the general population that were skilled in disguise. But for some reason, current public discourse was afire with this happening and many were choosing to believe that it was true. Even many citizens of Asiatic regions believed it too.

While Earth had switched to a civilization focused on cultivation, many of their living habits and societal structures remained the same as before. Humans craved freedom and as a people, no singular person was able to rule over the rest—particularly after qi revitalized throughout the land.

When outsiders tried to propagate their beliefs, they had to gain ground through the angle of religion and faith. They couldn’t force their way into general acceptance via enslaving or controlling the human race on Earth.

Earth was the race’s ancestral planet and to a certain extent, the humans here were the true bloodline of the race. Public opinion remained very important on the planet and it could determine the hearts of the people. Even immortals floundered around for what to do if faced with a flood of general sentiment.

Thus, Zou Longxiu and Liu Qingmiao regarded each other with resignation.

“Alright then!” They breathed out more easily knowing that their master was on Earth.


A massive reverberation sounded in the air as a rainbow descended from above, slowly stretching to the peak of Kunlun Mountain. A young man in blue robes walked down the rainbow, a faint smile on his face.

Though the heavenly palace hovered over the mountain’s peak, he didn’t bother gracing it with a single glance. He stared fixedly at Liu Qingmiao atop Kunlun Mountain. This was Forefather Primordius of the sea temple.

“Qingmiao, my apologies for coming late.” He stood on the rainbow and looked tenderly at Liu Qingmiao. “I’ve come to request your hand in marriage like I promised.”

Liu Qingmiao almost vomited out her dinner from last night.𝒇𝑟𝑒𝙚𝑤𝙚𝐛𝑛𝐨ν𝚎l.c𝐨𝑚

“Do you get to marry Qingmiao just because you want to?” Distaste flashed across Wanfeng’s face when she saw the forefather’s pretentious manners.

“It’s not because I want to, but because we both want to. …or have you done something to Qingmiao?!” The forefather’s expression shifted and he called out urgently, “Don’t be afraid, Qingmiao! I’ll save you!”

The bizarre happened.

Given Liu Qingmiao’s temper, her next move should be to rush the young man and beat every last thought out of him. If she wasn’t stronger than him, her sharp tongue would verbally flay him alive. But for some reason, apart from a deep-seated disgust, she remained where she was, completely immobile. Something seemed to have her in its spell.

Zou Longxiu realized that something was amiss and strode forward, calling upon Kunlun Mountain’s earthen veins with the Dragonshift Method to protect Liu Qingmiao.

“Release Qingmiao or I’ll raze your mountain!” Forefather Primordious screamed, the sound of a cuckoo crying blood that brought tears and anguish to the listener. The rainbow dove from the sky, seeking to break apart Zou Longxiu’s protection and seize Liu Qingmiao.

Distressed heartbreak appeared on her face and she looked tearily at the young man, as if begging him to save her.

The eerie scene stunned everyone on Kunlun Mountain, including Lu Yun in the heavenly palace.


The void shook as a golden furry hand reached out of the sky, closing around the diving Forefather Primordius and crushing him out of existence. A golden monkey three hundred meters tall bounded out of the void. His hand loosely gripped a black metal rod and he leered at a certain point in the sky.


“Oh, God above! Um, venerated Sea Goddess, what is that?!” Gasps of shock rose and fell through a crowd of western cultivators in the air when they saw the monkey. There was an enormous image formation there that recorded everything that’d just happened, including sound.

The appearance of the enormous monkey made their blood turn cold. Forefather Primordius was the overseer of the sea temple and one who exceeded the existence of a god! A monkey had crushed him to death??

“That’s the legendary monkey of the eastern myths! Sun Wukong!” a western cultivator versed in eastern culture identified. “That’s cheating! That’s not fair! How can they bring out something from a myth?!”


The black metal rod appeared over their heads and smashed this part of the void to pieces.

“Kekekeke—” Loud cackling traveled into their ears. “Listen up, vermin! Step forward and fight if you want, skip these stupid little tricks. Go back and tell your sea goddess that I’ll smash her head in if she touches the destiny dao of this Land of Reincarnation again!

“Now fuck off!”


A golden furry foot appeared out of nowhere and punted all of the western cultivators away.

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